Kitchen Island With Granite Countertop


Everyone loves a kitchen island. Everyone loves a kitchen island with a granite countertop even more. Take the normal and make it refined, the hard, marbled appearance of a granite countertop against an opposing colored island is a great addition to make your kitchen stand out. Get yourself one today, and have the look, and the counterspace, you deserve.

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Kitchen traditional kitchen other metro

Kitchen traditional kitchen other metro

Large, square kitchen island with wooden shelves, cabinets and drawers in traditional dark brown color. It features a durable and attractive granite top that provides practical kitchen working space and improves attractiveness.

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Alleine Kitchen Island with Granite Top

Alleine Kitchen Island with Granite Top

Contemporary Kitchen Island with Granite Top & Black Finish, perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. The kitchen island offers a solid black granite top, 2 storage drawers, 1 spice rack with towel bar, and raised panel doors that conceal amply space for storage.

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Kitchen Island with Granite Top

Kitchen Island with Granite Top

Clean lines of this kitchen island exudes a classic elegance. It features a 20-bottle wine rack and side-mounted 3-bottle wine valet and the top provides ample surface space for presentation of your wine and cheese.

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Kitchen island with granite countertop

Modern kitchen island featuring a stunning granite countertop and a beautifully designed wooden base. Finished in a glossed white shade, the island also comes with a series of drawers and closed-door cabinets for storage. You also get black coated metal hardware accents all over for style.

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Kitchen islands with granite tops 13

Kitchen island mounted on wooden base. Rectangular top is made of high quality granite. It is fitted with a lot of cabinets and drawers in various sizes for storing pots, tableware, dinnerware and more.

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Kitchen island with granite countertop 3

This is an elegant kitchen island that has polished wooden floors and cabinets. The countertops are made from granite. The layout of the kitchen is stunning and the table at the center is quite spacious for cooking activities.

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White kitchen marble countertops bhg sadly marble countertops would never

White kitchen island with granite top provides the perfect workspace. Large and small pull-drawers and woven basket drawers make it easy to keep supplies and tools close at hand. A doored compartment offers storage for larger kitchen canister items.

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Kitchen island with granite countertop

Honey oak cabinets with granite present really distinguish. Florida wood cabinets with cool granite kitchen island with granite countertop looks fantastic. I really like the color of this granite and wood.

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Island with granite countertop

Such an amazing setup for a kitchen, a great combination of different styles. Just look at the way the wonderful, very traditional white cabinets and shelves complement the more modern, smooth granite surfaces.

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Kitchen island with granite countertop 2

Large kitchen island that provides working and dining space. It includes a light granite countertop and a sink. The lower area is made of wood finished in neutral black color, so this island matches any kitchen design.

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Kitchen Island With Granite Countertop

Buying Guide

Your kitchen island does not need to match your cabinets. The latest trend is to create contrast within your kitchen, and choosing an island that stands out against your cabinets is a clever way to achieve this look.

Consider the appeal of a juxtaposition between your kitchen island with a granite countertop and the cabinetry. Generally, if you select white cabinets, opt for a black or dark counter, and the reverse is also true. A white granite countertop looks fabulous when paired with modern dark gray cabinets. You can transfer this concept to your island and main cabinetry as well.

If you have white kitchen cabinets, use your island as a chance to add a pop of color to the space, making it more contemporary and unique. A popular choice is a dark blue island against white kitchen cabinets or even a white island and dark wood cabinets.

By not limiting yourself to one cabinet color, you can balance the look in your kitchen better. Having all dark cabinets can make the space appear smaller, but that doesn’t mean a bright white kitchen is right for everyone. Combining these two looks still maintains cohesion in your space but with a flair that sets your home apart.

To install a kitchen island with a granite countertop you may or may not need a professional; it depends on the model you purchase. Mobile kitchen islands or flat-pack models can be assembled DIY-style, as they are lightweight and typically come with all the tools and hardware you need.

However, larger kitchen islands may require electrical hookups and plumbing for under counter fridges, sinks, and dishwashers, which need a professional contractor.

Some kitchen island warranties are also void unless the unit is installed by a professional. Always check the manufacturer’s warranty before attempting to install a kitchen island with a granite countertop yourself.

Granite countertops are heat resistant which makes them a perfect material for a cooking and prep space.

Granite is a natural stone that forms under high pressure and high temperatures, so it’s resistant to damage from heat. On the Measurement of Hardness scale, granite ranks 6 out of 10, with 10 being the hardest, most durable mineral.

Granite is so heat resistant that pans straight from the oven or stovetop won’t damage your granite countertop. Hot items up to 1,200° F do not damage the granite, and these countertops act to draw heat out of hot items, making them an excellent place to set hot food dishes to cool. However, it is still a good idea to use a cork coaster or trivet on your counter because hot items can damage the sealant on your granite countertop. If this occurs, simply reseal the countertop; the granite itself is not damaged.

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Nothing adds as much to the elegant character of the kitchen as a granite countertop. A combination of earthy colors beautifully combines with creamy cabinets with black tops. An old-fashioned lighting fixture gives the space a rustic touch.

Kitchen island with granite countertop

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A beautiful kitchen island that comes with the stunning granite top and offers the light finish of it that contasts well with the dark shade of the rest of the structure, creating a sure piece of class and functional use.

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