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A stylish audio rack and stereo stand can set the tone in a music room, adding to the relaxed vibe you need to unwind. It also provides you with a safe and secure place to store your precious stereo equipment. A solid rack can reduce vibration levels when playing loud music, prevent distortion, and improve overall sound quality. If you’re struggling to find the right stereo stands for sale, here is a comprehensive list of the best racks and stands in various styles and price points. 

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Updated 13/03/2023
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Best Space Saver
Sleek Black Stereo Stand

Sleek Black Stereo Stand

Red Barrel Studio®

Perfect For: A modern living room or den

What We Like: It contains six cable management holes to seamlessly accommodate multiple sound systems

Hear your music blast around the entire room with this 39-inch tall contemporary black stereo stand containing four shelves. The frame and four legs are crafted out of strong manufactured wood. It has a weight capacity of 200 pounds and can easily hold a stereo, turntable, records and more.  

$254.99 $249.99

Designer Advice:

Also available in a light gray and natural wood wash, this black stereo stand would make a statement in an all-white modern living room. Set it up in a corner and place some of your really comfortable upholstered armchairs with pillows nearby so you can sit back and enjoy some great tunes all night long. 

What Users Say:

Well built, reasonably sturdy and simply a great design. Looked at many stands, but this is by far the best I came across. There is a pile of components here. Cable routing is good. 

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Best Retro Style
Mid Century Modern Stereo Shelf

Mid Century Modern Stereo Shelf

Hashtag Home

Perfect For: An apartment or den that doesn’t have a lot of extra space

What We Like: The built-in wire audio rack that can hold records or CDs

Sitting on four flared round tapered legs, this vintage-style stereo shelf is made out of solid rubberwood with a rich walnut veneer. It’s a two-tiered open table design measuring just over 18 inches wide. It can hold up to 100 pounds of weight.  

$85.99 $106.99

Designer Advice:

Incorporate this retro-style stereo shelf into your mid-century modern living room with a tan leather sofa with a brown wood four-legged frame. Add a round white coffee table for a cool contrast as well as a patterned pouf that you can use to sit down and rifle through your music collection. 

What Users Say:

Absolute perfection! Goes very well with my mid-century modern-influenced living room. Love it and have gotten compliments on it already! 

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Aluminum and Tempered Glass Stereo Rack

Aluminum and Tempered Glass Stereo Rack

Zipcode Design™

What we like: Heavy-duty aluminum and tempered glass for high durability

What we don’t like: No additional drawers for storing audio equipment, video game cases, or stereo accessories

Not so great for: Traditional style rooms with antiques or wooden furnishings

Perfect for: Modern living spaces or gaming rooms

This is a functional and durable stand built from heavy-gauge aluminum and dense tempered glass. The black stained glass perfectly matches the steel trimming, creating a sleek, modern aesthetic. The stand offers plenty of storage space for a stereo, speakers, a games console, and decorative items with four shelves.

This rack has an open design, allowing easy access to all your equipment. The open space ensures there is adequate ventilation, helping prevent overheating. It is easy to assemble by following the step-by-step guide. 

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Tall Freestanding Audio Rack Cabinet

Tall Freestanding Audio Rack Cabinet

dCOR design

What we like: Glass front panels help protect your equipment

What we don’t like: Tall and narrow design may appear obtrusive in small spaces

Not so great for: Small living rooms or bedrooms

Perfect for: Safely displaying retro audio equipment or an expensive sound system

Consider this vintage stereo component cabinet if you’re looking for a reliable unit to store and display expensive audio gear. It is tall and spacious with three adjustable shelves, ensuring you can configure the unit to accommodate a variety of audio equipment. The manufactured wood frame offers durability, reinforced by the chrome C-shaped stabilizing feet.

This unit is a stunning focal piece, making it an excellent option for showing off your prized record player or brand new stereo. However, it is quite large and may not suit small, cluttered spaces.  

$339.99 $289.99

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Solid Wood Stereo Rack System

Solid Wood Stereo Rack System

Latitude Run®

What we like: Stylish back panel doubles as a built-in cable management system

What we don’t like: Open side leaves equipment vulnerable to falls and damage

Not so great for: Modern gaming rooms or bedrooms

Perfect for: Displaying audio and visual equipment in a dark accented living room

The rich colored solid wood frame ensures this stand can blend seamlessly into your traditional style living space. It has a modest but smooth silhouette, ensuring it works as a standalone piece in the corner of a room. The tempered glass shelves are well ventilated and provide ample space for your stereo equipment.

The top surface is large enough to hold a 32” flat screen. Alternatively, it can be used as a stereo table to rest your drink as you listen to your favorite tunes. 

$102.99 $399.99

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Extra Wide Regal Stereo Rack

Extra Wide Regal Stereo Rack


What we like: Retro design adds character to any room

What we don’t like: Doublewide design may be too large for some spaces

Not so great for: Compact studio apartments with limited space

Perfect for: Retro-inspired lounges or old-school music rooms

As one of the most unique stereo racks on our list, the double-wide regal stand provides a retro feel to a space. It is made from durable manufactured wood with metal framing and legs, ensuring it can support 170 lbs. of audio equipment.

The extra-wide design makes this the perfect surface to place your turntables and DJ equipment for a house party. Beneath the surface, you can store turntable accessories, headphones, and records in the six cubbies. The open, multifunctional design means this piece doubles as a minibar or small wine storage cabinet. 

$186.95 $459.99

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White Oak Stereo Table Stand

White Oak Stereo Table Stand

Latitude Run®

What we like: Clean, modern design with white oak and clear glass finish

What we don’t like: Compact design and small shelves restrict storage space

Not so great for: Retro or vintage music rooms

Perfect for: Scandinavian interior design style living rooms

This Scandinavian-inspired, light accented stereo stand is a stylish addition to any minimalistic and well-lit room. The white oak-colored manufactured wood legs look great against a pale wall or surrounded by greenery. All four shelves are made from transparent tempered glass, completing the clean aesthetic.

This unit features non-slip feet, providing additional stability, which is extremely useful for wood or tiled floors. The back panel contains round openings for discreet cable management. 

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Truffle Colored Wooden Stereo Rack

Truffle Colored Wooden Stereo Rack

Latitude Run®

What we like: Includes a five-year limited warranty

What we don’t like: Relatively narrow shelves may not accommodate all stereo systems

Not so great for: Large and heavy audio equipment

Perfect for: Storing lightweight speakers, audio equipment, and game consoles

This stereo rack is a durable option for more sophisticated interiors built from high-quality manufactured wood. The linear design and deep truffle wooden finish perfectly match a traditional living room with other wooden units and leather, or linen upholstered furniture.

The three interior shelves are adjustable, allowing you to make room for various audio equipment. All shelves contain scratch-resistant materials, so you don’t have to worry about damaging them when you take out and put away your equipment.

The unit is well ventilated with an open back. This also allows for easy cable management, keeping clutter at a minimum. 

$227.99 $179.99

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Modern Dark Aluminum Stereo Rack

Modern Dark Aluminum Stereo Rack

Latitude Run®

What we like: Five individual shelves provide plenty of storage space

What we don’t like: Assembly instructions are unclear

Not so great for: Brightly colored rooms or wood-heavy interior designed spaces

Perfect for: Home music studio or modern audio room

This aluminum audio tower is a sleek, contemporary option if you’re in the market for multifunctional stereo stands. It has five tempered glass shelves, each providing 66 lbs. of weight capacity. This durable unit can support various items, including speakers, stereos, record players, games consoles, and decorations.

The dark coloring and modern textures make this piece highly versatile. It is a space-efficient storage option for a music room, bedroom, or office. The durable shelving means it can also be used as a TV stand in your living room. 

$339.99 $309.99

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Throwback Stereo Rack With Record Collection Storage Space

Throwback Stereo Rack With Record Collection Storage Space


What we like: Built-in record dividers help organize and display your collection

What we don’t like: Requires two adults to assemble

Not so great for: Retro city apartment or home music studio

Perfect for: Chic or regency-inspired interior design spaces

This retro-inspired, mid-century modern audio rack is an affordable statement piece that can complete your music room. It combines a mixture of design styles with its white exterior, wood grain drawers, and hairpin legs.

The standout features of this unit are the storage areas. It contains two spacious drawers and large cutouts. The square-shaped cubbies are designed to store records and even feature small metal record dividers to display your collection. This is the perfect stereo rack for home DJ performances or to hold your record player and music collection. 

$149.58 $349

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Retro Inspired Wall Mounted Stereo Rack

Retro Inspired Wall Mounted Stereo Rack

Winston Porter

What we like: Spacious design and shelving ensure you can store a lot of equipment and accessories

What we don’t like: Assembly and installation require power tools

Not so great for: Creating a living room music corner

Perfect for: Bedrooms or audio rooms that need additional storage space

Consider this retro-style, curved, mounted rack if looking for stereo shelf ideas. Crafted from pure-white laminate veneer, the rack has a smooth finish, making it a suitable option for a bedroom or modern living room.

The bottom shelf spans the full width of the unit, providing enough storage space for 100 DVD cases. The mid-tier partitioned shelves are perfect for displaying a stereo or speakers. The open design ensures you can use the upper shelf for various objects, from soundbars to decorative items. 

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Portable Utility Stereo Rack and Stand

Portable Utility Stereo Rack and Stand

WFX Utility™

What we like: Heavy-duty casters allow for easy transportation

What we don’t like: Functional design means this piece does not add style to a room

Not so great for: Permanent use in the home

Perfect for: DJs or musicians looking for a rack to maneuver equipment on stage or through a studio

If you’re a musician or DJ, having a robust mobile stereo rack and stand is essential for moving equipment safely. This unit contains two primary storage areas. The first is a rack mount located at the top of the stand. It can be used for a stereo unit, turntable, or mixing desk.

Beneath the top platform, there is open storage space, providing an ideal area to hold speakers or an amplifier. The entire system is easy to adjust and rolls on heavy-duty casters with built-in brakes. 

$107.99 $121.99

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Stereo Racks and Stands

Buying Guide

Stereo racks and stands are a way of protecting your audio equipment, but they can also be an attractive part of your living room, family room or den. Ranging from purely utilitarian metal shelving right on up through cabinets made of rich wood and glass, they are an essential part of any good sound system.

A good stereo stand or rack is likely to have holes at the back of the cabinet for power cables, or for cables to run to speakers or sound pickups located in other parts of the house. This keeps the wiring both out of sight and out from underfoot, where it might be damaged.

Sound systems inherently have a lot of wires, cables and connections – unless you are using a wireless set up. Even with wireless, there are a lot of parts – they just don’t have as many trailing cords and cables. They also often have stodgy little metal boxes that contain the parts. It’s not that they are precisely unattractive, but more than that, they are utilitarian instead of decorative.

Your sound system could be a simple setup with a player, and a pair of speakers, or it might be a much more complex system that allows for quadrophonic or surround sound. It might incorporate one of the voice-activated digital assistants or be part of your smart house system.

A cabinet for your sound system can be a lot more than a simple metal rack from the local hardware or department store. It can have glass fronted doors to help keep the dust out of your equipment, a polished wood or faux wood exterior – light or dark, your choice, or it can even be a modern affair made of glass and chrome.

Even a simple rack can be made attractive by using chrome and finished wood to create the frame and the shelving, or by having the shelves arranged in an unusual way, such as a bentwood shelving unit.

Consider the type of furnishings in the room where you will place the cabinet. Will a spare shelving unit fit better with your style, or would a hefty, walnut cabinet be more in keeping with the rest of the room? Let your personal style guide your choice.

When selecting your stereo rack or stand, think about your stereo equipment and how much space it is likely to consume. Then consider the amount of available floor space in your living room, den or study. How big a cabinet will fit within your floor plan?

If you have a little extra room beyond your immediate needs, it doesn’t hurt to plan a little extra storage space for your sound collection. Of course, if you have serious space constraints, you might consider converting your sound collection to digital (there are legitimate services and ways to do this without copyright violations) and store the physical media. Cloud storage can offer amazing accessibility without sacrificing choice.

Best Ideas

Stereo racks and stands 1

Rack made of wood and mounted on metal legs. It consists of 4 open shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for storing TV componens, DVD's and more. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors.

Stereo rack

This simplistic audio stand is quite practical, actually. Designed of wood, it offers 4 open shelves - 2 smaller ones for placing your audio components, and 2 larger ones for storing your vinyls. There's also a large top for larger devices.

Audio stand 4

audio stand

Stereo racks and stands

If you are looking for compelling solutions for the home extremely low cost, this combination of tables in a beautiful cabinet is the perfect solution. Smartly twisted tables create a great place for audio video and more.

Steel audio rack

Audio stand made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Includes 3 open shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for storing stereo amplifiers and others audio components.

Diy record player stand

Bring 1970s back into your life, thanks to this retro stereo rack. The whole structure is made of wood and nicely-polished, including a long open shelf for storing vinyls, and a long top for placing your record player, along with speakers and couple of decorations.

Audio rack modern entertainment centers and tv stands

Audio rack modern entertainment centers and tv stands

Modern audio rack, ladder style, balanced on a heavy duty base. Offers four clear glass shelves incorporated into matte black construction for sleek modern looks. Cable management system allows to hide all the wires.

Turntable stands record storage

3 Shelf Video / Audio Rack by VTI Manufacturing Inc. $335.99. 3 Shelf Video / Audio Rack VTI Manufacturing, Inc. specializes in manufacturing metal and wood furniture for home and office use. All products are constructed with durable solid steel, designed

Maple high end audio stereo rack with black lacquer finish



Stereo table

DIY project for a simple and compact stereo rack with five spacious shelves for storing devices and utilities. The stereo rack is made out of bright birch wood and has aluminium legs with rubber padding on the bottom.

Audio rack high end audio racks high end amp stand

... audio rack high end audio racks high end amp stand high end audio

New pro audio rack mounts for its synergy chameleon av

... New Pro Audio Rack Mounts for its Synergy & Chameleon AV Cabinets

Vintage Stereo Stand Album Record Rack Retro Deco Eames Era Mid Century Atomic

Vintage Stereo Stand Album Record Rack Retro Deco Eames Era Mid Century Atomic

Wow, is atomic era back? What a nice stereo rack straight from the 1950s! Two shelves are just right, as you put your stereophonic set on the top one and your albums on bottom. Perfect for retro interiors!

Record table stand

A modest traditional floor stand for audio equipment, LPs and CDs. It is made of wooden materials with a light brown finish. It has a rectangular top, a base with recessed straight square legs and an apron, 4 alternate open shelves in 2 sizes.

Sonax CR-2360 Cranley 21-Inch Wide Midnight Black Enclosed Component Stand

Hide all the media components behind sleek and elegant translucent glass doors where they are protected from dust and dirt; the stand described here sports contemporary design with its simple form and black finish.

Tech craft veneto audio rack in walnut brown

Tech-Craft Veneto Audio Rack in Walnut Brown

Audio rack stand

These audio racks and stands have the decorative and functional role in the house. They;ve got the stable base, that works well with any surface, and an universal character, which means that they work with many types of speakers.

Vision Audio Tower

Vision Audio Tower

Re anyone have good plans for a diy audio rack

Re: Anyone have good plans for a DIY audio rack?

Stereo stands

Look at this nice, retro stereo rack. Some storage here and there for increased ergonomy. Minimalistic design makes it appropriate for any style. Wooden finish is timeless, so you won’t have to worry about it going out of fashion.

Turntable stands

An elegant audio cabinet with wooden construction covered in a dark cherry finish. The unit offers a 1 bottom drawer, 1 glass panel door cabinet with 3 wooden shelves, saber legs, and decorative pull handles.

Stand for record player

This wooden construction will be a great storage for a stereo and your records collection. Its bright, natural wooden character will fit well into modern apartments designed with the urban character.

Record player stand ideas

Weekend Project: Make a Rustic Floating Media Center from Walnut and Copper | Man Made DIY | Crafts for Men | Keywords: music, storage, pipe, organization