Dining Tables Base for Glass Top


Glass top dining tables have many great perks, but one that is especially fantastic is illuminated when you have a custom base to hold the glass aloft. Wood base glass top dining tables implement a clear table surface, and a myriad of classic and artistic wood supports bases. Form standard legs to gnarled tree trunk, these dining tables will add a warm feel to your dining space.

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Our Picks

A gilded, glam dining table base

A gilded, glam dining table base

Perfect for small spaces and larger ones alike, an atypical mixture of a pedestal and four-leg-base adds visual interest—especially when it’s coated in copper!

A metallic table base reflects light, making the fixture seem a lot lighter and airier than it might actually be. This can make small spaces feel larger—and, if you go for gold (or rose gold, or silver), the luxe-looking metal can also make your space feel more luxurious. 

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The abstract and artistic table base for glass top

The abstract and artistic table base for glass top

Want your home to look and feel modern and sculptural? A glass top table constitutes an excellent opportunity to enjoy a decorative, interesting base (as you’ll be able to see every angle!).

Go for an interesting, moulded, flowing piece—particularly if the rest of your room is made of mostly straight lines and hard corners. It’ll stand out in the best way possible. 

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A live edge, rustic, wooden base for glass dining table

A live edge, rustic, wooden base for glass dining table

Speaking of statements: You don’t have to go all in on artistic modernism to enjoy a table stand that wows. If you’re looking for a table base for your glass dining table that wows your guests and you have more of a farmhouse aesthetic, you’re in luck.

Using a driftwood-inspired base that has been oh-so-carefully sculpted to support your glass table seems at once whimsical and completely natural. It’ll be a showstopper for sure! 

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A glass table base that’s simple and streamlined

A glass table base that’s simple and streamlined

Perhaps you’re more interested in a sleek look that will go with anything—and withstand any number of upcoming trends. By selecting a metal column base with sloping curves and durable materials, you’re investing in a table base that will be truly timeless.

We especially love the stark black color, because it will pop under the glass and go with anything—but selecting a honey, mustard, or wood-colored base would add significant warmth to your room as well. 

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Boho metal table base for glass top

Boho metal table base for glass top

Lillian August

Ready to invest in your home’s cozy boho vibe? If so, it’s time to turn to light-toned metals and gentle curves. This style of four-legged table base is just different enough from a basic four-legged table to make a statement—but not so eclectic that it won’t feel at home with your other decor.

Pro tip? Assess the warmth or coolness of your room to pick a metal. If you have mostly warm tones such as pink, yellow, and taupe, you’ll want to stick with gold; if you have blues, greens, and grays, select a silver for the most cohesive look. 

$1019.99 $1365

A strong white wooden pedestal table base for glass top

A strong white wooden pedestal table base for glass top

Want a pedestal base that feels strong, secure, and different? A white wooden tower couldn’t be more stable, yet its calm color and simple curves make sure that this type of base doesn’t feel overly industrial or stark.

Because of the wideness of this type of base, this style choice does feel a little more modern—making it an excellent choice for a minimalist aesthetic. 

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Dining room table bases for glass tops

Dining room table bases for glass tops

Wrought Studio™

When you think of a stainless steel table base, you likely think of industrial worktops and shiny silver legs. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

With a more delicate basket base, you can enjoy a much more dainty vibe. Since you can effectively see all the way through the latticing on this type of base, it’s a good choice for smaller spaces: These bases visually don’t take up as much room! 

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The base for glass dining table with a footrest

The base for glass dining table with a footrest

BFM Seating

Whether you have kids, shorter legs, or taller-than-normal chairs, you know that there are times where dangling feet need a little bit of a rest. Purchasing a glass table pedestal that has built-in footrests can come in handy for relief at the end of a long day.

Selecting a classic table base in black stamped steel will provide many benefits, too—for example, it’ll hide any dirt well, which makes keeping it looking clean a breeze. 

$134.99 $154

A wire bistro glass dining table pedestal

A wire bistro glass dining table pedestal

Bend Goods

Ready to evoke the feel of a Parisian street side cafe in your own home? Choose a delicate wire piece in a pastel or statement color.

Having a table in a bright color uplifts an entire room—and makes decorating easy, because the focal point of your room is already front and center. With this one piece, you can lower the effort and budget of decorating the rest of your room—a win in our book. 


The traditional vintage pedestal of your dreams

The traditional vintage pedestal of your dreams

Want to go with a more antique vibe instead? No problem. Select a curved, baroque, single-leg pedestal, and your dining room will instantly feel more elevated and grounded.

A high-quality vintage piece can lend a story to your dining room, while the juxtaposition of old or aged wood with modern glass will bring an antique piece of furniture into the new millennium. 

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Dining Tables Base for Glass Top

Buying Guide

If you have seen or heard about this style of dining table, you might think it sounds like the perfect option for your home. As the name gives away, the table has a wooden base and an elegant glass top, providing a modern and sleek contrast between a solid sturdy wooden material and the lighter and more delicate glass. Here are some popular designs you might want to consider when shopping.

It's not as though there's just one type of wooden base that you'll see for dining tables, so let's look closer at some of the designs available.

  • Wigwam style: This consists of four slim yet sturdy oak wooden legs which join together at the top to create a wigwam style. The criss cross design is interesting and unique, particularly if you want to buy a feature dining table.
  • Chunky: Two large chunky pieces of pine wood cross over in an 'X' shape to create a modern chunky base for your glass table. The pieces are generally sloping and slightly curved in style to allow for maximum stability and style.
  • Driftwood: Straying away from the more conventional style of wooden base, the driftwood base is an interesting style consisting of multiple pieces of driftwood around 1-2 feet in length. The pieces are aligned so that the top of them can provide a solid flat base for any glass top. The driftwood may be organized in lines or wrapped and crossed around each other for a natural design.
  • Tree trunk: Another natural look for the wooden base is the tree trunk design. A wood such as araraquara is often used to create this effect, which looks like a glass table top positioned on a small tree trunk.
  • Weaved base: Made using a solid wooden base and then finished with the weave design, this style is modern and simple while being practical and beautiful. The glass top sits on top of the weaved 'basket' style base.

Once you've decided what type of base you want, it's type to look at the size and shape of the glass top that you may have for the dining table. There are many pre-designs you choose from, or some suppliers will allow you to request certain sizes and cuts of glass.

  • Hexagonal: A good choice for the driftwood base or tree trunk where you may feel like everything is not quite perfectly aligned. By choosing a glass table top with more edges, you'll avoid the clash between the chaotic driftwood and a sleek and defined table top.
  • Round: One of the most popular shapes to buy for a glass table top, this is perfectly circular in shape which allows for maximum flexibility of seating arrangements at the table. Circular tables are also more likely to fit into any part of the dining room, making it a versatile choice if you haven't quite made up your mind yet.
  • Square and rectangular: Ultra modern and with a defined shape, a rectangular glass table top suits a chunky base. They are normally around 3-4ft wide and 6ft long, although you will find various sizes available to suit your home.

Best Ideas

Dining Table

Dining Table

Design of this dining table will blend effortlessly with lots of decor schemes: it both enhances modern interiors and perfectly completes rustic ambiance. It has a spacious, rectangular top and extremely sturdy wooden base.

Conceptual cypress wood dining table base w glass top

Conceptual cypress wood dining table base w glass top

With this exquisite table you won't have to worry about your dining room's appearance, anymore. Its handcrafted, cypress wood base is, simply, marvelous in its design, holding a rectangle top made of clear glass.

Dooces Heather Armstrong Arteriors Home Gwenieve Coffee Table

Dooces Heather Armstrong Arteriors Home Gwenieve Coffee Table

Thanks to this geometric coffee table, you'll be able to stun all of your guests. The table is consisted of an intricate wood base that holds a round, clear glass top. It's a perfect fit for contemporary living rooms.

Float Dining Table

Float Dining Table

Characterized by an intricate design and durable usage, this dining table is going to serve you well for a long time. Its pedestal base is crafted of unevenly twisted driftwood, holding a sturdy top made of white plexi-glass.

Pedestal table base for glass top

A great piece for contemporary homes, this beautiful table is going to make your dining room much more appealing. Its X-shaped frame is crafted of solid acacia wood, while the rectangle top is made of clear glass.

Dining table bases for glass tops

With such a lovely piece as this dining table, your home decor is going to take on more of unique appearance. Its decorative base is crafted of driftwood, presenting truly uncommon shapes, while holding a round top made of clear glass.

Wood base glass top dining table 1

An attractive modern dining table for 4 persons. Its rectangular top is made of transparent tempered glass. The table features an unusual base built of 2 huge and thick angular gently curved X-crossed pieces of wood in brown tones.

Glass table bases

A gorgeous dining table with geometrical design and modern lines, perfect for contemporary dining rooms and kitchens. It features a wooden frame with intricate legs and thick tabletop with a smooth polish.

Pedestal for glass table

When you decide on a round glass top wood dining table - you decide on a good style. The success of this project is the base inspired by the true structure of the tree and its bark. It is based on the round, smaller metal form with a chrome finish.

Dining room table base ideas

Tasteful and sophisticated, this dining table is more than suitable for enhancing modern decor. Its intricate frame is crafted from sturdy wood and covered in a walnut finish. It holds 1 rectangle tabletop, made of clear glass.

Plano Dining Table and Side Chairs by Homelegance in Dark Espresso

Finished in dark espresso, this dining set constitutes a fabulous looking proposition for all classic interiors. Adding refinement and elegance, the set includes a solid table with glazed top and V-shaped legs and 6 side chairs.

Table base for glass top

Dining table for living room, dining room and more. It is mounted on wooden base and fitted with rectangular top. It has 6 seating capacity. Classic form and unique design.

Contemporary table base for glass top

Simplistic in its form, yet very solid and elegant, this wooden table with a glass top constitutes a great proposition for one's contemporary decor. Designed to accommodate 6 people.

Metal glass dining table set

Glass top dining table - rectangular, optically light, yet solid and full of light. The frame and the base of light wood add to its solidity. However, the advantages of this furniture do not end with aesthetic qualities.

Bering Dining Table and Side Chairs by Home Elegance in Dark Espresso

Wood base glass top dining table 2

An elegant addition for contemporary and modern interiors. With this fashionable dining table, you are getting a round glass top, and a geometric base with wide spread legs, crafted from sturdy wood.

Table bases for glass top

Crafted of solid wood and covered in a natural finish, this pedestal base is designed for dining tables. It's woodworking is very eye-catchy, and it's, especially, a good choice for clear glass, round tabletops.

Glass table stand

Available in 3 sizes with 3 glass shades and 3 tones of wood, this fantastic Knar Rectangular dining table is a great example of contemporary design. It combines wood and glass, creating a solid, yet minimalistic appeal.

Glass dining table base

An elegant addition for contemporary dining rooms, this lovely table boasts of its intricate design. It has a wooden base with a walnut finish and brass hardware, and holds a rectangle top with beveled edges, made of 15 mm clear glass.

Designer glass top dining tables with flower on it plus

Designer Glass Top Dining Tables With Flower On It Plus Dark Wood Base ...

1950 italian dining table wooden base 11


Dining table stand

Modern Glass Top Coffee and Dining Tables with Colored Bases

Glass top table base

As they said - beauty lies in simplicity and this table is a proof, that modern, minimalistic decor can be unique and beautiful! This table has solid kickstand made of three wooden picture frames. Desktop is covered with glass.

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