Large Decorative Storage Trunks

A good place to keep things like child's toys or extra blankets, a large decorative storage trunk will fit into any home. Put it at the foot of the bed, up against a wall, or use it as a rustic accent piece. If you have stuff to store and a little imagination, then you have the need for one of these lovely, large, decorative storage trunks. Take a look at this collection for more.

Best Products

Rough luxe 3 piece esprit storage trunk set

Rough luxe 3 piece esprit storage trunk set
A beautiful set of little matching chests with different finishes. Gives off a wonderful, rustic vibe with a subtle, vintage touch. Great for your bedroom as a storage compartment, or even for a living room to act as decoration.

Abbott Storage Trunk

Abbott Storage Trunk
Extra-large decorative storage trunks with a breathtaking antique look. The trunks come in a neutral light brown finish, accentuated by a series of dark brown leather straps and metal accents for impeccable visual appeal. The trunk also has a strong carrying handle on either side for easy portability.

Phat tommy victorian decorative wooden storage trunk

Phat tommy victorian decorative wooden storage trunk
A chic antique storage trunk of quality hardwood with a finish in brown shades. It has a rounded lid and a cutout base with decorative low legs. Fittings are of black iron. Side panels have a darker shade and feature intricate floral carvings.

Wooden trunk antique trunk wood trunk

Wooden trunk antique trunk wood trunk
Old-fashioned chest. It is work-out and made of old unpainted wood. This simple, but elegant chest is intended to storrage jewellery and frippery in cloakroom. In spite of its simplicity, this item is very chic and useful.

American Home Wesley Storage Trunk

American Home Wesley Storage Trunk
Aesthetic rectangular modern chest with a spacious storage compartment. It is made of pine wood and fibreboard finished in white. It has low curved legs and a lift hinged lid. Side handles and a latch are made of zinc alloy with a dark finish.

Large Steel Storage Trunk

Large Steel Storage Trunk
It is a large metal box for storing various items. It is very roomy, practical, and at the same time very safe. This way you can use it to store the important and precious items. It is perfect for a transport.

Large Red Mahogany Hope Chestcoffee

Large Red Mahogany Hope Chestcoffee
Large decorative trunk,looks great in the garden next to your favorite bench. It functions as a storage or a coffee table.Made from recycled pallet wood.Not only has beautiful color but also is environmentally friendly.Comes with a lock,and two side handles.

Our advice Buying Guide

How to use storage trunks for decor?

There are lots of different ways to use large decorative storage trunks for decorative purposes, so this is your chance to get creative. For example, you could use them:

  • As a coffee table in your living room
  • As nightstands or at the bottom of your bed in your bedroom
  • To store umbrellas, pet supplies, and other last-minute accessories in your foyer or mudroom

You can also decide to leave them open and have decorative items like blankets or books stick out of them.

What style of decorative trunks to choose for my space?

We’ve found that there are two main styles of large decorative storage trunks: hefty hardwood trunks that hinge up at the back that otherwise don’t feature any decoration, and metal, wooden, or leather trunks that have decorative edging that criss-crosses around the storage trunk for a more industrial or vintage vibe.

If you’re going for a minimalist or modern effect, it’s best to stay with a trunk that is seamless and without these types of decorative borders; let the material speak for itself. If you want your space to have more of a busier look, find a storage trunk with the contrasting borders that you like.

Alternatively, you can decorate with them by placing progressively smaller trunks on top of your largest one.


Market Village Postage Stamp Storage Trunk

Market Village Postage Stamp Storage Trunk
Great chest in country style provides extra storage space. It has hand painted canceled stamp motif. Outstanding quality, solid construction and unique piece. It is perfect as a coffee table in small spaces. No assembly required.

Spa Large Crate Basket

Spa Large Crate Basket
Pretty contemporary basket for bathrooms. Its large rectangular body is manufactured of water resistant white plastic. It has openwork walls with a grid design, wide edges and 2 cutout handles in shorter sides.

Wicker Sea Grass 3 Piece Utility Basket Set

Wicker Sea Grass 3 Piece Utility Basket Set
It is a set of three wicker baskets, which perfectly suits to organize your space. Baskets, besides being wicker, they are padded inside with a soft, nice material. They are very pretty and very practical.

Large trunks

Short on storage opportunities? Create new ones quickly - using a large storage trunk is probably one of the easiest options. This trunk is white, with metal hardware of silver chrome finish to suit contemporary decor.

Set of three aged leather and wood trunks product small

Set of three aged leather and wood trunks.Product: Small, medium and large trunk Construction Material: Wood and aged...

Large decorative storage trunks 12

A large, two-drawer decorative trunk, perfect for use as a coffee table or as a linen storage place. The blond wood with its dark metal pulls and moving handles, makes an attractive statement. Add a table runner with embroidery.

Large decorative storage trunks 2

A set of boxes that help in organization of different items and accessories. Each MDF trunk is solid and features a very attractive distressed shade of turquoise and distressed faux leather strap accents with antique gold details.

Large decorative wooden trunk

Large Decorative Wooden Trunk

Large decorative storage trunks

Extra-large storage trunk featuring a neat rectangular shape. The trunk is also finished in a wide variety of colorful shades that will add immense style into your spaces. You also get plenty of space, a lock, and a pulling handle on the side for easy portability.

Large decorative baskets

Rustic design for an austere storage cabinet with a set of two drawers and compartments underneath and a couple of matching decorative pieces on top, nicely fitting in with the wall-mounted, wicker plant holder.

Large decorative storage trunks 1

This two metal offer a stylish storage space, perfect for storing clothes and accessories. Its vintage design and polished metal mechanisms reveal that we are dealing with a small masterpiece.

Large decorative trunks

These Sienna chest boxes are all handcrafted and tailored to enhance the existing decor of any room in the home. These large trunks are also trimmed in faux leather and provide ample storage

Butterfly storage trunk


Paris Decorative 2 Piece Trunk Set

Paris Decorative 2 Piece Trunk Set

Large treasure chest storage

Old Fashioned Wood Storage Trunk Wooden Treasure Hope Chest - Large Trunk $119.00

Large decorative storage trunks 8

Small decorative storage trunks. Large: 11in. Small: 9in. ($48.49)

Large decorative storage trunks 16


Large decorative storage trunks 13

nice storage trunk

Large decorative storage trunks

A set of beautiful storage boxes for storing the essentials. They are in different sizes and patterns, but they share a pretty combination of white and turquoise colors and a silver lock. The trunks are practical, but decorative too.

Decorative trunks and boxes

Edwardian Flat Top Steamer Trunk Foot Locker Coffee Table 1850's Stagecoach Trunk Movie Prop Blanket Pillow Box Storage Chest on Etsy, $199.00

Large decorative storage trunks

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Decorative chests and trunks

Set of 3 distressed metal trunks with inspirational quotes. Product: Small, medium and large trunkConstruction ...

Large treasure chest storage box

Quickway QI07305BL Large Decorative Storage Trunks (Set of 3)

Large decorative plates

Interesting display stylization that includes a hanging wall fireplace with decorative plates, trays and baskets. Wooden construction of this fireplace is resistant to wear and enhances any home decor.

Decorative storage trunk sets

Must have these they are fabulous

Large decorative baskets

Rectangular kitchen large decorative basket has wicker traditional form. Made of high quality wicker with a base weave very tight and densely woven with a classic warm brown color of fired bark. The top is decorated with knotted ties.

Large decorative baskets 1

Large basket in soldier blue, grey and wood tones. This element of design provides storage space for wood and other items or accessories. It is not only practical, but it also improves interior decorative style.

Larger view 292

Larger View

Decorative baskets ideas

Handy organization solution for a small kitchen in which finding a place for vegetables is a struggle – a set of iron baskets painted with a coat of dark brown paint which provide an easy to access vegetable storage.

Wicker cabinet doors

A simple country-styled product of a functional character. This basket offers plenty of storage space for cutting boards or other items. Its natural brown color and solid construction are its most important advantages.

Cranes Storage Trunk

Cranes Storage Trunk

Large decorative storage trunks 14

Large Rectangular Vinod Trunk. I have the large one, would love to locate the smaller trunk.

Treasure chest wood trunk large walnut storage decorative pirate coffee

Treasure Chest Wood Trunk Large Walnut Storage Decorative Pirate Coffee Table

Decorative metal plates

Elegant decorative photo storage box for wide use. Made of solid cardboard but what is amazing - it's like a golden ornament on a white strip can turn a normal box into something exclusive. From now on you do not have to hide cartons, but to expose them.

Pce decorative storage boxes marilyn monroe

Pce Decorative Storage Boxes Marilyn Monroe

Large decorative storage boxes 2

A simple but interesting idea of making pretty decorative storage boxes from seemingly useless cardboard boxes. The latter are plastered with different types of colourful old maps and plans of cities.

Large decorative storage boxes 1

Now you can finally hide all of your children's legos in one place, when they're not currently playing, making sure your interior is tidy and there's no surprises and pain when it comes to stepping on them.

Kitchen countertop shelves

Kitchen shelves suitable for the storage of jars and baskets. These countertop shelves are resistant to the weight of full jars. Their white finish is universal, so these shelves look very good in any kitchen design.

Decorative boxes hobby lobby

Rustic addition to any garden that is bound to bring a refreshing, old-fashioned detail to it – a coarse, rough wooden storage chest with a large, spacious design, bound together with rope which adds a cozy vibe to the piece.

Large decorative cardboard storage boxes

Classic box with convenient handles for easy carrying. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Vintage looking trunks

Vintage looking trunks

Decorative Wood Treasure Box - Wooden Trunk Chest

This beautifully made suitcase is the perfect place for treasures and trinkets. Made of wood is very stylish and unique. Beautiful details and a handy handle allows him to move comfortably. Cute closing in antique style adds to its charm.

Vintiquewise large antique cherry style steamer trunk

Vintiquewise Large Antique Cherry Style Steamer Trunk ...