Kitchen Table With Storage Underneath

You can never have too much storage. WIth a kitchen table with storage underneath, you can keep seldom used items tucked away, and put the more commonly used things like salt and pepper, easily at your fingertips. But it doesn't have to just store kitchen stuff. Anything can be stored in this cleavor and efficient nook. It just depends on what you need to hide.

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Traditional Manufactured Wood Kitchen Island Set

Traditional Manufactured Wood Kitchen Island Set
The traditional design of this wood kitchen island set makes it ideal for a vast majority of kitchens. This means that you won’t have to worry about this set clashing with your other furniture pieces and décor. The solid wood material the table and chairs are made from are highly durable and will provide you with years of sturdy use.

Solid Pine Wood Breakfast Bar

Solid Pine Wood Breakfast Bar
The rustic elegance of this wood breakfast bar can completely transform your kitchen or dining area for the better. A solid wood construction makes this table a sturdy and dependable piece of furniture in your home. The long rectangular shape of this table makes it right at home in any rural home, but it is versatile enough to fit in with modern décor.

Traditional Solid Wood Rectangular Kitchen Island

Traditional Solid Wood Rectangular Kitchen Island
The gorgeous cherry finish and ample storage space that this kitchen island offers would go well in just about any kitchen. The grooved top and drop leaves make this a great-looking and practical choice for those who need a new dining set in their home. This makes for a great surface for preparing and eating food on.

Unfinished Solid Wood Extendable Dining Table

Unfinished Solid Wood Extendable Dining Table
This simple yet beautiful parawood dining table is perfect for small kitchen and dining room areas. The fact that this table is extendable makes it perfect for holiday get-togethers and family gatherings. The sheer durability of this table is quite impressive, and the fact that it is unfinished means that you can make it look any way you want.

Walnut Three-Piece Fixed Table Dining Set

Walnut Three-Piece Fixed Table Dining Set
The beautiful dark brown finish and simplistic design of this dining set is what makes it such a treasure for those who are interested in creating a more elegant area to share meals and conversation in the home. Made from solid hardwood material, the table and chairs that make up this set make for the perfect mix of aesthetic and functionality.

Dark Espresso 5-Piece Counter Height Dining Table Set

Dark Espresso 5-Piece Counter Height Dining Table Set
The perfect combination of elegant and quaint, this counter height dining table set is a must-have for those who want a large and comfortable place to have dinner with their family each day. A solid wood design and dark espresso finish makes this table a great addition to any home with modern furniture pieces. The additional storage space is also something every homeowner can use.

Contemporary Style Counter Height Extendable Dining Table

Contemporary Style Counter Height Extendable Dining Table
The modern style of this dining table will add an incredibly unique aesthetic to your dining area. The dark brown finish is perfect for those who want to add some elegance to the interior of their home. The durability of this table is a result of the solid wood construction, so you can be sure that it will hold up well for many years to come.

Our advice Buying Guide

When it comes to home storage, a kitchen table sure isn’t the first thing you think of. But with a rising popularity of kitchen tables with storage, you definitely shouldn’t ignore the benefits they could serve for you. Whether it’s a dining room table or an additional workspace for your kitchen, there are many ways to incorporate storage into these tables.

Now that the idea is in your head, it’s important to make sure the functionality and safety of the table you choose work for your home. If you have small children running around the house, you’ll want to be wary of what kind of storage the table features as well as what you are storing in it.

What are the different options of kitchen table storage?


There can be anywhere from one to several shelves placed underneath the table. A common style is one or two large shelves placed one on top of the other. This is suitable for baskets, bowls, and large pots and pans. Dining tables typically feature smaller shelves, or even just one shelf, in order to leave leg room. Things like dinnerware and napkins are good to store here.

If you have small children or grandkids that run around the house often, then shelves might not be the best choice. This is because anything you store there can easily be accessed, meaning your child may break something. Even worse, they may end up hurting themselves.


Drawers are great for storing placemats, silverware, kitchen utensils, dinnerware, and so much more. They can range from deep to shallow depending on the use of the table. It’s more typical for dining tables to feature thin drawers with discreet handles placed underneath so they are not so obvious.

Most kitchen tables with storage drawers don’t offer a locking feature. You’ll most likely have to install drawer locks yourself to keep babies and small kids from getting in.


Cabinets are our most trusted ways to store things in the kitchen, so why not place them on a kitchen table? You can put just about anything in cabinets. Small kitchen appliances, pots, and pans are most likely to be stored here.

Like drawers, you’ll need to install your own child safety locks to ensure little ones don’t get into trouble here.


Some kitchen tables feature racks that hang from right under the table tops. This is a less commonly used method of storage and can be very aesthetically pleasing. The drawback with these racks is that they aren’t that good for storing things like small appliances, dishes, etc. They are good for napkins, paper towels, kitchen towels, etc.

“Hidden” Storage

Hidden storage is more likely to be found on a dining table since it is a less likely candidate for storage in the first place. This type of storage is usually underneath the table top. It is revealed by either sliding the tabletop over or removing “secret” lids from the table to access inner cubbies.

Are there kitchen tables with multiple storage options?

You’ll find that most kitchen tables with storage actually feature more than one of these types of storage. A shelf with cabinets or cubbies underneath is a common combo. Racks and shelves are also a popular duo. There are many different variations and combos to explore.

Choosing a kitchen table to be a new part of the storage crew is unexpected, but can make all the difference in the functionality of your home. This is especially true if you live in a small space. Once you find the perfect table for your home, you’ll be glad that you just made your life that much more efficient! Not just that, but it looks great too.


Wommack Rolling Kitchen Cart with Solid Wood Top

Wommack Rolling Kitchen Cart with Solid Wood Top
If you are dreaming of a rustic kitchen island with storage then you are looking at the perfect one! This design will suit a modern farmhouse aesthetic, and has shelves and a glass door, and has wheels to transform it from bench to table space in seconds.

Jagger Counter Height Drop Leaf Dining Table

Jagger Counter Height Drop Leaf Dining Table
Big on style but small on space? This modern grey kitchen table with storage is the answer to your design prayers. It’s drop leaf table style means you can save space when needed, and has plenty of storage underneath. Perfect for small apartments and extra bench space.

Seigler Pub Table

Seigler Pub Table
For when you want the breakfast-island style without taking up the whole kitchen, this minimal white kitchen table with bar storage is the only choice. This bar-height island can be installed in any kitchen and the storage is neatly tucked away- function and style.

Mayton Counter Height Dining Table

Mayton Counter Height Dining Table
Nothing beats a rustic kitchen, and this industrial-style bar-height kitchen table will complete the look. Perfect for smaller kitchens that need a breakfast nook and some extra bench space, this counter-height wood and iron table even has shelves for much-needed storage.

Shayne Kitchen Table

Shayne Kitchen Table
An interesting solution for the kitchen or a dining room. The table is made of hardwood and its colour is white, so it looks interesting in any decor. It has got a solid top and two lower storage shelves.

Boyate Extendable Dining Table

Boyate Extendable Dining Table
Beautiful dining table featuring modern foldable design, sturdy wooden frame, functional storage compartment with doors, and durable walnut finish. Practical item suitable for dining table, prep table, computer or study desk.

Coventry Counter Height Dining Table

Coventry Counter Height Dining Table
Dining table with 2 open shelves on the base. It is made of wood and has 6 seating capacity. Great solution for dining room, living room and others interiors according to taste and need.

Belmont Dining Table

Belmont Dining Table
Pretty casual table of man-made wood with a mid-brown finish. It has a rectangular top with a butterfly leaf and a simple apron. Legs are thick, straight and square. There's a roomy rectangular storage cabinet among legs.

Kitchen table with storage

If you need a workstation in the kitchen, we suggest you to choose this work table with racks underneath. It brings the simplicity and classic style to any home. There's a shelf for kitchen accessories and a long top for preparing food.

Small kitchen table with storage

This functional table includes a durable and spacious rectangular top. The lower frame of this element of furniture is also very solid. This wooden construction is finished in white color, so it is neutral.

Kitchen table with storage underneath

This small, yet quite practical, table can be a nice way to enhance your living room area. The table's frame is entirely made of wood, including its round top, and two open shelves situated underneath it.

High top kitchen table with storage

Set of vintage furniture intended to kitchen. Majority of elements is minimalistic and made of blanched wood. Kitchen island made of raw wood which can be used as a dining table too looks differently, but it fits to other elements.

Loft island storage table

Loft Island Storage Table

Kitchen table with storage underneath

A fantastic kitchen island with seating design, assembled of wood and covered with a white finish. You can find here few 2-doors cabinets, spacious storage drawers, and 5 barstools with rattan seats.

Kitchen excellent great small dining table with storage photos table

kitchen-excellent-great-small-dining-table-with-storage-photos-table ...

Some kitchen cabinet storage ideas for tidier and nicer kitchen

Some Kitchen Cabinet Storage Ideas for Tidier and Nicer Kitchen

Storage dining table

This kitchen island is a wooden construction with a durable frame finished in white color. It offers a solid brown rectangular top. The lower area offers plenty of storage space in its shelves and compartments.

Dining room table with hidden storage

Dining room table with hidden storage

Kitchen table with storage underneath

If you are a fan of cottage style, you have to choose the wooden kitchen island with a stocked bar for hanging glasses. It's not only very useful, but it looks stylish too. Add two counter stools and enjoy a fantastic product.

Kitchen storage tables

Unique and functional storage cabinet suitable for kitchen use. It includes wheels that assure good mobility. Storage compartments and drawers are capacious and very useful in small and large kitchen indoors.

Kitchen table with cabinets

Rustic setup for a spacious kitchen with an old-fashioned kitchen island on wheels made out of dark walnut wood with a burned tint and a granite top, nicely contrasting with the white-painted wooden cabinets.

Small dining table with storage

This table is very attractive and functional in dining rooms. Its wooden, rectangular top provides space for the whole family and it also includes some lower shelves that allow for storage of different items.

Cabin Fever Dining Table

Cabin Fever Dining Table

Storage tables for kitchen

This practical kitchen table with storage underneath was made of wood of a longleaf pine with a slightly yellowish color. Its proportions, clean and straight lines enhance the aesthetic optics. It combines space saving, previously deeply inserted chairs.

Powell Pennfield Kitchen Island, Black/Natural

This kitchen island is a piece of furniture designed for use in different decors. It is possible thanks to its neutral, black color and a nautral finish. This island features 3 drawers, 3 shelves, 2 towel bars, and 4 spice racks.

Kitchen island with storage below

kitchen island with storage below

Kitchen table with cabinets underneath

breakfast nook, maybe in the area by the basement stairways

Metal table with storage underneath

Metal Table with Storage Underneath

Coaster mix and match cappuccino counter height dining table

Coaster Mix and Match Cappuccino Counter Height Dining Table

Kitchen storage table

This kitchen decor is inspired by farmhouse stylizations. Its kitchen island area includes a large wooden table with spacious top and solid wooden shelves. This decor is supplemented by an attractive, durable and comfortable Persian rug.

Kitchen table with storage underneath 6

This kitchen table is suitable for dining areas and breakfast nooks. Its wooden frame perfectly supports a rectangular top. This set also includes solid benches with backrests and with storage drawers.

Ideas general storage kitchen table with storage underneath

... Ideas > General Storage > Kitchen Table With Storage Underneath

Coaster hyde counter height square dining table with storage base

Coaster Hyde Counter Height Square Dining Table with Storage Base

Table with shelves underneath

Sideboard for indoor and outdoor use. It is made of wood in two shades. Includes open shelves and 2 drawers for storing needed stuff. Simple form and functional design for each home.

Storage kitchen table

Old-fashioned setup for a vintage kitchen with a mobile kitchen island on wheels made in an industrial style out of distressed aluminum with a wooden top, providing a nice contrast to the traditional interior of the kitchen.

Kitchen table with storage underneath 4

Kitchen Table With Storage Underneath

Kitchen table with storage underneath 1

Kitchen Table With Storage Underneath

Kitchen table storage

A kitchen island combined with a dining table, thanks to the clever design and the use of a double desk. Its white, ornate finish reflects the best works of the cottage or shabby chic styles.

Dining table with storage base

Beautiful kitchen banquette with custom made table and claw feet

Kitchen table with storage cabinets

A charming corner that is characterized by an elegant dining table in an octagonal shape and a comfortable built-in bench with cushioned seats and storage drawers underneath. Must be great to sit there with a cup of tea an look outside the window.

Round table with storage

I'm thinking this would go perfect in my kitchen, floors - check, wall color - check.

Diy kitchen cart 1

All in one place - prismatic, wicker baskets,kitchen utensils. They are located on a wood bar cart, with a light metal finish.Most importantly, it is portable - so it may be right next to you when you need some spice. Works as a rustic rooling kitchen island.

Dining table storage

farmhouse table as an island with wire baskets for storage underneath