Papasan Chairs

Like laying in a comfortable nest, a papasan chair is a relaxing and restful alternative to a traditional recliner. The wicker bowl design in it’s independent cradle, allows the user to make adjustments for cozy lounging without having to even leave the chair. Some models even have a rocking chair design, adding to the tranquility. They are terrific for sleeping, reading, or anything that brings you peace.

Best Products

Urban Shop Double Saucer Papasam Chair

Urban Shop Double Saucer Papasam Chair
Comfy contemporary 2-person chair for lounging. It has an X-shaped folding frame made of metal with a black coating. Its soft saucer-like seating has polyester filling and is upholstered in durable tufted fabric with a black and white zebra pattern.

Papasan Chair

Papasan Chair
It is a very original and modern armchair. It has a very interesting shape, which makes it whole does a remarkable impression. It is perfect for a modern interior, where shape and form are very important.

Rock Your Room Leopard Ombre Faux Fur Saucer Papasam Chair

Rock Your Room Leopard Ombre Faux Fur Saucer Papasam Chair
This is a very interesting and very comfortable recliner. It has a circular shape. It is covered with very nice and padded in spots material. Chair ideally suited to the youth room. It is ideal for resting.

Urban Shop Ombre Wave Textured Fur Saucer Papasan Chair

Urban Shop Ombre Wave Textured Fur Saucer Papasan Chair
This is a very interesting and extremely comfortable armchair which is perfectly suited as a piece of recliner. The seat is round. Padded with very nice decorative material. The seat will fit into the youth room or a modern living room.

The cradle bed comfortable bed swing for adults goyovo

The Cradle Bed, Comfortable Bed Swing For Adults | Goyovo

Papasan chairs

Create your relaxation zone with this cradle for adults and kids. This cradle swing has the unique shape with wooden construction and cushioned sitting and sleeping space. It offers maximum of comfort.

Papasan chairs 1

The beautiful design of this rocking chair makes the interior gaining a unique atmosphere. The soft cushion on a solid base makes the rest of the ride extremely comfortable and perfect for any decor.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are Papasan chairs bad for your back?

Papasan chairs are extremely comfortable and aren’t bad for your back if you only use them to relax, read a book, etc.

However, Papasan chairs can be bad for your back if you use them every single day in front of a desk or a computer. This isn’t really to blame on the chair itself: it’s simply because they aren’t designed to help you maintain a correct posture for hours since they focus on the comfy and relaxing side of things.

As long as you’re using your Papasan chair as a casual seat rather than a workstation, you have nothing to worry about.

Can you sleep in a Papasan chair?

Papasan chairs are built to be comfortable; so, depending on just how comfortable you’re able to get, yes, it is entirely possible to sleep in a Papasan chair. However, the specific way that the bowl is built does encourage cuddling up into a little ball, so if you naturally enjoy stretching out while you sleep, it may be worth checking out a Mamasan chair or something similar.


Papasan chairs 2

This papasan chair has a large cushion - tufted and upholstered in a light green fabric, perfect for sunny gardens, decks, and patios. The frame is tubular, made of durable metal, and has a flat round base for stability.

Metal papasan chair

The outdoor chair base made of many types of wires. The round construction allows you to decide if you would like to buy many pillows or maybe just one cover to make sitting there more comfortable than just on the frame.

New age papasan chair would match my pallet bed perfectly

new age papasan chair- would match my pallet bed perfectly. Been wanting one of these chairs since I was 6. I can get it now ♡ MCJ

Oversized Folding Moon Chair, Multiple Colors, Large, Round (Black)

Foldable frame in grey powder coating makes this moon chair easy to store and to maintain, while the oversized round seating provides desirable comfort. The cushioning is available in a wide choice of fabric colours.

Pod chairs 1

If you are looking for stylish styling and super cozy furniture, these pod chairs are a perfect choice. Wool furniture is exceptionally pleasant to use, providing an extremely comfortable rest.

Papasan chairs oval papasan chair

Papasan Chairs - Oval Papasan Chair

Papasan chair metal frame

Papasan or large bowl chairs are a comfortable place to curl up. Built on the principle that round means cozy and comfortable, these traditional chairs are both. The cream tufted cushion makes an attractive contrast with the dark bamboo frame.

In my future home i want an everything white room

In my future home, I want an everything white room. Like seriously everything. It would be so clean looking, unlike how the rest of my future house will probably be.

3dsmax papasan rattan chair papasan rattan chair by archstyle 2

3dsmax papasan rattan chair - Papasan Rattan Chair... by archstyle

Papasan chair frame

All white, ceiling mounted hanging papasan bedroom hammock chair with tufted puffy cushion and bowl shaped seat. Soft swinging movements soothe better than a tranquilizing pill - proven by experience.

Papasan chair 20

Papasan Chair

Papasan double chair

: Double Papasan Chair Hunting for one of these - comfiest chair ever

Large papasan chair

This papasan futon chair will create a perfect leisure spot on your patio or porch. Loved by kids, adults and...pets, thanks to its comfy, plush cushioning. Solid fixing provide stability and safe usage.

Mac Sports Extra Large Moon Chair

Changing the cushion of the classic pier 1 papasan and

Changing the cushion of the classic Pier 1 Papasan and coordinating with pillows and throws makes it even more comfortable

Rattan Wicker Swivel Rocking Round Papasan Chair with Cushion White Wash

This piece of furniture is a high quality rocking chair that is made of rattan wicker. It features a special cushion that assures the best possible level of comfort, softness and relaxation. The size of this chair is 40"H x 46"W x 40"D.

Papasan rocking chair

Wow! I want one of those. What a great idea - papasan chairs are so comfortable but so ugly. This fixes that plus it swings!

Cotton Craft - Papasan - Black - Overstuffed Chair Cushion - Sink into our Really Thick and Super Comfortable Papasan Cushion - Pure 100% Cotton duck fabric - Perfect fit for your dorm, den or just about anywhere you want to be comfy and pampered - Fits S

Cool comfy thick traditional cushion for standard 45-inch round Papasan chairs. It's cover is made of durable black cotton. It's filled with polyfibre and features deep tufting. It should be spot-cleaned.

Plush Chevron Saucer Chair, Multiple Colors (Pink)

Foldable saucer chair coming with big round cushion patterned with white and fuchsia zig zag stripes, which makes the chair be a decorative addition next to its functionality. Other color versions are available. The sturdy metal frame is foldable.

Papasan chairs 7

Papasan Chairs

Diy papasan chair cushion re using bed pillows that have

DIY Papasan Chair Cushion (re-using bed pillows that have synthetic filling)

Suzani papasan cushion i love papasan chairs

Suzani Papasan Cushion - I love Papasan chairs.

Medium Moon Chair in Deluxe Blue Fur

This piece of furniture is a product that features a durable metal frame with a folding function. The chair has got a blue fur seat that assures comfort and relaxation to any user. The frame holds up to 225 lbs.

Double papasan

Oh man I have ALWAYS coveted one of these, and now that I’m a grownup with my own apartment and everything I will HAVE ONE. But should I get the standard papa-san chair? Or mayhap the ROCKING papa-san chair (“rockasan”—thank you, Pier 1): http://w

Papasan chair 22

Papasan chair

Foldable papasan chair

Papasan Chair!

Rattan Papasan Chair with Cushion

This type of product is a high quality papasan chair that has got a very soft seat cushion. This cushion features a very attractive button tufting. The frame of this chair is made of rattan that is solid and has got a natural look.

White papasan chair

bamboo papasan chair #toniclivingdreamroom #homedecor

Papasan chair cobra cane

Papasan Chair Cobra Cane

Rattan Papasan 42 Inch Chair with Cushion (Grey)

This Papasan chair has a sturdy yet lightweight frame, made of rattan in dark brown finish. Huge, very comfortable seat cushion is solid padded, covered with grey sleek, soft microfiber with tufted finish.

Pier 1 imports papasan chair stool frames white wash

Pier 1 Imports - Papasan Chair & Stool Frames - White Wash

Cotton Craft - Papasan - Suzani Crewel Embroidered Chocolate Multi - Overstuffed Chair Cushion - Sink into our Really Thick and Super Comfortable Papasan Cushion - Pure 100% Cotton duck fabric - Perfect fit for your dorm, den or just about anywhere you wa

This fashionable cushion is designed for standard 45-inch round Papasan Chairs. The cushion is filled with 100% poly/fill, deeply tufted, and wrapped in a pure 100% cotton duck fabric with Crewel Embroidery.

Small Moon Chair - Comfortable, unique, and fun

This small chair is functional, comfortable, and great for improving kids' rooms, game rooms, and playrooms. The chair features a papason design, with a metal frame, black caster wheels, and a durable fabric seat. Provides 125 lbs. of weight capacity.

Rattan Papasan Chair with Fabric Cushion

This comfortable papasan chair has a solid yet lightweight frame, made of durable rattan in natural finish. Huge, round shaped, padded cushion is upholstery with sleek and soft, honey brown fabric in tufted finish.

Mac Sports Extra Large Moon Chair

This element is a high quality and extra comfortable chair that has got a durable folding metal frame for enhanced mobility and space-saving design. The size of this element is 37.8"L x 44.8"W x 37.8"H.

Cotton Craft - Papasan - Peacock Blue - Overstuffed Chair Cushion - Sink into our super comfortable Papasan cushion - Really Thick and Oversized - Pure 100% Cotton duck fabric - Perfect fit for your dorm, den or just about anywhere you want to be comfy an

It is a fantastic papas an round cushioned chair that has got a peacock blue pattern, soft and comfortable seat and solid construction. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor relax. You need to have it.

Black papasan chair

paint the papasan and recover the cushion

Comfort Padded Moon Chair - Downtown Gray

It is a very comfortable padded moon chair that has got a downtown grey finish. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and it adds comfort and style to any home. You will be impressed how cool this chair is.

Large Polysuede Moon Chair - Purple

This contemporary moon chair with soft, wide seat, is designed for smooth, effortless lounging. It is made from sturdy foldable steel frame and 100 percent polyester upholstery in bright color. Weight capacity: 225 lbs.

Hanging papasan chair

A very original and attractive piece of furniture. This pink chair has got a very solid and stable frame made of durable materials. Its sitting space provides comfort and support. It is a perfect choice for people who like unique decorative and functional elements.

44-inch Indoor Outdoor Patio Backyard Furnishing Twill Papasan Cushion Sofa Seat! Chocolate Chair Bench Cushion Is Very Comfortable and Relaxing. This Custom Chair Pad Is Great During the Warm Summer Months for Seating on This Seat Cushion Outdoors!!

It is a papas an chair cushion seat that is available in many color options to choose. It has got a 100-percent polyester upholstery that is very soft and comfortable. You need to have it.

Microsuede Papasan Cushion / Floor Pillow / Pet Bed, 48 Inch Teal Aqua Blue, Compare to Bean Bag Chairs, Gaming Chairs

This beautiful cushion is designed of teal aqua blue microsuede, and suitable for papasan chairs with 45-46-inch diameter. The cushion is also well-padded, stylishly tufted, and weighs only 10 pounds.

Where can i find a papasan chair

Where can I find a papasan chair?