Antique / Vintage Tea Carts


These lovely serving carts will beautifully accent your home, as well as function very well to transporting a tea service, or whatever you intend to serve. Take multiple dishes from the kitchen for a dinner party, take trays of hor devours when entertaining, or actually use it as a cart for a tea service. The uses are vast, and their overall style is elegant, adding class the the event.

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Our Picks

Ornate metal tea cart with a vintage look

Ornate metal tea cart with a vintage look

Deer Park Ironworks

Certain pieces of furniture have the power to evoke nostalgia and a tea cart with metal construction accentuated by intricate scrollwork is one of them. This type of serving cart looks like something you might find in your grandparent’s house!

Featuring a gently curved handle, a beautifully detailed framework, and an antiqued finish, a vintage metal cart can make a magnificent throwback statement anywhere you set it!

Have your fancy tea cart take on a new life as a display for colorful pots and flowers for the ultimate vintage vibe. Plus, the wheels make it easy to move your plants in and out of the sun whenever needed!


Luxurious vintage tea wagons

Luxurious vintage tea wagons

Have you always dreamed of having an old Hollywood glam accent piece in your abode? If yes, a wagon-style serving station in a shiny, gold finish could be just what you need to showcase your fine taste in home decor!

Picture antique tea trolley designs but better yet, with a hint of grandeur and luxury, making them equally stylish and functional.

These furniture pieces are great showstoppers, so there’s really no reason not to put yours on full display! Use it in the dining room to store bottles and fancy glassware or as a side table in the living room. Just don’t forget to adorn it with a flower arrangement to beautify its appearance.

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Solid wood tea cart with antique flair

Solid wood tea cart with antique flair


When it comes to functionality in serving carts, nothing can quite beat those made from solid wood.

Antique wooden tea carts with wheels often come packed with multiple features that can make a big difference in your serving game. These include drop leaf sides that give you extra serving space, a drawer for keeping napkins and straws, along with a wine rack so that you have your favorite bottles close at hand.

In addition to their practicality, these carts give off a bold, old-world feel with their rich wood tones and attention to detail, not to mention, they’re extremely durable!

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Vintage tea trolley with turned legs

Vintage tea trolley with turned legs

Birch Lane™

Don’t think you can have a blend of feminine appeal and vintage styling in your sanctuary? A tea cart with turned legs will prove you wrong! A design element as simple as turned legs can make a cart vintage-looking and cozy at the same time!

These kinds of rolling carts can be found in a variety of finishes, from natural wood stains to weathered looks, to popping vintage colors, like yellow, blue, and pink.

Found a tea cart that you like but isn’t available in the color you want? You’ll be glad to know that most carts can be painted and customized to suit any interior decorating scheme!

$443 $879

Bamboo antique serving cart

Bamboo antique serving cart

Everly Quinn

Indeed, bamboo furniture can have an antique feel to them! They’ve been around for centuries and are most likely here to stay and the same goes for tea carts crafted from bamboo.

Whether you decide to go for natural bamboo or a faux bamboo finish, this textured material is guaranteed to add a fresh and welcoming touch to your gatherings.

Besides, it has a natural and airy appearance that looks right at home in any setting, even if your interior style is far from vintage! This also means that it will work just as well in the garden as it does in the house!


Charming vintage rolling cart with removable tray top

Charming vintage rolling cart with removable tray top

Kelly Clarkson Home

On the hunt for a pretty and super useful tea trolley? Look no further than a softly-colored piece with a removable tray top.

A removable tray not only makes it a breeze to serve food or pass drinks to your guests, but it can come in handy in your day-to-day life as well!

For instance, you can take your tea, laptop, and notebook with you to your desk all at once without having to roll the entire cart from room to room. Moreover, it’s convenient for when you want to eat a meal in front of the TV and not worry about spilling food everywhere. Or, perhaps you could turn it into a little mobile coffee station!

$249.99 $287.5

Large antique tea cart that comes with ample storage

Large antique tea cart that comes with ample storage

August Grove®

A lemonade stand, a display accent furniture, a wedding reception cart, a yard addition, book storage, a home for craft supplies—there’s nothing that a spacious wheeled cart can’t do!

Aside from fulfilling all your needs, it can also act as an attention-grabbing focal point thanks to its antique look and conspicuous form.

Needless to say, these types of tea carts aren’t designed to be tucked in a corner! Therefore, they might not be the wisest choice for those with limited space.


An outdoor decorative antique cart

An outdoor decorative antique cart

Bloomsbury Market

If you plan on regularly using your tea cart outside, your best bet would be to pick a design that’s built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions! Remember, not all vintage tea carts are suitable for outdoor use.

Look for a garden cart that is weatherproof, rust-resistant, and has a powder-coated surface for maximum durability.

Another feature you may want to consider is whether it is quick-drying or not. Ensure that the shelves are perforated so that rain can pass through and no water will accumulate.

As for maintenance, coat your tea cart with a protective overspray to retain its color and avoid fading.

$349.99 $499.99

A round tea cart antique

A round tea cart antique


Just because you’re furnishing a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have a sophisticated, old-style tea cart of your own! Luckily, round tea carts take up less square footage than their counterparts.

On top of that, these space-saving utility furniture can provide much-needed beauty to tight corners that may otherwise look uninviting.

Place it in the kitchen for keeping your favorite mugs within reach, move it in the living room to double up as a mini drinks bar, or why not have it function as a bedside table that holds your books, lamp, and phone?


Rattan serving cart in antique style

Rattan serving cart in antique style

Tommy Bahama Home

Vintage meets tropical with this type of tea cart!

Rattan tiered carts are the way to go if you’re looking for a practical piece of furniture that’s easy to care for, versatile, and has a laid-back style with the perfect amount of antique character. What’s more, they can effortlessly transform any room into a relaxing retreat just with their presence.

Make sure you frequently dust and wipe your rattan tea cart with a damp cloth. It’s a simple way to maintain its longevity and keep it looking good for years to come.

$1844 $2849

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Antique / Vintage Tea Carts

Buying Guide

Tea serving carts have become very popular in recent years for a number of reasons. To start with, tea carts serving carts can help you serve a big number of people in a short time. So, if you’re planning a tea party or perhaps you want to invite a few guests at home for drinks, the cart will be a time saver. In addition to this, the tea serving carts make it easier for you to keep things organized, and they can also easily move around on wheels reducing your workload significantly.

There are many unique tea cart designs on the market. If you’re going to choose an option in all these, you need to have some information to help you. Here are some of the main things to look out for:

The design of the tea carts serving carts will often determine the durability. However, if you’re looking for strength, going for metal frame carts is highly advised. Although metal carts may not offer the elegance of custom wooden designs, they will serve you for a long time. They will also cost relatively less compared to a wooden design.

The value of a tea moving cart may also be seen through its beauty. The last thing you want is to swing around during a tea party with an average looking cart that doesn’t go with the décor in your home. The rule of thumb is to pick something simple and basic. But then again, it’s all about what tickles your fancy. With the huge variety of designs in the market, it should be easy to get this done.

You will also need to make sure that the tea serving carts you are buying have enough space. However, you don’t want to buy something too big. A compact design for the serving carts is always recommended. It’s classy and easy to work with. However, we have seen a number of designs that have innovated when it comes to space.

While delivering a compact cart design, they have also developed different racks and additional spaces for you to use. For instance, you will find some designs in the market that come with a glass rack incorporated both at the top and at the bottom. This will increase the amount of space available for you to use. These kinds of carts are highly recommended.

Best Ideas

French brass serving tea cart bar cart

French brass serving tea cart bar cart

Embodying perfectly well the charming climate of the 18th or 19th century France, this brass serving tea cart constitutes a distinguished example of antique design. Features 4 wheels, two of which are large, impressive ones.

Sunny vintage garden cart

Sunny vintage garden cart

Being on a trip to the UK, at 17 you should have a cup of tea. Perhaps it will be serving on such a vintage teacart. Made of iron, painted in a pastel yellow color. Very romantic in its expression, it has two planes for serving meals and tea.

Avery Tea Serving Cart

Avery Tea Serving Cart

It is an avery tea serving cart that has got a metal finish. If you want to make an elegant party you need to have this tea serving cart. You will be impressed how beautiful this tea serving cart is.

Hale Serving Cart

Hale Serving Cart

This serving cart in black & ash finish features a metal frame, with 2 shelves crafted from solid and engineered wood. The cart is easy to move, and includes multi-direction casters, adjustable shelves, and convenient handles.

Gorgeous lucite serving cart

Gorgeous lucite serving cart

An avant-garde serving cart on wheels, made out of Lucite glass and mirrored surfaces, which creates a unique, unusual appearance. The cart has two shelves, one on top and one on the bottom, which provides just enough space for food.

Chrome metal with black tempered glass bar tea serving cart

Chrome metal with black tempered glass bar tea serving cart

An attractive serving tray equipped with wheels for easier mobility. It is made of metal and glass with the chrome and black finish. Thanks to this solution the tray is resistant to damage. Its top and additional bottom shelf provide large space.

Chrome Metal With Black Tempered Glass Bar Wine Tea Serving Cart

Chrome Metal With Black Tempered Glass Bar Wine Tea Serving Cart

This serving cart is a high quality product that provides storage space and allows for an enhanced serving of drinks, food, etc. Its frame is made of chrome metal. It has got caster wheels for easy mobility.

Daydream veranda style veranda indooroutdoor serving island

Daydream veranda style veranda indooroutdoor serving island

Sparkling with its old-fashioned appearance and buttermilk finish, this vintage serving cart is excellent for improving outdoor parties. Entirely crafted of sturdy wood, the cart includes a plank top, 2 open shelves, and caster wheels for easy motion.

Mid centruy modern serving cart drink

Mid centruy modern serving cart drink

The mid-century serving cart with the portable bar. The base was built on the metal stillage painted in gold. The three storeys of the cart are the planks with the glass cover. The wheels in the metal case guarantee stability.

Tea carts serving carts

Lucky Me Studios: Molly the Tea Cart gets a Fresh, French Makeover

Antique tea carts

Splash your home with a drop of vintage charm by choosing this tea cart. It features the solid brass and gold finish and black glass top. For me, it's a stylish and attractive addition to any home.

Tea carts for sale

The beautifully made tea cart for serving is a sensational performance in wood and beautiful design. The whole is functional and very elegant, which makes it perfect for celebrations like weddings.

Tea carts

Absolutely captivating vintage tea cart - I couldn't pick a better one if I wanted to introduce something really stylish - in a retro kind of way - to my interior. Look at those spoke wheels and beautiful bronze finish!

Metal tea cart

Add an elegant touch to your backyard with this fabulous serving cart, ideal for outdoor parties. It comprises four wheels, two of which are ornately designed, considerably larger from the small rubber ones. Storage space is divided into two tiers.

Tea trolley cart

Embodying well the charm and warmth of the Victorian style, this stylish tea serving cart can be a stylish and practical accent during any parties or other glorious events.

Tea service cart

Browse Lloyd Flanders Tea/Serving Cart-All Styless

Wrought iron bar cart

VINTAGE Maple Drop leaf TEA CART with glass by OldMillVintage, $199.00

I bought one similar to this from you marge remember

I bought one similar to this from you Marge, remember?

Rolling tea cart

Made of solid wood and robust wheels, the bar cart is a great combination of folding countertops, shelves for carrying various trinkets. The whole is presented elegantly and is gaining a new life with an impressive finish.

Tea carts with wheels

Thanks to this mobile beauty, you will have a portable serving cart for your quality tea time with closest friends. Designed of premium metal in brass finish, the cart includes 1 round edge top, 1 matching bottom shelf, a convenient handle and 4 black casters.

Wooden tea cart

Now that’s a cool and interesting tea serving cart. Actually, it doesn’t matter what you want to serve from it. Big wheels make it stable and reliable, and metal construction ensures it’s reliable and lasting.

Wooden bar cart anthropologie love a bar cart although mine

Wooden Bar Cart #anthropologie Love a bar cart ! Although mine would have the fixings for a cocktail, not tea on it !!

KETTLER KETTLER Tiffany Serving Cart, White, Resin

A functional serving cart made of durable molded resin with eye-catching white lacquered finish. It is equipped with smoothly rolling dual tires for optimal mobility. The set includes wine rack and useful removable tray.