Acrylic Dining Chairs

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For the more contemporary home, clear is the new black, and acrylic is the best way to have a clear supportive furniture piece that you know will safely hold you, and be comfortable. Acrylic dining chairs will give your clear dining table the right complementand add a more modern flair to your already modern kitchen or dining area. See collection for more.

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Acrylic dining chairs 1

Interesting dining room elements. Acrylic dining chairs of this type look very original and attractive thanks to their decorative accents on arms and legs. Each chair offers a solid backrest and soft, black seat cushion.

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These clear acrylic green chairs look quite snazzy

These clear acrylic green chairs look quite snazzy

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Acrylic dining chairs 16

Give your dining room a new lease of modern class with these beautiful acrylic chairs. Standing on a sturdy chrome plated metal frame, the chairs feature an acrylic top, dominated by a relatively high backrest for comfort. No padding is included but you can add cushions if needed.

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Adding drama with sassy seating part 2 lucite chairs

Adding Drama with Sassy Seating (Part 2): Lucite Chairs

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Acrylic dining chairs 22

Bring a touch of luxurious modern elegance into your home with these state-of-the-art acrylic chairs. Featuring a nice counter height, the chairs come with a neatly padded seat and a lower back design for the ultimate comfort. They are great for the kitchen.

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Acrylic dining chairs 13

Excellent dining chairs constructed from acrylic for long-lasting service. The benches are very modern and come in a wide range of colors to choose from. You can add an accent cushion for comfort if you want but they look great as they are. You also get a slightly raised back and armrests on either side.

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Acrylic dining table and chairs

Clear acrylic chairs with transparent inlays - summer wedding decor. Source: kiki's list #weddingseating #weddingchairs

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Clear acrylic dining table and chairs

With the transparent design of the seat and back, perfectly accented by the metal frame in a weird, original shape these dining chairs will be a sublime choice for your modern-styled kitchen or dining room, letting you dine with style.

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Acrylic dining chairs 11

Ghost chair and bright colors

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Acrylic kitchen chairs

Sitting Pretty Make a modern design statement with these clear and colorful ghost chairs. The sleek, invisible look visually opens up small spaces.

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Acrylic Dining Chairs

Buying Guide

Are acrylic dining chairs durable?

Acrylic dining chairs are a durable option for everyday use. Acrylic is a smooth and cost-effective material that brings a sleek and modern look to any kitchen or dining room. It’s also a fully transparent plastic, making it an ideal choice for a smaller room or apartment to reflect the natural and artificial light, creating the sense of space.

This plastic is robust and robust, with weather-resistant properties and high-quality dimensional stability. It’s also resistant to any external changes in temperature or humidity levels, and won’t stain or mark easily.

Acrylic chairs are shatterproof and impact-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking after a few months or years of use. They also have a higher weight capacity than many other chairs; they can support between 150-300 lbs.

Acrylic is resistant to UV light, which means the plastic won’t fade or dim in color over time. This property also means that you can use acrylic dining chairs for family barbecues on the patio or in the backyard without fear of damaging the plastic.

Acrylic is a relatively lightweight material, so you won’t have too many issues carrying these dining chairs from room to room in your house.

Are acrylic dining chairs kid-friendly?

Acrylic dining chairs are very kid-friendly and ideal for families as they are easy to wipe clean, extremely durable, and often feature rounded edges to prevent injuries.

Acrylic chairs manufactured today are also BPA-free and don’t off-gas or emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at room temperature, making them a superb non-toxic choice for your family’s dining area.

These chairs are also extremely lightweight, so your children can maneuver them independently, with ease. To prevent your kids from scratching hardwood floors when moving the chairs, look for models with anti-slip pads or attach soft felt pads to the bottom of the feet.

Will acrylic dining chairs scratch wood floors?

Any chair type can scratch wooden floors if dragged around or moved without care, including acrylic dining chairs. However, there are ways you can avoid furniture from scratching your wooden flooring, including adding felt floor protectors under your acrylic dining chair legs.

However, you have to ensure that the felt stays on, and if it becomes worn down, re-apply the protectors. These pads come in all shapes and sizes and can be bought to fit even the most unusually shaped and awkward furniture.

You can also consider placing a rug under the dining table to prevent your acrylic dining chairs and the table from touching the wooden floor, ensuring it remains pristine and unscratched.

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Acrylic dining chairs 1

A modern stylization of a dining chair. This modern element features solid metal legs and a clear acrylic seat with arms and backrest. The whole construction is very stable and resistant to large weight.

Clear acrylic chairs

A nice combination of traditional and innovative styles. This armchair is suitable for commercial and home indoor or outdoor areas. Clear acrylic surface is very unique and resistant to wear or damage.

Rustic eclectic love the acrylic chinese chairs

Rustic- Eclectic, love the acrylic Chinese Chairs.

Acrylic dining chairs 20

Cosmic Dining Chair | This acrylic chair has an understated quality. Curved edges and a slightly splayed legs give it a unique character, and its transparent material makes it a clear choice for spaces that need versatile seating options with minimal visu

Acrylic dining chairs 9

More Acrylic Furniture Finds for a Sleek Style

Clear or smoke acrylic dining chair 17 6 x18 9

clear or smoke acrylic dining chair 17 6 x18 9 x37 8

Clear acrylic chairs 23

Suitable for both a modern setting and for a place that doesn't have too much floor space and doesn't want to look cluttered, this clear acrylic chair will work like a charm as your home office chair, elevating the decor immensely.

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