Unique Storage Cabinets

If you need to store things but don't want to see the traditional storage cabinets in your home, why not consider a unique storage cabinet? These are very creative and wildly interesting, they have plenty of storage for literally anything you need to put away, and in our collection, we have plenty of options for you to choose through. Take a look here.

Best Products

Molly 8 Drawer Storage Cabinet

Molly 8 Drawer Storage Cabinet
It is a beautiful storage cabinet with eight drawers and amazing white distressed finish. It is a great decoration accent for any room in your home. Everyone will be impressed how stylish this cabinet is.

Amazing antique industrial wood 23 drawer library card catalog cabinet

Amazing antique industrial wood 23 drawer library card catalog cabinet
Unique dark brown storage cabinet repurposed from an old library card catalog cabinet. The result raises eyebrows in a positive sense. 23 wooden drawers await to organize all kinds of stuff. One of them even serves as a plant pot stand.

Cannery Bridge 2 Door Storage Cabinet

Cannery Bridge 2 Door Storage Cabinet
Do you need to add some convenient storage space to your interior? This tall storage cabinet with rustic appeal. Made of sturdy, manufactured wood, it features six adjustable shelves behind doors. It is turdy enough to hold a clothing rod.

2 Door Storage Cabinet

2 Door Storage Cabinet
It is a two doors storage cabinet that has got an adjustable shelf, collier red finish and two doors. If you looking for stylish cabinet, you need to choose this one. It is a very good choice.

Jaden Storage Cabinet

Jaden Storage Cabinet
Trendy functional cabinet of wooden materials with a dark grey finish. It has a tall rectilineal body, a recessed full base and 4 cabinets in 2 tiers. Each cabinet has 2 adjustable shelves and a full door with a side finger pull.

Library Style 12 Drawer Multimedia Cabinet

Library Style 12 Drawer Multimedia Cabinet
Functional and capacious, this 12-Drawer Multimedia Cabinet in Cherry Finish accommodates up to 228 CDs, 96 DVDs, or 48 VHS tapes. Crafted from solid Oak wood, the piece also includes 12 storage drawers with a self-close gliding mechanism.

2 Door Glass Storage Cabinet

2 Door Glass Storage Cabinet
Pretty traditional cabinet of wood with a natural finish. It has an open base and mouldings at the top and in the centre. It has 2 vertically divided cabinets with 2 adjustable shelves each: a bottom full door cabinet and a glazed door one up.

Our advice Buying Guide

What to store in a unique storage cabinet?

You can store plenty of items in unique storage cabinets, from hardback books and vinyl records to kitchen utensils and drinking glasses. When figuring out what to store in your visually exciting cabinet, consider several key aspects of the unit’s design.

Measure the depth and height of your cabinet’s shelves. If they’re relatively shallow, you won’t be able to store larger items like coffee table books or highball glasses. Unique cabinets with drawers are ideal for people wanting to store high-quality silverware, table linens, and tumbler glasses. Models with deep compartments can store important files or binders.

You should also think about your cabinet’s look. If the cabinet has an open plan design, try to fill it with items that look aesthetically pleasing. You could store your finest glassware on its shelves or use one compartment as a place to exhibit your favorite keepsakes. You might even want to line up some valuable vintage bottles of wine along the top of the cabinet to impress your guests.

How to style your living room with unique storage cabinets?

Unique storage cabinets bring both flare and function to your living room. To style your living room with a one-of-a-kind storage cabinet, take the cabinet’s aesthetic into account. Storage cabinets with traditional wood designs work with almost any decor scheme, whereas cabinets with unique colors or patterns require more coordination.

White and grey cabinets look fantastic with white, grey, and pastel furniture. Dark-stained wood works well with nautical themes, old world-inspired, and masculine accessories. Light-colored woods and elegant swirl patterns on your cabinets pair well with French Country and cottage-themed decor. Whimsical cabinets with bright paint colors add a fun vibe to your living room and work pair well with bold blanket and pillow accents.

What are some specific recent trends for fashionable, unique storage cabinets?

While home storage used to be something to stow out of the way, the increase in trendy, unique storage cabinets gives people with small spaces or without more traditional storage options a chance to make an aesthetic and practical statement.

We’re seeing a lot of very colorful storage elements against neutral backdrops (e.g., a cream cabinet with drawers or doors painted in rainbow tones).

 Varied drawer sizes and types are also a current trend; a unique storage cabinet might include long, narrow flat-lay drawers, opening doors, and a series of tiny card-size drawers as well. This adds lots of visual interest, and presents an antique feel for your storage.

Finally, we’re also seeing a lot of wooden cabinets painted with unique patterns—ivy, for example—as well as distressed or textured wood to add modern, sculptural vibes to what could be an otherwise basic piece of furniture.


2 Door Storage Cabinet

2 Door Storage Cabinet
This accent cabinet was design in a contemporary style as a practical storage space. Its sturdy construction is made of solid hardwood and has a black or white finish. It features a double glazed doors.

Magdelene Accent Storage Cabinet

Magdelene Accent Storage Cabinet
Rustic style storage cabinet designed using solid wood for durable frame, quality lacquer finish to offer great protection, brushed nickel knobs for added elegance, and ample storage compartment behind glass and wood doors.

Storage Cabinet

Storage Cabinet
This is a very interesting cabinet. It is made of wood. It has a white color. It consists of various cabinets and shelves. In addition, it has a variety of drawer. It is perfect for the bedroom, hallway or office.

Kitchener Medium Storage Cabinet

Kitchener Medium Storage Cabinet
Spice up your home décor with this lovely Medium Storage Cabinet in Dark Walnut Brown Finish. Includes 2 tempered glass doors with brushed nickel pulls and hidden hinges. Doors conceal a spacious storage area with 4 adjustable shelves.

Durbar CD Multimedia Cabinet with Library Style Drawers

Durbar CD Multimedia Cabinet with Library Style Drawers
Multimedia cabinet featuring beautiful antique design and construction made of sturdy mango wood. Additionally, hardware of the furniture is burnished and it includes six drawers that can hold up to 132 CDs.

Storage armoire furniture 1

Colorful and just fabulous due to its original and charming looks - this storage cabinet offers a unique design and makes for the perfect storing possibility, allowing you to take all of your belongings and place them comfortably inside.

Unusual storage cabinets

A stunning, very rustic and traditional dark, wooden cabinet with a unique, beautiful pattern on it. Perfect for a classy and elegant bedroom, but is also bound to look great in a living room.

Storage pantry cabinets

Tall cabinet for space organization in the kitchen. Construction is made of wood. Includes a lot of shelves in various sizes for storing food, spices and others needed stuff.

Unique cabinets

Not really a fan of mid century modern but this is hands down the ~#best storage~ use of a #island I have ever seen!

Victorian cupboard

With this antique dental cabinet, you are getting a true masterpiece of vintage craftsmanship. Designed of solid Oak wood, the cabinet includes several storage drawers, a small hutch with tiny partings, a mirrored top, open shelves, and numerous trays that unfold sideways.

Diy kitchen pantry cabinet plans

Seems that all jars with spices may be organized neatly without occupying much space in a pantry, all thanks to this unique sliding rack in white, efficiently providing storage maximization even in narrow rooms.

Creative staircase cabinet creative staircase cabinet

creative staircase cabinet Creative Staircase Cabinet

Library storage cabinet 1

Mmm... A dreamy nook for a book worm... This small space was exploited to maximum. A large bookcase reaches the ceiling; a ladder (painted light blue to match the shelves color) is therefore needed to access the highest shelves.

Interesting cabinets

Kitchen storage made by ReliCreation- Designers and makers of bespoke furniture made from 100% recycled timber

White bookcases 1

All readers dream of solid, beautiful bookcases in their home. This library storage cabinet, with white open bookcase full of open shelving, drawers and cabinets could be your favorite one. Elegant wooden, white way to expose your book treasures.

Hidden doors this company makes cabinets bookshelves and anything you

Hidden doors -- This company makes cabinets, bookshelves and anything you can think of that fits your existing doorjambs thus hiding the door (and also making use of the space).

Hidden storage in cabinet of unique furniture collection with perfect

hidden storage in cabinet of Unique Furniture Collection with Perfect ...

Unique storage cabinets

This wooden storage cabinet delights with its antique appeal, being a real bargain for all fans of retro decors. Its tall and narrow construction comprises 8 small storage drawers.

Building a pantry closet

Functional cabinet for the kitchen, dining room and more. Construction is made of wood. Includes 3 wide drawers arranged vertically and a lot of shelves for storing food and others needed items.

Small chests furniture

Decorative wooden storage cabinet in the form of small chest. It provides practical space for documents and other important items. This solid construction is very functional, because it also offers additional sitting space.

Cd storage cabinet wood

This library storage cabinet used for catalogs and documents gained a new breath. It can be smoothly used as a CD storage cabinet. Particularly, if you are an enthusiast of rustic style, then this one shall appeal to you.

Unique storage cabinets unique storage containers unique storage

unique storage cabinets unique storage containers unique storage ...

Shelby 10 Drawer Cabinet

Shelby 10 Drawer Cabinet

Unique storage cabinets

Gallery of Unique Storage, Liquor Cabinets

Unique storage cabinets 1

Unique Kitchen Storage Cabinets: Unique Kitchen Storage Cabinets ...

Flat filing cabinets

Amazing piece! I can't tell if this is actually one piece, or if somebody was lucky enough for all of the piece to be the same size and stacked them.

Library cupboards

The old style library storage cabinet with the brass handles. On each door there is a letter sign. It could be used as a decoration in the library at your home or be a good present for a person, who is a bookworm.

Unique storage cabinets 2

Being a whimsical accent in any kids bedroom, this unique storage cabinet features light woods with gentle variations in side finishes. Finished in two subtle Pantone colours, delicate Rose Quartz and romantic Serenity, acclaimed the colours of the year.

Before and after a mid century credenza gets a makeover

Before and After: A Mid-Century Credenza Gets a Makeover » Curbly | DIY Design Community

Unique storage cabinets 9

Love this! How to utilize the inside of your kitchen cabinets

Wooden storage drawers

Check this beautiful wooden kitchen isle. You can do it yourself. It's equipped with additional drawers and shelves for extra storage. We also love this cube wooden drawer with shelves hanging on the wall for your kitchen items.

Unique cabinet ideas

These convenient corner drawers are just one of the new designs in wall cabinets.

Unique storage cabinets

A great place to get French fabric, gunny sack, linen and they will make an item for you.

Multi drawer wooden cabinet

Wooden storage cabinet with dozens of drawers. There are compartments of all sizes and shapes, so we’re sure that you won’t have any troubles with storage in your house anymore. The wooden construction is also stylish and durable.

Unique storage cabinets 8

unique sinks and storage TP storage

Frameless decorative wall mirrors

Elegant kitchen units of wood in grey. Floor units have recessed bases, countertops of faux marble in light hues, drawers with long horizontal bar pulls, door cabinets with knobs. A frameless mirror and central wall units have rhombic metal onlays.

Unique storage cabinets

This window cabinet made from recycled wood makes a fantastic proposition for your bathroom walls. It creates a clever storage space for medicines, as well as bahtroom supplies and accessories

Unique storage cabinets 12

old windows as built in cabinets. #kitchen I just love unique storage ideas... and I still have those old windows... Hmmm, getting inspired I tell ya

Unique and unusual cabinet made of walnut coast range image

Unique and Unusual Cabinet Made of Walnut Coast Range image

Cadence cream painted distressed mahogany dvd cd storage cabinet

Cadence Cream Painted Distressed Mahogany DVD / CD Storage Cabinet

Unique storage cabinets 1

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