Large Round Dining Table Seats 10

Like Arthur and his Knights, you will feel like an equal to everyone who sits at your large, round dining table that seats 10. Expandable, retractable or fixed in size, and with many wood types available, these gorgeous tables will inspire you to throw many gatherings, just so you can use it to its full potential. Check out the collection of large round dining tables and pick yours today.

Best Products

Palice Maple Solid Wood Dining Table

Palice Maple Solid Wood Dining Table
Whether you’re setting up for a small coffee date or having the whole family over, this table has you covered. Made from solid maple wood and available in a beautiful range of finishes, this table features an extension that seats up to 10 people and with its rustic yet polished style and pedestal base, it is the ideal choice for any transitional or country style dining room.

Extendable Solid Wood Dining Table

Extendable Solid Wood Dining Table
This grand pedestal style dining table adds a touch of opulence to your transitional dining space. The 59.25'' diameter solid acacia wood tabletop extends to accommodate 10 people using the built-in leaf. This makes it the ideal choice for homeowners who love to entertain regularly.

Otto Solid Wood Dining Table

Otto Solid Wood Dining Table
Combine art with function with this one of a kind handcrafted dining table. Made from genuine teak wood and tempered glass, this piece fits into any modern home and brings a sense of occasion and undeniable uniqueness to your space. The piece comes in four different sizes, with the largest size able to comfortably seat 10 people.

Eclipse Dining Table

Eclipse Dining Table
Chic and modern, this handsome and intricately designed table brings with it an air of luxury and creative flair. It is a perfect statement piece that will wow guests and create an elegant yet functional atmosphere complete with a beautifully designed lazy susan for passing dishes and drinks all while maintaining the utmost style.

Eolo Large Round Dining Table

Eolo Large Round Dining Table
This awesome dining table would be the perfect option for every stylish and modern living room or kitchen. Check it out and enjoy the highest functionality together with a fresh and intriguing design.

Round love seats

If you've got a big family and a lot of friends, you need this round huge table! It's in the Worm's Hilltop Restaurant near Shreveport, La. The wooden structure fits perfectly to rich decorated interior.

Round dining table seats 10 3

This amazing round dining table will easily seat up to ten people with its functional design, while taking up as little space as possible from your household. It sports a classy look that will work in any possible decor.

Our advice Buying Guide

King Arthur’s Round Table seated 150 knights and was a solution to seating equality. Even at family reunions, it is rare these days to need seating for more than ten. But your roundtable can follow a similar precedence, encouraging people to engage in conversation and to pass the bowls and platters for a family-style dinner.

A large table can also act as a craft center, a place to do homework, an area to fold laundry and a host of other homely tasks – although large, dirty projects should probably be discouraged. While it might seem as if it is a major consumer of space, adding storage seats and using it as a multi-purpose surface will quickly make the investment worthwhile.

How can you benefit from a large round dining table?

Not every family needs seats for ten. In this era of the average family size being 2.5 children, most people are looking at seating a maximum of five family members at their table. However, that family of mom, dad, and two or three kids might not fit your family, especially if you are a blended family, with children from more than two contributing parents. It doesn’t take long to add up a baseball team if one or both partners have former spouses and children with each.

Other people who might need a large table are people who entertain often, or who do a lot of craft work. Entertaining might include youth groups, sleepovers, or special interest groups such as book clubs, reenactors, table-top gamers (fantasy RP and regular board games) and many similar sorts of social groups. A large, pleasant dining area with a spacious table goes a long way toward getting everyone together in one spot.

Sewing crafts are notorious for requiring a lot of space, especially when making period costumes or toys. A large table gives a good surface for spreading out a cutting board. Large jigsaw puzzles are another activity that receives good benefit from a large table, allowing family dinner to be served on time without moving the puzzle.

What are some useful tips when buying a large round dining table?

  • Consider the reason you are purchasing the table, and features you would like to have. These can include having an expandable tabletop or a rotating pedestal at the center of the table.
  • The expanding top allows you to reduce your round tables footprint for those times when you don’t need to seat ten. Store the extension pieces carefully in a dry, secure area to prevent warping. With an expandable table, you can use it to comfortably seat your family or expand it to its full size for extended family gatherings or social groups.
  • The pedestal top is great for serving dinner family style, allowing dishes to be moved around to diners locations without lifting heavy containers.
  • Look for a table with a solid center support to which the tabletop fastens securely. This will enable placing the ten seats around the table without participants encountering a chair leg.


Big round tables

This extra large round dining table can accommodate up to 12 seats. Fine mahogany construction with high polish finish is of course beautiful, but it's the carved base with acanthus motifs that draws the attention here.

Extra large round dining room tables

Spice up your dining room with country accents, using this large dining table with a round top, and 12 complimenting seats. The top beautifully accentuates the roughness of the set, while the nicely-crafted chairs feature soft cushions for comfy sitting.

Round dining room table for 10

Awe-inspiring, traditional interior. Neutral colours give it a noble, elegant appeal, while the French dining chairs are great to break the sturdy vibe of that grand table. Classic chandelier provides more than enough illumination to make this room the highlight of that house.

Round table banquette

Rustic round table, functional and stylish chairs and rugged color scheme - in other words the essence of simplicity and minimalism. The whole looks extremely attractive and cozy. Wood and modern details blend perfectly here.

Round dining room table for 8

The first association -the story of the Knights of the Round Table appears. Even if there are no knights in your home - all household members will fit on a beautiful varnished, large round wooden dining table. An addition it has modern graphite seats for 10.

Round dining table seats 10 7

When you have the round table in your dining room, you could have a problem during the guests' visit. This table is folding for sure, but I don't know how to fill the gaps missing with the countertop...

Round dining tables for 8

Very large dining table with a durable construction based on solid wood. This piece of furniture offers a classic design with a round top. Ten chairs include solid backs with vertical elements. These chairs are comfortable and they assure stability.

Large round table

I'm strongly convinced that dark wood is the key to create uncomparably elegant dining room sporting flawless luxurious touch. Round table surrounded by upholstered chairs is the focal point here, and the dazzling chandelier draws attention to it.

Round dining table seats 10 2

A solid and stylish dining table with a round shape. Its kiln dried hardwood frame looks very interesting and includes a durable round base with some decorative elements. Its sandblasted finish looks very nice.

I like the idea of this table but not the

I like the idea of this table, but not the design. Can seat 10-12 people

Huge dining table

Spacious setup for a family dining room with a large, oversized dining table made in a round shape out of dark oak wood. The table is furnished with a set of the matching chairs, providing a lot of space for guests.

Elegant round dining table

Dining table with round top. Construction is made of wood. It has 10 seating capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Simple form and neutral design.

Big round dining table

large round dining table seats 10 6uzKRyOg

Large round dining table seats 12

This table features a very nice country stylization. Its large size allows for seating up to 10-12 people. The base of this wooden table includes solid walnut rope turned legs. This functional table also plays a decorative role.

Round dining table seats 10 1

Transform your dining room into a professional restaurant with this large dining table. The table has two tops, with one resting on the other. The pedestal base consists of 4 very thick legs, guarantying good stability of the whole.

Sierra Solid Wood 84 Inches Large Pedestal Rustic Round Dining Table For 10 People

Designed for 10 people, this large round Sierra table will be a great meeting point for the whole family. Its deep brown, densely grained wood fits perfectly well to all classic interiors. Its table top is supported on a contemporary column with four feet.

Round dining table seats 10 7

Suitable for large dining rooms, this round dining table is able to comfortably accommodate up to 10 guests, and is all made of wood with a distressed finish. The tabletop is well-polished, and is especially eye-catchy with a white tablecloth.

Table 7ft diameter round regency revival mahogany dining table to

table-7ft-diameter-round-regency-revival-mahogany-dining-table-to-seat ...

Dining table seats 10

Made from natural reclaimed wood, this rustic round dining table enchants with the riveted zinc top. The top is also pieced in quarters with a circle in the middle and galvanized nail head detailing.

Large round dining tables

Antique Style Large Round 10 Seat Walnut JUPE Dining Table Converts 64" to 84" | eBay

Jupe table large round walnut dining room table seats 6

jupe-table-large-round-walnut-dining-room-table-seats-6-10-people ...

Are round dining room tables a good idea

Are Round Dining Room Tables a Good Idea?

Oval dining table seats 12

Dining table mounted on pedestal base. Construction is made of wood. Round top has large usable surface. It has 10 to 12 seating capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Big dining table

Dining Room Tables | 50 Designs Made from Glass & Wood - large round dining room table seats 10

Large dining tables to seat 10

If you have spacious dining room and you often have guests, this large table will be very useful in your home. It has twelve chairs with three different upholsteries. Table has circle shape and is made of dark, elegant wood.

Round dining table seats 8

I saw a similar table in a model home. You couldn't tell though looking that it was expandable. It was also pedistel

Is a large round dining table seats 10 too big

Is A Large Round Dining Table Seats 10 Too Big For My Dining Room?

Large dining tables to seat 10

large round dining table seats 10 xTkkkU9c

10 person round table

This round to round table can be dressed up for formal settings or knocked down for casual themes.

Big round table

Dining Room. High Gloss Wooden Big Round Dining Table Combined With White Armchairs And Buffets

Round dining room tables for 10

large round dining table seats 12 | ... Circular Dining Table Of 2 Metre Diameter To Seat 10 To 12 People

Centennial Dining Table

Centennial Dining Table

The big round table

Huge 2 Metre 6ft Diameter Antique Oak Round Table Large Round 6ft ...

Round dining table huge round regency mahogany dining table to

Round Dining Table - Huge Round Regency Mahogany Dining Table To Seat ...

Table 6ft round regency manner mahogany dining table to seat

... table-6ft-round-regency-manner-mahogany-dining-table-to-seat-10-people

17th century revival yew wood dropleaf dining table to seat

... 17th Century Revival Yew Wood Dropleaf Dining Table To Seat 10 People

Gigasso round dining table seats 8 10 dining tables

Gigasso Round Dining Table Seats 8 10 Dining Tables

Round table seating

This table will seat 10 - 12 people. This table is most commonly used for seating for large events. Due to the large diameter of this table, it does not provided as intimate of a setting as a 5' round. Linen Recommendations: 108" round - This size of lin

Round dining room tables seats 8

{house tour: nightingale design} large table in Kitchen area with chairs and window seats added

Large round dining room table seats 6 10 people hepplewhite

Large Round Dining Room Table Seats 6-10 People ~ Hepplewhite

Large round walnut dining room table with leaves seats 6

Large Round Walnut Dining Room Table with Leaves Seats 6 ...

Large round dining table seats 10 foter round dining

Large Round Dining Table Seats 10 - Foter | Round dining ...

Large round 1 8m black oak dining table 8 deep

Large Round 1.8m Black Oak Dining Table + 8 Deep vintage ...