Panel Tv Stand

If you want to mount your TV, but don't know where the studs are for best supporting the weight, then you need a panel TV stand. Specifically designed and engineered for mounting your TV without marrying your walls, these are set to support its weight, and the base can accommodate all your components, all in a very fetching setup. See collection for panel TV stand options.

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A functional solution to have one flat screen TV in two rooms. The TV stand is mounted in a room divider, and it rotates for convenient usage. The TV is firmly attached to the panel, so you can freely turn the whole thing according to your needs.

Espresso Wall Mounted A V Console Console

Espresso Wall Mounted A V Console Console
A professional and high quality piece of furniture that was designed for use in the living room or play room. It is made of MDF and composite wood so its solidity allows for supporting large TVs. The console has got two storage shelves.

Flat Panel TV Stand

Flat Panel TV Stand
Not only will this TV stand easily accommodate a TV up to 60", it will hold up to three or four media components on the spacious shelves, while the construction ensures durability and sturdiness, making it a piece to last in your home for years to come.

Flat Panel TV Stand

Flat Panel TV Stand
With this TV stand you may add a touch of modern elegance to a decor with no cost to robustness or functionality. The piece offers three wide shelves made of tempered glass. The shelves are supported by metal tubing frame.

TV Stand

TV Stand
Contemporary media stand made of fibreboard with an oak-brown finish. Its rectangular top is intended for up to 60" TV-sets. There are 2 side open shelvings and a central cabinet with glass doors and decorative hardware. Each shelf is adjustable.

The Bag Lady's 62" Flat Panel TV Stand

The Bag Lady's 62" Flat Panel TV Stand
A tremendous and elegant yet very functional TV stand which is flat. It features four wood-framed glass doors, adjustable shelves and also a distressed finish which accentuates a country design. It was manufactured in China.

Ikea tv wall panel

What are the most burdensome home cinema components? Cables and wires. This is solved by using brich wooden boards that form the panel for the TV, which can be used to hide unnecessary cords.It looks modern and clear.

Our advice Buying Guide

Panel TV stands cater to the ‘Less is more’ interior design concept. But there are ample reasons to bring one of these home even if you aren’t an ardent minimalist.

Live in a small apartment? It utilizes unused horizontal wall space unlike shin-bruising, gargantuan consoles. And despite the sleek appearance, those panels can gobble up a lot of stuff. Be it the Blu-ray player, the Set top box or the gaming console, there’s ample room for all the peripherals that modern day TVs need.

What’s more, the panels can also be used as a surface to display your books or houseplants. All this, while keeping your flat screens at the perfect viewing angles. There’s only one problem though. They all look identical. How then do you pick the right one? Here’s some help.

How to measure for a panel TV stand?

Measure the length and width of the wall where you will install the stand. If possible, mark the area using painters tape and then visualize how it looks with the rest of the décor. Please remember that while TVs are measured diagonally, stands are measured using their width.

If you want your TV’s edges to line up perfectly with the stand, then measure the width of the TV and buy a stand that matches the size. However, panel stands are so petite that you can upsize and then place the TV in the center. The remaining space can be used for displaying décor. This way, you won’t have to swap the stand for a bigger one if you upgrade to a bigger TV later.

Measure the depth of the stand from the wall. If it has pull out drawers, ensure that you calculate the room needed to extend the drawers fully.

What kind of storage is recommended for a panel TV stand?

You might want to consider an open front design or one with darkened IR friendly glass if you will be accessing one or more of these peripherals with a remote. As smart TVs come bundled with tons of apps and features, the number of peripherals that used to be crammed into TV stands has reduced greatly. This allows you to go really compact if need be while picking a new throne for your TV. But if you still use your old Blu-ray player or have an ensemble collection of gaming titles, then ensure that the stand has enough room to accommodate it.

How to manage cables in a TV stand?

When you have a lot of electronic devices stored in the TV stand, there will be an equal number of messy cables to deal with. Look for a closed back TV stand with sufficient wire management options, that keeps the ungainly clutter organized and out of sight.

Closed back stands must have air vents for ventilation though. Else your tech can get overheated. An open back design might be more pleasing to the eye in a minimalist décor setup. But is best avoided when there are lots of wires to deal with.

How to design with a panel TV stand?

Conventional design theorizes that you blend the TV stand design with the remaining furniture pieces. But it’s not really mandatory. Panels can be used as standalone furniture pieces that create a contrast. Or pop out from the rest of the décor.

Wood is classy and can blend with all types of décor. If you do not want to opt for solid wood, which has a very traditional vibe about it, go for engineered wood or MDF with veneered finishes.

If you are looking for something that looks visually light yet stylish, then you can opt for a glass or a metallic panel stand with a mirror finish.


Panel tv stand

If you need original and neat looking furniture for your TV you will love this panel TV stand. Made of fine dark color wood of high durability creates an atmosphere of elegance and daintiness. It will make your experience even more entertaining.

Tv wall panel

Functional and attractive solution for TV rooms. This wall-mounted TV stand provides stability and safety for equipment. Its wooden construction is durable and attractive. Lower gray shelf provides additional space for DVD players and other devices.

Tv wall panel ikea

Contemporary panel construction that serves as a TV stand. Its white color perfectly matches natural wooden colors. It provides space for most sizes of flat panel TVs and for other multimedia devices.

Panel tv stand

Perfect for modern TV rooms, bachelor pads, and living rooms. This sturdy panel for flat screens is made of hardwood, beautifully finished, and attached to the matching open shelf. It's wall-mounted and easy to clean.

Panel tv stand 1

TV stand dedicated to the flat screen. It is made of wood and consists of horizontally arranged strips. Desinged for mounting on the wall. Neutral design for each home.

Tv stand with back panel 4

An ideal living room proposition for the contemporary design lovers. This TV stand with back panel enchants with the high-quality dark wood finish, that smoothly corresponds to the metal accents.

Tv stand with back panel

A contemporary TV stand integrated with large back panel for mounting your flat screen TV. Made of natural-finished reclaimed wood, the unit features open compartments for speakers, shelves for AV devices, and a top shelf with a built-in lighting system.

Panel tv stand 1

The contemporary design of the wall tv furniture is a beautiful combination of dark wood construction and functionality. A Beautiful modern form of furniture captivates, bringing a considerable amount of storage space and exciting style to the interior.

Panel inspiration for tv wall mount ill build a wood

panel inspiration for tv wall mount...i'll build a wood frame, stretch canvas over it to hide the mounting unit and cables

Living room tv panel

Modern, elegant TV stand. It’s wooden, which creates a nice contrast between it and the rest of this room. Natural wood is elegant, stylish and provides a warm, cosy feeling, even to otherwise rather cold interiors, like the one in the picture.

Floating media shelf

An excellent choice for modern living rooms that lack a proper TV stand. This one comes with a large back made of glass panels, on which you can hang your flat screen TV. Also includes open shelving, and 4 storage drawers - each with a black glass panel front.

Diy tv wall panel

TV stand made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Includes cabinet with sliding doors and 4 open shelves in various sizes. Suitable for storing TV components or display decorations. Modern design for each living room.

Tv stand room divider

From now on your modern room is going to sparkle with aesthetic and sophistication. This floor stand for flat screen TVs boasts of neat wood construction with 3 floating shelves bathed in an oak finish.

Lcd tv panel

lcd tv panel

Wall panel tv stand

With this large TV stand, you are getting a durable, functional and well-balanced addition for modern interiors. The ceiling-to-floor stand allows you to easily hang your flat screen, while offering 2 clear glass shelves, and several side compartments for books and DVDs.

Lcd tv wall panel designs

Funky flat TV panel made from MDF and finished dark red. Wall mounted unit sports contemporary design with slots dedicated for CDs storage and organizing media compontents. Practical and good looking.

Panel tv stand 4

LED TV Panels designs for living room and bedrooms

Tv stand with wall panel

The modern design of this phenomenal panel tv stand makes the interior a new dimension. Beautiful combination of wood construction and attractive shades is impressive and stylish. Practical cabinets made in white delight.

Tv panel for living room

Living Room via Cape 27 Blog. love the wood pallet wall.

Floor stand for tv 1

BESTÅ Panel TV con almacenaje audio/vídeo - blanco/alto brillo negro - IKEA

Shabby chic media console

Cottage style entertainment centre – if you like unique and one of a kind furniture, then this entertainment centre is just what you need. The rich finish and highly detailed carvings make it as beautiful as no other.


Panel tv stand 5

Contemporary fireplace

Panel tv stand

In Classic Style senior editor Justin Bog reveals his top 3 television shows along with some cinema busts.

Large screen tv corner tv stand

Large Screen TV Corner TV Stand

Mount-it! 32- 55-Inch Flat Panel TV Mount and Glass Entertainment Center Combo

Modern TV stand that needs some easy assemblage. It provides loads of space to accomodate all game systems and electronic components. It is designed for a flat TV up to 55-inch, which is mounted on a durable, integral center column.

Tv wall panels designs

Suites At The Ritz Carlton | Munge Leung

Tv panel furniture

Beautiful wall mounted TV stand made of wood. An elegant combination of classic wood and white paint on the shelves makes it a timeless addition to any living room. Quality materials ensure durability and stability.

Wine console cabinet 11

Custom entertainment center and framed tv backdrop

Tv panel designs for living room

Boasting of elegance and functionality, this beautiful TV stand is practical, capacious, and stylish. Crafted of hardwood and bathed in a two-toned white and cherry finish, the stand comes with a large top for flat screens, 2 open shelves, 1 drawer, and 2 one-door cabinets with X-shaped design and 1 wood shelf.

Wood panel tv

Stained-DIY-media-cabinet using IKEA unit and stained wood panels

Amish mission open flat screen tv stand

Amish Mission Open Flat Screen TV Stand

Weiser tv stand with back panel

Weiser TV Stand with Back Panel

Modern tv panel

TV stand made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Includes 2 open shelves for storing TV components and others needed stuff. Neutral and functional design for each room.

Wood panel for tv

Amazing Uses For Old Pallets – 50 Pics

Panel tv stand

Place your television on this wooden TV stand. This stand features a ventilated rear panel, a tempered glass front, and a low-profile exterior. Crafted from infrared black glass and MDF wood, this durable stand will adorn your living room for years.

Tv wood panel

Are you trying to find the nicely finished and stylish console table? We have got something for you! This console table has got the sliding doors, wooden construction, long top and shelves for books and accent pieces.

Zander TV Stand

Zander TV Stand

Modern flat screen tv stands

... > Living Room Furniture > Z Solid Oak Large Flat Screen TV Stand

Tv stands with flat panel mounts

... Accessory Store - Black Metallic TV Flat Screen Stand & Mount 42 inch

Furniture altramount hollow core tv stand with tv mount black

... Furniture AltraMount Hollow Core TV Stand with TV Mount, Black Finish

Tv stand with back panel 1

PVC Pipe Dresser Overhaul... how creative can this girl be? >> I really like the back wall with frames.

Flat screen tv stands 954 flat screen tv stand 1

Flat Screen Tv Stands #954 flat screen tv stand