Round Chairs


Round chairs are comfy and just plain interesting. In this collection, we have papassans, large round sitting chairs, and even a chair that looks like half of a large ball. Whatever your pleasure, the addition of one of these is sure to give you home a very personal appearance, and give your guest an uncommon conversation topic. Get one for your home and see what we mean.

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Our Picks

Big round chair in a monochrome design

Big round chair in a monochrome design

The wisest choice to complement your living room would be a round chair in one of the existing colors of your palette.

For a more cohesive seating area, you can even opt for the same hue as your couch. For an accent chair that stands out, on the contrary, pick your palette’s accent color (duh). You can then still reinforce the consistency of the overall result by adding cushions in one of these tones, too.

Plus, monochrome designs are a safe option if your couch already showcases a noticeable pattern. 

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Round chairs with cushion and ottoman

Round chairs with cushion and ottoman

Could you also do with a spot to put your feet up when watching TV, reading, or just relaxing at the end of the day?

As long as you have enough room (and, especially, depth) for it, you’re definitely going to love a round chair with ottoman.

These pieces with interesting lines and a primarily functional design are especially ideal in contemporary living rooms.

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Accent circle chair in an eye catching pattern

Accent circle chair in an eye catching pattern


If, your couch and main furniture pieces involve a monochrome finish, your new round chair can be your chance to introduce a bold new pattern.

Ready to showcase your decorative skills masterfully? Then include the same pattern elsewhere in that room: for example, through the cushions on your couch, a rug, or a print.

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Papasan chair

Papasan chair

Office Star Products

The papasan model is still one of the most iconic takes on the round chair idea. Timeless and minimalist but incredibly comfy, it will result in interesting lines that are bound to make a strong statement in your living room.

We especially recommend it if you were looking for a new chair to relax, read, or curl up cozily when watching TV. 

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Round chairs for living room in unique designs

Round chairs for living room in unique designs

Some round chairs simply add different lines to traditional models, but some others reinvent them altogether.

The latter might be a better choice for you if you never settle for the most common or obvious choice.

From eclectic or Hollywood regency decors to adding a conversation starter to other interior styles, a round chair in a unique design is guaranteed to make a strong decorative statement in your home.

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Circular chair in a rattan design

Circular chair in a rattan design

Your new round chair doesn’t necessarily need to involve fabric or leather upholstery. Whether you were looking to match your rattan furniture or introduce a different style in a more traditional living room, you can’t go wrong with this material.

Rattan designs are especially recommended with decor styles that involve some casual vibes, such as coastal or bohemian interiors. 

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Circle chair for living room

Circle chair for living room

Some other circular chairs are more similar to traditional models but involve a rounded back and, in some cases, armrests.

If the main reason why you’re after round chairs is that you’re worried about your room looking cluttered, this tends to be the most logical solution.

Want to know another trick? Monochrome designs in light colors can help you emphasize this airy effect even further. 

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Circle chairs for your patio

Circle chairs for your patio

Best Choice Products

Round chairs aren’t just for the living room. If you’ve already fallen in love with them, you could consider introducing them into your patio or garden area, too.

A set of two tends to work in most outdoor spaces, and you can even include a small table in the same shape or a square design if you’d like to keep it varied.

If your new chair won’t be sheltered underneath some kind of roof, be sure to look for a weather-resistant model. 

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Large round chair in a bean bag style

Large round chair in a bean bag style

GT Ventures -- DROPSHIP

Think beyond armchairs, too! Perhaps what you’re craving is a special nook where you can immediately start relaxing as soon as you plunge into it after a long day at work?

A large bean-bag style round chair will quickly become your favorite place to seat and switch off from the outside world.

And don’t forget that most models can be used as a couple of extra seats whenever you have more guests than you thought and need to squeeze together. 

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Swivel round chairs

Swivel round chairs


Hoping for a more dynamic seating solution? You can find round chairs in a swivel design, too.

Thinner, raised models are particularly handy and versatile whenever you need a seat for a different task or occasion: an extra dining chair for that friend who showed up last minute, an office chair to work from home, an attention-grabbing accent piece, and so on.

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Round Chairs

Buying Guide

There is just something about a round shape that catches the eye. Perhaps it's because of the unique effect it has on straight surfaces but it may also be due to its soft curve. Regardless of what it is, a round chair has proven extremely valuable in a home's design. Adding a round chair in your living room is a surefire way in breathing life and adding personality into your space.

  • Leather - Round chairs can come with leather covers. If you want to use a natural material, leather is a good option but it's worth remembering that no two hides or leather are exactly the same. Also, neck wrinkles, insect bites, growth lines, veins, and scars of a leather covering aren't faults. As a matter of fact, most homeowners consider them as features that enhance a chair's natural beauty. Leather is our personal favorite as well as it improves with age.
  • Fabric - There are over 150 choices when it comes to fabric coverings and they all have the same attractive designs, wearing properties, and the ability to offer value for your money. If you're looking for an exact color out of a round chair, then you'd mostly find it with a fabric covering.

A chair's frame gives the entire piece its structure and shape. You'd want your chair's frame to be tough, durable, and strong so it copes with everyday life's demands. As for the support of your chair, you can choose from webbing, zigzag springs, sprung edges, traditional springs, and serpentine.

When it comes to a chair's filling, which is its comfort layer, your two choices are foam and fiber. If you want the firmest feel and a material that can retain its look, then you would want a foam filling. Traditional round chairs are mostly filled with foam. As for fiber, it's a synthetic filling that offers soft or medium level of comfort. The softness or firmness will depend on the filling's density and quality. A round chair that has a fiber filling needs plumping daily in order to ensure that the furniture retains its shape. When you look for your available options online, you'll find that the more expensive units are filled with fiber.

A small round chair that has a foam filling will cost anywhere between $150 and $500. For an expensive model that's constructed using premium materials, then expect the price to be anywhere between $500 and $1,000. As for designer models, they can easily cost thousands of dollars. Also, certain styles are more expensive compared to others as different materials are used, which play a huge role in the total cost of round chairs. The expensive material is real leather. If you're after the look of leather but you’d rather cut on costs, then opt for faux leather.

Best Ideas

Round chairs

A fabulous, round nest chair, which looks like a sofa for one person. Ample cushions and a large size will provide great comfort as you can both sit and lie in it. The piece features a universal, beige color and a unique texture.

Papasan chairs

Create your relaxation zone with this cradle for adults and kids. This cradle swing has the unique shape with wooden construction and cushioned sitting and sleeping space. It offers maximum of comfort.

Round chairs 2

With a big, round chair like this one you can be sure that you will finally know the ultimate comfort that you've been looking for. It sports the ample back with three cozy pillows and is big enough to fit even two people.

Dreaming round 2 person chair http www stargatecinema but you

DREAMING: round 2-person chair ~ http://www.stargatecinema ~ but you are going to FAINT at the price!! :O

Round chairs 1

Oh my god! Check this out! I would die to have this huuuuge round chair right in my living room or bedroom. Can you imagine long romantic evenings with your partner in there, drinking wine and watching movies?

Round chair 2

round chair

Qualicum landing palladian developments

Qualicum landing palladian developments

Round chairs are just created to cuddle up on their snug seats. This round chair has the right number of puffy pillows, and it goes well with any colour palette, as its microfiber upholstery is colored neutral cream.

Rocket Swivel Arm Chair

Rocket Swivel Arm Chair

Legless armchair featuring simple and sleek design. Features swivel steel base, generously filled back, seat, and armrest cushion for extra comfort, and durable polyurethane upholstery in black color.

Round chair 4

Round chair

Round wooden chairs with cushions

This round chair sports a design wide enough to accomodate you and make you feel truly comfortable, while at the same time, it looks wonderful and would mix with any setting and decor seamlessly and without trouble.

Round chair 5

round chair

Bursting with originality sunflower chair with smart integrated bookcase

Bursting with Originality: Sunflower Chair with Smart Integrated Bookcase

Round chairs 4

Rattan Round Chair

Round nest chair

Take comfort in your living room to the next level with these state-of-the-art living room sofas. Featuring a unique design and heavy padding, the chairs aren’t only comfy to seat on but come with an aura of contemporary charm that will completely transform your home.

I love round chairs

I love round chairs

Red swivel desk chair

I need this chair! Don't care where it goes, I'll follow it anywhere. UPDATE - BOUGHT IT! LOVE IT!

Home furntiure 630 rowe signature design by ashley 7070421 laken

Home Furntiure $630 - Rowe Signature Design by Ashley 7070421 Laken Oversized Round Swivel Chair

Cotton Craft - Papasan - Black - Overstuffed Chair Cushion - Sink into our Really Thick and Super Comfortable Papasan Cushion - Pure 100% Cotton duck fabric - Perfect fit for your dorm, den or just about anywhere you want to be comfy and pampered - Fits S

Cool comfy thick traditional cushion for standard 45-inch round Papasan chairs. It's cover is made of durable black cotton. It's filled with polyfibre and features deep tufting. It should be spot-cleaned.

Large Black 44 Inch Twill Papasan Round Lounge Chair Seat Cushion Pillow for Maximum Comfort

It is a papasan round lounge chair that has got a cushioned seat, which provides an excellent seating comfort, black color and solid construction. It is perfect for in door and outdoor use.

Retro round chair

With its oversized, plush finish, this big round chair will be a fantastic leisure companion for all, who want to rest after the whole day. Upholstered with dark grey velvet, it creates a comfy, soft-in-touch surface.

Round wooden chair with cushion

Shop | Chairs | Round Chairs | Rattan Round Chair Peach

My wall color with white couches i think i might

My wall color with white couches. I think I might do all cream colored things. Instead of adding pops of color. I'll probably add a hint of gold. ;)

Round chair for living room

round chair for living room

Best Selling Home Decor Best Selling Home Decor Modern White Leather Roundback Chair

This type of chair is a piece of furniture created for use especially in modern indoors. It has got a curved backrest ended with arms. Its seat cushion is very soft and the whole product stands on a durable metal base.