Dining Room Tables That Seat 12

Serve some dolce vita to yourself, your friends and family at a big dining table. Dining-room tables that seat 12 let you spice up the life with leisurely dinners and jaw-dropping parties. With enough space around, everyone can get invited! There's no home without a dining table so browse the products below and shop for the perfect one.

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Large dining room table

Are you striving to find a classic table that could accommodate at least 12 people? This large rectangular one can do the job. Dedicated for larger dining rooms, it creates a backsplash for fashionable accessories with its espresso brown solid finish.

Dining tables that seat 10

This long, durable table from reclaimed wood can seat up to 12 people, which makes it perfect for big families or for people who like to throw fancy parties. The eco-friendly character of reclaimed wood further enhances the amazing style of this long table, making it a perfect addition for every style.

Rectangular pedestal dining table

We looked for just right dining table for our dinette. We found the Trestle Salvaged product, which is handcrafted and unfinished. It provides the clean, rustic look. The distinctive timeworn patina makes this table intriguing.

Large square dining room table im all about an equatable

large square dining room table. i'm all about an equatable where there ...

Dining table for 12

This beautiful and very functional set of dining furniture is the perfect solution for 12 people. A simple wood-based structure in a pleasant and warm shade is ideal for any decor. The table is folded making it very practical.

Table that seats 8

A very solid table with a simple stylization. It is a good element that meets requirements of anyone who prefers industrial styled tables. The table looks very nice with standard, solid dining chairs.

Table that seats 8 4

Now you'll finally be able to seat all of your guests and friends comfortably with some help from this amazing table that offers up to 12 seats and sports a vintage look and a rustic appeal for your home.

Our advice Buying Guide

Dining room tables that seat 12 can be useful in many venues. They can serve as versatile seating for a large family, a school, or even as the main table for a board meeting room. Such tables can come in all sorts of materials, from rude planking to expensively veneered elegance. They can even come in a variety of shapes – rectangles are the most common, but square or round tables can also seat multiple persons.

An Unusually Elegant Table

A beautiful and unusual table, rectangular in shape (more or less) and easily seating twelve was made from a slab cut from the center of a large tree. The legs and braces are also shaped from the tree, making it an amazing organic table. Carefully sanded and finished to a high gloss, it’s almost a one of a kind sort of furnishing. However, if you live near a lumber mill, and there are large trees in your area, it is just possible that you might be able to obtain the materials to make a similar table. Flank it with “twig” dining room chairs, and you have a décor that your visitors just won’t stop talking about.

“Rough-Hewn” Plank Tables

Trees large enough to make a table from a single cut of heartwood don’t grow just anywhere, but you can have a rustic table by using oak planks or even weathered barn wood to create a rustic dining room table that will easily seat twelve. This table goes well with ladder back chairs or straight-back shaker style kitchen chairs. Add some gingham cushions and matching window curtains, and decorate with copper or zinc tubs and vases for a down-home look that will have people coming to your kitchen to relax, and enjoy your great cooking, of course.

Exotic and Elegant

Nothing says luxury quite like a lovely dining table made from Brazilian rosewood. Team it with black, leatherette chairs and black china for a statement of sophisticated elegance. Or set it with professional black notebooks and gold pens for that important boardroom meeting. Dress it up with handmade lace and lighter toned gold-rimmed china for a business dinner at your home – the one where you need to impress your boss with your excellent taste and home management.

Versatile for Every Occasion

Maybe you don’t need to seat twelve people every day – that’s where a table with extension leaves comes in. An ordinary sort of dining room table plus a set of stacking chairs can go from an ordinary “seats four” dining room set to a banquet table for twelve with minimum effort. Bring the extra chairs out from their closet, and you are ready for that scout troop or for the garden club. It might not make the statement created by some of the other styles mentioned here, but what it lacks in style it makes up for in versatility.

Enjoy your shopping experience when looking for a table that will seat twelve. Consider your personal space – will a rectangle, a square or a circle fit best? Do you want the length permanently or temporarily? So many options – so many pretty tables!


Dining set seats 10

Set of old-fashioned furniture intended to luxurious, vintage dining room. It is composed of solid wooden table with sculptural kickstands and sixteen chairs. Every chair has wooden frame and seat covered with red, elegant cloth.

Dining room 153

Dining Room
Wooden table created for dining rooms. It features a clean and modern design that looks great in different indoors. The table is not only decorative, but it also provides a very practical space for up to 12 people.

Dining room tables that seat 14

Sophisticated setup for a large and spacious dining room with a long, rectangular dining table made out of dark oak wood with a smooth finish and a set of twelve matching dining chairs made in a very similar fashion.

Round dining table for 12 people

If you want to transform your dining room into the King Arthur's chamber, now you have the chance. This set of elegant round table and ladder-back chairs is going to accommodate most of your guests, making them to spend their time in style, while sitting on comfy-woven seats.

Dining room design inspiring elegant 12 seat dining table made

Dining Room Design, Inspiring Elegant 12 Seat Dining Table Made By ...

Extra long dining table seats 12

Modern dining table with two leafs, composed with 12 matching chairs. Exotic Brasilian rosewood is juxtaposed to black chairs padding and black dinnerware, which results in an astonishing general effect.

Brilliant the side tables can be used as a buffet

brilliant the side tables can be used as a buffet table or couch table ...

Dining room tables seat 12 1

Dining Room Tables Seat 12

Large dining room table seats 12

This is the perfect table. Natural wood and rustic. But also a table that could be easy enough to pull the two halves apart in case you need to add seating

Large dining tables to seat 10 1

Dining set for home, restaurant and more. It consists of rectangular table and 12 chairs with removable cushions. Base is reinforced with crossed supports. Traditional form and elegant design for each place as needed.

Extending dining tables to seat 12

Modern setup for a spacious dining room with an oversized square dining table made out of shiny walnut wood with a dark, burnt finish. The dining table is fitted with a set of twelve elegant dining chairs with white, faux leather upholsteries.

12 seater dining table

This charming, rustic dining table is an ideal proposition for a small family. Its rectangular shape features a longer side of 9' long, which can be extended up to 12'. Bright, sanded wood provides a cool, rustic or retro vibe.

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12 person dining room table

Dining table mounted on double pedestal base. Construction is made of wood. Rectangular top has large usable surface. It has 6 to 8 seating capacity. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Dining tables that seat 10 3

This dining table is very durable, crafted from sturdy wood, and covered with white and brown color. The design is quite simple, yet elegant, making this piece a great addition for country dining rooms and kitchens.

Upholstered dining side chairs 2

An elegant, comfortable and functional design of a dining room. Its central part is a solid wooden table with a decorative base. Five padded chairs assure comfort and they look attractive thanks to their neutral white color.

12 person dining table

Contemporary dining table for 8 persons. It's made of wooden materials with a finish in brown tones. It has sturdy straight angular legs. Its square top features a parquet design with a large cross dividing the top into 4 squares.

Large dining room tables

This kitchen decor includes many solid cabinets with durable wooden constructions finished in white color. A dining area includes a solid, rectangular table with four white armchairs and two grey benches.

10 foot dining table

An elegant traditional dining table crafted of solid wood with a finish in warm browns. It has 4 sturdy upright square section legs. Its square top accommodates 8 persons but when extended to a rectangular one it can accommodate even 12 guests.

Dining room table for 10

This dining room was designed to accommodate a crowd. The 12-foot long table, neutral colors, and backless benches leave a clear view of the beach, while the strong architecture makes the room interesting without complicating, fussy fabrics. (Photo: Tria

Sumptuous dining table for 12 guests superyacht quinta essentia

Sumptuous dining table for 12 guests – Superyacht Quinta Essentia

Chilton Extending Dining Table

Chilton Extending Dining Table
A big, sturdy and beautifully made of pine and hardwood dining table. Rich mahogany finish. Sleek and smooth table top. The table is rectangular and eight people may sit at it. Stylish farmhouse legs.

Round dining table for 12 dimensions

Democratic and establishing a family-bonds wooden round dining room table for 12 seats, beats along with upholstered chairs brightness. The craftsmanship is visible in light solid alder wood and cream chairs.

Keaton rectangular extension dining table rustic pine 2

Keaton Rectangular Extension Dining Table Rustic Pine

Dining table seats 12

This dining table is large enough to accommodate up to 12 people. Its design is maybe simple, but thanks to its wooden top and a tubular iron frame, the table is very durable, and it will serve you for years to come.

Large dining room table seats 20 round dining table seats

Large Dining Room Table Seats 20 Round dining table seats

Dining room tables that seat 10

Finally! I found an affordable dining table that seats 12!!!! W3819 French Country Dining Table with Leaves Dining Tables

Dining tables for 8

Definitely my dream table right now. Can be an end table, seat 2, 4, 6 or up to 10! Watch the video at the bottom. Goliath | ResourceFurniture

10 seater farmhouse table

Alluring formal dining room table that seats 12

12 foot dining table

A young family's sensitive renovation respects their home's history to yield a fresh take on tradition.

8 seater oval dining table

A nice stylization of a dining room for all people who prefer modern oriental stylizations. This room includes many blue accents on comfortable benches and on the table. Square table is solid and provides good stability.

12 person table

Reminder, BOB you promised me a long wooden dining table for our new backyard once it is complete with the Italian pizza oven. Seating for 12-14 or more the better. We all love to drink wine, eat wood fire pizza and salad. For dessert I will bring out

Montego turned leg square table

Montego Turned Leg Square Table
It is a solid square table made of solid wood. This kind of product is created for use in dining rooms. It features an additional leaf that makes it a rectangle. This useful product represents a British colonial style.

2m very large 12 14 seater solid oak refectory dining

2m Very Large 12 14 Seater Solid Oak Refectory Dining Table

Modern dining tables jpg 2


Dining room table seats 12

Now that is a "Nook" in all it's glory. Would like to enjoy coffee there! (but I have to say, I'd be tempted to just put a couple chair & 1/2's there with ottomans-just sayin') I'm all about comfy.

Dining room set seating 12 12 seat dining table home

Dining Room Set Seating 12: 12 Seat Dining Table Home Design Ideas ...

Dining tables for 12

Toscana Extending Rectangular Dining Table Large: 88.5" l x 40" w x 30" h; extends to 124.5" (seats 8–12), $1699

Large square dining table seats 12

Think that because you don't own, you have no control over your home's energy use? Not true! Here's our ultimate guide; full of links to quick, easy and yes, even inexpensive, ways to reduce your carbon footprint and lower your bills (your landlord will t

Large dining tables to seat 10 12 14 or 16

Large dining tables to seat 10, 12, 14 or 16 people Big wooden oak ...

Dining table sale 746 29 960 99 save 22 4

... Dining Table Sale: $746.29 $960.99 Save: 22% 4.6 (13 reviews) Add to

Large dining table seats 12

A warm, community-oriented lifestyle was top of mind when Blazona designed her home: The 20-by-30-foot "dream kitchen" has a farmhouse table that seats 12. In this photo: Blazona's kitchen built-ins hold all her ironstone and glassware. The Windsor chair

Wood table extending 12 chairs set dining or conference room

... Wood-Table-Extending-12-Chairs-Set-Dining-or-Conference-Room-Furniture

OUR ADVICE Questions & Answers

Which is the best shape for a spacious dining room table, one that’s supposed to seat 12 people?
Dining room tables come in various shapes – the most popular ones being oval, round, rectangular and square, but you can also get yourself a so-called “freeform” dining table. Generally, the amount of space and the shape of your dining room is what dictates the shape of your dining table. However, rectangular dining tables are the most popular shape when you want to seat so many people on a regular basis.

It is only on occasion when I need to seat twelve people… anything I can do to save some space?
Check the double pedestal dining tables – these are expandable, which means that they serve as normal, standard size tables on ordinary days, but can be expanded to seat more people when the situation calls for it.

What about the material?
The dining table for seating around 12 people on a regular basis should a heavy-duty one, and that’s why we suggest looking at hardwood, marble or metal. All of them are pretty easy to clean and should serve you a lifetime. Additionally, they are very versatile design-wise, so everyone can find something for himself!

Do I need a lot of space to fit a 12 seat dining table into my dining room?
That depends on the shape of your dining table. A circular dining table has to be at least 8 feet in diameter to seat 12 people. A square dining table needs the sides of at least 8 feet. A rectangular dining table should be around 4 feet and 6 inches wide and 10 feet long for the same purpose. However, you have to add at least 36 inches between the edge of the table and the wall, for walking space and for the chairs.

What about the depth of my dining table?
Generally, the minimum depth that’s needed for the dining table is 30 inches. However, if you know that you will be keeping a lot of dishes at once on your table, 36 inches or even more may be better, to accommodate platters, pitches, bowls, etc.

Anything else I should think about?
One of the most important, and also most neglected, aspects of the dining room with such a big dining table is the illumination. A dining table for 12 people has to be properly illuminated. For traditional, luxurious dining tables, it’s best to look at chandeliers. Modern dining tables, on the other hand, work great with pendant lighting fixtures.