Dining Room Chairs Made In Usa


Are you on the lookout for interesting dining room chairs? Those that you can see below, are very practical and nice looking. Those who think that such options would be something for their houses, now stand before a rare chance to find the right set, from this incredibly diverse collection.

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Our Picks

Dining room chairs made in usa 11

Basic, but elegant, American-made dining chairs. Each chair is carved from quality wood and they have a plain design with angled back legs. There are different shades of brown—starting from a light milky-brown to a dark brown color.

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Dining room chairs made in usa 1

This adorable American made dining chair defines its charm with flared backrest and textured fabric upholstery in chocolate brown, paired with cherry legs and bronze nailheads trim. In general, a vintage feel is strong here.

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Parsons Chair (Set of 2)

Parsons Chair (Set of 2)

Comfortable upholstered dining room chairs made in the USA. Corded trim around the seat adds interest without interfering with comfort. The back is decorated with nailhead studs around the outer rim. The whole is supported by dark wood legs.

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Parsons Chair

Parsons Chair

Convenient simple stylish chair with a frame of dark brown-finished wood. It has thin straight square front legs and gently curved back ones. A seat and a full tall arched back are foam-padded and covered in beige polyester with nailhead trimming.

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Berringer Side Chair (Set of 2)

Berringer Side Chair (Set of 2)

With the rustic hand-applied finish, this set of two side chairs comes with the antique finished hardware to offer the best possible seating solution for your kitchen or dining room, ensuring durability and strength.

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Dining room chairs made in usa 6

These American-made wooden dining chairs are a great addition to your living space. One has an armrest while the other doesn’t. The backrest, down to the hind-legs, has an arched shape. The chain’s seat is covered with soft padding. The chair's wooden frame has a brown polishing.

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Dining chairs usa

Opt for a sublime dining room chair that actually looks a bit more elegant and fun - this piece sports the soothing blue finish with a truly wonderful flower accents on the upholstery that match the light brown wooden finish.

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Riley Side Chair

Riley Side Chair

Equally at home at a dining room table, in a classroom, or a library, these simple wooden chairs with the molded bottom are surprisingly comfortable. You can dress them up with an added colorful seat cushion and padded back if desired.

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Dining room chairs made in usa 17

Well-cushioned American-made chair. Its upholstery is properly designed with neat seams and tucked edges. It has armrests on both sides and a lengthy backrest. There’s a dominant off-whitish color, which is characteristic of the entire chair except the legs. Each leg is made of a dark-colored wood.

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Parsons Chair (Set of 2)

Parsons Chair (Set of 2)

A dining chair created for use in kitchen indoors and dining room. It is an armless construction that includes a soft seat and a durable, high backrest. Its legs are black and its sitting space is covered with leather.

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Dining Room Chairs Made In Usa

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best dining chairs, it all boils down to your personal preference. Dining rooms are, of course, a vital part of the home since you sit there in the morning while eating your breakfast and enjoy dinner around the table with your family.

When it comes to choosing the right dining chair for you, there are a few considerations.

Choosing the right size would ensure that the chair remains comfortable enough for you to sit on for hours. The frame should also strike a harmonious balance between new-age radical designs and traditional ergonomics. A slightly angled back gives you extra support but still keeps things sturdy.

Dining room chairs also have slanting or straight backs and backs that are either tall or short. So you need to test each of these options out to determine which is the best for you.

Some dining chairs have arms, while modern designs do away with them. If space is tight, then dining chairs without arms may be a more practical option.

Lastly, the cushioning on the dining room chair plays a crucial role when it comes to comfort and support. So by choosing a chair that is well-cushioned, you'll be able to sit in it for longer.

If you have small children running around, it’d be wiser to prioritize practicality when choosing the right dining room chairs made in the USA.

While this still leaves you plenty of choices when it comes to design, we mainly recommend opting for upholstery that’s easy to clean and doesn’t stain easily, such as leather, microfiber, or vinyl. Avoid more luxurious but delicate options like velvet.

Alternatively, you can always go with traditional wooden chairs and maybe add cushions (without strings, as kids are more likely to break them) for more comfort.

Dining room chairs made in the USA should be measured from the floor to the top of the seat to ensure they will fit comfortably under your table. Take this number and add an additional 3” if you plan on adding seat cushions to the chairs.

If you don’t measure a specific chair, measure the space from the underside of your table to the floor, then subtract 11”. The resulting number is the maximum seat height that will fit without additional cushions. Keep in mind that this method only ensures the chairs will work, not necessarily that they will be an optimal height for eating, as this depends on how tall you are.

Best Ideas

Dining room chairs made in usa 10

Dining chair in elegant style. Base is made of iron and reinforced with crossed supports. Seat is covered with nice touch fabric. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Matthews Arm Chairs (Set of 2)

Matthews Arm Chairs (Set of 2)

This set includes two arm chairs, very elegant and stylish. This set adds style and comfort to any dining room. They measure 40 inches high by 27 inches wide by 22 inches deep. You need to have this set.

Made in america soloe set jpg


Julia Side Chair

Julia Side Chair

250 for 2 chairs rust add a pop of style

250 for 2 chairs! rust.Add a pop of style to your dining room or desk with this timeless wood side chair, showcasing nailhead trim and Monaco rust-hued upholstery. Made in the USA....

International Concepts C-465 Pair of Tall Mission Chairs, Unfinished

This set of 2 armless chairs in a natural finish is characterized by sturdy wood construction for good durability. The chair is suitable for dining rooms and kitchens, and features a tall back, tapered legs, and sturdy stretchers.

Dining room chairs made in usa 5

#acrylic#dining chair design by Shahrooz Made in USA

Parsons Chair Slipcover Pdf Format

Parsons Chair Slipcover Pdf Format

Contemporary setup for a spacious dining room with a sophisticated twist. The room is furnished with a rectangular, dark oak table and a set of eight colorful dining chairs as well as a luxurious crystal chandelier above.

Dining room chairs made in usa 23

View the Museum Walnut Dining Chair from Arhaus. The Museum dining chair was inspired from classic mid-century modern designs. Amish-made in the USA

Dining room chairs made in usa 13

Barrington Chair by Dunn Studios -Made in USA

Dining room chairs made in usa

USA Made Custom Upholstered Chairs. They look great, haven't seen one in person. great price too

Design norman cherner 1958 molded plywood solid beech arms made

Design Norman Cherner, 1958.

Molded plywood, solid beech arms.

Made in the USA by The Cherner Chair Company

Dining room chairs made in usa 12

View the Museum Black Dining Chair from Arhaus. The Museum dining chair was inspired from classic mid-century modern designs. Amish-made in the USA,

Dining room chairs made in usa 28

5341 Series Counter Height Dining Chair in Distressed Warm Espresso by Woodbridge Home Designs. $106.95. Upholstered seat. Made from acacia veneer. Two-tone warm espresso and light brown finish. Set of 2. Tapered legs. 5341-24 Features: -Counter height di