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Divide a room or open floor plan and do so in a way that no one will get distracted by people in the other spaces, with a solid room divider. Now you can partition off an area, make multiple office spaces, or just separate your living room from your dining room, so folk can have conversation without the TV distracting them. See collection for details and options.

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Barn Doors

Barn Doors

Those barn doors will allow you to finally create some privacy in your household by separating the living room space with the bedroom and keeping you well rested every single day. It sports the sleek, modern style that appeal to any decor.

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Solid reclaimed wood room divider

Solid reclaimed wood room divider

A stark rustic style room divider made of reclaimed solid wood with a shabby finish in various colours. It's built of 3 tall rectangular hinged panels having straight rectangle section side posts. Panels are filled with horizontally arranged slats.

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70" x 51" Gia 3 Panel Room Divider

70" x 51" Gia 3 Panel Room Divider

This stylish room divider panel is a very practical and decorative design element. Beautifully executed reminiscent of oriental atmosphere. Made on the basis of the wooden structure is robust.

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70" x 68" 4 Panel Room Divider

70" x 68" 4 Panel Room Divider

Room divider consisting of four panels, where each panel includes beautiful floral theme. Additionally, frames of the panels and hinges are made of high quality materials, which makes it a long lasting construction.

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Solid room divider 25

Curtain off a sleeping area or workspace with a solid room divider. This board and batten divider gives the feeling of outdoor wall structures, yet can be given a whitewash or stain for interior polish. Easy match with existing décor.

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Room divider ideas modernus room dividers wood amp lacquer doors

Room Divider Ideas Modernus Room Dividers Wood Amp Lacquer Doors ...

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Solid room divider

A fantastic arrangement of an entry hall that is a blend of contemporary and traditional styles. A black space divider made of wooden planks perfectly matches a modern storage bench in a pure white color.

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Mid century modern wall decor

A modern design of a living room with an extraordinary divider. You can easily hide the storage unit and the media cabinet by sliding wooden panels. Tohether with a unique coffee table the room has the spirit of the 1950's.

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Solid room divider 30

Brighten up a bathroom or any place you want to keep private with frosted glass in a window, including an interior wall. The frosted glass will admit light while still maintaining privacy. Perfect for making small spaces seem larger.

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Solid room divider 31

A solid room divider with a lower wainscoting plus upper panels of frosted glass can be an elegant way to turn a large room into a smaller one. Made to fold up when not in use, can divide meeting rooms.

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Solid Room Divider

Buying Guide

What are the cheapest solid room dividers?

The cheapest solid room dividers are free-standing dividers made of four to six panels constructed from lightweight plywood, particleboard, or MDF. These accordion-style dividers are easy to set up anywhere in your home and can be configured to fit your space.

Solid room dividers come in many materials, from plexiglass to wood and even metal. While the more elegant varieties can become expensive, like solid bamboo dividers with a Japanese aesthetic, there are also more affordable alternatives.

Solid room dividers are a great addition to loft spaces or studio apartments where you want to create more privacy. Sectioning off a sleeping space or an office area can help you feel safer and cozier in your own home.

How do I keep my room dividers from falling down?

Does your solid room divider keep falling down? This will likely be the case if you have pets or small children. Fortunately, the fix is easy: Adhere your solid room divider to a wall with a hinge or a bracket. That way, it’ll have an anchor, which should increase its stability and reduce the likelihood that it will fall down on a routine basis.

How tall should a room divider be?

How tall a room divider should be will depend on two major factors.

First, do you have a high or low ceiling? Room dividers used in conference halls may be too tall to fit in the typical home. When determining the optimal height of a room divider in the context of ceiling height, allow for at least ¾ inch between divider height and ceiling height.

Second, why do you need room dividers? For example, if your goal is temporary walls that allow for improved acoustics, additional classrooms or increased student concentration, then taller dividers will be most ideal. On the other hand, if you want separation that still facilitates clear sight over the dividers, then the shorter, half-wall type will work best.

Room dividers are available in varying heights. They typically start from three feet but can exceed seven feet. Most are between five and six feet.

Best Ideas

Solid room divider 19

Floor to ceiling bamboo rods make a privacy screen for a home where space or structure for doors might be limited. Ideal for families that might be working on toilet training and modesty with preschool children who might require assistance.

Solid room divider 10

Turn those old doors into something that can brighten your home or create a little privacy. Three used doors joined together with hinges and placed on rollers can become a sectional room divider. Paint according to your personal taste.

Solid room divider 1

A simple but cool traditional Asian style room divider made of wood with a dark brown finish. It's composed of a long base, a long horizontal rail and thin vertically arranged a bit curved wooden sticks.

Solid room divider 15

Clear room divider with ruffled sheers divides your sleeping area from the rest of your living space. Perfect for bed/sitting rooms, dorm, or tiny house décor. Also useful for crowded multi-generational family living where privacy might be at a premium.

Stone mountain pet products 1

Stone Mountain Pet Products

Solid room divider 34

Like the idea of use of space when the walk-in/through closet and/or ensuite is behind the bed, allowing the bed to face the windows/doors (more wall space for windows and glass doors) - not looking anything like this though

Solid room dividers

This glazed, solid room divider enchants with its modern, cool and clean design. Deriving from a contemporary office space in New Zealand, the interior aimed to create a fresh, dynamic space that can be experienced in various configurations.

Solid room divider 5

Such a gorgeous way to divide your salon from the dining room. A beautiful, patterned wall with a desk built-in not only looks amazingly good but also provides a handy surface for a laptop. Bound to amaze your guests.

Room dividers on wheels room dividers help in

Room Dividers On Wheels Room dividers help in

Solid room divider 14

Room Dividing Bookshelf

Solid room divider 4

Inspirational Small Apartment Decorating Ideas. Louvered room divider with rotating flat screen tv makes viewing accessible from the sleeping area and the main living space (Pic1)

I suppose this narrow piece of wall also slides and

I suppose this narrow piece of wall also slides...and that there are mates of his on the other side of the terrace.

Solid room divider

Room divider in vintage style. It is made of wood and covered with clear glass. Frame is finished with carefully made carvings. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Solid room divider 8

Apartment at Bow Quarter / Studio Verve Architects