Luxury Tv Stands

For the home that only wants the absolute best and money is no object, luxury TV stands well support your TV in grace and swagger, accentuating that you are not concerned about price. They are elegant and refined and we have plenty of styles to choose from if you are looking for just the right luxury TV stand for your home. See this collection for more details.

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Tailored Sophistication Contemporary Family Room Other Metros

Tailored Sophistication Contemporary Family Room Other Metros
TV stand with a lot of drawers for storing needed items. Construction is made of wood. Modern design for each home.

Residence house in podgorica modern living room other metro

Residence house in podgorica modern living room other metro
Excellent for accentuating modern homes; this TV stand looks luxurious and functional, giving you enough space for displaying your AV components and storing CDs, DVDs, and Blu-rays. It's wood-crafted and walnut-finished, with a long top and 2 capacious compartments.

Stratford tv stand

Stratford tv stand
This piece of furniture was created for people who are looking for high quality media stands and storages. This element is able to hold standard TVs up to 60 inches and its overall weight capacity is 200 lbs.

Allingham TV Stand

Allingham TV Stand
A stylish TV stand for up to 60" TV. Panel doors with eye-catching knobs, the middle pair of doors made of glass. Three adjustable shelves are behind the doors. Legs have adjustable levelers. Traditional style and pretty piece.

Artisan TV Stand

Artisan TV Stand
It is a traditional TV stand that has got glass doors, drawers and shelves for storing your CDs, DVDs and more. It fits to any style and décor and is very solid. Everyone will tell you how great this TV stand is.

Luxury tv stands

Suitable for emphasizing modern living rooms, this TV stand brings a beautiful mix of luxury and sophistication. The 79'' stand is made of wood and covered in a high gloss gray lacquer, offering a pull-down front to access a spacious compartment with holes in the back for cable management.

Ideas brilliant idea to save space by mounting tv wall

Ideas. Brilliant Idea To Save Space By Mounting Tv Wall. Luxurious Tv Wall Mounting With Brown Wood Grain Textured Rectangle Floating Tv Stand Cabinet And Black Body Silver Stand Widescreen Plasma Tv Plus Brown Plywood Wood Grains Textured Bookcases. Tv W

Our advice Buying Guide

Using a TV stand is an optimal way for providing viewers with a better angle and adding extra storage space beneath. However, why do they need to be boring or utilitarian? Instead, selecting luxury TV stands allows interiors to take on style and sophistication. Depending on the room you're designing, there are many different styles, features, and materials from which to choose. Therefore, we've put together this buying guide to help with your decisions.

How to select the right size TV stand?

Just as there are many designs from which to choose, the size options are just as plentiful. If you plan on hanging your TV above the stand, then this is less of a factor. However, if the stand is going to hold the TV, then you'll need to measure the TV diagonally across the screen. What you select for a luxury TV stand should be at least as wide as your TV or broader. You'll find standard-height, short, and tall TV stands available. So, select one that fits well with the preference of your viewing angle and the seating in the room.

What are luxury TV stands made of?

Under most circumstances, TV stands are available either in wood or metal. However, you can find some constructed from tempered glass as well. Those selecting wood TV stands will lend themselves well to a rustic or traditional style. While those who choose metal will find their luxury TV stands incorporate well into modern, contemporary, and transitional style rooms. Common wood materials include cheery, mahogany, maple, and oak. Metal TV stands often have a brushed, powder, or chrome finish.

What are the different styles of luxury TV stands?

When you begin shopping for luxury TV stands, you'll find there are many different styles. Each has their pros and cons depending on what you’re going to put into them, where they’re going to go into the room, and the size of the TV they’re going to hold. Popular types include:

  • Entertainment centers
  • Corner luxury TV stands
  • TV credenzas
  • TV hutches
  • Floating TV stands

How to coordinate a TV Stand with room decor?

It's imperative you select a TV stand that fits in with your decor. Not only should it bring the room together but it should blend with the rest of the furniture and accessories. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is by selecting a classic style. In doing so, you'll ensure it's a timeless piece that won't go out of style. For example, choosing one made from durable hardwood provides lasting beauty. It's possible to create a multitude of looks, including modern and contemporary, with hardwood luxury TV stands.

What features to look for in luxury TV stands?

Many luxury TV stands come standard with drawers, glass doors, and shelves. However, not all of them have these features. Therefore, make sure you have enough room to house your electronics and other essentials. It's also helpful if the shelves are adjustable. TV stands with drawers and doors are handy for those who prefer not to have their items in view. If you select a model featuring glass doors, be sure the glass is tempered. That way, it's a stronger option in comparison to traditional glass.


Luxury tv stands 16

Luxurious TV stand with its own mounting hardware. The piece is made from wood and comes in a stunning white finish. You also get an extra-large counter at the bottom, separated by strong tempered glass. The stand works well for modern homes or living rooms.

Luxury tv stands 3

A floating black shelf coupled with indirect lighting creates a charming television table. Perfect for a modern room, its black and white coloring, and crisp lines will go perfectly with sectional couches and unique coffee table with similar coloring themes.

Luxury tv stands furniture

An excellent improvement for modern homes; this luxurious TV stand is made of espresso-finished wood, resting on mirrored metal legs. Offers several compartments for placing your electronic devices and storing DVDs and Blu-rays.

Luxury tv stands 9

Modern arrangement for a spacious living room, furnished with a long TV stand cabinet with storage drawers with no knobs or handles. The TV stand is made out of manufactured wood and has real wood veneers on each side.

Luxury tv stands

The house decorated in glamor style will be like a beautiful, glittering jewel. So it is luxury, modern tv stand or as you wish also bedroom chest. The antiqued mirror It doesn't absorb light but reflects it to the whole room.

Luxury tv stands 8

High-quality TV stands with impeccable modern class. The piece comes in a low profile design and offers several open shelves and drawers for all your entertainment stuff. Its dark light espresso finish is embellished in a black background for outstanding modern style.

New luxury stone glass brezza tv stand wall panel lavamar

New Luxury Stone & Glass Brezza TV Stand & Wall Panel Lavamar Crystal ...

Luxury tv wall mounted architecture home design image via

Luxury TV Wall Mounted Architecture Home Design Image via

Luxury television

A luxury TV stand, perfect for contemporary houses. Gentle, light-brown colour makes it ideal for English-style houses. It also doesn’t distract from the focal point, which is the TV and the movies you play on it!

Luxury tv stands 1

Sleek and contemporary, this modern living room wide TV stand will add luxury and prestige to your media or entertainment room. Finished in white, it will fit into most of the decors, maintaining freshness.

Luxury ideas for tv stands

Luxury Ideas For TV Stands

Luxury tv stands 4

hanging a shelf under the tv instead of an actual stand.

Luxury tv stands 2

Oh wow! I am delighted how aesthetic, restful and modern this interior is. The modern fireplace on the wall is above the long luxury TV stand, which is on every wall.

Luxury tv units

The luxury tv stands combined with the unique interior design creates a unique ambiance in the decor. Wall mounted tv stand in white is versatile and modern, making it perfect for stylish contemporary interiors.

Luxury tv stands 18

Made from reclaimed rustic wood, this luxury TV stand will work out perfectly well in all rustic or industrial interiors. Based on small rubber wheels, this climatic construction is also easy to move.

Sonorous luxury clear glass cantilever stand up to 55 inch

Sonorous Luxury Clear Glass Cantilever Stand - up to 55 inch TV s

Luxury tv stands 23

Sleek and contemporary, this luxury TV stand is a proposition directed to all refined, modern interiors. Long, low, sleek white cabinet corresponds smoothly to darker, wooden finishes.