Audio Racks And Stands

Made of all wood, or wood and steel, these simple yet sturdy audio racks and stands will compliment your current entertainment center, or fit well in your game room, and can accommodate all your audio components. The neutral wood tone can be stained to match the decor. Look through our collection and pick an audio rack and stand that will work best for you.

Best Products

Lovan legacy audio stand 7 posts with glass shelf

Lovan legacy audio stand 7 posts with glass shelf
Three posts audio rack with sleek glass shelf. Metal columns give it straightforward contemporary style and tidy appeal. This piece might be used as a low-sitting corner audio video rack or speaker stand.

Audio Cabinet

Audio Cabinet
Tower audio cabinet with glass doors. Wooden construction and traditional design. Three adjustable shelves inside, with multiple options for spacing and height. Well designed and constructed piece of furniture.

Audio Cabinet

Audio Cabinet
It's time to bring modern accents into your living room, with this fine audio rack. Crafted of sturdy wood in a greenish finish, the rack is durable, and eye-catching, offering 4 open shelves for electronic components.

Wood technology mini system stand audio rack holds 80 cds

Wood technology mini system stand audio rack holds 80 cds
Speaker stand / audio set rack. Hold your stereo and up to 80 CDs with one pice of furnishing. Finished black, the piece boasts clean, modern look. Pedestal base features metal racks for CDs. Large top houses a mini stereo with speakers.

Single four audio rack wood shelf audio cabinet audio equipment

... single four-audio rack-wood shelf audio Cabinet, audio equipment racks

Audio racks and stands

An elegant solution for modern and contemporary interiors. This audio stand allows you to properly display your electronic devices, thanks to its oak wood frame that holds 5 ash shelves - each with a cut out hole for cable management.

Audio racks and stands

Elegant looking durable audio rack and stand is the perfect option for your collection shelving. Made of metal and wood looks really stylish. The best choice if you need some extra storage for your audio and video.

Our advice Buying Guide

Transitioning from amateur desktop gear to semi-professional audio gear at your home studio is always challenging. At the forefront is the gargantuan task of selecting your new gear and a rack to mount them on. It’s a tricky path.

You can either end up buying more equipment than what’s required, or buy a rack that’s left with a lot of empty spaces. To hit the right note, make a list of the equipment that will go into the rack. Always keep a little extra room for possible expansion in the future.

Once you are done with this, it’s time to go rack shopping.

How to get the right size audio rack?

The purpose of investing in an audio rack and stand is to bring in a sense of organization to your studio, which might look like a junk yard with all that equipment scattered haywire on the floor. At the same time, you want a rack that fits in easily and has plenty of room around it to allow airflow.

When you start off, your rack might not have more than 6 to 8 pieces of equipment. Measure each one of them to know the size of the shelves that you need. Some audio equipment need a truckload of space. You need to account for these first. Also, some might occupy more than one space. Ensure that you have enough space to store everything in a neat and organized fashion.

What are the best materials for audio racks and stands?

Audio racks and stands are available in wood, metal, glass and heavy duty plastic.

  • Wood is the more aesthetic choice. It is also as durable as metal, if well cared for. Some experts opine that wooden shelves and panels improve the resonance and provide improved sound quality as compared to metal or glass. If you are opting for wood, go for solid wood. Cheap composites don’t cut the mustard when it comes to durability and stability.
  • Metal racks are quite popular due to their sturdy frame, stable base and low maintenance. They are also available in many attractive finishes. Stainless steel in particular, is one of the most
  • Glass is not the best of picks, especially if you have a high footfall studio. But if you absolutely must select a rack with a glass shelf, then ensure that it’s tempered glass.

What type of audio rack will best fit my home?

  • Basic studio racks are perfect for the beginner. They have an open shelf design, will display your equipment and be easy on your pockets. They won’t be the best of options for a studio that’s looking to expand rapidly though.
  • Portable stands are perfect for the traveling musician. These are more like cases that can be opened and set up at the gig.
  • Lastly, we have premium stands with features like noise reduction, exhaust fans and caster wheels. These are undoubtedly, the cream of the lot. But they cost a pretty penny.
  • Enclosed audio stands or cabinets are ideal for homes with kids. As a plus, it keeps your equipment protected from dust. However, it’s imperative that you add some type of thermal heat ventilation in these.


Audio racks and stands 13

Simple, yet solid, wooden construction, which can serve smoothly the role of a multimedia stand and rack. It can be used as a base for one's TV or Hi-Fi set. Wooden design will match well traditional or classic decors.

Custom audio racks

This rack features a durable construction with solid shelves. It is suitable for speakers, audio devices and other items or decorations. The whole construction is very stable and safe for stored devices.

Stereo racks and stands

If you are looking for compelling solutions for the home extremely low cost, this combination of tables in a beautiful cabinet is the perfect solution. Smartly twisted tables create a great place for audio video and more.

Audio amp stand

Audio rack made of wood and fitted with 5 shelves stacked vertically. It is mounted on wheels for easy movement. Perfect solution for small spaces. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Walnut high end audio stereo rack 2 thick walnut with

Walnut High End Audio Stereo Rack - 2" Thick Walnut with 10 Coats of ...

Audio racks and stands 16

This amazing midnight black component stand offers the wide structure and will ensure a significant boost of visual appeal and style for your interior. It comes with the three spacious shelves for your media equipment and offers a modern look.

Stereo racks and stands 1

Rack made of wood and mounted on metal legs. It consists of 4 open shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for storing TV componens, DVD's and more. Neutral design for all kinds of interiors.

Record player stand and storage

Do you want to make your entertainment center more... awesome? This speaker stand is gladly going to help you with it. It has so many unique features, your guests will be thinking that you brought it from the distant future.

Modern audio rack

Combining metal framing with a beautifully stained, red wooden shelves created this fantastic audio rack. A reflection of the contemporary design, bringing in style and solidness to one's interiors.

Diy record player stand

Bring 1970s back into your life, thanks to this retro stereo rack. The whole structure is made of wood and nicely-polished, including a long open shelf for storing vinyls, and a long top for placing your record player, along with speakers and couple of decorations.

Stand design audio rack

HIFI needs your help in the form of a rack with wooden shelves that provide better sound quality. Curved columns on specially designed shelves will provide better resonance. Audio rack and stand presented here were made of metal and solid bamboo wood.

Steve blinn designs 4 shelf extra wide rack superb performance

Steve Blinn Designs 4 shelf Extra-Wide Rack, Superb performance included at no charge | Stands | Staten Island, New York 10301 | AudiogoN - The High-end Audio Community

Shelf high end audio stereo rack 5 shelves 2 thick


Tiger maple high end audio stereo rack with cherry posts




VAS Audio Racks

VAS Audio Racks

We were looking for an elegant well made stand for

We were looking for an elegant, well made stand for audio equipment, when we came across the Jual JF204 Hi Fi rack (£199).

Imports introduces reference series equipment racks by tandem aud

... Imports Introduces Reference Series Equipment Racks by Tandem-Aud

Stereo rack

Stereo Rack

Audio unveils statement series equipment rack and amplifier stands

... Audio Unveils Statement Series Equipment Rack and Amplifier Stands

BL Series Modular Rack 3 Poles

BL Series Modular Rack 3 Poles

Maple high end audio stereo rack with black lacquer finish


Rax amplifier stands the rix rax amplifier stands provide a

rax amplifier stands the rix rax amplifier stands provide a beautiful ...

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My ar speaker stand inspired rack i eventually plan to

My AR speaker stand inspired rack. I eventually plan to build other ...

Audio racks and stands 1

Foss Audio Rack

High end audio component rack stand or shelf wanted photo

High end audio component rack, stand or shelf WANTED Photo

Oak audio cabinet

This sleek, black audio rack has been designed by Lovan USA - the manufacturer or AV furniture, TV stands, audio racks, speaker stands and others. Available in two variants, with 4 single-sized tiers, and 3 double-sized ones.

LSX Series 52" Audio Cabinet

LSX Series 52" Audio Cabinet

Audio racks and stands wood technology wood technology american 1

Audio Racks and Stands > Wood Technology > Wood Technology American ...

Audio racks and stands 8

This audio stand distinguishes itself with a characteristic black oak finish, additionally supported by metal elements of the construction. Featuring 5 tiers, it can accommodate an impressive collection.

Stereo rack

This simplistic audio stand is quite practical, actually. Designed of wood, it offers 4 open shelves - 2 smaller ones for placing your audio components, and 2 larger ones for storing your vinyls. There's also a large top for larger devices.

Audio racks isolation platforms amp stands speaker stands and many

... Audio Racks,Isolation Platforms, Amp Stands,Speaker Stands and many

Stereo cabinet entertainment centers in black natural oak or maple

Stereo Cabinet entertainment centers in Black, Natural Oak or Maple ...

Galaxy audio rack 2

Galaxy Audio Rack

Audio racks and stands 5

The entertainment stand for the living room on the triangle base. Made of oak wood covered with the cherry-brown. The shelves was made of glass, what gives it more lightness. It could be used to place your DVD or stereo.

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Wall mounted av good idea also diy furniture design decor

Wall Mounted AV | Good idea | also DIY... #furniture #design #Decor

Techcraft audio stands audio rack monaco phr48 s the phr48b

Techcraft Audio Stands Audio Rack Monaco PHR48 (S) The PHR48B Monaco Series 4-Shelf Audio Center from Tech-Craft provides stylish and sturdy support. With a piano black finish and reinforced tempered glass, the PHR48B Monaco Series 4-Shelf Audio Center is

Ikea studio hacks build your creative space on a budget

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Galaxy Audio Rack

Galaxy Audio Rack

Audio racks and stands 2

Plateau 758019000695 Model SF-4ABB SF Series Fixed Shelf Rack Audio/Video Stand, Black, Strong heavy gauge 1 1/2

Atacama equinox hi fi stand 4 shelf unit silver 299

Atacama Equinox Hi-Fi Stand - 4 Shelf Unit, Silver £299. 550mm deep, 500mm wide.