Sleeper Chairs

A chair during the day and a bed at night.

A tremendous idea for a small room at home where a sleeper couch just won't fit, the sleeper chair satisfies two essential needs: a comfortable seat for you or a friend, and a cozy twin bed for one, lucky guest. And for the office, you can use it at work during your lunch hour for a midday power nap.

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Sleeper Chairs

Buying Guide

Your pull-out sleeper chair can be a valuable addition to your living room or your comfortable camping equipment. It can serve as a daybed, a comfortable place for a child to nap, for you to get in a power nap after lunch, or just a place to lounge with a good book. It can even provide an added place for an unexpected guest to sleep. Yet, when your pull-out sleeper chair is not being used as a bed, it looks just like an ordinary armchair.

Pull-out sleeper chairs are great space savers

A pull-out sleeper chair can be a great space-saver in a dorm room, small apartment, or tiny house. An area that’s a living room by day can quickly and easily be transformed into a sleeping space at night. All you have to do is pull out the sleeper feature, get the blankets and sheets out of the storage footstool, and settle down for a good night’s rest.

Pull-out sleeper chairs can be taken for camping

How can you take a pull-out sleeper chair camping, you might ask. Air mattresses aren’t the only things that come as inflatables – you can get an inflatable armchair that has a pullout sleeping feature. If you are hosting a camping event, such as a medieval reenactment or family reunion, inflatable seating can be a handy thing to have – especially if some of your guests find sitting on the ground or on hard benches uncomfortable.

When selecting your pull-out sleeper chair, you might want to consider the following:

  • Style of your other furniture. This might dictate whether you want a pull-out sleeper chair that looks like a regular easy chair, a foam chair, or an inflatable. If it doesn’t match your other furniture, can you add a slipcover or throw to pull the look of your room together? The answer is probably yes, but not all designs work well with slipcovers.
  • Weight and height of the person most likely to sit or sleep on the chair. If you are likely to have a petite guest, an inflatable or foam chair should be fine. However, if you expect a large-size person, a sturdier chair might be indicated.
  • Portability. If the chair needs to get packed up with your tent, then an inflatable pull-out is a good option. Inflatables are also a good way to quickly add furniture to a dorm room or a first apartment. They are not, however, a good choice if you have pets – especially cats or dogs with claws.
  • Quality of the mattress. Too many “pull-outs” have thin mattresses and bars that impact your back. Look for a thicker mattress, sturdy construction, or even a pull-out sleeper chair that makes more of a pallet on the floor than a bed. Consider keeping a foam topper on hand to make up for a thin mattress.
  • Sturdy construction. Even if you are buying an inflatable chair for camping, good workmanship will extend the life of your pull-out sleeper chair.

The right pull-out sleeper chair can enhance your living room or turn your tent into a gracious living area.

Chairs that fold out into a twin-sized bed are often called sleeper chairs. The designs are so diversified that one of these chairs can fit almost anywhere. Perfect spots can include a quiet loft, a noisy teen's room or in the living area of a small apartment.

Not all pull-out beds are found in sofas. Sleeper chairs are compact for small spaces. They also offer so much more in modern design and originality. Look for other names like futon chair, chair bed, or convertible chair.

Durable and easy-to-clean materials make sleeper chairs practical and wearable. Some of the best choices for sleeper chairs include:

  • Fabric - Any imaginable fabric is used in creating a sleeper chair. Cotton, polyester, linen, fake fur and microfiber are a few of the choices available for personal preference. Animal prints and kids' favorite colors and characters can also be found.
  • Leather/Leatherette - Leather or leatherette is a favorite material for use in a single chair. Simple contemporary styles allow movement to different areas of the home. Wherever an additional bed is needed, leather fits right in.
  • Metal - Legs and arms are often made of stainless steel or metal of painted matte finish. Frames that hold a pull-out sleeper are also metal and adhere to national safety guidelines for durability and weight standards.

  • Pull-Out - A pull-out sleeper module can be indiscrete until bedtime. What can look like a seat cushion on a base can turn into a pull-out bed. The base shell hides the lower half of the bed beautifully. The cushion folds over to complete the mattress top. Vintage models that pull up and out to extended metal legs are still also available. Fabrics that reflect today's styles make sleeper chairs a great addition at reasonable prices.
  • Fold-Over - New to the furniture scene are the fold-over cushions that fold down on secure arm rests to deliver an amazing twin bed. Models that sit close to the floor simply fold over without having to have aid from armrests. Smaller models are perfect for a child's room for when they have friends over. Fun colors in fur or patterns of cotton/polyester blends are perfect for casual use.
  • Adjustable Back - A chair can have up to 7 different adjustable levels for the back. From a sitting position to a lying flat posture, a bed is instantly available. The adjustable back also comes in handy for a propped up bed position while watching TV.

The styles available in sleeper chairs are sleek and modern. Rounded or square upholstered arms and back are appropriate for contemporary or minimalist decors. Taller chairs with pencil legs fit in with urban industrial or modern designs with ease.

Casual sleeper chairs should be vacuumed regularly. Spot clean with an upholstery cleaner when needed. If a mattress is included, wipe down with a damp cloth and disinfect it after each use. Read the manufacturer's care manual for any specific cleaning instructions.

Best Ideas

Pull out sleeper chair

Looking for some space to create the guest room? Don't have more rooms? So you need the twin bed pull-out. It's a classic arm chair with fabric upholstery, with very comfortable mattress.

Buchanan twin sleeper sofa 18

Buchanan twin sleeper sofa 18

Buchanan Twin Sleeper Sofa
I want to have the sleeper chair in my recreation nook. It creates a fantastic place to take a seat after long work hours. Accomplished in guest room and small apartment.

Pull out sleeper chair

A beautiful sleeper chair and a half that sports the design able to provide you with a pull-out single bed and offers a charming, pale blue finished upholstery that will brighten up any space instantly.

Sleeper chair united states furniture

Sleeper Chair United States furniture

Camanche Convertible Chair

Camanche Convertible Chair

Microsuede fabric upholstery and leatherette arms with an eye-catching woven pattern add a touch of class to your room while keeping it functional. This fantastic piece features additional storage for bedding when you’re not using it for sleepovers. It’s easy to convert with simple click-clack technology, and the MDF frame provides outstanding durability for long-lasting style and function.

Pull out chair bed

Pull out sleeper chair for unexpected visits, or some after-work nap. Yellow colour soothes the nerves, allowing for great rest. The beautiful upholstery is soft and safe for your skin. Rolled arms are plenty comfortable.

Phelps chair bed 499 pull out sleeper nice compact size

Phelps Chair Bed $499 (Pull out sleeper) Nice compact size. Serves as a chair AND a bed.

Sleeper chair

A very comfortable pull out chair that also plays the role of a bed. This element of furniture features a durable frame with soft cushions for sitting and sleeping. Sitting area of this chair also includes cushioned backrest and arms.

Buchanan Twin Sleeper Sofa

Buchanan Twin Sleeper Sofa

A large and extra soft armchair that was created for people who love spending a lot of time in comfortable conditions. It is filled with a polyester foam for enhanced softness and the size of this piece of furniture is 55.5" w x 39.5" d x 36.5" h.

Convertible Chair

Convertible Chair

This versatile convertible chair is perfect for the multi-purpose space in your home. The sponge-filled design molds to your body for comfortable seating, and this unique chair can be unfolded and laid flat like a bed or converted into a lounge chair. Ideal for apartments or homes with limited space, so you have an easy option to fold out when guests stay over.

Chair and a half sleeper

Comfortable and innovative armchair with a pull out construction that allows to change it into a bed for one person. Soft, cushioned space provides good comfort of sitting and sleeping. Universal finish is nice and attractive.

Medical legacy jamestown jamestown lounge chair pull out sleeper

... & Medical Legacy Jamestown - Jamestown Lounge Chair Pull-Out Sleeper

Twin sleeper chair

If you having problems with accommodating your guests overnight, then try this cozy sleeper chair. It is upholstered in a nice-to-touch material, has rolled arms for extra comfort, and can be easily unfolded into a comfy bed that rests on tubular, steel legs.

Cortesi Home Savion Convertible Accent Chair Bed, Grey

It is a very original, attractive and multi-functional chair that is able to convert into a very comfortable and relaxing bed. The overall size of folded chair is 34"w x 36"d x 31"h. It has got a firm sleeping and sitting surface.

Clayton Convertible Chair

Clayton Convertible Chair

This elegant chair is both stylish and practical-it can be convert into a sleeper easily in few moments. Its frame is made of hardwood it has a foam filling and a woolen upholstery. Features storage area lined with fabric.

The natasha comfort sleeper by american leather

The Natasha Comfort Sleeper By American Leather

Leah official la z boy website twin pull out sleeper

Leah - Official La-Z-Boy Website Twin Pull out sleeper

Eugene Convertible Chair and Ottoman

Eugene Convertible Chair and Ottoman

This cozy convertible chair and ottoman are a charming pair for creating a reading nook or space to have guests stay over. The removable velvet cover makes it easy to maintain and clean, plus the highly supportive polyurethane foam filling makes reading or sleeping extra comfy. It’s easy to store and rearrange from a chair to a bed.

Hide a bed chair

Sleeper chair mounted on tapered legs made of wood. Suitable for living room, bedroom, teenager's room and others interiors as needed. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch material and finished with solid seams.

Pull out bed chair

With this chair you will be able to accommodate your guests, even if you don't have spare rooms. The chair can be easily unfolded, transforming itself into a cozy bed that rests on metal legs. While folded, the chair can also be a lovely decoration for modern decor.

Savion Convertible Chair

Savion Convertible Chair

Put all the lights on this chic convertible chair as its style truly deserves it! The design is modern with slight vintage influences. The metal frame supports simple body upholstered with aquamarine fabric.

Chairs that turn into beds

Jameson Ottoman with Contrast Welt | With smart tailoring and clean good looks, the Jameson queen-sized sleeper sofa features an Enso memory-foam mattress supported by a pull-out frame. Features classic rolled arms, casual skirted styling, and knife-edge

Fold out twin bed chair

This cozy pull out sleeper chair is an excellent piece of furniture for any interior. Soft upholstery and a pleasant chocolate shade make the rest of the stay enjoyable. Unusual form of armrests completes the whole.

Bed chair

Pull out sleeper chair is a great piece of furniture that can be the perfect solution for small spaces. Pleasant upholstery, solid construction, and ease of spreading and folding make the whole look incredibly stylish.

Sleeper Chairs

Questions & Answers

To get the right size, measure the available space for the fully extended sleeper chair. It’s important to keep the surroundings of the chair clutter-free. Pull-out sleeper chairs come in plenty of sizes, so as long as you measure correctly, you will have no problems!

Look for any sharp points – these could tear your sheets as you put them on. The mechanism should work in a smooth, silent fashion, both when pulling the mattress out and putting it back in.

There are a lot of different mattress styles to choose from. The most popular mattress style for the pull out chair and sofas used to be the spring mattresses, but now you can find memory foam options as well as air/innerspring hybrids.

Today you can purchase sleeper chairs and sofas with mattresses which come with additional padding added to the top, making them much more pleasant to sleep on. Considering that, foam toppers are certainly worth your look!

Yes, as it improves your overall comfort when sleeping in the pull out chair. Kiln-dried hardwood frame is a great example of an excellent frame, as kiln-drying takes the moisture out of the wood, which ensures that it won’t crack or warp over time.

Keep in mind that you will spend most of your time using your pull out sleeper chair as an ordinary chair. Make sure that it’s comfortable to be used folded before you start considering the pull out function and the quality of mattress itself.

There is no one best type of upholstery. It all depends on your needs – do you want your chair to be a looker, or for it to be comfortable? Leather, for example, can be called heavy-duty, easy-clean material, but it’s not the most comfortable to sleep on without additional sheets. Other fabrics, on the other hand, can be pleasant-to-touch, but hard to clean. Consider your needs and do some research on each fabric!

It is important to remember that your sleeper chair will be used for… getting some sleep! Because of that, the colour can be even more important than it is for any other piece of furniture. Gentle, calm colours will help you fall asleep, while overly bright, aggressive colours may keep you energized and awake. Keep that in mind.

It depends on the type, but usually around 30 inches. Keep in mind, however, that some pull out sleeper chairs and sofas can extend more.

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