Metal Room Divider Screen


A metal room divider screen can be an ideal way to give yourself some privacy. A time-tested way to make sharing a bedroom or dorm room easier, a screen made of metal will also be super durable. Screens don’t just have to serve one purpose, either. If you live in a studio apartment, using a room divider can help split your space into different sections, meaning you won’t have a direct view of your kitchen from your bed.

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Our Picks

Scrollwork Metal Room Divider

Scrollwork Metal Room Divider

Featuring beautiful butterfly scrollwork, this room divider also has four cloth panels. It has a black verde finish on the metal sections and a classic off-white finish for the cloth parts. It can also close completely flat for storage purposes.

Designer Advice:

Simple but pretty enough to add extra detail to your room, this divider is a great choice for a studio apartment. As it includes panels, you’ll be given more privacy and the illusion of more space. However, the material will still allow light to shine through, so you won’t be blocking any sunshine on bright days.

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Simple Metal Divider

Simple Metal Divider

Slim and elegant, this iron divider only has one panel. It can be adjusted to fit any space up to 10 feet, making it a good option for high ceilings too. The panel in the center is made from linen and is a cream shade.

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Solid Color Metal Divider Panels

Solid Color Metal Divider Panels

Available in brown, black, or white, this metal panel can be used indoors or outdoors. It is completely opaque, with four panels connected by sturdy buckles. It measures 67 inches tall and 88 inches wide when fully expanded.

Designer Advice:

As this panel’s solid design will block any light, it’s a good choice for placing in front of a window when trying to get an afternoon nap. The four panels can be spread out or pushed in to fit smaller spaces. Either way, the choice of available colors means you can match the existing décor.

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Clover Metal Room Divider Decorative

Clover Metal Room Divider Decorative

There are two size options to choose from with this room divider. Able to be used outdoors and indoors, it has a double-sided pattern of pretty clovers and latticework and is an openwork design to let light through.

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Gold Metal Room Divider Partition 

Gold Metal Room Divider Partition 

Crafted from solid iron, this partition has a burnished gold finish and fan-like accents. Containing three panels hinged together, it measures 79 inches tall, ideal for big rooms. The design will let light through, but fabric can be added for extra privacy.

Designer Advice:

Perfect for adding glamour to your bedroom, this divider partition could easily be used as an accent piece. Its gold finish would look stunning with bronze or gold cushions and soft brown bedding. Opting for warm golden tones throughout your bedroom will create a glam yet welcoming space you’ll love to come home to.

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Fairytale Metal Room Divider

Fairytale Metal Room Divider

Bring a fairytale touch to any space with this gorgeous divider. Approved for both indoor and outdoor use, it is crafted from wrought iron and has a black finish. Conveniently, it arrives fully assembled. 

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Metal Room Divider Screen

Buying Guide

Metal room divider screen installation depends on the style of divider you have. For a freestanding unit, simply unfold the divider, angling the panels like an accordion for better stability, and place it in your desired location.

If you have a metal room divider screen on tracks, it should come with the mounting hardware for the floor and ceiling. If you have cinder block or masonry ceilings, you may need to purchase additional screw anchors for stability. Once you have attached the tracks as per the manufacturer’s instructions, slide the metal panels into position.

For room dividers that use hanging panels, you first need to install ceiling hooks. Determine the screen’s weight, and purchase ceiling hooks with screw threads that can safely hold the panel. Before drilling, find the wooden studs in the roof to ensure that you aren’t drilling into insulation or plaster. Measure the width of the metal panel, then subtract 2”-3”. This is the distance between the two ceiling hooks. Mark the location of the hooks and pre-drill the holes. Screw the ceiling hooks in place and pull down on them firmly to test whether they are inserted properly. Hang the panel in place.

A metal room divider screen provides your room with structure and separation while adding a decorative twist. Metal room dividers are not soundproof, but some dividers soften sounds from other rooms. All partitions add a sense of privacy and separation for you and your guests.

Try a metal screen divider with a square pattern for a more open feeling in the space or metal box cubbies for storage and style. Opt for a room divider with colored glass panels that muffle conversations from the other side of the room, or go with metal dividers with elegant cut-out patterns that allow you to speak clearly to the person on the other side. Shutter dividers offer protection against the sun and decrease the intensity of outside noise.

Freestanding metal room divider screens are prone to falling if they are located in a high traffic area and not anchored in place. You can secure one edge of your metal room divider screen to the wall using a bracket system and drywall screws.

Alternatively, you can construct several removable bases for the screen divider out of pine or oak (as these wood types are easy to work within even if you have limited carpentry knowledge). First, measure the length of the screen and divide by 12”. This will give you the number of bases you need to attach. Depending on how wide the panels are, you could also craft one base per panel.

Cut 12” lengths of wood that are about 2” thick. Mark the center of the wood piece and cut a 1½” groove the same width as the screen divider panel so that it fits snugly inside. You can paint or varnish the wooden bases to match the divider.

Set up the room divider accordion-style, and place one of the removable bases under each panel.

Best Ideas

Metal room divider screen

A very stylish addition for every room that needs a tall divider screen. Designed of premium metal, this functional decoration is beautified by patinated metal work that gives a fantastic effect when the room light is on.

Metal room

An aesthetic contemporary room divider made of black-finished metal rods. Its openwork sleek frame features a diamond design in 4 tiers. It has 4 rectangular brown shelves. It has screwed levellers at the bottom and at the top to prevent overturning.

Metal room divider screen 1

The three 17-inch panels form this ornate screen made of metal, reinforced with a brown finish along with a brushed gold coating.Three panels of this metal room divider form coils and fleurs with leaves. It works great as a decorative element in a large space.

Metal room divider screen 11

Modernity in every respect - a metal room divider screen that is an integral part of the home and determines its unique glamor character. The golden bars merge into subtle, overlapping lines with a black base.

Room divider metal 1

A fancy room divider in an industrial design. It's a massive, metal construction that features a geometrical pattern and a cool, golden finish. You can use it in large, open spaces, for example to separate a working area from the rest of the room.

Sale rusty industrial blue gray

Sale rusty industrial blue gray

An unusual, rusting, yet very impressive panel room divider is an interesting combination of functionality and curiosity. The whole is foldable and can be freely arranged in the interior. Attractive decor guaranteed.

Metal dividers

Room divider in modern form. Construction is made of metal and finished with openwork pattern. Designed for mounting on the wall and ceiling. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Decorative panel screens 2

Room divider mounted on the floor and ceiling. It is finished with sophisticated ornament. Modern design for the living room and others interiors as needed. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Metal room divider

An amazing piece for modern homes, this room divider screen with canopy is characterized by intricate, lattice design. Constructed of blackened steel, the screen is very durable, easy to clean, and gives you enough privacy to do your job in peace.

Decorative laser cut metal panels

Now, you can saparate your room with style, using those decorative room dividers with opaline glass panels. Each of those beauties has a powder-coated metal frame with tubular legs and a flat base for stability.

Metal room dividers partitions

Modernity has not got one name - one of these many names can be a metal screen - a room divider screen inspired by geometry. Simple metal, slightly shiny lines are arranged in parallel, oblique or perpendicular stripes.

Metal room dividers

Room divider designed for mounting on the floor and ceiling. It is made of metal and covered with mesh. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Simple form and modern design.

Decorative room partitions

Glass and iron dining table

Elegant vibe of this dining nook was provided by a smart juxtaposition of glass and iron dining table surrounded by upholstered Parsons chairs, all dipped in chocolate brown. Metal room divider screen creates a background hallmark.

Wispy palms laser cut wooden privacy panel

Wispy Palms - laser cut wooden privacy panel

Room divider metal 2

Metal room divider for indoor applications. This solid screen features a wear-resistant and long lasting construction based on square panels with some decorative lines. Neutral color of this stylization matches any room.

A welcoming parlor

A Welcoming Parlor.

Metal screen room divider

Why not go for these amazing divider screens that are crafted with the highest attention to the detailing and sport the perfect blend of wood on the bottom with some storage space and the glass and steel top.

Parasoleil patterns eclectic all weather privacy screen for porch deck

Parasoleil patterns - eclectic - all-weather privacy screen for porch, deck, & patio

Room divider metal 2

Constantly seeking for useful hacks to maximize your living space? Try to avoid built-up walls when possible - replace them with open concept room dividers, such as these slender metal bars. They add texture and don't limit the space.

Interior design great geometric panel design hotel dua by koan

Interior Design: great geometric panel design. Hotel Dua by Koan Design // Diseño Interior: paneles en diseño geométrico, Hotel Dua por Koan Design

Room dividers metal capiz screen 71 h 51 w

Room Dividers Metal Capiz Screen 71"H, 51"W

Metal room divider screen

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