Acrylic Room Dividers

If you want an interesting idea in dividing space in an open floor plan or at the office, then one of our acrylic room dividers are the perfect collection in which to make your choice. Clear or frosted, logo or something a little more wild, these dividers give an aire of privacy, even in a wide open room. Great for work spaces or studio living, where there is no existing wall for a buffer.

Best Products

Whitney Brothers 24.25 in. Nature View Room Divider Panel, Clear Acrylic

Whitney Brothers 24.25 in. Nature View Room Divider Panel, Clear Acrylic
Create discrete areas in your child’s playroom with these 24” children’s divider panels. Made from safety-aware shatterproof transparent acrylic and featuring rounded and smoothed edges, you can keep an eye on your little ones while giving them the safe limits they need. Decorated with a beautiful grassy, floral scene, these dividers provide unbeatable versatility.

Flash Furniture Transparent Acrylic Mobile Partition with Lockable Casters, 72"H x 36"L (3 Sections Included)

Flash Furniture Transparent Acrylic Mobile Partition with Lockable Casters, 72"H x 36"L (3 Sections Included)
This transparent room divider offers the perfect solution to rooms that need division without total obstruction. Ideal for work environments that need to prevent airborne diseases, this portable divider is made of three metal-framed acrylic panels, which can be transferred easily thanks to the lock casters.

87" x 40" Sotto Rings Mirror Hanging Room Divider

87" x 40" Sotto Rings Mirror Hanging Room Divider
This mirror hanging room divider is a great solution for your interior decoration. Beautiful rings give the whole a remarkable nature by which it is impossible to resist his charms. Based on a solid metal structure.

Acrylic divider panels

Unique acrylic wavy stick screen boosts the style factor and efficiently divides the interior into sections. Cutting edge design should be appreciated by many, especially those liking updated interior accents.

Acrylic room dividers

The acrylic room divider is an excellent solution to make two spaces in one room. Looks great in the bedroom, and it is construct of the clear anodized aluminum and polycarbonate panels.

Acrylic room dividers 2

This acrylic room divider constitutes a practical solution for an office, either professional or private one. Its acrylic finish embodies the contemporary character of the item.

Acrylic room dividers 1

Characterized by acrylic construction and bathed in a deep blue finish; this divider is made to last and easy to install. It features a lattice design that lets the light through the holes, creating a warm and intimate ambiance.

Our advice Buying Guide

An acrylic room divider can be used in a variety of ways. To make the correct buying decision, you first need to determine what you need it for. This way, you'll easily figure out the form of your ideal divider as well as the means of installation or implementation needed.

What are the benefits of acrylic room dividers?

In a home, office, and institutional setting, acrylic room dividers introduce a palette of colors and redirect foot traffic away or toward a particular area. You may be looking for a unit that will change a room's look. Perhaps you want a divider for your living room and kitchen. There are people who use dividers so they can change privately. For an office setting, a divider will divide employees so they're not constantly conversing with each other instead of being productive.

How to use acrylic room dividers?

Acrylic room dividers can serve a variety of functions. Here are some ideas on how to use them:

  • Adding color - In a room that's plainly decorated, use a 6- to 7-foot tall, 6-panel wide mocha, burgundy or black colored divider as it would look incredible in the space. It's best used inside a room with white walls. For dark-walled rooms, the dividers can take a white or yellow color.
  • Hiding a mess - If you're after a divider to hide the mess in a certain area of your home like a dining area which needs cleaning or an unmade bed, a portable acrylic divider is the best choice. It can be an asset, especially when acquaintances or friends stop by unannounced.
  • Creating coziness - There are times when walls are too wide and tall to be adorned. Putting a room divider against this wall in your home and a dinette table with seating in front of your folding screen will give you a brand new living space in your home that's both classy and stunning.
  • Redirecting traffic - As mentioned above, dividers can redirect the flow of traffic within a space. You'll be able to achieve this temporarily with lightweight screen panels. Choose a heavier room divider if you want a semi-permanent installation.
  • Movable window shade - Large bay windows look best without complicated or expensive window treatments. With a folding room divider, you can allow light to come through the window while you enjoy your privacy inside your home. Acrylic room dividers that are two to three feet tall can sit on window sills.

Bonus tip: The perfect acrylic room divider for you is the one that's both good looking and efficient. Its use would be of great significance, so you need one that's durable and long-lasting.


Plexiglass room divider

Acrylic room dividers are an effective way to separate extra space inside. The whole made in attractive colors allows for broad application and presents phenomena. The ability to personalize adds all the professionalism.

Acrylic room dividers 1

Divide your interior and provide a bit more privacy inside it with this acrylic room divider. It offers the not see-through structure and will ensure a significant boost of style and elegance for your household.

Plexiglass dividers

Crafted of transparent acrylic, this room divider boasts of modern aesthetics and functional design. Durable and easy to clean, the divider comes with four hinged panels, you can adjust according to your likings.

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Screen room dividers a fabulous accessory

Screen room dividers: a fabulous accessory

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Transparent room divider

That's a helluva contemporary office. Look at the colors! Rainbow colored acrylic office dividergives this busy interior a surprisingly futuristic look. Sleek white minimalist furniture is all one needs for completion.

Temporary room dividers uses and ideas

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Office partitions room dividers

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Acrylic room dividers 14

Unique room divider for ultra contemporary interiors. Red acrylic construction reminds Venetian blinds; it adds a sense of movement and open space feel while dividing the interior to provide some cosiness to the dining nook.

Translucent room divider

$19 Great for Backdrops behind dessert table, bridal show table, Ceremony Stage

Perspex room dividers

Beautiful acrylic room divider composed of silver square tiles that provide a mirror wall effect - a must have in updated futuristic washrooms, or just as a contemporary interior accent that divides the space in addition.

Lucite dividers

Room divider consisting of rectangular panels made of colorful acrylic. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior

Acrylic room dividers 3

This acrylic room divider is designed to bring a contemporary refinement to studios, workshops, offices and contemporary apartments. This photo was taken in Vancouver’s Molo Design studio.

Plexiglass room dividers

Ideal to embody a contemporary character of the place, this plexiglass room divider is largely appreciated in many public venues, as well as becomes popular in one's private interiors.

Acrylic room dividers 5

<3! Farm themed room divider screen. Translucent acrylic surface has nature-like golden grains fused into. Three independently-moving parts allow for a decent flexibility of the arrangement. Can do well in bathroom.

Restroom this screen is made of plastic pipes

Restroom. This screen is made of plastic pipes

Acrylic dividers

Made of acrylic on the texture rod divider is a perfect solution for the interior design effect. Beautiful, like icicles, the details delight and bring to the room a uniquely effective atmosphere.

Room divider hanging plexiglass room dividers

Room Divider - hanging plexiglass room dividers

Plexiglass room dividers

This graphic on the glass door can be a beautiful highlight of your love for architecture or to your neighborhood. The white map expands on 10 foot high acrylic divider. Suitable for home and office too, it presents very modern style.

Hanging room divider design ideas hanging room divider design ideas

hanging room divider design ideas Hanging Room Divider Design Ideas

All custom made to fit using your choice of artblox

All custom made to fit, using your choice of artBLOX tiles.

Acrylic room divider 2

A fantastic room divider that will bring live colors and durable usage to any room. Designed of transparent acrylic, the divider is very durable, easy to clean, and highly-decorative, effectively refreshing contemporary interiors.

Acrylic room dividers 3

Acrylic Room Dividers

Translucent room dividers

A cozy take on updated interior style: aqua ble glass and peach chairs add to relaxed approach. The lounge room is divided into living sections with half-transparent triple acrylic panels hanging from ceiling.

Plexiglass dividers 1

Privacy Screen. .--- I like this idea for deck rail - wonder if it would work?

Acrylic wall panels with wall lamp

Acrylic Wall Panels With Wall Lamp

Acrylic room divider 8

A great way to keep the flow going between the rooms, allow the light to pass through and still give each space some privacy

Contemporary room divider with metal chains curtain by porada

Contemporary room divider with metal chains curtain by Porada

Acrylic room divider 4

acrylic room divider

Acrylic room divider 1

acrylic room divider

10.6" x 10.6" Floral Room Divider

10.6" x 10.6" Floral Room Divider

Buy acrylic hanging room divider in white colour by planet

Buy Acrylic Hanging Room Divider in White Colour by Planet ...

Buy acrylic hanging room divider in white colour by planet

Buy Acrylic Hanging Room Divider in White Colour by Planet ...

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Unite room divider grand plexiglass dusty deco room


Screenflex clear acrylic room divider 3 panel 10 l

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Screenflex crd3 clear acrylic room divider 3 panel 10 l

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