Dining Table With Drawers

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Well-crafted and made of the finest materials, a dining table is always a worthwhile piece of furniture, but a dining table with drawers makes the worthwhile even more so, by adding an efficient storage medium. Put excess silverware in them, or the dinner plates you use most often. If you have kids, additional utensils are always good to have on hand for accidental drops.

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Updated 07/11/2022
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Rustic Dining Table with Drawer Design

Rustic Dining Table with Drawer Design

One Allium Way®

This dining table is made from solid and engineered wood with knot detail for a more worn-in look. Featuring a rectangular shape, it has rounded edges. There are two slim drawers with gold hardware included. The seating capacity is six.

Designer Advice:

A great choice for a cottage-inspired décor scheme, this dining table would look gorgeous paired with French country dining chairs. Chairs in this style would look best in a beige or cream hue to create a warm ambiance, but if you would prefer a pop of color, burgundy cushions would also look good. Place a mosaic rug underneath to finish the look.

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Classic Kitchen Table with Drawers

Classic Kitchen Table with Drawers

Charlton Home®

Featuring three drawers, this kitchen table has a slightly raised top. The carved legs and accented drawers give it even more of a vintage look. It is made from solid and manufactured wood with an antique white finish and can seat six.

$719.99 $749.99

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Dark Dining Table with Drawer

Dark Dining Table with Drawer

Wade Logan®

You can pick from dark charcoal or brushed gray with this table. Featuring a subtly distressed finish, it is made of solid and manufactured wood with silver hardware. Two shelves and a side drawer are included, as is a removable leaf.

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Modern Dining Table with Drawer

Modern Dining Table with Drawer

Ebern Designs

Available in black or white, this dining table is compact and chic. Crafted from metal and solid wood veneers, it has one drawer, a six-glass stemware holder, and a wine rack that can hold ten bottles. It can accommodate two seats.

$333.75 $525

Designer Advice:

This dining table would be the perfect choice for a studio apartment. The taller pub style means it will give the impression of a larger space, whereas the storage is ideal if you don’t have much cupboard space. We recommend opting for the white option both for a bright look and because dark colors can make a room appear smaller.

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Industrial Dining Room Table with Drawers

Industrial Dining Room Table with Drawers


Crafted from solid acacia wood and finished with a light brown stain that emphasizes the woodgrain, this dining room table is full of industrial flair. It stands on four hairpin-style legs made of iron and features three medium-sized drawers.

$499.99 $629.99

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Dining Table With Drawers

Buying Guide

A stylish dining table creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home. The dining room is an area where guests are entertained, and families enjoy each other's company. A dining table with drawers provides you with additional space to store items that are needed for a dining table such as placemats, napkins, special cutlery sets and much more. If you are not quite sure how to shop for a dining table with drawers; here is a buying guide to help you out.

  • Size. Before you do anything else, measure the space where you will house your dining table. You want to keep your dining room spacious, but at the same time. You don’t want the dining table to be too small.
  • Capacity. The capacity of your dining table is equally as important as the size. If you hold dinner parties often, you will need a table that is going to accommodate your guests. If you are not a socialite, and you know that the only action taking place on the dining table apart from family dinner is family game night, then a smaller table will suffice. There is nothing appealing about four people sitting around a table made for 12! It’s a bit impersonal don’t you think?
  • Style. Is your house already decorated the way you want it? If so, then choose a table that is going to match the current décor. If not, plan your buying so that everything is in sync. If you have a more traditionally styled home, go for a traditional looking dining table. If you have a more contemporary styled home, go for a contemporary looking dining table. The point is that you don’t want your dining table to stand out for the wrong reasons. Get one that matches, and you and your guests will be happier.
  • Finishing. Style and finish are two completely different aspects, but people often confuse the two. The finish is the overlay; it goes on top of the style. For a traditional wooden look, walnut or mahogany will do the trick. Pine, oak, and cherry provide a more casual look.

This might sound like a random piece of information, but it’s something to think about. If you are not interested in watching your guests play footsie under the dining table, stay away from a complete glass table top. If you like the look, you do have the choice of a translucent view – which means it looks like glass, but you can’t see through it.

  • Extended table: If you only host guests on the rare occasion, an extended dining table is ideal because you can fold it down and pull it out at your convenience.
  • Pedestal: The pedestal is a trendy style, instead of four legs, there is one thick leg positioned in the middle of the table. This table is ideal if you host guests often because it provides more leg room.

Best Ideas

Dining table with drawers

This white rustic table with drawers embodies all that's best in cottage style. You will love the coziness and warmth it brings. From now you don't need any invitations for your family or friends, as this table will invite them on its own.

Home dining table with two way drawers digital plan

Home | Dining Table with Two-Way Drawers (Digital Plan)

Dining table with drawers

High-quality counter height dining table featuring a large top, a sturdy wooden construction, and a beautiful distressed vintage stain. The table is minimalist too and comes with several small drawers on the side to expand its functionality. It should be a great option for farmhouse-inspired dining rooms.

Farmhouse table with drawers

What appears to be a kitchen drawer is really a pullout table that will allow placing a chair on either side of it. It is a super place for homework or added workspace, or for a quiet meal for two.

Hamilton Extendable Dining Table

Hamilton Extendable Dining Table

If you need additional dining or working surface in a limited space, this extendable table may be a fine choice. A single drawer it offers may occur pretty useful when organizing tiny items. Its overall compact size will fit into any nook.

Home spire oval dining table with drawer

Home Spire Oval Dining Table With Drawer

White dining table with 2 drawers

White dining table with 2 drawers

Dining table with drawers

Finding a proper rectangular table is not so easy as it looks at a glance. Deciding on a farmhouse table is very demanding for the rest of furniture. The other pieces of furniture should be simple and fit ideally to the table to achieve the "wow" effect.

Table draws

Great table for small apartments. Made from solid wood with space-saving design. It can be expanded for 2 or 4 guests. There are also few drawers for small things like extra cutlery or napkins. Folded can be used as simple cabinet.

Cottage Dining Table

Cottage Dining Table

Provide a complete casual dining experience with this stunning round dining table, sporting two square shaped lower storage shelves that will make it even more convenient for you to use. A simply wonderful addition to your household.

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