Oak Sideboard Buffet

That's right. We have another wonderful piece of Oak furniture for you. But perhaps you don't know what a sideboard buffet is for. Quite honestly, it's for whatever you want. The concept has a better fluidity to it today more so than in the past and these Oak sideboard buffets alright wonderful furniture fixture for any home. Take a look at this collection for more.

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Antique Mission Oak Sideboard Buffet Arts Crafts J K Rishel W Mirror 1910s

Antique Mission Oak Sideboard Buffet Arts Crafts J K Rishel W Mirror 1910s
This oak sideboard buffet embodies the most appealing features of antique style. High quality materials ensure great condition, even after so many years. It has 5 drawers, 2 doors for storage and the dimensions of 50" x 23" x 38" surface, 51" high back.

Rare ornate antique tiger oak sideboard buffet

Rare ornate antique tiger oak sideboard buffet
This beautiful tiger oak sideboard is a great example of antique design. The use of high-quality solid wood proves its sustainability, as the construction is from the 1800's. It's overall dimensions are: 79" tall X 46" wide X 24" deep.

Best Antique Oak Huge Sideboard Medallions North Wind Face Figurines Gorgeous

Best Antique Oak Huge Sideboard Medallions North Wind Face Figurines Gorgeous
Incredible antique 1800's oak massive sideboard with it's original beveled mirror top. Every surface is carved. It is made of solid oak, which is very difficult to carve. That's what make this piece so special and one of a kind.

Quarter sawn oak sideboard buffet

Quarter sawn oak sideboard buffet
A lovely sideboard buffet characterized by sewn Oak wood construction and distressed oak finish. Includes a low-profile rectangle mirror with turned posts, a smooth top, 2 side cabinets, 2 small drawers, and 1 large storage drawer.

Mission Oak Sideboard Buffet Arts Crafts Grand Rapids W Mirror Copper 1910s

Mission Oak Sideboard Buffet Arts Crafts Grand Rapids W Mirror Copper 1910s
The grand rapid oak and veneer oak buffet with the original mirror from 1910s. Great condition, 3 drawers, 2 doors for storage. 54" high dark piece of furniture perfectly fits for old-fashion stylized living room.

Antique Art Deco Leadlight Bow Side Oak Sideboard Buffet Display Cabinet

Antique Art Deco Leadlight Bow Side Oak Sideboard Buffet Display Cabinet
Oakwood serves the strongest impressions and furniture, hence it was used for this oak sideboard buffet in old-fashioned style and cherry finish. Two sides on the sides have strong tempered glass. The measure is a cabinet and two drawers.

Antique Mission Oak Sideboard Buffet Arts Crafts Grand Rapids W Mirror 1900s

Antique Mission Oak Sideboard Buffet Arts Crafts Grand Rapids W Mirror 1900s
Antique oak wooden sideboard buffet that is accompanied by 1900' mirror. It is pretty massive but it also looks really elegant and would suit ideally a lounge space with high-quality black RTV devices.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are you looking for a traditional and practical piece of furniture for your home? While there are many different types of furniture to consider, an oak sideboard buffet has many uses and might be just the item to complete your living room. Understanding the different designs and styles which are available is paramount to making the right choice. Let's look at some of the beautiful designs that you may come across while shopping.

What are the most popular styles and designs of oak sideboard buffets?

Portable sideboard buffet

As well as being sturdy and providing lots of storage, this design of oak sideboard buffet is full portable, thanks to its four moveable wheels. Around four feet long and about the same in height, there are wooden panels and drawers at the front, creating the storage space for your living room. The brakes ensure that the furniture doesn't move unless you want it to, making it safe for children and family homes.

Handcrafted buffet

This style is perfect if you want something with a more personal touch. These sideboard buffets can be customized, so their appearance can be altered according to your preferences. While very similar to many other types of sideboard buffet with drawers and storage areas, the handcrafted style includes more ornate and decorative features. This may be feature handles made using more expensive materials such as copper or gold, or certain shapes and swirls cut and moulded using wood.

Rounded sideboard buffet

While many of the designs of sideboard buffets will have straight and sharp corner edges, you can also opt for a more rounded and softer style. This design may have glass cupboards on the two rounded sides which can double up as a display cabinet if you have ornaments to show off. You may also feel more comfortable buying a rounded buffet if there are young children within the home and you are concerned that they may injure themselves on sharp edges.

Oak sideboard with mirror

In addition to the main sideboard buffet piece, some styles will include a decorative mirror. While there may be more simple mirrors found on other designs, this type differs since the mirror is such a large feature piece. In fact, homeowners shouldn't put this piece of furniture in a room which already has a large mirror. The large mirror may have a separate smaller shelf along the top to allow you to position items or display ornaments.

Are sideboard buffets a good fit for modern interiors?

Not all sideboard buffet designs look classic and traditional. If you like the style and practical aspect of sideboard buffets but don't think you want to buy one in an older style, you can consider the modern look which is well-suited to many homes. With sharper and more defined edges and corners, these buffets come with less detail and are more simple in appearance, which lends well to the contemporary look. While they are still manufactured from oak, they may not be a brown shade, and may instead be found in white, black and grey.


Mission Oak Sideboard Buffet Sideboard

Mission Oak Sideboard Buffet Sideboard
Sideboard with 2 cabinets and 5 drawers in various sizes. Construction is made of high quality oak wood. Suitable for storing clothes and others needed items. Functional furniture for any room according to taste.

Antique eastlake oak sideboard buffet server cabinet cupboard carvngs c1800s

Antique eastlake oak sideboard buffet server cabinet cupboard carvngs c1800s
The antique eastlake oak sideboard. It is very rich ornamented. The piece of furniture was firstly made in 1800s, but renovated and brought back to the old shine. The sideboard consumes a lot of place, but this view is worth such a commitment.

Mission Oak Sideboard Buffet Sideboard

Mission Oak Sideboard Buffet Sideboard
Three cabinets - decorated with delicate stained-glass windows, above them three drawers, with steel handles. All this creates an oak, in a warm shade sideboard buffet. It has a very large top that can be used for decoration or as a worktop.

Antique Mission Oak Sideboard Buffet Arts Crafts Grand Rapids W Mirror 1900s

Antique Mission Oak Sideboard Buffet Arts Crafts Grand Rapids W Mirror 1900s
Functionality and simplicity, and a break with references to historical architecture, such as in the Baroque or Gothic. Hence the simple lines of this massive red oak sideboard buffet furniture with a dark brown finish.

Rustic Oak Dining Server

Rustic Oak Dining Server
It is very nice and at the same time very practical dresser in the kitchen in a rustic style. It is made of light brown wood. Sideboard holds a special place for wine and shelves for dishes. They are closed glass door. It also has two drawers for cutlery.

Oak sideboard buffet

Antique QS Oak Sideboard/Buffet Bev. Mirror & Griffins

Oak sideboard buffet 3

A magnificent piece of hand-crafted furniture characterized by solid Oakwood construction and a beautifully distressed finish. The sideboard / buffet comes with 2 open shelves, 1 rectangle mirror, 3 drawers, 1 two-door cabinet, and impressive hand-carvings.

Empire style oak sideboard buffet

Empire Style Oak Sideboard/Buffet

Oak sideboard buffet 2

Wooden sideboard buffet with a nice oak finish. This element of furniture includes storage compartments and drawers that are spacious. Its four stable legs include wheels, so this buffet can be moved without problems.

Oak buffet

A chic stylish sideboard of oak wood in warm browns. It features curved front posts with rolled feet, convex panels of lockable compartments and drawers, a low hutch with a mirrored back and scrolled sides. Doors and drawers have round knobs.

Oak sideboard antique

With the convenient mirror and stunning, detailed carvings this oak sideboard buffet sports the design straight from the 1890s and will let you organize your dinnerware and complete your dining room beautifully.

Oak sideboard buffet 3

Antique sideboard inspired of the twenties of twentieth century. It is made of oak wood. This old-fashioned piece of furniture can be used as a decoration, desk or in the modern way - as a TV stand in your living room.

Oak sideboard buffet 9

Squat oak sideboard created in art deco style. The doored side doors have small locks on them. The central drawers provide the perfect place for flatware and other small items. The wide top provides a secure surface for canisters.

Antique oak sideboard buffet beveled mirror winged griffins


Oak sideboard buffet 2

Tiger oak is lumber produced by a particular milling process called quarter sawing. It has characteristic honey shades visible in the example of presented here oak sideboard buffet with floral carvings and mirrored back top.

Antique oak sideboard buffet

Large Ranch Oak Sideboard Buffet

Antique sideboard buffet

The Beautiful antique design of this stylish oak sideboard buffet makes the dining room, or kitchen is gaining attractive and elegant character. Functional drawers and decorative mirrors are a great companion.

Antique ornate quarter sawn tiger oak sideboard buffet

Antique Ornate Quarter Sawn Tiger Oak Sideboard Buffet

Tiger oak mirror back buffet sideboard original finish size 76

TIGER OAK MIRROR BACK BUFFET SIDEBOARD Original finish. Size: 76'' X ...

Antique oak buffet sideboard

An Antique, classy sideboard buffet in an American style. It is made of oak in a beautful deep brown shade. It features a mirror at the top, three drawers and a two-door shelf. It will suit elegant interiors.

Oak sideboard buffet 1

Wonderful Antique Tiger Oak Sideboard Buffet with Mirror | eBay 895.00

Antique wooden sideboard

Mission Oak Sideboard / Buffet / Sideboard by OakParkAntiques, $699.00

1220 tiger oak empire victorian sideboard buffet


Antique oak sideboard buffet with mirror

Antique oak sideboard/buffet with mirror

Antique oak buffet

This sideboard buffet is in Antique, Victorian style. It's made of high quality oak wood that will last for long years. It feaures decorative legs and a beveled mirror with a nice ornament at the top. It will suit classy, traditional interiors.

Vintage sideboard tiger oak antique carved buffet

vintage sideboard | Tiger oak antique carved buffet

Quarter sawn oak sideboard buffet 1

Quarter sawn Oak Sideboard Buffet

European hutch dresser english oak sideboard buffet welsh dresser hutch

european hutch dresser | ... English Oak Sideboard Buffet Welsh Dresser Hutch Jacobean Tiger Oak

Antique oak victorian buffet sideboard server traditional buffets and

Antique Oak Victorian Buffet Sideboard Server traditional-buffets-and ...

72 mission oak sideboard buffet arts crafts w mirror michigan

72" Mission Oak Sideboard Buffet Arts & Crafts w/Mirror Michigan Chair Company

1910 buffet antique beautiful oak antique sideboard buffet 1910

1910 Buffet Antique | BEAUTIFUL oak antique sideboard/buffet 1910?

Oak sideboard buffet 10

c1895 Large Victorian Tiger Oak Sideboard Buffet North Wind Rope Twist Paw Feet #Victorian

Oak sideboards and buffets 1

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French henry ii oak sideboard buffet

French Henry II Oak Sideboard/ Buffet*

Home Styles 5100-0066 Buffet of Buffets Cottage Oak Wood Top Buffet Server, Cottage Oak Finish, 41-3/4-Inch

This buffet consist practical work space, storage space and stylish look. It features three drawers, two lockers and a wine shelf and is fully made of oak wood in natural finish. All handles are made of metal.

Mission oak china buffet come packt sideboard mirror 1900 1950

Mission Oak China Buffet Come - Packt Sideboard Mirror 1900-1950 photo ...

English oak sideboard

Beautiful antique oak sideboard buffet with leaded glass will make your room style classy and vintage. Made from solid wood with spacious cupboards and drawers will be the aesthetically place to storage.

Oak sideboard buffet 2

Details about Vintage French Oak Buffet Sideboard Server ~ Carved ...

Antique louis xv french provencial buffet sideboard cabinet in oak

Antique Louis XV French Provencial Buffet Sideboard Cabinet in Oak #FrenchProvencial

Home Styles 5100-0023 Buffet of Buffets 5001 Series Stainless Steel Top Buffet Server, White Finish

Rectangular hutch with a solid, stainless steel top. The frame is made of wood in white color and it includes two compartments, three storage drawers, one open shelf and a wine rack that provides space for nine bottles.

Vintage oak sideboard

60" Mission Oak Sideboard Buffet Arts & Crafts w/Mirror Grand Rapids Wolverine? #MissionArtsCrafts

Black Server With Cottage Oak Wood Top And Two Door Hutch Small

A large server with wood top made of hardwood with an elegant black finish. It has a natural wood top, three utility drawers, two framed cabinets with an adjustable shelf, two framed plexiglass doors with brushed steel hardware, and removable center wine storage.

Oak sideboard buffet 1

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