Solid Wood TV Stand

Your TV is the centerpiece of your living room or rec room, but unless you have a wall mount, it needs to be supported. A solid wood TV stand not only elevates your TV, keeping it off the floor and providing the ideal viewing angle — it also provides storage for DVD and Blu-ray discs, books, spare cables, video game consoles, and other accessories. 

Solid-wood construction can add a classic touch to your home décor and lasts for years with the right care. Here is a list of the best wood TV stands for your home. 

Lodge 68” TV Stand

Lodge 68” TV Stand

What we like: Ample storage for a variety of items

What we don’t like: The high price tag

This TV stand features solid pine and manufactured wood construction and an antique mist finish. The result is an antique aesthetic that should appeal to anyone fond of a rustic or farmhouse décor.

With a total of four internal shelves, divided among three cabinets, this TV stand provides ample storage space. Two of the cabinets have solid wooden doors, and the third cabinet has two doors with glass windows for decoration and visibility. They also have integrated lights, allowing you to prominently display your DVD collection. 

Chantrell 70” Walnut Solid Wood TV Stand

Chantrell 70” Walnut Solid Wood TV Stand

What we like: The retro-inspired mid-century modern design

What we don’t like: Non-adjustable shelves can’t fit taller items

This solid walnut TV stand and cabinet features a beautiful, organic grain to complement your living room or master bedroom.

The tapered legs and sleek lines are reminiscent of classic mid-century Danish furniture design, making the piece a stunning addition to a retro-inspired minimal home. The design is as practical as it is stylish; the slatted cabinet door won’t interfere with remote control signals to your digital players, so you can hide consoles to keep a streamlined aesthetic.

The central cabinet, accessible via a drop-down louvered door front, has a shelf. This acts as a divider and allows you to assign space for storing different items.

With four drawers and two interior shelves, this solid walnut TV stand provides ample media storage space. 

Winterton 112” Entertainment Center

Winterton 112” Entertainment Center

What we like: An attractive white entertainment center for the media enthusiast

What we don’t like: Occasional finish inconsistencies

This beautiful entertainment system provides eight interior shelves and four cabinets accessible via curved inlay euro-hinge doors. Combined with tempered safety glass windows, this system provides enough space for the most die-hard video game or film enthusiasts to keep their collection on full display. 

Thanks to the cutout top moldings and clean-lined structure, the design is versatile and fits well with shabby chic, French country, or even minimalist décor. It leaves the factory fully assembled, so you won’t need any tools, making installation quick and easy. 

A solid wood TV stand with glass doors, this entertainment system should last for years and is compatible with a wide variety of screen sizes up to 75”. 

Epley TV Stand for TVs up to 55”

Epley TV Stand for TVs up to 55”

What we like: The affordable price tag

What we don’t like: The open design does not protect media or accessories from dust

This TV stand is stylish yet functional for the homeowner who prefers a minimal or a more industrial aesthetic, providing three solid birch shelves complemented by a black metal frame and legs for added strength.

As the wood is reclaimed, no two stands are alike, and every stand is defined by minor imperfections that add character and texture to the piece.

The three beautifully crafted wooden tops measure 48” wide and 16” deep, accommodating a variety of modern flat screen TV sizes. You can improve the stand’s organization by adding black wire mesh baskets to hold gaming and movie discs, remote controls, and other items. 

Mcgahan 113” Media Center

Mcgahan 113” Media Center

What we like: The ultimate entertainment center

What we don’t like: It’s very expensive

Though more expensive than other TV stands, this is one of the best solid wood TV stands available, providing you with three drawers, five cabinets, and ten interior shelves. With this amount of storage space, you can display your media collection and store books, controllers, video game accessories, and other products for easy access. 

This solid hardwood TV console is compatible with television monitors up to 70”. Off-white and made from a blend of solid and engineered hardwood, this TV stand will complement any décor but would look particularly striking in a coastal or nautical-themed home.

At 220 lb., this stand is on the heavy side, which may pose a challenge if you need to move it from one room to another or transport it to another location. Ensure you anchor it to the wall for added stability. 

Lockheart Solid Wood Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 43”

Lockheart Solid Wood Corner TV Stand for TVs up to 43”

What we like: Compact, unobtrusive design is decorative and functional

What we don’t like: Only suitable for TV sizes up to 43”.

This corner TV stand has two large open shelves suitable for media storage and is compatible with a TV up to 43” in size. The lower shelf has a hole for managing and connecting power and HDMI cables.

Made from reclaimed solid fir wood and featuring a natural finish, this stand can accommodate various aesthetic tastes, from the rustic to the modern and industrial.

Support for the stand is provided by three hairpin metal legs in the front and two posts in the rear. While the piece is lightweight at 30 lb., it has a weight capacity of 175 lb., suitable for most average-sized TVs. 

$489.99 $599.99

Katerra Solid Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 91”

Katerra Solid Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 91”

What we like: Minimalist design complements a wide variety of home furnishings

What we don’t like: Particle board construction is not as luxurious as some other solid wood TV stands

Affordably priced and stylish, this modern minimalist TV stand is suitable for large TV sizes, up to 91”. Using high-density E1 standard solid wood particle board, the stand’s construction is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Despite weighing only 66.1 lbs., this stand has a weight capacity of 300 lb., allowing you to store and support a variety of home media products. 

The shelves are illuminated using LED lights, providing an attractive multi-colored visual display and increased visibility of stored articles. Featuring clean black lines and a minimalist exterior design, this TV stand reduces clutter and can transform any room in your home into a modern entertainment area. 

Aalysia Solid Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 65”

Aalysia Solid Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 65”

What we like: The solid mango wood shelves and durable iron frame

What we don’t like: May not appeal to traditionalists

This TV stand combines solid natural mango wood planks with a hand-crafted iron frame for a stylish, durable design that will last for years. The open shelves allow increased visibility and air circulation, keeping your electronics cool and free from dust. The decorative asymmetric design combines with a wire-brushed surface texture for a unique feel.

This real wood TV console can accommodate TV sizes up to 65”. With six shelves in addition to the top surface, this TV stand provides plenty of space and can support up to 198 lbs. It’s also versatile enough to serve as a bookcase or elevated coffee table.

$364.99 $499.99

Ariston Solid Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 65”

Ariston Solid Wood TV Stand for TVs up to 65”

What we like: Beautiful white oak finish

What we don’t like: Those interested in more modern décor may want to look elsewhere

This TV stand has a beautiful white oak finish and a rustic appearance for the homeowner interested in a more farmhouse aesthetic. This all-wood TV stand features a 58” tabletop and can accommodate TVs up to 65” in size. 

Two center compartments with holes for cables accompany two cabinets with shelves that are ideal for storing your DVD collection, video games, books, and more. You can also adjust these shelves to five different positions to accommodate items of varying heights. 


Samson for TVs up to 54”

Samson for TVs up to 54”

What we like: Four open lower cubby holes for DVDs, books, etc.

What we don’t like: Only supports 65 lb. — this may limit your choice of TV

This solid-wood TV stands luxury finishes at an affordable price, with carved bun feet and tasteful crown molding. Lightweight and inexpensive, this TV stand is made from engineered wood and can fit TV sizes up to 54”.  

Although its weight capacity is limited, this stand is ideal for the homeowner who needs something sleek and functional. Four open cubbies in the lower level are ideal for accessorizing with baskets or boxes to hold small items. The two narrow upper cubbies are perfect for placing digital media players and feature cable management grommets in the rear to keep your living area uncluttered. 

$174.99 $273

Our advice Buying Guide

Flat screen TVs do a lot more than give you razor sharp visuals. They can also be the focal point in the living room. And what better way to make it the centerpiece, than pair it with a solid wood TV stand.

Solid wood has evolved as one of the most desired materials for a TV stand. It is timeless, forgiving to stains and dust, and more durable than any other material. More importantly, solid wood TV stands are available in just about every size, design and finish that you can dream of.

Here are a few key variables to consider when you go shopping for them.

How to get the right size solid wood TV stand?

Remove all the furniture fixtures in the room, grab a measuring tape, a painter’s tape and take a good look at the wall where you intend to install the TV and the stand.

If there are features like a doorway or a beam or a fireplace, then it might limit the available space. Run some measurements of the entire wall and compare it with the dimensions of the stand that you have selected.

Use painter’s tape to create an outline of the TV and then, of the stand. This will give you a clear picture of how big or how small the actual stand will be as compared to the TV and also, how it blends in with the rest of the décor.

How to match the size of the TV with the size of the stand?

The rule of thumb is to select a stand that’s slightly wider than your TV. If the TV is positioned smack dab in the middle of the room, this prevents overhang. Also, wider stands usually have storage shelves on either sides which creates a coherent and uniform look.

TIP: Always keep the TV and room size ratio in mind before you select a TV. The recommended TV size is calculated by measuring your viewing distance from the TV in inches and dividing it by 3. So, for a 40-inch TV, you must ideally be seated at least 10 feet away from it.

What's the recommended viewing angle?

Once you have selected the right position for the stand and the TV, check the viewing angle with your seating. Ideally, it must be at least 42 inches above the ground to prevent you from craning your neck too much.

Having said that, if the room is too small or if the shape of the room isn’t perfect to allow you that angle, check for a swivel TV stand that allows you to adjust the viewing angle.

What style of a solid wood TV stand should I choose?

It’s a given that you will need storage options in your TV stand to organize your magazines, DVDs, remotes and other knick-knacks. But the key is to not go overboard with storage, else it might just look cluttered.

  • Opt for a stand that has cord management options to keep those ungainly cables concealed.
  • Simple open shelving on the sides is a no-brainer. But it will need frequent upkeep.
  • If dust is a concern, then closed cabinets or drawers will work best.
  • Last but not the least, always opt for a finish that harmonizes with the rest of the décor.


Hand Made Rustic Widescreen Tv Stand Solid Wood Stained In Jacobean Oak

Hand Made Rustic Widescreen Tv Stand Solid Wood Stained In Jacobean Oak
Bringing in a bit of a country touch to the space, this beautiful wooden TV stand enchants with its densely grained wood, creating an alluring ambiance and emphasizing the natural character. Its two-shelved construction creates a small storage spot.

Jonah console

Jonah console
This original and unique piece of furniture is ideal for use in a living room or TV room. It is a console made of durable wood supported by an iron base. The overall size of this console is 76"w x 14"d x 24"h.

Clarkston 72 inch tv console

Clarkston 72 inch tv console
A well-constructed, functional and easy to install piece of furniture that plays the role of a TV console designed for large 72-inch TV equipment. Its overall dimensions are 25.5 inches height x 72 inches width x 20 inches depth.

Abbyson living charleston 72 inch tv console

Abbyson living charleston 72 inch tv console
A classic, elegant style is one of the most important features of this TV console. This element is suitable for supporting 72 inch TVs and it has got additional shelves, drawers and cabinets for enhanced storage capacity.

Record storage console

Record storage console
Solid wooden TV stand with a walnut finish. This console features a minimalist sleek, subtle and elegant design. Its upper area includes three shelves and the lower part offers some space in a wide storage compartment.

TV Stand

TV Stand
This elegant TV stand in a dark espresso finish accommodates 65'' flat screen TVs, and provides 175 lbs of weight capacity. Crafted from solid wood, the stand includes 3 open storage compartments, and 2 one-door cabinets - each concealing 1 interior shelf.

Media console rustic media console tv

Media console rustic media console tv
With this console TV stand your home decor is going to be as chic as never before. It features the rustic design with reclaimed wood construction, two doors and three shelves for CDs, DVDs and more.

Media console stand made of recycled

Media console stand made of recycled
TV stand made from different color boards will add some rustic touch to the room. Great furniture for cottage or summer house. It has 2 drawers and big cabinet for storage your DVDs. Large top is perfect for huge TV.

Rustic tv console solid wood tv console

Rustic tv console solid wood tv console
Emanataing with country elegance and durable usage, this TV console is as sturdy as they come, characterized by solid wood construction in natural finish. Features a large top with metal reinforcements, 2 open shelves, and X-shaped sides.

Billington TV Stand

Billington TV Stand
Very original and very dignified TV stand. It is relatively high. It has two cabinets with doors closed and three open shelves. This allows you to organize in it also a variety of items. It is stylish

Best sellers furniture cannes media console

Best sellers furniture cannes media console
Now you can make the best out of your space by surrounding your TV with plenty of shelves and ensuring that you have just more than enough space for your DVDs with this amazing hutch with doors in a light, distressed finish.

Apothecary style double door media stand

Apothecary style double door media stand
A combination of classic style and modern functionality. This media stand is able to hold a TV, media devices and large amount of CDs or DVDs. This product is durable thanks to its MDF and solid wood construction.

Klaus TV Stand

Klaus TV Stand
Elegant contemporary wooden stand with a matte black finish. It has a rectangular top for up to 52-inch TVs, recessed panels, low legs. Both 2 side full door cabinets and a central one with 2 glass doors have 1 shelf each and round metal knobs.

Hannan TV Stand

Hannan TV Stand
It is a very elegant and very practical TV stand. It has a special place to place TV. It is also equipped with special shelves, which are perfectly suited for additional audio-visual equipment. Shelf under the TV looks very good and well presented.

Solid wood tv stands

This solid, massive looking fine wood tv stand is a very durable piece of furniture that would serve you for a long time. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for something that would appear original and match with any room design.

Tv console solid wood

Beautifully shaped and lacquered for extra appearance, this thick coffee table has a unique top and a matching bottom shelf both made of solid wood. The whole is supported by a powder-coated metal frame.

Beautiful tv stands

Substantial wooden TV stand, a great alternative for flimsy contemporary furniture. Heavy wrought iron hardware and fitting, plus aged wood construction makes it redolent of old castles and all this historical stuff.

Hairpin leg tv stand

The unusual but at the same time very solid wood tv stand is a beautiful combination of entertaining style and usefulness. Large cabinets and a solid base for the media make perfect furniture for the living room or bedroom in any style.

Rustic tv cabinets wood

A decorative, solid and very practical TV stand based on durable wooden construction. It includes storage compartments and shelves for DVD players and other devices. Large top provides sufficient space for most types of TVs.

Super chunky solid wood tv unit cabinet stand rustic plank


All wood tv stands

This handmade project shows greatly how upcycling can enhance contemporary interiors. Using wooden desks and breeze block allowed to create a plain, austere, yet elegant element of the living room set.

Pine tv

Natural solid wood TV stand. Simple style with natural hint, for contemporary interior layouts. Solid wooden planks create two tiers of the stand - wide top and smaller bottom shelf for media components.

Solid wood tv stands 3

A stand for TV should be really stable and easy to arrange in the living room. Presented here solid wood tv stand was hand-built from old, dark oak solid wood and creates slim but functional thanks to double top console table, perfect for TV as well.

Solid wood tv stands

Individually made from solid oak, this is a piece that will enhance ...

Solid tv stand

A typical industrial example of a solid wood TV stand - which can also be used as a shelf for small items. Long top, iron frame and the whole produced in strong oak wood. Enriched with many-colored varnishes, which creates a dark motif of changing colors.

1878 solid wood country oak tv stand

1878 Solid Wood Country Oak TV Stand

Solid wood tv stands 6

Presented here solid wood tv stand called The Murtaugh has a very nice walnut wood finish and veneer matching. Presents Scandinavian retro style with functional drawers, curved edges and one glass shelf in the middle.

Haven ex 72w solid wood tv stand solid wood media

Haven EX 72w Solid Wood TV Stand | solid wood media consoles | OPTIONS ...

Make wood tv stand

This combination - walnut wood with high-quality leather, you can admire endlessly. Wooden traditional tv stand with a dark espresso finish favors the upholstery of classic furniture, also with strong coffee color. Walnut living room furniture for you.

Wood tv console with glass doors

Since we already fill the space with a TV table. It should have plenty of space to offer. Our favorite movies, records, books somewhere must find their place. This solid wooden table has it all, and in addition it is very good-looking.

Dark wood tv units

Wooden TV cabinets that provide large top spaces for different kinds and sizes of TVs. The upper one offers small side drawers and large central drawers and a brown finish. The lower one is darker and offers two storage shelves in its central part.

Lcd plasma tv stand

LCD/ Plasma TV Stand

Solid wood corner tv cabinet

This solid wooden TV stand enchants with its raw, rustic design, obtained thanks to the use of pallets (properly brushed and sanded) and beautiful, metal, hairpin legs. It features 5 shelves of storage.

Solid wood tv stands and cabinets

this is a lovely console and wants to be my roomie for romantic comedies and cheesy TV :: Dimensions: 48" L x 28" T x 12" D; Opening is approx. 9"H Material: Hand-stained solid wood Attributes: Made to order. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Attribute

Winsome Wood Syrah TV Stand

Natural wood tv stands

HEMNES TV bench IKEA Solid wood; gives a natural feel. Vent at the top of the TV bench helps improve air circulation around electronic components.

48 inch solid wood tv stand

48-inch Solid Wood TV Stand

Solid wood tv stands 1

I like the pull-out drawers. Could put toys in there instead of DVDs, etc. Not sure about the finish...Would be easier to re-stain than other styles I like.

Ethan allen media center

If you don’t have space or funds for an over-the-top, oversized TV entertainment unit, why not try a simple, minimalistic TV stand instead? Doesn’t take much space, can be bought cheaply and does its job pretty well!

Diy tv rack

Now you can easily create your own TV stand with a little help from some cinder blocks and wood, creating a truly original and appealing option for your interior and a practical one at the same time.

Reclaimed wood rustic log tv stand

Reclaimed Wood Rustic Log TV Stand

Winsome Wood Zuri 36-Inch TV Stand

Add style and elegance to your living room with this amazing TV stand. It has got solid wood construction and espresso finish. It is a perfect base for your TV. You will be impressed how cool this TV stand is.

Woodworking tv stand

A timeless and functional natural solid wood TV stand with additional shelves. The whole entertainment center provides plenty of space and features simple stylization, so it looks very nice in any TV room.

A very modern tv stand easel for sale european style

A very modern TV stand/easel for sale. European style, solid wood, unfinished, on casters for easy moving around a room. Excellent addition to a city

Belham Living Belham Living Hampton TV Stand in /Oak, Black, Solid Wood / Veneer, 55 inches

Solid wood tv stand black 52

*** Solid Wood TV Stand - Black (52")

Solid wood tv unit

52 in. Black Solid Wood TV Stand $359.99

70" Solid Wood TV Stand with Sliding Doors in a Beautiful Espresso Brown Finish

Philadelphia rustic solid wood tv stand media console 2

Philadelphia Rustic Solid Wood TV Stand Media Console

Country trend solid wood oak tv stand 51 the oak

Country Trend Solid Wood Oak TV Stand - 51" - The Oak ...