Wooden Stereo Cabinet

Go a little more old school with your stereo equipment. Instead of the coldness of steel, store your components in a cabinet made of wood. Wood is warm and clean, and can be perfect for a calm home where wood is celebrated over the more modern appeal of metal. And in this collection, you are sure to find a wood coloring to match your home.

Best Products

Stereo Cabinet

Stereo Cabinet
Clean structural design of this compact cabinet ensures durability and provides useful storage space. Four chamfered feet comprise a well-balanced base. Three shelves allow to accomodate books and media components, while the top may serve as a display space.

Savanna Audio Cabinet

Savanna Audio Cabinet
Wooden stereo cabinet with a subtle vintage twist. Though rather classic and conservative in looks, it offers modern amenities: integrated wire management system and internal ventilation slots for safety.

Audio Cabinet

Audio Cabinet
Tower audio cabinet with glass doors. Wooden construction and traditional design. Three adjustable shelves inside, with multiple options for spacing and height. Well designed and constructed piece of furniture.

Mirage Audio/Video Cabinet

Mirage Audio/Video Cabinet
Innovative and aesthetic, this Audio/Video Cabinet in Black Finish is designed of Medium Density Fiberboard. Includes 4 adjustable (removable) shelves, vents for passive flow-through, cable management, integrated levelers, and hidden wheels.

Sold Mid Century Wood Stereo Console Tv

Sold Mid Century Wood Stereo Console Tv
Wooden stereo TV console with cabinets for DVD players and other devices used in home cinema sets. Solid wooden construction is finished in brown color, so it matches any home entertainment center design.

Wooden stereo cabinet

Very simple cabinet intended to be TV stand or stereo stand with shelf to storage CDs. Due to its simplicity, this cabinet will be fit for every type of interior. It is available in three versions - black, dark wood and oak wood.

Wooden stereo cabinet

This small wooden cabinet constitutes a cool entertainment centre. Equipped with several tiers, it can accommodate all your media devices. Glazed fronts correspond smoothly to the densely grained wood.

Our advice Buying Guide

Do you want your audio gear to be out of sight when it’s not in use? If so, then what you need are wooden stereo cabinets which are specifically made to house your expensive gear! Continue reading as we’ll teach you what to look out for when choosing this type of furniture that’s fitting for your living room or home theater.

How to ensure proper ventilation in a wooden stereo cabinet?

When you’re checking out wooden stereo cabinets, check for openings in the shelving, in the back portion of the cabinets and in the bottom to allow the air to flow freely. Some people think that they can simply use old corner cupboards. After all, they appear to make great A/V cabinets. The problem is they need major modifications to be suitable for specialized audio equipment.

A feature stereo cabinets always come with is passive ventilation. It's necessary as electronic components generate a massive amount of heat, most especially when they’re used of an extended period of time. Without ventilation, the heat that is trapped inside the cabinet will seriously affect the performance of your gear.

How to ensure convenient wire access?

You will require access to join your receiver that you may have placed on the cabinet’s lower shelf to your subwoofers or speakers that are on the middle shelving. This means it is important that you can easily access your cables. So, check for portals in the back panels of wooden stereo cabinets, notches, as well as an opening at the back of each shelf.

Additionally, you’d want a wooden stereo cabinet that has removable back panels as they allow for a quick access to your equipment from the back. Removable back panels will already come with openings for cables and wires to be run in between the shelves as well as passive ventilation slots.

What type of door is best for a wooden stereo cabinet?

For simple storage, a solid door panel is fine. However, if you want remote control over your gear, then you should get the cabinet that has a door that won’t block IR signals and let them pass without any interference like glass. As clear glass doesn’t hide your components, opt for the tinted or smoked kind.

How to determine the right size for a stereo cabinet?

If possible, list down what needs storage including your soundbar, speaker, subwoofer, and media collection. A great cabinet comes with open spaces to give you ample room for when your audio gear grows. Components that are small in size can be stacked so you can save space. However, you should avoid stacking components if they generate lots of heat like gaming consoles and receivers.

What are the benefit of stereo cabinets with casters?

Built-in casters provide the quickest access to your cabinet’s back panels, which you need as you set up your audio gear and upgrade/replace some components of your system. There are times when wires get loose so having wheels will let you turn the cabinet around and fix any issues.


Swe misson stereo component cabinet

SWE Misson Stereo Component Cabinet

Mid century stereo cabinet

Wood craftsmanship finished in striking walnut makes this stereo cabinet as elegant as functional. It has multiple compartments in a rectangle case that rests on stylishly curved legs supported by stretcher.

Recycled rimu stereo cabinet with tinted glass door

Recycled rimu stereo cabinet with tinted glass door

Hairpin leg tv stand

The unusual but at the same time very solid wood tv stand is a beautiful combination of entertaining style and usefulness. Large cabinets and a solid base for the media make perfect furniture for the living room or bedroom in any style.

4052 wood stereo cabinet

4052 Wood Stereo Cabinet

Media television cabinets stereo cabinets mission stereo cabinet

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Stereo cabinet plans

Solid wooden stereo cabinet that includes two shelves. Its antique look matches different interior stylizations. This cabinet includes four legs for superior stability and support to different devices.

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Wonderfully restored mid century furniture

wonderfully restored mid century furniture

Bubinga birdseye maple

Bubinga & Birdseye Maple

Veneto Audio Cabinet

Veneto Audio Cabinet

Wooden stereo cabinet

A sturdy piece of fine furniture that will last you many years to come. Crafted of natural-finished wood, the stereo cabinet includes 1 large open compartment, 2 door cabinets and 2 storage drawers - all four equipped with metal handles.

Wood stereo cabinet 2

Vintage and old-fashioned; this stereo cabinet is a nice piece of furniture for a traditional, classic living room or a recreational room to give it a retro touch. Contains two storage compartments which give just enough room.

Amish traditional stereo cabinet unit

Amish Traditional Stereo Cabinet Unit

Antique stereo cabinet

A fashionable stereo cabinet that's functional and stylish, excellent for contemporary homes. Crafted of wood in an oak finish, the cabinet includes 2 drawers for storing DVDs, and 6 open compartments, while standing on widely spread legs for stability.

Wood stereo cabinet 13

Back in the days, this old-fashioned equipment was used to play music - it is juke box. This jukebox is very elegant - it is made of wood and finished off brass. It will be elegant decoration in vintage lover's houses.

Wooden stereo cabinet 1

Solid and original console table made of an old radio. This stylization features a removed radio area that provides space for speakers. It also includes cut doors for additional storage space. The whole item looks very original.

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1937 Midwest 18 tube radio model 18-37

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Craftsmen Entertainment Single Stereo Audio Cabinet

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Wooden stereo cabinet

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