Round Glass Top Dining Table Wood Base


If you have a wood base for your dining table that must be seen, but making people look under the tabletop seems a little cheeky, then we suggest a round glass top dining table with the wood base. The tables are easy to clean, and you can see everything below including that incredibly intricate wood base you put a lot of effort into finding. It is a definite conversation starter, and we have plenty of these in our collection.

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Our Picks

Monarch Dark Espresso Olympic Ring Base 48 In Glass Top Round Dining Table Modern Dining Tables

Monarch Dark Espresso Olympic Ring Base 48 In Glass Top Round Dining Table Modern Dining Tables

Modern dining table with round glass top. Wooden base consists of two crossed circles. It has 4 seating capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Round glass top dining table wood base 3

Round dining table with glass top. Wooden base is reinforced with the support ring. It has 4 seating capacity. Suitable for living room, dining room and others interiors according to taste and need.

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Driftwood table base

A fashionable and durable improvement, designed for contemporary interiors. The dining table features a massive, pedestal base in a black finish, which ensures proper stability of the whole piece. The top is round and made of clear glass.

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Contemporary cross legs 60 glass top round dining table

Contemporary cross legs 60 glass top round dining table

This contemporary coffee table design, based on a wooden cross-frame, with round glass top, is a simple construction ideal for many types of décor. Will be perfect as a dining room or living room table.

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Round glass top dining table wood base 1

This extravagant yet highly impressive coffee table, based on natural wood and glass topping, is a beautiful combination that will bring nature magic into the interior. Nice details delight, and simplicity will perfectly suit every decor.

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Glass top dining table design idea with unique chocolate base

Glass Top Dining Table Design Idea with Unique Chocolate Base ...

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Round top glass dining tables

These legs are, for a reason, arranged like an hourglass - extended at the top, squeezed in the middle and again expanding downwards. Beechwood finished in a dark color supports a glass round top of the dining table with a cappuccino wood base.

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Glass top dining table round

An elegant addition for brightening up contemporary dining rooms, this fine set consists of 1 dining table and 3 dining chairs. The table has a round, clear glass top that rests on an intricate, wood frame. The wooden chairs have flared rear legs, and flat cushions embedded in the seat and back.

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Home dining room kitchen table crown mark medford round table

Home > Dining Room > Kitchen Table > Crown Mark Medford Round Table

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Pedestal for glass table

When you decide on a round glass top wood dining table - you decide on a good style. The success of this project is the base inspired by the true structure of the tree and its bark. It is based on the round, smaller metal form with a chrome finish.

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Round Glass Top Dining Table Wood Base

Buying Guide

A round glass top dining table with a wooden base seats up to about four people, but its capacity can easily go up to 10 people for tables over 66”. Regardless of its size, a round dining table with a glass top makes for the perfect addition to a home as its beauty makes dining feel a lot more special. To help you choose the right table for your space, consider the factors that are listed below.

When it comes to a dining table with a glass top, you have to choose between different options for the color, thickness, polish, and finish of the glass. The polish, of course, will depend on your personal preferences. However, you should really consider a pencil edge or beveled polishes as they add more elegance and sophistication to a table and make it fit for a classy dining room.

For the finish, a tempered glass is one of your best options especially if you want a table that can withstand heavy daily use. The thickness, on the other hand, determines a table’s weight and quality. A thick glass is great for a table that will see heavy use. If you want a refined, delicate look, opt for a thinner glass.

Most people worry about the safety of glass dining tables especially when kids are around the house. But, you should know that the safety and durability of glass dining tables are the same as any other kind of dining table.

However, if you want the safest option, get the dining table that makes use of a tempered glass top. This type of glass is resistant to knocks and impacts. It is very unlikely for the material to break. In the event that it does, it will just break into cubes instead of shatter into pointy pieces. If you want to ensure the safety of your table further as like most homeowners with kids, get the table with a glass top that has been set within the frame as it’s more secure and stable compared to a glass top that's mounted on top of a wooden base.

You might think it’d take so much work to maintain and care for a round glass top dining table with a wooden base, but that’s not necessarily true. Just like we already mentioned, a glass top that’s made of a tempered material is quite naturally heat and scratch resistant.

To be safe, of course, you shouldn’t place items that are straight from the oven or stove directly on your glass top. Instead, use a trivet. If you’re worried that small scratches might appear and take out the aesthetic impact of the room, you’d be happy to know that a glass top can easily be cleaned using a window or glass cleaner. Just a simple wipe down will already give the material a stunning streak-free finish. You can also use a damp microfiber cloth to wipe the surface down, but dry the table after to avoid streaks.

Best Ideas

Accent Snack Sofa End Chair Side Table Stand Round Glass Top Cappuccino Base

Accent Snack Sofa End Chair Side Table Stand Round Glass Top Cappuccino Base

Small sofa end table that features a round top made of glass for solidity and attractive style. Its durable base includes three solid legs in a very stylish cappuccino finish. Three curved legs provide stability.

This round glass top dining table wood base price wood

this Round Glass Top Dining Table Wood Base Price Wood Base Glass Top ...

Round glass pedestal table

Choose the perfect combination of the classic elegance and modern practical use with this dining table that sports the glass top and combines it beautifully with the stunning, carved base made from the white wood.

Round dining table glass top

This Luxo Bennett dining table enchants with its steel frame and glass top combination. Along with blossoming wood panels, it creates a stylish proposition for a contemporary dining room.

Driftwood dining tables with glass tops

Opt for modern elegance with this dining room set that consists of four chairs with ample, wide back structured and a round table, sporting the glass top and a contrasting black frame to match the grey upholsteries of the chairs beautifully.

Driftwood table bases

This round glass dining table enchants with its beveled, wooden legs, forming a characteristic V-shape. Along with its glazed top, it consitutes luxurious proposition for contemporary dining rooms.

Side Tables

Side Tables

Old-fashioned, antique design for a small round end table with a glass surface, which gives a moody contemporary detail to the piece. The frame of the end table is made out of curved wrought iron, which gives it a unique look.

Side Tables

Side Tables

An attractive modern end table crafted of red finished metal. It features an openwork cylindrical base composed of a circular foot, a ring under a top and several vertical interlaced ovals. Its top is round.



Tactile and fascinating - these wooden based table lamps constitute an eye-catching accent wherever they appear. Their square shades are juxtaposed with their round gears, resulting in a remarkably successful mix of shapes.

Edison trouble light desk lamp vertical

Edison trouble light desk lamp vertical

Interesting and creative DIY design for an industrial, homemade desk lamp with a vertical shape, made out of old water pipes and a reclaimed wood base. The caged, wire shade made out of metal provides a great finish.

60 inch round glass top dining table

A fine addition for contemporary and modern living rooms, this eye-catchy table boasts of a striking appearance and intricate design. The round top is made of clear glass that rests on a geometric base, finished in espresso.

Glass table base ideas

This luna reclaimed wood pedestal table from enchants with its designer silhouette and the combination of cool, vintage, wooden base with a modern glass top. A perfect dining table for a small family.

Round pedestal glass top dining table

Sporting a simply sublime base this dining table will become the finest solution for when you simply can't help but opt for a lavish addition to the decor. It comes with a simple glass top to accentuate the design even more.

Glass table with driftwood base

With its geometrical frame and intricate design, this dining table can be a quite eye-catchy choice. Its wooden base is made of sturdy wood and holds a crafted of clear glass, round top.