Bookshelf Speaker Stands

Speakers can be best heard when elevated, and these bookshelf speaker stands do that, in a clever and attractive pedestal package. Buy one or two, or more, and set you speakers on a level plain with your sound quality desires. Great for surround sound. Pick out yourself a set from this collection of handsome options. You speakers will appreciate it.

Most gorgoeus bookshelf speaker stands shoot 1

Most gorgoeus bookshelf speaker stands?? Shoot!

Re most gorgoeus bookshelf speaker stands shoot

Re: Most gorgoeus bookshelf speaker stands?? Shoot!

Furniture speaker stands 2

Durable and space-saving, this beautiful stand is characterized by hardwood construction and a natural finish. Features a thick rectangle base for stability, and a square top to properly display your speaker.

Bookshelf speaker stand

DIY bookshelf speaker stands crafted out of IKEA parts or sth similar. If you aren't able to find speakers of proper height, try some tips to make speaker stands meeting the expectations. You'll just have to visit the closest IKEA store.

Bookshelf speaker stands 1

Your home entertainment center needs speaker stands! This pair has solid American FSC Certified Walnut construction and sculptural design. They measure 25 inches tall, and they fit to any style.

Bookshelf speaker stands 2

Bookshelf Speaker Stands

On the difficulty level of making such a pair of

on the difficulty level of making such a pair of stands? (my speakers ...

Polk bookshelf speaker stands

Most gorgoeus bookshelf speaker stands?? Shoot!

Klipsch speaker stands

Designed by TAKT, the Socie D speaker stand is specifically designed for bookshelf speakers on desk environments. It equips with a T.M.D., a device that helps to minimize unwanted vibration of stands that is often found in other speaker stands on desk environment.

Focal Chorus S700 Speaker Stands - Satin Black

This speaker stand is the perfect solution for anyone who appreciates quality, reliability and aesthetics. With special solutions, which have been applied in this stand it is not only very nice and effective, but also safe and secure.

Sonus faber liuto bookshelf speaker stands

Sonus Faber Liuto Bookshelf Speaker Stands

Soundstyle z1 award winner speaker stand

Soundstyle Z1 Award Winner Speaker Stand

Bookshelf stand

Optimal distribution of sound sources may be useful for column stands. Modern bookshelf speaker stands for columns have a minimalist form - just like those columnar in the form of open stable cuboids of metal in black.

Speaker stands 15

Another Frosta speaker stand hack that only requires two Frosta stools and some metal to build a strong and sturdy stand that can hold up your speakers or small bookshelf. It stands at a total height of 20.5 inches. Great for small living spaces.

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Thin bookshelf speakers

Very contemporary outlined silhouette mounted on the floor and walls to ensure the highest stability for the loudspeakers. Bookshelf speaker stand was made of wood, finished with a white veneer. Streamlined shape, rounded lines-modernity in a suitably high form.

Furniture speaker stands 6

Made of high quality solid American wood, the walnut - stereo speaker stands are angular, hand carved and sturdy They serve as an addition to the already existing furniture for audio equipment with bookshelf - or value in and of itself with their modern style.

Pangea Audio - LS200 - Speaker Stand - Pair - 24 Inches

It is a pair of stands which are used to set them to the speakers. Racks perfectly prove themselves in arranging home theater. Thanks to the speakers strategic projections may be set up anywhere in the apartment at the proper height.

Speaker stand tripod bracket shelf bracket swans bookshelf speakers

speaker stand tripod bracket shelf bracket Swans bookshelf speakers ...

Revel m22 bookshelf speaker with target stand photo

Revel M22 Bookshelf speaker with Target Stand Photo

Sanus nf18 speaker stands bookshelf speaker stands

Sanus NF18 Speaker Stands Bookshelf Speaker Stands

Pyle PSTND18 Universal Heavy-Duty Double Support Steel Bookshelf Speaker Stands

It is a set that includes two speaker stands. They have got a high gloss black finish, adjustable spike feet and heavy gauge steel construction. It is a very good and high quality set.


This kind of stands to the speakers have an excellent quality. They are safe, reliable and very stable. At the same time there are also very attractive and visually interesting. Therefore, they should be carefully selected, taking into account various aspects.

Klipsch XFS Floor Stand - Pair

Stands for speakers should be not only practical and useful, but also nice and aesthetic. Why? This is the kind of piece of equipment, which is designed to serve, but it is also very exposed and visible, which is why should accordingly present.

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24-inch Metal Speaker Stand

Stand for speaker is en extremly useful device. It helps to plan the placement of the speaker at the same time can also serve a decorative function. Just like the stand like this. Just check it out by yourself.

Sanus NF24c Natural 24 -Inch Speaker Stand Pair - Cherry and Black

An element that has got a decorative and functional role in the house. This is a special stand designed for use with speakers. It has got a very stable base that works very well with any surface. The whole construction is based on MDF.

Bookshelf speaker stands 1

Bookshelf Speaker Stands

Speaker stands best buy

Double bookshelf stand for two speakers. Tall enough to stand on the floor level as well. Crafted out of metal, finished all black, equipped with well-balanced bases. For at-home theater or to enjoy surround sound of music.

Source tech model 1 7sv bookshelf speakers sanu speaker stands

Source Tech.Model 1.7SV Bookshelf Speakers & Sanu Speaker Stands Photo

Atlantic 77335799 Adjustable Bookshelf Speaker Stand

It is a very simple product that has got a functional role. It is a stand designed for use with modern speakers. This adjustable stand has got a pedestal base that assures stability and support. The whole construction is based on steel.

Surround sound bookshelf tilt speaker stands side clamp floor mounts

Surround Sound Bookshelf Tilt Speaker Stands Side Clamp Floor Mounts ...

Sanus Systems SF22 Steel Foundations 22" Tall Speaker Stand for Medium to Large Bookshelf Speakers

This sturdy speaker stand will accommodate speakers of assorted sizes, from small to large ones. Thanks to heavy-gauge steel construction, the toughness of this item is as sure as gun. It comes with optional carpet spikes.

Atlantic adjustable bookshelf black speaker stand

Atlantic Adjustable Bookshelf Black Speaker Stand
This is a piece of furniture created for use in the living or play rooms with TV and other types of multimedia equipment. The frame is made of steel, wood composite and PVC Laminate, so the whole construction is able to support a large weight.

Bookshelf speaker stands 2

I like this from Best Buy Sanus Natural Foundations 36 inch Speaker Stands (Cherry) NF36C $90

1 - Bookshelf Speaker Stand

Made in the antique style bookshelf with speaker stand is an excellent way for a functional living room or game room. Robust construction and slender form make the whole look phenomenal and functional.

Adjustable bookshelf speaker stand in black 6

Adjustable Bookshelf Speaker Stand in Black - 6

Brand New Sanus Foundation Euro Series Speaker Stand, 2 Pk

A new, modern piece of equipment that is perfect for use in TV rooms. This is a speaker stand that has got a very solid base responsible for providing the highest level of support and stability. The whole construction is resistant to wear and damage.

16-inch Metal Speaker Stand

Stoajk speaker is extremely important in arranging housing. It helps to plan the placement of equipment, but also allows for special effects and clear sound. This is a very useful part. Just try it by yourself.

Glass speaker stands 1

This kind of product is a solid speaker stand that works with home theater satellite speakers and bookshelf speakers. It has got an attractive silver color. This construction is made of aluminum and tempered glass.

Gig Harbor Audio 24s Speaker Stands

Stands for speakers can combine two functions. On the one hand they serve odpowiednimu speaker arrangement in the room. On the other hand, they can also serve a decorative function. These are precisely the stands.

Sanus systems foundations ultimate uf26 26 tall speaker stand for

Sanus Systems Foundations Ultimate UF26 26 Tall Speaker Stand for Medium to Large Bookshelf Speakers, Pair - List price: $309.99 Price: $244.99 + Free Shipping

SANUS 31" Speaker Stands for Bookshelf Speakers up to 20 lbs - Black - Set of 2

This is a high quality type of product that serves as a supportive speaker stand. It has got a weight capacity on the level of 20 lbs. It features an energy absorbing MDF construction that assures sound acoustic isolation.

Gecko bookshelf speaker stand gks 115 short

Gecko BookShelf Speaker Stand GKS-115-Short

Bose FS-1 Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands (pair) - Black and Silver

Cool modern stands intended for Bose speakers. They're of steel with a 2-tone finish. A rectangle-like base with 1 curved edge and matching but smaller top plate are black. A slim triangle-like section column with a wire channel has a silvery finish.

Wytheville Adjustable Height Bookshelf Speaker Stand (Set of 2)

Wytheville Adjustable Height Bookshelf Speaker Stand (Set of 2)
This is a set of two bookshelf speakers stands which can be high adjust. It has a timeless design and will match to any decor. It is made of solid steel with black finish, and base are finished with wood.

Sanus 26 -Inch Tall Bookshelf Speaker Stand

26-inch stand for medium-to-large bookshelf speakers up to 35 lbs. It features large steel base with optional carpet spikes and a concealed wire path and resonance damping rings that can be filled with sand or shot for added mass.

B-Tech BT77 Ultragrip Pro Speaker Mount, Set of 2, Side Clamp with Tilt and Swivel, Black

A functional and attractive element that can be used as a mount for speakers. It has got a swivel and tilt regulation. Each mount of this type has also got a side clamp that supports the speaker of any type.

Gks 115tall bookshelf speaker stand bookshelf speaker stand 1 pair

gks 115tall bookshelf speaker stand bookshelf speaker stand 1 pair

Vantage Point SSB-30BB Adjustable Bookshelf Series Speaker Stands

Adjustable speaker stands (sold in a pair) with weight capacity up to 20 lbs. They accommodate most standard size bookshelf speakers. Separated weight chamber adds to stability. They feature a filler hole for sand.