Antique Storage Benches


If you are a fan of multi-functional furniture and you already have the storage ottomans and the mud room benches but are interested in putting in something a little older for a change of style, then look no further than our collection of antique storage benches. These are made to last forever buy quality Craftsman who cared about what they did. See collection for more.

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Our Picks

20th century antique wooden bench w storage

20th century antique wooden bench w storage

This 20th century storage bench enchants with its antique, ornate design, full of adorned accents. Its curvy silhouette and refined wooden finish will bring a charming, tradional elegance.

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Darby long entryway bench

Darby long entryway bench

This type of product provides a high comfort of sitting thanks to its large seat and solid backrest. It also offers plenty of storage space underneath. The frame is made of klin-dried hardwood, so the whole construction features a very high solidity.

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Small antique bench

Made from beautiful antique wood storage bench is a perfect combination of functionality and stylish detail to the interior. The comfortable seat with beautifully decorated backrest captivates and introduces countryside styles to the decor.

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Antique storage benches 2

This wooden bench enchants with its antique design, full of ornate details. Designed for kids, it will be also a perfect spot to store their treasuries. The trunk under the seat offers an impressive capacity.

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Turquoise green reclaimed salvaged

Turquoise green reclaimed salvaged

This trunk coffee table makes inspires with its inimitable style and storage space. Made from reclaimed salvaged wood, painted in turquoise green, shall delight all rustic fans. The fact that it's a trunk creates considerable storage possibilities.

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Here at the antique shop we can offer fine antique

Here at The Antique Shop we can offer fine antique furniture delivered ...

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Vintage Trunk Bench Seat

Vintage Trunk Bench Seat

A perfect combination of comfort and vintage looks, that you can compliment your living room with. This old chest is characterized by wood construction, holding a stylish seat and back - button-tufted and upholstered in an off-white fabric.

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Vintage bench seat

The beautiful antique storage bench is an excellent way to decorate the interior. Beautiful finish and solid wood construction make the furniture is durable and very versatile. The trunk form makes the whole very practical.

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Vintage shoe storage bench

Antique bench with some storage compartments. While it could use some renovation, it’s still a fully functional piece of furniture. If you value ergonomy and have to fight for every inch of free space in your house, it’s a great choice.

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Wood bench with metal legs

The impressive combination of old vintage styling and functionality of this beautiful hallway makes the decor take on a character. The large farmhouse bench is an attractive touch of decor.

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Antique Storage Benches

Buying Guide

More and more homeowners have discovered the ability of antique storage benches in enhancing their homes, which is why it’s become incredibly easy for you to find these units available at affordable prices online.

If you also want a spectacular antique storage bench to set the tone of sophisticated elegance and charm in your space, then keep on reading as we have tips on how to choose this type of seating and storage solution.

The market online has with it a vast collection of antique storage benches, making it hard for you to pick the one that’s best for your needs. With poor consideration, you’ll likely end up with one that’s uncomfortable, ugly, and squeaky that’s also not worth your hard-earned money at all.

As each type of storage has its specific strengths, we’ve compiled all the things you have to know about each storage type.

  • Cubby - The cubby type of storage features a front that’s open with rectangular or square spaces to fit items. It can be useful in your family room as it can store your belongings including the toys of kids.
  • Flip Top - Most antique storage benches come with a flip top. When it’s opened, it offers you a generous interior space. Flip top units often come with single lids but there are those with two half lids.
  • Drawer - A drawer design has a solid frame. Of course, it has drawers that can be pull-out and hidden when not in use. This type offers a storage space that’s similar to the flip top but the drawers allow you to gain access to the items stored without disturbing the ones who are seated on the bench.
  • Shoe - The shoe storage for antique storage benches is for footwear organization. There are individual cubbies in the size of shoes, making this type perfect for entryways.
  • Cabinet - A bench with a cabinet storage is just like the cubby type as it features storage access right at the front surface of the bench. However, it has cupboard doors which allow the items stored to be hidden from plain sight.

In order for your antique storage bench to offer you the storage solution that you are looking for, you need to determine the storage type that you are in need of. Also, the storage type an antique bench has defines its use.

If you need your large space to be filled with an antique storage bench, then you should get the bigger bench. For areas with limited space, opt for one that’s also smaller in size. Make sure the size and design of your antique storage bench match and accentuates your space’s look and feel.

A rule of thumb when buying antique storage benches is it should at least accommodate two people. Also, the material and design of the bench must maintain the unit’s structural integrity even after many uses.

Bonus tip: The price ranges for antique storage benches vary by a massive margin. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better, so you should always check the quality of how the unit is constructed as that will tell you if you are getting good value for your money.

Best Ideas

Abbyson Living Easton Leather Bedroom Storage Bench

Abbyson Living Easton Leather Bedroom Storage Bench

This piece of furniture is an element that has got a functional and decorative role in the house. It is a bench that assures a soft seat and storage space. Its neutral color looks nice in any type of decor.

Antique storage benches 3

Religious art perfectly expresses the continuity of artistic tradition. In this case, it is visible in antique monastery storage bench, with an additional compartment for storage inside. It is made of strong walnut wood and has mystical carvings.

Vintage distressed sitting storage bench

Vintage distressed sitting/ storage bench

Antique storage benches

Storage bench with antique finish. It is completely made of wood. Great for storing shoes and other necessities. Handy gadget for each home. Neutral accent for all kinds of interiors as needed.

Faux Leather Storage Bench

Faux Leather Storage Bench

It is a storage bench that has got a faux leather upholstery and elegant design. It is great for kitchen, dining room, foyer, hall and bedroom. If you looking for a great bench, you need to choose this one.

Royale tufted ottoman storage bench

Royale tufted ottoman storage bench

An interesting and stylish piece of furniture that will modernize any decor thanks to its classic style. It has got a sturdy wooden frame that enhances stability, durability and life of this piece of furniture.

Antique storage bench

Old wooden trunks do not belong in the basement alone. You can as well turn them into fashionable furniture. This one here has been turned into a charming bench – the addition of grey, cosy pillows was a great decision.

Antique storage bench custom overpainted in white benches

Antique storage bench custom overpainted in white -benches

Antique storage benches 1

This Intricate Carved Storage Bench product from Art and Antique ...

Antique storage benches

Ingenious and quite cool entryway benches made with use old wooden doors in browns! A lift top bench or a table with a drawer are fixed to them. Doors have moulding tops and e.g. mirrored or patterned panels, shelves, coat hooks of black metal.

Antique storage benches

Just imagine it in your rustical foyer of a favorite country home. Incredible shades of rosewood are one of the most important features of the antique storage bench with one opened storage seat and a built-in table with the spacious cabinet.

Spot for this antique hand painted storage bench on

... spot for this. Antique Hand-Painted Storage Bench on

Antique cottage green bench w storage

Antique Cottage Green Bench w/ Storage

Carved wooden bench

Hand-Painted Carved Wood Folk Art Trunk ~ I could do this with my wooden storage bench