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6 Surprising Reasons to Get a TV Stand

Is your TV still where you randomly left it when you last moved house and you're wondering why you're always plagued by an annoying neck pain after watching a movie?

A TV stand will allow you to say goodbye to uncomfortable sitting positions and will even revolutionize your overall experience!

Since they're available in all sorts of sizes and designs, it's important to know how to choose one so that you can find the right model for your needs and room.

But let's first tell you why exactly you should get a TV stand to begin with!

1. A TV stand will improve your viewing experience

From light reflexes to a height that forces us to bend our neck, there are many factors that can ruin our daily viewing experience.

While we might not notice them at the time, they can have a toll on our eyes and muscles over longer periods:

  • The right TV stand, on the contrary, will bring the TV at the correct level for your eyes and will also be placed in a way that will prevent light reflections;

  • This will also make it much easier to keep a correct posture while watching a long movie.

Living Room With TV
White TV Stand
TV Stand With Electric Fireplace
Open Shelving TV Stand
Corner TV Stand
Black TV Stand

2. It will also make it safer, especially if you have young kids in the house

If your TV isn't placed correctly, accidents can happen: from curious babies to house chores, you definitely don't want your TV to be knocked down!

  • A TV stand will bring it out of easy reach, preventing the most common accidents;

  • For extra peace of mind, you can even consider a TV stand with mount or one with anti-tipping devices so that you can secure your TV and keep it away from the most unpredictable kids.

3. A TV stand will increase the aesthetic appeal of your focal point

For decades, TV screens have become the main focal point in our living rooms, but the right TV stand can help you emphasize this element even more:

  • Whether you prefer a traditional console, a minimalist mounted model or something else entirely, you can turn this functional choice into a conscious statement, reinforcing or breaking your room's symmetry;

  • Plus, most models also give you the chance to add some decorative elements on their top surface or shelves.

Modern Living Room Design
Modern Living Room Design

4. Some TV stands can even offer you extra storage…

As you've probably figured out by now, TV stands come in a large variety of styles.

Some of them, however, can include storage options:

  • Luckily, you can find TV stands with different types of storage (from open shelves to cupboards and drawers) and, more often than not, an interesting combination of two or even all three of them;

  • This means that you can use the top surface or open shelves to showcase some of your favorite items while keeping other accessories out of sight behind cupboards or drawers, avoiding a cluttered effect.

5. …While others can save you space

At the same time, some other more contemporary stands can help you optimize your room's layout:

  • For example, you can utilize that awkward corner where you thought that nothing would fit by choosing… yep, you've guessed it: a corner TV stand;

  • If it's floor space that's lacking in your living room, you can experiment with a floating TV stand that you'll attach directly to the wall;

  • Or, if you don't need storage at all, you can choose a more streamlined pedestal-like mounted stand.

Traditional Bedroom Design
Traditional Bedroom Design

6. The right TV stand will even reinforce your interior style

Either way, regardless of what type of TV stand you choose, the important thing is that you look for a model that complements the rest of your furniture:

  • This means that, as well as being a functional element, your TV stand will need to match and reinforce your existing décor;

  • From finishes to materials and shapes, you can easily find the right TV stand for your interior style by looking for the same colors and features;

  • For example, you can prioritize simpler designs with sleek lines and a basic palette to complement more contemporary and minimalist interiors, or TV stands with ornate details and harmonious lines for more decorative styles.

Industrial Living Room Design
Industrial Living Room Design

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