Commercial Kitchen Island


Whether you have a large private kitchen, or do a lot of cooking and entertaining in your home, having access to a wide range of different kitchen gadgets can be handy. Not only that, but being able to add extra surface area when it’s needed can be a very valuable addition to your kitchen. Having a commercial kitchen island in your home or place of business can make your lack of counter space a thing of the past. Additionally, many kitchen islands can double as a serving tray for entertaining friends and family.

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Our Picks

Large White Commercial Island

Large White Commercial Island

Lark Manor™

Measuring just under 60 inches wide, this large kitchen island is the perfect addition to spacious home kitchens as well as commercial spaces. It offers a stylish white wood finish that helps add to the clean and bright look of the room.

$484.99 $589.99

Designer Advice:

Made from engineered wood and offering both closed cabinets and open shelves, this commercial kitchen island can be the perfect addition to your large and spacious kitchen. It adds a modern touch that fits into a wide range of kitchen decor styles from chic to contemporary.  

Metal Basket Restaurant Kitchen Island

Metal Basket Restaurant Kitchen Island

Trent Austin Design®

Reminiscent of the aesthetics you would find in a home town coffee shop, this stylish wood and metal basket kitchen island is perfect for serving a wide range of food items including breads, pies, and more. The 26 inch wide rolling island can withstand up to 300 pounds of weight.

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Simple and Stylish Professional Kitchen Island

Simple and Stylish Professional Kitchen Island

Trent Austin Design®

Tall, simple, and stylish - this mostly metal rolling kitchen island can fit into a wide range of different decor choices. It’s perfect for the home kitchen as well as commercial establishments, and is perfect for storing fresh produce, breads, and more.

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Chrome and Silver Commercial Cooking Island

Chrome and Silver Commercial Cooking Island

If you’re tired of having a lack of room when it comes to food preparation space or serving space, this 38 inch wide rolling kitchen cart can be the answer for you. Perfect for holding fresh potted herbs, being used as a cutting board, or as a serving tray, you can’t go wrong with this simplistic and clean design.

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Butcher Block Style Large Industrial Kitchen Island

Butcher Block Style Large Industrial Kitchen Island


While extremely simple in its design, this butcher block style large kitchen island offers 39 inches of usable surface space making it the perfect cutting board for a wide range of food preparation tasks.

Designer Advice:

With a top similar to a butcher block, this rolling kitchen island can be the perfect answer when you need more space for meat carving or food preparation. It sits atop heavy duty locking caster wheels which can keep it in place when needed, or allow easy transport.

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Massive Industrial Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

Massive Industrial Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

Orren Ellis

Measuring 72 inches wide, this massive stainless steel kitchen island is perfect for a kitchen where multiple people are working at once. Being able to hold over 1100 pounds, this extremely durable island can be the perfect versatile addition to your space.

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Commercial Kitchen Islands With Coffee Shop Vibes

Commercial Kitchen Islands With Coffee Shop Vibes

Wade Logan®

Measuring 40 inches wide and being able to hold up to 165 pounds, this adorable wooden kitchen island or serving table gives off charming coffee shop vibes. It’s perfect for display, serving, or food preparation, as well as appliance and gadget storage.

Designer Advice:

We absolutely love this little kitchen island in a hometown cafe or coffee shop. It has the right aesthetic and decor vibes you want in that type of space. Available in both black and white engineered wood, this island can be the perfect addition to your diner or serving space.

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Country Charm Commercial Kitchen Island with Storage

Country Charm Commercial Kitchen Island with Storage

Gracie Oaks

Measuring just under 32 inches wide, this charming kitchen island offers the perfect aesthetic for a country or cabin kitchen. Use it as a serving table in your lodge or when entertaining friends and family at the vacation cabin. The multiple shelves and single cabinet is perfect for a wide range of versatile uses.

$539.99 $679.99

Simple and Charming Industrial Kitchen Island

Simple and Charming Industrial Kitchen Island


At just under 42 inches wide, this unique kitchen island offers a stylish industrial look. Made from a range of mixed materials and given a rustic finish, this island would be great in a home kitchen, family gathering spot, or hometown cafe.


Designer Advice:

While this kitchen island offers industrial aesthetic vibes, it also has a very charming design. The rounded corners and simple design choices not only make this an eye-catching furniture addition to the room, but a useful piece as well.

Sleek Commercial Kitchen Island for Wineries

Sleek Commercial Kitchen Island for Wineries

Red Barrel Studio®

Perfect for displaying your favorite bottles of wine for a commercial or family-focused wine tasting, this 53 inch wide elegant and bold kitchen island offers a range of storage options for you to make full use of. Use it as a serving tray for hors d'oeuvres at your next event, or as a sampling tray for different wines and spirits.

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Commercial Kitchen Island

Buying Guide

Kitchen islands are at the center of today's kitchens. They are practical and provide the extra working space that if often lacking when prepping and cooking. Available in all types of styles, a commercial kitchen island can have open or enclosed storage, drop leaves for additional counter space or wheels for portability.

Commercial quality and decor friendly, kitchen islands deliver needed features for organization and aesthetic beauty from some of the best manufacturers in the business.

High-grade and solid materials make all the difference in selecting a commercial kitchen island. Dependability is a must in a busy kitchen environment.

  • Wood - Eco-friendly wood, such as maple, birch and cherry, provide substantial 4" thick hard grain tops for tough daily work. Non-toxic polyurethane finishes protect the surface while adding a warm rich glow. Rubberwood is common for bases that are stained in a variety of wood finishes/
  • Colors - Natural wood or stainless steel is usually standard for the top, but designer colors can be found along the base. These include black, gray, white, red, green, blue or brown.
  • Stainless Steel - A popular material for the best of commercial kitchens, stainless steel is nonporous and has a hygienic surface that is perfect for food prep. Strong and stain resistant, island tops often use stainless steel.

The type of storage offered by kitchen islands can basically be divided into open and closed:

  • Open Storage - The open storage concept is for smaller areas that require extra prepping space and the convenience of placing pots and pans on below shelving. Slim drawers may be included or locking casters for easy movement around the workspace.
  • Closed Storage - Found in permanent or portable units, doors and drawers hide utensils from view while being within easy reach. Towel racks or drop leaves along the sides are optional. The enclosed look creates a backdrop for matching styles to existing kitchen cabinets, giving the island a built-in look.

Massive kitchen islands with sinks, cooktops and breakfast counter spaces do not always fit into the design of smaller kitchens. Styles that manage size, personal needs and decorating schemes have emerged to slide right into any kitchen.

Sizes vary according to the space provided in a kitchen. A small kitchen may use a portable unit that can be moved against a wall when not in use. Fixed units should be measured to accommodate traffic areas within the kitchen. Clearance of 36" to 42" should be a standard distance along all sides of the island. Normal lengths of a commercial kitchen island can range from 34" to 60". A typical width is 28" with slight variations according to size and style.

A wood surface can stay clean with soap and water. Keep disinfected with a spray bottle filled with vinegar and water. Rinse with water and dry. Stainless steel is naturally effective against bacteria, but keeping the surface clean requires removing food and dirt. Wipe with a mixture of water and dish soap. Shine with ammonia and water.

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Commercial kitchen islands

Building transformed into industrial home in Portland

Commercial kitchen island 2

What gives you the kitchen island? For sure: more storage space and workspace – perfect when there's more than one home chef. The metal, chrome countertop creates a professional look to the whole kitchen space. Commercial kitchen island is ready to get dirty!

Commercial kitchen island 1

How to incorporate a commercial kitchen island into a homey rustic kitchen? Pretty simply! Durable metal integrates well with wide-panel hardwood floors and crisp white cabinets. Metal ceiling fixture ties the styles together.

Hamilton fixed reclaimed wood marble top kitchen table large

Hamilton fixed reclaimed wood marble top kitchen table large

These elements provide a rustic style in the kitchen. One of the most important elements is the solid furniture with shelves and drawers for extra storage space. It has got wheels for easier transportation.

Commercial kitchen island

A stunning kitchen island in a modern design, but with a rustic touch. It is a massive, wooden construction with a storage space at the bottom. It's accompanied by simple bar stools and an impressive pendant.

Commercial kitchen island 25

Like how stainless modern look is mixed with warm wood cabnitry

Commercial kitchen island 16

Simple, but attractive kitchen island with rectangular top and two lower shelves. This element of kitchen design is based on metal frame with four legs for enhanced support and stability. Large top provides good working space.

Commercial kitchen island 5

DESIGN :: PROJECT ORANGE The design of this galley kitchen is reminiscent of a restaurant kitchen design, down to the stainless steel cart-as-island that can move out of the way when needed. {design :: project orange}

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A commercial style pot rack can save a lot of space! More ideas here:

Commercial kitchen island

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