Distressed Wood Kitchen Tables

Distressed wood doesn't sound like a great aesthetic choice, but it is quite a fetching addition if you want a rustic theme. Made from petrified wood, and having a very drift wood appearance, these distressed wood kitchen tables will take your dining space to the beach, as if eating on the surf line. Take a look and see what we mean and what is available.

Best Products

Elodie Dining Table

Elodie Dining Table
It is a dining table that has got a white finish and it is made of reclaimed pine. This table is classy and gorgeous and perfect for elegant and bright dining room area. You will be impressed how beautiful this table is.

Valerie Dining Table

Valerie Dining Table
This beautiful, rustic table has been made of solid wood and will greatly complement your traditional decor. The table can seat up to 6 people, is easy to clean and maintain and has been finished in non toxic materials.

Harbor Dining Table

Harbor Dining Table
This beautiful dining table is an extraordinary performance and wide application. Beautiful styling in a rustic atmosphere makes every interior will become cozy character. Also perfect for the kitchen or living room.

British Isles Leg Table

British Isles Leg Table
Chic traditional table for 6 persons. It's crafted of solid wood and features a dual-tone finish. An oval top with an extendable leaf design is lighter brown. An apron and turned legs are finished in darker brown.

Distressed wood kitchen tables

This is the best DIY dining table idea ever! Super simple! You can build your own table just like this one. Dressed wood, greyish dining table with white accents looks amazing in modern, artistic, even loft interiors. More 'wow' with white chairs!

Distressed kitchen table

A great example of a distressed farmhouse table, which will add the rustic charm and warmth to every dining or living room. Made from solid, polished wood, it constitutes a DIY masterpiece.

Rustic reclaimed wood distressed small 40 kitchen dining table

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Distressed Small 40" Kitchen Dining Table

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How to style with distressed wood tables?

To style with distressed wood kitchen tables, consider avoiding an overwhelming effect by pairing them with chairs in a solid color or finish. That way, they’ll create a pleasant contrast without resulting in a distressed-wood overload.

To reinforce this pleasant effect, you can consider adding a vase or centerpiece in the same color as your chairs.

How to maintain a distressed wood table?

Distressed wood kitchen tables bring warmth and a rustic charm into your kitchen, but they need gentle cleaning and care to last you for years to come. As part of your regular maintenance, dust the table with a soft cloth or vacuum with a brush attachment.

Next, dilute a couple of drops of pH-neutral soap with 2 cups of warm water inside a container. Dip a microfiber cloth inside this solution and wring it dry before wiping the table. Thereafter, wipe down the table with a clean cloth that has been dipped in distilled water and wrung out.

Once the table is completely dry, apply a coat of microcrystalline wax using a brush or a cloth and allow to dry for 15 minutes. Buff the table with a dry microfiber cloth and use a soft brush to enhance the shine.

What chairs to choose for a distressed wood kitchen table?

Distressed wood kitchen tables lend themselves nicely to a farmhouse or industrial aesthetic. If you’re leaning towards a farmhouse look, opt for wooden chairs or a bench, as well. These wooden pieces of furniture can either be similarly distressed, in coordinating (or mismatching) shades of wood, or painted in a neutral or pastel color.

If you’d rather explore an industrial edge for your farmhouse table, great! Consider placing metallic chairs, such as aluminum or stainless ones, around your table. These will juxtapose nicely with your wood table. Having some cushions nearby wouldn’t hurt, if you decide to opt for this styling choice.


Distressed wood kitchen tables

This rustic set will enchant everyone, who enjoy the warmth and coziness of cottage style. A fully handmade, DIY project, added new bright to these distressed kitchen chairs.

Distressed wood kitchen tables

A wonderful idea for a DIY dining table. It features a simple, metal base and an extraordinary top created from old, wooden crates. The planks in various kinds of wood and shades are joined together in a random and spontaneous way.

Distressed wood kitchen tables

Expansive kitchen table designed for people with large spaces. The piece is made from wood and comes with a distressed, antique-inspired, stained finish customized with beautiful graffiti at the top. The table is quite large as well, enough to sit more than six people at a go.

Distressed wood kitchen tables 1

You don’t have to locate an old barn to simulate distressed barnwood. Instead, a trip to your builder’s store for wood and paint can create the weathered look of outdoor wood. This beautiful tabletop exhibits skill as well as natural woodgrain.

Distressed wood kitchen tables 10

This DIY wooden table brings the warmth of natural wood to your home. The secret to this beautiful finish is liming wax, which can be used in a variety of ways to finish or refurbish found materials giving them new beauty.

White distressed dining table

Made of wood functional and neat looking white distressed dining table would look perfect in any kitchen. It is an affordable option that would serve you well for a long time owing to its high durability level.

Redoing kitchen table

Rustic farmhouse huge interior table. I just can't belive how beautiful it is. It's super easy to do it yourself. Elegant curves and thick wood looks really cool when painted in mint colored coating.

Painted kitchen table ideas

This beautiful, vintage kitchen table enchants with its charming, rustic style, distressed wood and retro shape. A new stain/paint combo with a dark stained top and white painted pedestal and apron brings unique charm and coziness to the interior.

Redo kitchen table

Round dining table for living room, dining room and more. It is completely made of wood and is mounted on pedestal base. It has 4 seating capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Distressed white kitchen table

A stylish dining set that includes a white distressesd dining table for rustic indoors. This solid element of furniture is available with white chairs that provide back support thanks to their vertical elements.

Distressed wood kitchen tables

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Distressed wood kitchen tables 5

How to age wood, really good instructions

Distressed wood kitchen tables

Table redo - before & after. Seems easier than I thought. I can apply these same methods to our coffee table.

Kitchen table paint ideas

The stained wooden table for four. The dark grey color creates the vintage look. The legs are ornamented like the columns. Restored pieces of furniture fits the best to rustic interiors. The set contains also four chairs.

Steel top kitchen table 1

Wow, what a cozy rustic kitchen. I especially like the wooden kitchen island with substantial top. Classic brownn leather padded stools aren't bad either. Glass wrought iron lanterns serve as lighting fixtures.

Distressed kitchen tables

Dining table in rustic style. Construction is made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. It has 8 seating capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

New 8 Foot Dark Oak Wood Dining Table-New in the Box

Robust and perfectly symmetrical table with rich dark oak finish. Consruction is adjustable. You can add special end leaves and conveniently increase the number of seats at the table. Without extra leaves the table lenght fits 8 people.

Distressed wood kitchen table

A contemporary dining table that was distressed for a more natural look. It's clearly visible that the base of the table, which is original, is made of dark wood while the top is painted white with a weathered finish.

Rustic wood kitchen table

East Coast Creative: Farmhouse Table Remix {How to Build a Farmhouse Table}

How to make a wooden kitchen table

How to refinish furniture without stripping? This is the best way to refresh your old furniture. After refreshing this distressed wooden kitchen table looks simply fantastic. Just like you gave it its second life.

Seven rustic dining room tables to inspire you

Seven Rustic Dining Room Tables To Inspire You

Distressed wood kitchen tables 11

Farmhouse table refinished with black legs and tung-oil finished top. I could do this....

Distressed kitchen furniture

A hand-applied natural finish with gray distressing highlights the open wood grain on our dining table, resulting in an aged look. That will be stylish distressed wood renovated table for your kitchen. Asymmetrical boards, they form a coherent whole.

Ideas for painting a kitchen table

This kitchen island is an element that decorates kitchen indoors and makes it more practical. Its biggest advantage is its construction based on reclaimed wood. So this product assures stability and strength.

White distressed kitchen table

An interesting traditional kitchen table crafted of wood with a 2-tone finish. Its curved deer leg-like legs and wavy aprons have a creamy finish. A round top of wooden planks has a wide edge and features a distressed finish in brown tones.

Distressed wood kitchen tables 1

I used to have a table exactly like this. Got it when I lived in the city. Nice idea to feature an formerly unused space.

Distressed wood cabinet

Distressed Wood Cabinet

Distressed wood kitchen tables 9

How to age wood with paint and stain - Simply Swider

Home Styles 5519-30 The French Countryside Pedestal Table, Oak and Rubbed Black

This elegant pedestal table features stylish black base with rubber dinish and round, warm oak top. The distressed finish ensures the unique look of every piece. It is made of hardwood solids and durable engineered wood.

Country chic vintage industrial and coastal style furniture 30


Distressed wood kitchen tables

DIY Rustic Wood Coffee Table- Using Ikea Lack coffee table (would paint the black table)

Walnut round dining table

kitchen table make over - dk walnut stain on top and distressed provence paint on the bottom

Acres Dining Table

Acres Dining Table

Distressed Wood Cabinet with Cubbies & Drawers (Shabby Black)

Distressed wood kitchen tables

distressed painted wood farmhouse dining table

Distressed oval coffee table

Your country home decor will never look the same, anymore, if you choose this distressed trunk coffee table. Bathed in a two-tone finish, the table features 14 small drawers with black pull knobs, and a large top that can be used in various ways.

Distressed wood kitchen tables 6

How to Distressed Wood - doing this to my kitchen table. muhahaaahaa! ideas-for-the-nest

Extending kitchen table 9

red cabinet kitchen island | Red kitchen island #cultivateit #kitchen | Home

Antique white wood distressed painted coffee table antique distressed

antique white wood distressed painted coffee table Antique Distressed ...

Distressed wood on the base of the cupboard

Distressed wood on the base of the cupboard

Rustic reclaimed wood distressed small kitchen dining table

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Distressed Small Kitchen Dining Table

Rustic reclaimed wood distressed kitchen dining table

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Distressed Kitchen Dining Table ...

Oklahoma farmhouse mango wood distressed 41 kitchen

Oklahoma Farmhouse Mango Wood Distressed 41” Kitchen ...