Stereo Cabinet Furniture

Have a lot of stereo components? Like to mix the old with the new? Then you need stereo cabinet furniture to store your HiFi equipment. There is even room if you need to hide a small speaker or two. Keep all your stereo stuff safe, and you can even pick a style to match your other furniture in the same room. Look through the collection and pick a stereo cabinet for your stereo components.

Best Products

Record player console

Record player console
A sturdy and fashionable stereo cabinet for living rooms, bachelor pads, and guest rooms. Its hardwood construction and oak finish make the whole long-lasting and stylish; offering 2 open shelves - one for vinyls and the other for your record player.

Urban stereo locker

Urban stereo locker
Emanating with rustic accents, this lovely stereo storage cabinet rolls on locking metal wheels for easy mobility. It's constructed of sturdy wood and powder-coated steel, offering 1 large compartment concealed behind 3 lattice wire panel doors.

Stereo cupboard stereo cabinet with two

Stereo cupboard stereo cabinet with two
What a nice, classy stereo cupboard to put below your TV in your living room. Plenty of room for CD and DVD storage and perfect to put a Blu-Ray player on top of. Gives off an elegant, rustic look with a traditional vibe.

Teak stereo cabinet with glass doors

Teak stereo cabinet with glass doors
Time for a vintage accent right in your lounge room. Get inspiration for a new audio storage from this teak stereo cabinet with glass doors and mobile roller wheels. Premium 1960s style - never out of fashion!

Audio Cabinet

Audio Cabinet
Tower audio cabinet with glass doors. Wooden construction and traditional design. Three adjustable shelves inside, with multiple options for spacing and height. Well designed and constructed piece of furniture.

Stereo Cabinet

Stereo Cabinet
Clean structural design of this compact cabinet ensures durability and provides useful storage space. Four chamfered feet comprise a well-balanced base. Three shelves allow to accomodate books and media components, while the top may serve as a display space.

Console stereo repurpose

Originating from 1959, this walnut-made stereo cabinet comes from Germany. The Braun HM 5 model constitutes a perfect embodiment of the vintage design. Its clever design features specially separated spaces for a radio set and the record player.

Our advice Buying Guide

Combining a classic stereo set with a piece of furniture is a lovely way to add some classic charm to your home. Often with space for a real stereo, but not always, there is enough room to put all your music-related items or anything else that you wish to store or display. Let's take a closer look at some of the stereo cabinet designs that are available.

What are the most popular designs of stereo cabinet furniture?

Scandinavian style

This contemporary design is ideal for modern homes whether you have a stereo or not. They are available mainly with four different compartments – the furniture is split into four quarters for ease. In one of the compartments, you can put a radio or stereo set. The other compartments can house whatever you want – from the large old-fashioned records to the more recent CDs and even all your favorite magazines about music. The popular Scandinavian style is made from light wood such as pine or natural unfinished wood, and has four slim and small legs on which the furniture rests.

Tall stereo cabinet

If the wider Scandinavian style doesn't suit your home, consider a taller wooden style. This is normally a brown wooden cabinet with glass panels behind which you can display ornaments and other items. If you have a radio or stereo to go in the cabinet, this can be placed on any of the 6-8 shelves which are available. The top of the cabinet can be used for candles, flowers, books or anything else you would like to display.

Stereo TV cabinet

If you don't have space in your home to have various cabinets for all your different possessions, you should consider the pieces which are versatile and can be used in more ways than one. A display TV cabinet, for example, can form the perfect home for your stereo set, even if you don't ever use it anymore. There are normally shelves alongside either end of the cabinet, and 2-3 drawers in the center for variety and style. These are available in a natural wood finish, or you can find them with a glossy paint finish too.

Rustic stereo cabinet furniture

A stereo isn't a modern gadget to have in your home these days, so stereo cabinet furniture which has an old or rustic feel could be the ideal match. A weathered wood look can add charm and sophistication to your home, while providing the ideal place for storing your stereo set. The sliding doors allow ease of access, but you can shut the drawers when the stereo is not in use to keep it tidy and out of sight. You can position the stereo on top of the cabinet when it is in use or whenever you want to show it off to your guests. The doors may be wired in a lattice or criss-cross pattern to further add to the rustic appearance. The wooden materials inside the cabinet may be varnished to offer protection for the items which you keep stored there.


Vintage stereo cabinet

Add a mid century look into your home with this stereo cabinet for your vinyl collection. If you are a fan of great music, you need to have this cabinet. Everyone will tell you how cool this product is.

Record table stand

A modest traditional floor stand for audio equipment, LPs and CDs. It is made of wooden materials with a light brown finish. It has a rectangular top, a base with recessed straight square legs and an apron, 4 alternate open shelves in 2 sizes.

Stereo cabinet furniture 1

The beautiful design of this stylish stereo cabinet in antique style is a delightful combination of beautiful looks, unusual colors of gray and white and spacious drawers and cabinets. A large counter can fulfill many functions.

Vintage stereo cabinets for sale

A retro style stereo cabinet transformed into a kind of a bookcase. It's of wood with a brown finish. It has straight square legs and 2 open cubbies on sides. A central compartment has hinged lift top and a white front panel with a circle design.

Vintage cabinet stereo

Being a great reflection of retro design, this stunning credenza can be a great stereo cabinet. Its cool, vintage appeal is the combination of deep wooden fronts and metal chassis.

Amish living room entertaining furniture amish stereo cabinets

Amish Living Room & Entertaining Furniture / Amish Stereo Cabinets

Liquor storage cabinet

Ingenious design of this stereo cabinet uses varied tones of wood to result in an extraordinary creation taking subtle inspiration from modern mid century findings. One might use this high end piece as a liquor cabinet as well.

Nexera 101012 Jasper Audio Cabinet, Truffle

Speaker furniture

Made of beautiful wood and steel details, stereo cabinet furniture is a very functional solution for the living room or entertainment room. Interesting and very impressive design delights and lets you enjoy your favorite stuff on a daily basis in style.

Modern audio rack

Vinyl records - a magical time for music from a black disc. This modern audio stereo cabinet is a unique wooden piece of furniture made of rosewood that combines the essentials of every music lover. Includes awai tuner, tapedeck and pick up.

Stereo cabinet furniture

A stunning audio cabinet that will provide plenty of space for both your media equipment and for the movie collection, while at the same time ensuring you can watch TV with comfort. It sports the two drawers in the middle and two spacious compartments.

Symbol audio lp storage cabinet 1

Symbol Audio LP Storage Cabinet-1

Bubinga birdseye maple

Bubinga & Birdseye Maple

Home bespoke about eyefi contact news

Home Bespoke About EyeFi Contact News

Stereo cabinet furniture


Antique stereo cabinet

A fashionable stereo cabinet that's functional and stylish, excellent for contemporary homes. Crafted of wood in an oak finish, the cabinet includes 2 drawers for storing DVDs, and 6 open compartments, while standing on widely spread legs for stability.

Cabinet stereo

Never get rid of stereo cabinet furniture with such a huge potential. This solid console made of wood, with many shelves, fantastically fitted into the taste of the music lover, incorporating in it stereo equipment with a turntable and loudspeakers.