Modern Papasan Chair

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Papasan chairs are an interesting marriage of wicker and a big, comfy cushion. They are like a nest for humans. And with their awesome move ability within their cradle, if is no wonder why getting comfortable in a papasan is so easy. Modern adaptations have been made, but don't fret, because the original design is still the gold standard for all papasans.

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Boho Chic

Boho Chic

Create your eclectic living space with this boho chic set of furniture. Whole being a well-designed patchwork mix of oriental, bohemian and mid-century styles creates a cosy, warm ambience.

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Modern papasan chair

Original rocking chair for living room applications. Its solid wooden construction provides plenty of space and supports many comfortable and relaxing postures. Neutral color of its cushion perfectly matches any living room.

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Modern papasan chair 22

A designer cradle lounge chair, crafted for all those who want to add their lounging space a special character. Its comfy, well-profiled seating will encourage you to spend long hours.

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Papasan chair in living room

Truly lavish and cozy, this modern papasan chair will become your favorite piece in the entire household, sporting the sublime, wooden frame and the charming, warm tone of the upholstery of the thickly padded cushion on the seat and back.

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Papasan chair living room

ribbed chair, screams comfort, overlooking the jungle or tree tops, sweet heaven to me

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Love this chair papasan


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Modern papasan chair

The papasan chair will match perfectly to orient decorated rooms. It is also great furniture to use it outdoor. Sit comfortably with blanket on and cup of your favorite drink in your hand and just simply relax.

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New cane double papasan chair mamasan with cushion


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Modern papasan

Opt for true relaxation by choosing this papasan chair that just screams the 60s with its bohemian and hippie style. It will work great in your retro styled interior, making you never want to get up from it.

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Modern papasan chair

Modern living room furniture, Papasan chairs with round cushions

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Modern Papasan Chair

Buying Guide

Are you looking for a piece of furniture that provides the maximum amount of comfort? A papasan chair is one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture that you will find – it's large shape is enough to cradle any adult and the curved shape makes it a versatile item that can double up as a small bed.

A papasan chair, also called a moon chair, is a large bowl-shaped chair which rests in a rattan, wicker or wooden frame. The cushion is typically made of thick fabric and filled with cotton fluff.

Papasan chairs are typically 35–60 inches wide and 35 inches deep.

Rocking papasan chair

The modern look of this chair is created using natural wooden beams and other pieces. The rounded shape ensures that you have stability when positioning yourself on the chair, but then the ability to rock yourself once you are comfortable. A thick padded cushion covers the inner part of the chair to enable the user to sit or lie comfortably.

Papasan swing chair

A truly modern piece of furniture to have in your living, a swing chair comes with many charms of its own. Aside from being a feature piece and attracting attention in any home, it's also very comfortable and allows you to gently rock while you're relaxing. A papasan swing chair normally has lace or other material attached to it which all gathers at the top where the chair is affixed to the ceiling. There are various sizes available, from seats large enough for just one person to those big enough to seat four.

Bohemian style

With a rattan or wooden frame and a more upright back than some of the other style of papasan chairs available, the Bohemian style chair is ideal for traditional homes. The attention is usually draw to the attractive oriental or Bohemian patterns which can be found on the cushions of these chairs.

Minimalist bamboo papasan chair

Buying a modern papasan chair can be a challenge when you have a home already decorated and furnished, so you might want to consider the simple bamboo design. It is rounded and comfortable with individual bamboo sticks which connect on to thicker stronger bamboo pieces to create a solid and modern seat. You can then add your own individual cushions to match the décor you already have.

Leather papasan chair

If you're not a fan of the wooden look and you want something which is instantly comfortable without having to add extra cushions, the leather papasan chair could be a good option for you. The appearance of this chair is very modern and will suit any contemporary home. It is rounded and chunky in style, and some designs even have a chrome ring around the bottom on which the chair can recline if necessary.

Enclosed papasan chair

The final style of papasan chair to consider is the enclosed design, which enables you to have some extra privacy within your home or in other situations. Around a foot taller than many other papasan chairs and including a piece which extends almost all the way around the seat, you can truly hide away with your favorite book or movie.

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#Furniture Fanatic: Quartz #Armchair by CTRL ZAK x Davide Barzaghi

Modern papasan chair 3

designed by Rik ten Velden

Wicker patio lounge chairs

An eye-catching modern lounge chair crafted of rattan and woven wicker in natural shades. It has rather low splayed legs, sturdy X -crossed and bowed stretchers with strong bindings. An ample unified shell features beautifully scalloped edges.

Modern papasan chair 31

Modern papasan: I have always wanted one of these to curl up in to read or sew.

Orange papasan cushion

Chairs such as this, I find very interesting, it gives kind of a rustic look but could also be used in a sea themed room because of the rope. Anyways I've always thought round chairs like these were pretty cool

Modern papasan chair 16

modern living decor with papasan chairs, living room furniture

Modern papasan chair 9

rustic / modern fireplace

Modern papasan chair

De Nord Superstructure Easy Chair by Bjorn Dahlstrom

Papasan chair 25

Papasan Chair!

The double papasan chair can also be used as a

The Double Papasan chair can also be used as a daybed. A super cozy ...

Modern papasan chair 2

If you want to create in your interiors a leisure spot, which will give an exquisitely comfortable rest, this may be the answer to your needs. An ideal proposition for an afternoon nap or chill out with a favorite book.

White papasan chair wooden floor brown carpet modern home interior

... White Papasan Chair Wooden Floor Brown Carpet Modern Home Interior

Haptic chair minimalist design stimulates your sense of touch

Haptic Chair: Minimalist Design Stimulates Your Sense Of Touch!

Modern papasan chair 19

I love the idea of using just a strip of color around the window. An entire room in that color would be too much but the sun light will reflect off the orange and give the whole room warmth.