Extra Large Storage Trunk

There is no need to put your extra stuff in bins or boxes, when you have one of these lovely extra-large storage trunks. Put blankets, books, outgrown kids clothes, or even crafting materials in this perfect storage place. Made of sturdy material and well-crafted, your extra large storage trunk will last for years, and get lots of storage minded uses.

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Collection rustic reclaimed wood extra long storage trunk chest

... Collection Rustic Reclaimed Wood Extra Long Storage Trunk Chest

Large solid wood storage box trunk chest

Large Solid Wood Storage Box Trunk Chest
Embodying perfectly well the warm, rustic appeal, this wooden storage trunk constitutes a solid, durable proposition for your interiors. Perfect for loft-designed living rooms, where it will serve as a coffee table.

Vintage monitor top trunk extra large

Vintage Monitor Top Trunk Extra Large
Thanks to this extra large trunk, you will have plenty of space for storing even larger belongings. The trunk boasts of durable construction, reinforced with iron accents, and equipped with a key lock to properly secure your treasures.

Extra large steamer trunk great for

Extra Large Steamer Trunk Great For
Large trunk in vintage style. It is made of wood and fitted with metal buckles. Provides space saving in all kinds of interiors. It can be used as coffee table, TV stand or ottoman.

Extra Extra Large Armor Trunk

Extra Extra Large Armor Trunk
Great looking armor trunk designed for maximum durability using high quality materials. Features steel and aluminum reinforced frame, heavy duty steel lid with solid hinges, and sturdy leather handles.

Metal storage trunk

Looking for a storage trunk that would spruce up your ambiance? Well, you need to consider this piece of furniture. It features the wicker structure, long seat and it can be used as a storage and bench in exterior and interior.

Large trunk

A storage trunk with an extra large shape. This handmade wooden element provides not only storage space, but it also plays the role of a coffee table thanks to its smooth top. Simple lines of this stylization match any decor.

Our advice Buying Guide

An extra-large storage trunk is a handy thing to have around. It can be used to store winter bed comforters, winter coats and other warm clothing, keepsakes, seasonal decorations and many other items that are not needed year around but which can become cumbersome clutter if not given a home. Weatherproof patio trunks might provide storage for seat cushions or even for lawn and garden tools, keeping them at hand but out of the seasonal storms. 

Travel Trunks

A classic storage trunk is the large steamer trunk. Designed for ocean voyages in the days when steamers had reduced the hazardous sailing voyages of months to a matter of weeks, steamer trunks are intended to be used as storage for clothing and other necessities for several days at the least. Some of them were set up so that they could be turned on their end and used as a hanging closet, if necessary. Almost all had a removable tray which could contain smaller objects, such as a jewelry case or boxes of gloves. 

Smaller travel trunks, while not sufficiently large to act as a hanging closet, retain many of these same features. Intended for travel by stagecoach, rail or bus, they are more compact yet capable of holding a great deal. Their top tray is often linked with the top hinge, making it retract when the trunk is opened.

Patio Trunks

Rubbermaid puts out an excellent patio trunk, perfect for cushions or hammocks – the things that are bulky to store during the winter or that are likely to be unusable if wet. Tooled to resemble wood, some models even have a lock on it to discourage thieves. These also work well poolside.

Window Seats and Hope Chests

Storage window seats are a good place to keep all sorts of things. Because you are not likely to move them, they can be a hiding place for books, art supplies, spare pillows, and blankets or winter clothes. Of course, you might want to keep those things separate from each other – paint and fabric are a bad combination – but this will give you some idea of what you might like to have in such a container. 

These more permanently placed large chests can be made from wood, wicker or plastic, depending upon your budget and availability. Some can be purchased from commercial suppliers, while others might be created in place for a specific purpose. Window seats are often installed permanently. 

Versatile Storage for Your Stuff

Whatever style you select, an extra-large storage trunk can provide out of sight but close at hand storage for the things that you don’t use every day but would like to have at hand. The size you select and the style might depend upon whether you plan to move the storage trunk or if you plan to keep it positioned in that space more or less permanently. One thing is for sure, a big storage trunk is an amazing tool for decluttering the items you need to keep. 


Wood and wrought iron coffee table

This handcrafted chest in rustic design is a beautiful solution for any exceptional decor. It can perform functions from storage to table, so you can use it as you like. The whole is beautifully finished, robust and lasting.

Time honored designs cardiff trunk

Time Honored Designs Cardiff Trunk
Add some extra storage space into the house thanks to this large storage trunk furniture. Its wooden construction is simple, so it will match any type of home decor. The trunk includes solid and attractive metal elements.

Extra large steamer trunk great for 1

Extra Large Steamer Trunk Great For
Decorative and functional item for different indoors. This large storage trunk features a quite large top that can serve as additional display space or as a coffee table. Solid construction is resistant to wear and damage.

Large wooden trunk chest

A beautiful rectangular vinod trunk that will not only let you store some of your belongings safely but will prove immensely functional and stylish for when you want your interior to shine with elegance and vintage appeal.

Chest at foot of bed

A practical and stylish accessory for bedrooms, guest rooms, and children's rooms. This large trunk is made of perfectly-woven wicker, featuring a lift-up hinged lid, a spacious storage compartment, and black-finished metal handles for easy transport.

Extra large storage chest

Large storage trunk - inspired by heirloom silver trunk. Due to its large size, the trunk may dobule as a fine, exceptionally sturdy coffee table. Solid hardwood construction is accentuated with hand-forged, hammered iron hardware.

Coaster Beautiful Storage Cedar Hope Chest, Deep Tobacco Finish

Magnificent Storage Cedar Chest with Deep Tobacco Finish suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, and guest rooms. Sturdy wooden construction, short carved legs, beautiful ornaments, and capacious storage.

Large Steel Storage Trunk

Large Steel Storage Trunk
It is a large metal box for storing various items. It is very roomy, practical, and at the same time very safe. This way you can use it to store the important and precious items. It is perfect for a transport.

Large storage trunks and chests

Adorned with a lovely floral pattern, this silver storage trunk will be an eye-catching accent in any decor. A classic vintage storage trunk, which offers an impressive space inside. Can be used as a coffee table as well.

Large storage trunk

Interesting and vast storage trunk is an interesting design element for any impressive interior. The practical storage space in the form of a chest is also a bench or coffee table. The whole can be an interesting element of the living room or bedroom.

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Extra large hope chest end of the bed bench blanket

Extra Large Hope Chest / End of the Bed Bench /Blanket Storage ...

Jewelry furniture storage 3

A unique example of antique design (around 1880). This octagonal rotating cabinet can be a fantastic spot to store your jewellery. In the past, these wardrobes were used in hardware stores to sort bolts and screws. Features original porcelain knobs.

Resin Deck Box III Color: Black

Large storage trunk furniture

Simply genius! Wicker trunk on wheels! Mobile coffee table/storage for lazy locators. Cool thing, made fully from rattan wood and dark iron lockers. It has small wheels to make it easy to relocate it.

Steel storage trunk

For the bedroom. HEART IT.

Home new storage trunks new storage chests vintage storage trunks

Home New Storage Trunks New Storage Chests Vintage Storage Trunks ...

Large storage trunk furniture

Really creative things! Woos american flag decor. These decorative large storage boxes made from cool thick wood can be used as storage space in your kiddos room or as cool decoration in living rooms and bedrooms.

Lodge Large Trunk

Lodge Large Trunk

Large storage trunk furniture

A magnificent storage trunk in an exotic style. It will be a wonderful decoration of your entry hall and the top is an extra seat. It features an antique, distressed finish with an ornamental front with red and golden accents.

Chinese wooden storage trunk large grey

Chinese Wooden Storage Trunk, Large - Grey

Rustic oversized reclaimed wood storage coffee table chest storage box

Rustic Oversized Reclaimed Wood Storage Coffee Table Chest Storage Box Trunk
This intriguing rustic piece of furnishing can serve just a ton of purposes. For example, it's basically a low-sitting table. And it conceals storage space inside. Like, for blankets. And it's decorative by itself. Cool!

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Large storage chest

Large storage trunk made from eco-friendly rattan. Light, cosy colour makes it perfect for the spring break, so if you will be travelling by a car, such a storage trunk could be a great addition to your car’s trunk!

Bombay antique dome trunk with drawers extra large

Bombay Antique Dome Trunk with Drawers – Extra Large

Large trunks for storage

This trunk would be awesome as a media unit.

Rhino trunk and case extra extra large armor trunk 1

Rhino Trunk And Case Extra Extra Large Armor Trunk
Large black and silver storage trunk by Rhino Trunk. Durability is ensured with steel and aluminum aircraft rivets incorporated into strong hand-crafted construction. The lid is secured on nickel plated steel hinges.

Jewelry furniture storage 5

An aesthetic practical traditional jewellery organiser made of wooden materials finished in white outside and in natural tones inside. It's equipped with lots of smaller and bigger shape-varied compartments.

Large storage trunks for sale

Flea Market Finds. Extra throws, jigsaw puzzles, seasonal party decor storage,etc

The Basket Lady Wicker Storage Trunk

Capacious storage trung made of brown wicker. Thanks to its large size, it is really helpful to organize clothes and other personal belongings, as well as to hide away all the mess you want to get rid off.

Long storage trunk

College Storage Trunk - Bright Yellow Extra Large - Rhino Armor Steel Trunk

SecureOnCampus College Dorm Trunk / Footlocker Medium - Black

This beautiful chest is the perfect place to store trinkets and beautiful decorative detail to your home. Interesting combination of color and upholstery make it look really stylish.

Extra Large Naked Trunk

Extra Large Naked Trunk

Unique and eye-catching design of this large trunk commands attention. It features steel and aluminum aircraft rivets, tight fitting steel tongue and groove lid, l wheel adapter plates, genuine leather handles and a loop for attaching a padlock.

Large trunks

Rectangular storage trunk, all wrapped up in white rattan weave, not excluding the top. The lid hides a spacious storage compartment. The inside features gray fabric padding. For storing toys, laundry or whatever.

Vintage trunk storage coffee table end

Vintage Trunk Storage Coffee Table End
Wonderful vintage item for your home. A case that once was full of treasures. Black storage trunk a little bit shabby. It contains a metal hardware with beautiful details. Built of dark panels, lockable with a stylized padlock.

Pyramid espresso trunk cocktail table

Pyramid Espresso Trunk Cocktail Table
It is a table that brings a little touch of an Asian design into the house. This cocktail table features an opened top and a quite large storage space. It is made of pine veneer and MDF so the solidity meets very strict requirements.

Colton woven baskets trunks

Colton Woven Baskets Trunks
These elements are space-saving products that provide not only a storage space, but they also look very stylish and are able to decorate houses. These chests are handwoven of rattan that has got a natural look.

Extra large blanket chest

Trunk 20" Square Side End Table, END, LUGGAGE BROWN by Home Decorators Collection. $249.00. 23"H x 20" square.. Add a sense of adventure to your living room decor with the Trunk End Table. Inspired by the steamer trunks of old, this character-rich table a

2 Piece Red, White & Blue Stripes Design Trunk Set (Large & Small)

2 Piece Red, White & Blue Stripes Design Trunk Set (Large & Small)
It is a set that includes two trunks with large and small size. They have got red, white and blue stripes design and solid wood construction. They are perfect for teens room, kids room and your hall.

Large wicker storage trunk

A gorgeous storage trunk for indoor use - capacious, functional, and beautifully woven of sturdy wicker. The whole basket is reinforced with metal hardware, and offers a lift-up lid for easy access to the storage compartment, and convenient handles for easy carrying.

Large Finished Cedar Storage Trunk

Large Finished Cedar Storage Trunk
This Large Storage Trunk is crafted from manufactured wood, offering an eco-friendly design, resistant to water and weather. Includes a strong lid with an unbreakable nickel lock, 400 pounds of weight capacity, and heavy duty nickel plated hardware.

Antique american flag decorative trunk cases and storage accent decor

Antique American Flag Decorative Trunk Cases And Storage Accent Decor
This large storage trunk catches the attention with its impressive American flag, visible at the first sight. Solid and sustainable, it will provide high-quality storage space for all your treasures.