Clear Glass Dining Table


A clear glass dining table offers you the luxury of a medium that's easy to clean. They are attractive and fit well into any modern home. And if you have a decorative base or something artistic that supports the glass, being able to see it as half the fun. So, if you are looking for a new dining table option, one of these sturdy and lovely cleared glass dining tables are here for you.

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In the haute seat

In the haute seat

The so-called "ghost chairs", made from transparent acryl are a stylish addition, wherever they appear. They match perfectly contemporary decor, full of glazed surfaces.

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Clear glass dining table

A striking modern dining set for 6 persons. A table of clear tempered glass has a rectangular top and 4 upturned L-shaped angular legs joined by a rectangular frame-stretcher. Chairs have bases of thin metal tubes and unified clear acrylic shells.

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Clear acrylic dining table

Probably it's kind a pain in the neck to keep this table immaculately clean, but it's impressive, I can't deny that. Metal (steel?) frame and clear glass top (only glass. No other material here). Hope the glass is tempered!

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Industrial Pendant Glass

Industrial Pendant Glass

This pendant is an element that brings the attractive simplicity and industrial style into the house. The product is made of clear glass that is resistant to damage and looks very interesting. The hardware is made of plated metal with antique-bronze finish.

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Lucite chairs

Modern dining table mounted on pedestal base. Round top is made of clear glass. It has 6 seating capacity. Stylish accent for the living room, dining room and more.

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Swivel clear glass dining table


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Glass and chrome dining table

Stylish chair with carefully profiled seat made of transparent plastic. Base is made of metal with chrome finish. Great as dining chair or additional place to sit in all kinds of interior.

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Matrix extending dining table with tempered clear glass top

... Matrix Extending Dining Table with Tempered Clear Glass Top

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Glass table with white leather chairs

Glass tables have been very popular for many seasons. Once again, they are also chosen for the dining room - just like the presented one, with a square shape. White glass dining table is finished with chrome-plated frame and legs.

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Poker-90 Dining Table

Poker-90 Dining Table

Modern poker table that can easily be changed at a dining table. The semi-transparent glass top is decorated with translucent glass squares. It blend well with wooden construcion. Deck is extendable and the table can accommodate from 4 to 6 people.

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Clear Glass Dining Table

Buying Guide

A clear glass dining table can be round, rectangular or oblong. But it has much more than the shape of its top to bring to the decor of your home.

A clear glass dining table is a decorating asset because it:

  • Makes a room seem larger
  • Goes well with many decors, including vintage, traditional, modern and contemporary
  • Gives the base of the table and the rug underneath it a chance to shine
  • Cleans easily and is not stained by food or wine

Measure the length and width of the area you want the table to be in, and then subtract six feet from each measurement to get the right size for your dining room. Make sure to allow at least three feet of space on all sides the table. For each chair you place at the table there should be at least 22 to 24 inches between them, and larger chairs require more space. Round tables are a good fit for smaller rooms that have square dining areas.

Seating at round tables is more flexible than that at rectangular tables because only one person can be seated at either end of a rectangular table. The placement of the legs also limits seating around it. When conversation is a priority, a square or round table allows people to communicate more easily.

A table that is 4 feet x 3 feet can usually seat up to four people. If you have limited space, look for one that has an extension.

For safety’s sake, a glass table should have a tempered glass top, which means that if it breaks, the glass will not shatter into small pieces. Tempered glass also resists heat and scratches.

One example of letting the beauty of the legs of a dining table shine through happens in a table with a round top set on X-shaped, dark brown legs. Its size also makes it perfect for an intimate dinner for two.

Another clear glass table for two with a round top has an engaging corkscrew, fan-like base in green. It’s stabilized on a transparent and circular leg piece that is attached to barely noticeable round feet. Yet another very unusual base is found in a clear glass table with a metallic silver circular base with open, silver-colored rings that alternately have a shiny or brushed finish.

Best Ideas

Schoolhouse lighting with 10 clear

Schoolhouse lighting with 10 clear

A pretty traditional lampshade for ceiling lamps. It's manufactured of clear glass. It resembles a round bowl with an upturned soup plate-like lid and a slightly convex bottom part and accommodates 1 large bulb.

Beckett dark walnut buffet

Beckett dark walnut buffet

This buffet was designed to expand the storage area in the dining room. This brown, wooden buffet furniture provides not only a large space for dining equipment, but it also looks very attractive and creates interesting compositions with other types of dining furniture.

Globe Pendant

Globe Pendant

This lamp looks very stylish in any type of interior design. It has got a nickel-plated metal base that is solid and very attractive. It also has got a clear glass globe, so it is able to provide an appropriate level of pure light.

Lucite round dining table

TORSBY/TOBIAS Table and 4 chairs IKEA The table top made of tempered glass is easy to clean and more durable than ordinary glass.

Clear glass dining table

This glass dining table is a truly stunning piece, worthy of any elegantly styled dining room. It sports the beautifully accentuated top with the smaller rectangle of glass in the middle and is sure to catch everyone's eye.

Swivel kitchen chairs

Rectangular dining table with glass top. Metal base is reinforced with solid supports. It has 8 seating capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Traditional form and modern design.

Clear glass dining table and chairs

translucent table and chairs for a small space free up sight lines expanding the visual space

Clear glass dining table with shelf 4 chairs set


42 round glass top dining table sets

This charming and uniquely stylish round table with the glass top to a beautiful piece of furniture for every living room. Beautiful subfloor made of wood creates a subtle top with a perfect whole.

Clear plastic console table

Wisteria - wonderful clear desk that disappears in small spaces, but looks great and is functions beautifully

Massimo extending glass dining table 160 240cm

Massimo Extending Glass Dining Table (160-240cm)

Ghost table and chairs

I love glass tables. They make a room sparkle and gives a greater feeling of space. This glass dining room table seems to support the feeling of light in this white monochromatic room designed and furnished by Tui Lifestyle

Round clear glass modern dining table

Round Clear Glass Modern Dining Table

Glass top round kitchen table sets

A clear appearance of this gorgeous dining table boasts of contemporary elegance and geometric design. The round top is made of clear glass, and it rests on a natural wood base with spread legs for stability.