Glass Top Dining Tables With Wood Base

There is only one word for these glass top dining tables with wood bases, and that is unique. WIth models boasting rustic wood sculpting, artistic designs, and even regular wooden legs, you will appreciate having one of these lovely tables in your home. And the glass showcases the base, giving you a conversation piece for any friendly dinner. Take a look and see what we mean.

Best Products

Eleta Solid Wood Dining Table

Eleta Solid Wood Dining Table
This dining room table exudes class, sophistication, and simplicity. Perfect for small and large gatherings, thanks to the 78” x 48” oval design, this table features a unique curved X-shaped pedestal base made from solid wood and finished in a chic champagne color.

Batie Pedestal Dining Table

Batie Pedestal Dining Table
With a matte walnut finish topped with glass, this table brings an air of elegance to your home. The gorgeous pedestal base is crafted from solid poplar wood with birch veneers and features ornately carved feet and diamond-patterned details. The 30” tabletop can accommodate four people, making it ideal for intimate gatherings with friends.

Shirehampton Dining Table

Shirehampton Dining Table
Inspired by innovative mid-century design, this table features a tempered glass top that rests upon two bases made of interlinked wooden rings. The base is made from solid walnut, while the glass table top features beveled edges for a final finishing flourish on an already stunning statement dining table.

Faust Dining Table

Faust Dining Table
For a bold statement piece for your modern home, this contemporary dining table delivers. The 12mm thick tempered glass tabletop measures 59” long, allowing you to comfortably seat up to six people. The curved X-shaped pedestal base is crafted from solid wood and MDF with a high-gloss black finish that complements the reflective glass top.

Marion rectangular glass top dining table

Marion rectangular glass top dining table
An interesting and attractive solution in dining rooms. This is a high quality table with a solid pedestal base made of wood. The top is constructed of a 375 inches thick, solid and good looking glass.


A round sienna dining table where all the family can sit. Inspired by large Italian families - hence its functional execution and removable panels. Made in mahogany wood and it is finished in a warm chestnut.

Jensen Dining Table

Jensen Dining Table
This kind of table is very simple, but it looks stylish in many interior designs. It is a dining table with a solid wooden frame and a clear glass top. Its size is 75.8"w x 36"d x 30.5"h and it seats up to six people.

Our advice Buying Guide

Nothing can be more elegant than a glass top dining table with a wood base. The wood can provide a base, or it can be used as a rim to frame the glass. The glass used as tabletops is exceptionally thick and strong, but some precautions should be taken to preserve the beauty of your glass table top. Most are simple common sense, but as the saying goes, sense is rarely common or simple.

How to care for glass top dining tables?

Here are some suggestions for good care of any glass topped table:

  • Avoid slamming or bumping the table when moving it or placing things on it.
  • Use coasters or mats under any containers. This will prevent scratches and help prevent spills that can cause a need for extra cleaning.
  • Avoid placing containers that are extremely hot or extremely cold on the glass surface. Modern glass might have preventative measures, but older glass might be susceptible.
  • Use the same cleaning techniques that you might use for window glass or glass mirrors. Avoid strong chemicals – warm water will clean most glass tables adequately. If something a little stronger is needed, test a little of the table with some white vinegar. If there’s no reaction, you can use a vinegar and water solution for extra cleaning strength.
  • Use a soft cloth to clean the table top.
  • Clean any lint or extra dust by using crumpled newspaper or plain, brown paper towels.
  • When moving your glass table, cushion it in quilts or heavy blankets. If possible, place the glass flat with nothing under or over it. If it must be stood on edge, placing it between mattresses can help protect the glass.

What are the different designs of glass top dining tables with a wooden base?

There are many styles of glass-topped tables that can complement your home decorating theme.

  • A glass table top over a graceful brown Y, braced with white. The effect is spare and beautiful. Dark wood ladder frame base shows through the glass – it could be real mahogany, or a lesser wood stained to resemble mahogany or walnut.
  • A shadow box support – great for miniature landscapes or similar items.
  • Kidney-shaped glass over polished driftwood supports for an extraordinary organic effect.
  • A simple rectangle of glass over a polished wood sawhorse.
  • Framed glass with wood, with matching supports
  • A simple round of glass on a pedestal support, with matching wicker chairs around it.

Vary the theme with a polished slab of vertically sawn wood placed on rectangles of glass as legs, or glass legs with a top of finished barn wood.

Glass and wood go together beautifully, in many combinations. Glass top dining tables with a wood base can go with almost any sort of décor. Wood comes in so many different colors, shapes, and configurations, there’s no limit to the variety of ways it can be used. Glass can also come in many shapes, colors, clear or frosted that beautifully blend with wood.



Jensen Dining Table

Jensen Dining Table
A quite large dining room ideal for typical families. It seats up to six people. This dining table has got a frame and legs made of solid walnut wood and its top is made of clear glass. The product measures 75.8"w x 36"d x 30.5"h.

Global Furniture Usa Jordan Dining Table

Global Furniture Usa Jordan Dining Table
Rectangular dining table featuring modern design and sturdy, durable construction. The design adds freshness and innovativeness to any interior. Additionally, the top provides a lot of space for many people.

Glass Bottles With Wood Stoppers

Glass Bottles With Wood Stoppers
A dining table with a glass top has as many supporters as opponents. Undoubtedly, this table with a wooden ash base with a simple modern style, thanks to a glass rectangular tabletop illuminates the room and increases it visually.

Thatcher Extendable Dining Table

Thatcher Extendable Dining Table
Dining table which can accommodate many guests near it and will serve for many long years thanks to poplar solids and quartered white oak veneers. It was finished in very beautiful dark espresso color.

Glass top dining tables with wood base 2

Glass Top Dining Tables With Wood Base

Wood base glass top dining table 7

Modernize your dinette with this dining table. It features the rectangular top made of glass and wooden base with extraordinary shape. It fits for six plates and six chairs with wooden classic style.

Dining table ideas with glass top beautiful rectangle dining table

Dining Table Ideas With Glass Top : Beautiful Rectangle Dining Table ...

Glass top dining tables with wood base

Invite some nature to your house with this unique tree root table. Glass top gives it a modern vibe, underlining the rustic character of the tree root. Large footprint makes sure it is stable and trustworthy.

Glass top dining tables with wood base

A good choice for contemporary interiors, this solid wood table is going to serve you well for many years to come. The sturdy frame is consisted of a horizontal ladder-like design, while resting on four thick legs. The top is rectangular, and made of clear glass, enhancing your dining room with stylish flares.

Glass top dining tables with wood base

Dining table in modern form. Wooden base is fitted with glass top. It has 10 seating capacity. Tasteful and functional accent for the living room, dining room and others interiors according to taste.

Glass top dining room tables wood bases

Glass Top Dining Room Tables Wood Bases

Glass dining table

This stunning dining table offers a construction out of durable and beautiful wood and glass on the top to ensure an original visual appeal and to create an aura of more space thanks to the transparent look.

Glass top dining tables with wood base 10

Set of unique, modern set intended to living room. It is composed of table with glazed desktop and wooden base in fancy shape, four chairs and bench. Both chairs and bench has wooden frame, metal back and seat covered with slim-line cushion.

Wood table with glass top

Large dining table with rectangular glass top sitting gracefully on a chunky wooden X base. High end style with downright contemporary influences is in fact pretty versatile, fitting for both formal and casual interiors.

Glass top dining tables with wood base 1

Modern dining table for 6 persons. Its amazing base consists of intertwined wide squarish frames which rest on a rectangular foot with a central elevation and a U-shaped support. A rectangular top of clear tempered glass has rounded shorter edges.

Dining table base wood

Dining table with a very solid wooden construction in a nice espresso finish. Its base includes round decorative accents and a round base that improves stability. Classic round top is made of durable and attractive glass.

Dining table design glass top

Elegant setup for an avant-garde dining room with a variety of styles mixed. The rustic dining table made out of a carved-out log contrasts with the set of clear, plastic dining chairs, all finished with an antique chandelier above.

Glass top dining table round

Round Glass Top Dining Table, Dining Table, Tables

Glass top dining tables with wood base 8

The wooden base of this elegant dining stool with glass top is a perfect, beautiful composition ideal for any stylish interior. Beautifully trimmed legs and an attractive framing border fascinates. Perfect furniture for stylish interiors.

Mesmerizing glass top dining table wood base with mahogany wood

Mesmerizing Glass Top Dining Table Wood Base With Mahogany Wood Large ...

72 newport glass cappuccino dining table set

72" Newport Glass Cappuccino Dining Table Set

55 glass top dining tables with original bases 8

55 Glass Top Dining Tables With Original Bases

Sienna dining table 1

Elegant modern pedestal table standing firmly on substantial wooden column, chamfered for style. Sheen espresso brown finish was a chic choice here, of this I am sure. Round top promotes intimate family meetings.

Glass top dining table wood base

The wooden structure of the solid base of this beautiful, modern dining table has been effectively finished with a glass top. The simple form is modern and exceptionally stylish, giving the decor a unique character.

Glass top dining tables with wood base 9

The wooden base of this impressive table with glass top is fascinating in detail. The Beautiful shelf underneath has been effectively done so that all furniture is unique. Ideal solution for the contemporary dining room.

Rectangular glass top dining table

Add this beautiful accent into your home, and choose the dining table with is hand crafted from the driftwood. The glass top and sculptural base makes the unique piece of furniture.

Unusual glass dining tables

Wood and glass always create the perfect combinations, as is the example of this table. A solid base in design style and a spacious glass countertop is a great piece of furniture for a large living room.

Dining tables with glass and wood

This amazing coffee table features a solid, rectangular top made of glass. Its lower part features an original, natural-looking base made of salvaged wood. The whole construction increases aesthetics and uniqueness of any stylization.

Wood dining table bases

Dining table in rustic style. It is mounted on iron base and finished with interesting pattern. Top is made of wood and covered with clear glass. It has 6 to 8 seating capacity. Elegant piece of furniture for each home.

Marion rectangular glass top dining table 1

Marion Rectangular Glass Top Dining Table

55 glass top dining tables with original bases 11

55 Glass Top Dining Tables With Original Bases

Furniture magnificent glass top dining table wood base with white

Furniture,Magnificent Glass Top Dining Table Wood Base With White ...

Furniture amazing design of a glass top wood base dining

Furniture, Amazing Design Of A Glass Top Wood Base Dining Table With ...

Dunhill Dining Table Base

Dunhill Dining Table Base

Bering Dining Table and Side Chairs by Home Elegance in Dark Espresso

Wooden base for glass dining table

An original table with a durable wooden construction finished in white color. Its top is styled on old doors. They are covered with solid and attractive glass. White finish of this table matches almost any decor.

Rustic wood and metal dining table

... Round Wood Dining Table Pedestal Base, Bases For Dining Tables, Glass

Glass top dining tables with wood base 574


9pcs Walnut Counter Height Dining Table with Lazy Susan & 8 Stools Set

This super stylish and intriguing dining table with stools would be a perfect option for every elegant dining room. Check it out now and enjoy an incredible design and functionality in your own house!

Design glass table

Chapa Metal Base Dining Table Dining table made with large planks of textured reclaimed wood, combined with a steel base in weathered metal finish and glass top. Salvaged wood types include Peroba, Vinhatico, Tamburiuva, Jatoba, and Mango. Dimension

Unique table bases for glass tops

Kitchen table base simple yet beautiful. With wood top and heavier metal tubing. Love this.

Glass design table

Halo Ebony Dining Table with 60" Glass Top. Would look good with glossy black chairs

Jensen dining table 4

Jensen Dining Table