Laminate Top Dining Table

Laminate top, or Formica top, tables are one of the most versatile table ideas, because laminate tops can come in hundreds of colors and variations. And not just greens and blues, but marble and shale. It can be customized to fit your kitchen as easily as painting it, and without the mess. Getting one of these durable, laminate top dining tables will only profit your kitchen area.

Best Products

Dining Table

Dining Table
The combination of white painted legs and laminated top automatically brings in a warm, charming touch to the space, resembling cottage decor. Therefore this 7-piece dining set will be an ideal proposition for those, who want to recreate this ambiance.

Dining Table

Dining Table
This dining table has got a beautiful modern glossy finish that makes it very stylish. It fits to modern dining rooms and is perfect for everyday meals. This is the coolest dining table you have ever seen.

Round Retro White Laminated Polished Top Dining Kitchen Poker Table Chrome Trim

Round Retro White Laminated Polished Top Dining Kitchen Poker Table Chrome Trim
The elegant and very stylish combination of this laminate top round dining table with simple chairs makes the decor a retro feel. Beautiful details and solid steel construction create a unique combination.

Bourbon Street Dining Table

Bourbon Street Dining Table
Elegant traditional wooden table featuring a 2-tone finish. Its oval top is brown and has a dark brown-finished apron. Its base is also dark brown and has 4 turned columns with 3 S-shaped feet each.

Laminate top dining table

Formica Laminate top dining table features solid oak trestle base. Table is 42

Formica dining tables

Enchanting with its laminated white top, this dining table constitutes a cool example of the retro design. Characteristic, slanting legs are finished in bright wood, which juxtaposed to the white countertop's surface, creates a great retro appeal.

Laminate top dining table 1

A fantastic accessory for kitchens and dining rooms. This dining table comes with wood construction, a two-tone ash and white finish, 1 large top with slightly rounded edges, and 4 tapered legs for balance.

Our advice Buying Guide

Laminate is an incredible top material for dining tables as it's durable, customizable, and affordable at the same time. It consists of heavy-duty papers that are pressed together to create a solid veneer. Laminate top dining tables come in different, yet stunning designs and styles. There are a lot of aspects to consider when selecting a laminate top dining table including table size, room size, and your budget among others. Check out our buying guide below as we will expound on these important considerations.

How to pick the right size laminate top dining table?

You need to ensure that there's a balance between your dining table's size and the room's décor and size. It is a good idea if you take the area's measurements before you begin shopping to make your experience easier and more enjoyable. Leave at least a distance of 1.2 meters between the wall and your table's edge as well. If you'll be adding a laminate top dining table in a small space, we suggest you choose a table that has rounded corners to make sure your table doesn't pose any safety risks.

Consider the number of people that will use the table regularly. A great space-saving solution for rooms that don't have the luxury of space is an extendable table as it can be set to various configurations. For daily use, it can be minimized. When you're entertaining guests, all you have to do is lay out the leaves of your table to accommodate your visitors. An extendable unit will also prove to be useful if you'll be using the table as a buffet to lay out several serving dishes, plates, and food.

The best table width is 1 meter as it allows users to serve themselves. Any wider than that will make conversations difficult as you will be far from the person that is sitting at the other end of the table. Also, a narrow table should be avoided at all times as it leaves no space for food and drinks to be placed in the middle.

Tip: get stackable chairs or stools for unexpected guests.

What's the best dining table shape?

Rectangular tables are common, but people prefer sitting around roundtables as they are conducive for conversation. A roundtable is great for an elongated room. It is also safe for children as there are no sharp edges. A small family can make use of a square table, but there's no room available if people will come over.


Laminate kitchen table sets

A great addition for dining rooms, this set consists of 1 oval table and 4 matching chairs. The table has a round edge laminated top, and flat legs for stability; while the chairs move on 4-star base with caster wheels, holding a leather-upholstered, tufted seat and back.

Extendable trestle laminate top dining table modern dining tables

... Extendable Trestle Laminate Top Dining Table modern-dining-tables

Laminate kitchen table

Dining set, ideal for both traditional and modern interiors.The contrasting beige marble backing emphasizes the black wooden base. The table has a laminate top, resistant to all dirtying. While chairs are made of black leather.Ready for lunch?

Laminate table

Solid dining table with rectangular, laminated top. This original, multi-color construction is not only functional, but also looks very attractive in any dining room stylization. Durable legs provide good support.

Laminate dining room tables

An unusual idea of creating a dining table from laminate flooring. It's a cheap and easy method, but the final effect is really impressive and elegant. This way makes it possible to have a table in the style of the floor.

Formica top dining table

Dining table with rectangular laminate top. Base is made of wood. It has 8 seating capacity. Neutral and functional design for each place according to taste and need.

Laminate top kitchen tables 6

Farmhouse take on a little dining room table with a traditional design. The table is made out of painted, bright wooden frame with a darker, warm top which provides an elegant contrast to the light dining chairs around the table.

Laminate top dining table

The beautiful laminated top of this impressive dining table makes the decor gained a unique dimension. Beautiful wood with impressive form captivates and brings to the decor an interesting style and functionality.

Laminate dining table

Hardwood dining table, presented here with four traditional wooden chairs. The table features rectangular top with 2 drop-end leaves and laminated finish; its legs are turned for traditional cottage style.

Dining table height 73cm table top size 120 cm round

... dining-table-height-73cm-table-top-size-120-cm-round-laminated-(large

Family Extendable Dining Table

Family Extendable Dining Table

Laminate top dining table 2

With its dark, laminated top, this dining table has all that's needed to create a refined contemporary appeal in your living room. It is complemented by a set of 6 black leather chairs with high backrests.

Laminate dining room tables 3

Dining set in traditional form. It consists of rectangular table and upholstered chairs. Construction is made of wood. Neutral and functional design for each place as needed.

White laminate dining table 1

Dining table with a round laminate top. It stands on a solid base with four supportive elements. The whole table is finished in white color, so it perfectly decorates modern and traditional dining rooms.

Blair dining table w laminate top

Blair Dining Table w/ Laminate Top

Laminate top dining table 5

Scandinavian style dining wood. Using, as always (ok, "as usually") natural wood and clean lines. SImple backless stools gather around X base table with oval laminate top. The pendant light brings some uniqueness, looking like creased white paper.

Laminate top dining table 1

Chic Scandinavian Teak Table with Durable Black Laminate Top | From a unique collection of antique and modern dining room tables at

Laminate top kitchen tables

Handy tutorial on how to make your own DIY plastic laminate table top for a dining room table or even for patio furniture. Remember to file down the edges to create a slightly slanted, smooth surface around the top.

Laminate top dining table 15

With the durable, white laminate top and the oval shape for more convenience and an easier fit in any space this dining table will prove immensely well-fitted in any contemporary styled household.

Art vans home provenance round dining room set i just


Laminate top dining table 4

Comfortable dining set composed of laminate table and chairs. The rich java finish, flowing smoothly over the subtle curves, is beautifully complemented by the cappuccino upholstery creating a warm inviting design perfect for any home decor.

Zebrawood dining table one of my favourite wood species

Zebrawood Dining Table. (One of my favourite wood species)

Laminate dining room tables 1

Just take a look at this wonderful dining room design! A gorgeous, smooth wooden table with a set of matching simple benches. Bound to spice up the room with its unique, very rustic look. Perfect for a farmhouse!

Dining Table

Dining Table

45 60 inch rectangular laminate top dining table modern dining

... 45-60 Inch Rectangular Laminate Top Dining Table modern-dining-tables

Dining Table

Dining Table

Laminate dining room tables

A short DIY instruction on how to refresh a table with faux wood grain finish. This one has geometric legs and round top. Prepping (sanding, cleaning) is very important here before covering the whole with a coat of primer. And then: paint, of course.

Rooms sm 71 dining table natural oak dining table with

... rooms sm 71 dining table natural oak dining table with laminate top

Laminate kitchen tables

Laminate top dining table, perfect for contemporary dining rooms. Light-blue colour makes it cheerful and light, while the durable laminate ensures it’s going to survive the harsh conditions of a kitchen.

36'' Square Black Laminate Table Set with 4 Ladder Back Metal Chairs - Black

Elegant table set having heavy-duty metal frames finished in black. A table has a square laminated top, 1 sleek round column and an X-shaped base. Classic shape chairs have padded seats covered in black vinyl and laddered gently rounded backs.

Laminate top dining table 3

Four Table with Laminate Top by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell - would go with elbow chairs

Laminate top dining table 4

Frank Guille; #313 Laminated Beech and Warerite Dining Table for Kandya, 1955.

Scp compass table black with white laminate top

SCP Compass table- Black with white laminate top

Dining room 25 comely small dining room ideas modern layouts

dining room 25 comely small dining room ideas modern layouts ...

Laminate top dining table 12

Knoll ® Saarinen Dining Table $5,583 in white laminate top

Laminate top dining table 6

Modernica Cyclone Dining Tables With Laminate Top | Made in Los Angeles, CA

Flash Furniture 24 Inch X 42 Inch Rectangular Bar Table W/ Black Or Mahogany Reversible Laminate Top

Interesting contemporary bar table ideal for public use. Its frame with 2 round legs on 2-arm feet are finished in black. This table features a rectangular top which is reversible and finished in black on one side and in dark brown on the other.

Laminate top dining table 2

Enchanting with its laminated top, this dining set enchants with its cool, simplistic design, being a cool combination of the contemporary chic and industrial inspirations. Raw, natural countertop is mixed smoothly with metal base.

Dining table of walnut with bent laminate slats

Dining table of walnut with bent laminate slats

Laminate top kitchen tables 28

Classy approach to an office desk with a frame made out of vibrant cherry wood with a red tint and a laminate plastic top, which provides a smooth surface. Notice the slanted, filed edges which give the piece a nice finish.

Laminate top table

Cyclone Dining Table Laminate Top - Modernica

Flash Furniture 24 Inch Square Dining Table W/ Black Or Mahogany Reversible Laminate Top

Robust construction of solid materials, slender leg of round table with laminated mahogany top and interesting design create a unique whole. Perfect solution for any stylish interior in contemporary design.

Inch round dining table w black or mahogany reversible laminate

... Inch Round Dining Table W/ Black Or Mahogany Reversible Laminate Top