Octagon Kitchen Table

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For the family of eight that prefers to be in the eyeline of everyone at the table, your family needs an octagon kitchen table. Made of the finest quality wood, stained to suit your home, and the right size for any dining space, serve your family up a wonderful meal and revel in the bliss of how these octagon kitchen tables improve your dining experience.

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Updated 20/04/2021
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Octagon dining table

Just look what you can accomplish with two identical, mid-century desks! A breathtaking, hexagonal dinner table that fits perfectly with the traditional chairs and the wooden floor. Simply amazing!

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Vinasville Dining Table

Vinasville Dining Table

Classy and unique arrangable dining table with bar shaped tubular metal in elegant dark bronze color finish. Table top is accented with bands of inlaid slate tiles. Thanks to glued, blocked and stapled corners, the piece is sturdy and durable.

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Octagon kitchen table 3

Connecting kitchen and living room in one interior is very up-to-date. There is set of furniture, composed of four blanched chairs with material seats and wooden octagonal table. It can be use to consume and prepare food.

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Octagon kitchen table 17

Based on crosswise legs, this wooden dining table catches the attention with its rare octagon shape. Carefully crafted, the construction is finished with bright wood, properly brushed and sanded to provide a long-lasting solidness and charming appeal.

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Octagonal dining table

No matter how much time you spend in the kitchen,dinner should be special. A good suggestion may be to add an antique octagon wooden kitchen table to your menu. Made of rosewood, has a hexagonal top and four hand-decorated legs.

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Kitchen table with storage cabinets

A charming corner that is characterized by an elegant dining table in an octagonal shape and a comfortable built-in bench with cushioned seats and storage drawers underneath. Must be great to sit there with a cup of tea an look outside the window.

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Hickory white octagonal dining table 890 14 transitional dining tables

Hickory White Octagonal Dining Table 890-14 transitional-dining-tables

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Octagon dining room table

This octagon kitchen table is so neat looking and quite a space saver. It features a sleek wooden top supported by white intricately carved legs. The octagon shape provides adequate seating for five or more people. The table’s white color will match your kitchen décor to the letter.

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Lonny magazine jan feb 2011 photography by patrick cline interior

Lonny Magazine Jan/Feb 2011 | Photography by Patrick Cline; Interior Design by Hilary Thomas

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Barnwood furniture rustic furnishings log bed cabin decor harvest tables

Barnwood Furniture, Rustic Furnishings, Log Bed, Cabin Decor, Harvest Tables, Mission Beds

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Octagon Kitchen Table

Buying Guide

Octagonal kitchen tables come with an incredible shape that’s perfect for small, cozy living spaces. They create an intimate ambiance better than any other table shape. In anyone’s home, a busy place is usually the dining or kitchen area.

That means the table ends up serving as the house’s hub. So, to ensure you purchase the right furniture that’s not just stunning, but also one that’s of great quality that it can stack up against everyday life’s rigors, keep on reading.

Color, when it comes to octagonal kitchen tables, is most certainly cool but beware of trendy hues as today’s trendy color might be the fashion fail of tomorrow. Choose wisely. We always advise homeowners to stick to classic colors like red, blue, and yellow if there really is a need to inject color within a kitchen or dining room.

The primary colors (the ones we’ve just mentioned) have staying power. The reason? It's because they’re unapologetically basic. As you know, red is a color that’s very popular especially in homes with an Asian theme. However, red also works in modern and minimalist homes.

Black is also great if you are not expecting the table to sustain wear and tear. Black octagonal kitchen tables are notorious for being tricky as the smallest scratch can easily be seen. However, if you’re careful, a black kitchen table with a geometric shape will be your cool option and will remain to be so.

You may fall madly and deeply in love with the table with an octagonal marble or metallic top. Don't be discouraged. Just think of how you can transport the table safely. For those who are always on the move, select the octagonal kitchen table that can be transported easily. You may be one of those people who hop from one apartment to another in just a short period of time. If so, then a heavy kitchen table will prove to be a big annoyance as it weighs you down every single time you move.

As you are better off with a lightweight table, a good material option for you is plywood as it’s both lightweight and durable. It can be flat-packed and then assembled when the need arises. A dining table that can be moved easily and packed quickly is gaining in popularity for the past years as more and more homeowners are loving the idea of the tiny house movement. What's more, this type of kitchen table works incredibly well in homes with contemporary Asian or modern Nordic style.

The most common octagonal kitchen table styles are the following:

  • Pedestal - This kitchen table style is designed in a way that the top is sitting on a base that’s at the center portion of the table rather than on four legs. Although it’s the most common style for roundtables, most octagonal kitchen tables that you’ll find online have a pedestal style.
  • Farmhouse - Hardy wooden farmhouse-styled kitchen tables are made using wood with rough-hewn tops that are often distressed or unfinished. The octagonal top rests on X-base legs or turned wood as legs. This table style is best for kitchens or dining rooms with a casual appeal as it fits shabby-chic, cottage-style, and industrial décor.

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Hillsdale Kingston Game Table in Black

If you're looking for a game table this one will surely catch your attention with the easy conversion from a dining table, just with the quick flip of the solid oak top. It is covered in felt on one side and sports a solid oak in cherry finish on the other.

Octagon shaped dining table

Love everything about this dining room design and the best part is there're DIY instructions for making the Industrial Geometric Dining Table | Man Made DIY

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