Danish Armchairs

Not incredibly stylish but comfortable as well as practical, Danish armchairs are the kind of thing you see in a doctor's office waiting room. They are reasonably ergonomic and have just enough padding to make sure you don't have any sort of posterior discomfort have you must sit in one for a long time. They're very sturdy and well made. See collection for more.

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Danish modern selig lounge chair

Danish modern selig lounge chair
A simple, but modern stylization that is useful and aesthetic in different living rooms. This lounge chair includes a durable wooden frame. Its backrest and seat areas are soft and upholstered with neutral grey material.

Rusty vintage recycled wool and natural

Rusty vintage recycled wool and natural
Danish obsession with nice interiors has its source in the hygge. This chair is definitely a hygge armchair- surrounded by warm wood,naturaly shadded in a cherry. Additionaly this seat cover, in the color of the earth, without unnecessary decoration.

Pair of sculptural open frame armchairs bertha schaefer

Pair of sculptural open frame armchairs bertha schaefer
With this sculptural pair of armchairs your living room will gain a breeze of freshness and visual appeal, while their open frame construction in the sturdy walnut wood as well as the suspended unit offers more than enough convenience and style.

Modernist sofa edward wormley

Modernist sofa edward wormley
Another intriguing piece of furniture: the Sofa by Edward Wormley has a sculptural shape. For me, it looks like an object from Museum of Modern Art.

Vintage retro 50s cocktail chair 60s reupholstered armchair fabric clubchair

Vintage retro 50s cocktail chair 60s reupholstered armchair fabric clubchair
This extremaly beautiful white and yellow danish retro coctail armchair fits interior in every design and color. Made totally vintage brings back 50's and 60's times. Could be used as typical armchair or clubchair in commercial spaces.

Axel madsen danish wingback armchair bovenkamp 1960s

Axel madsen danish wingback armchair bovenkamp 1960s
Arm chair in retro style. Wooden base is reinforced with solid supports. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch material. Carefully profiled back provides support for the spine.

Mina Arm Chair

Mina Arm Chair
This piece of furniture is an armchair that has got a frame made of wood with a natural finish. It has got stylish, clean lines with sloped back and seat areas. Its sitting and backrest spaces are black.

Our advice Buying Guide

Where to place Danish armchairs in a living room?

Danish armchairs are streamlined and attractive, making them perfect for the conversational seating area of your living room. For aesthetics and functionality, these chair types are best placed on an angle next to each other, in front of a coffee table.

When designing your living room with a Scandinavian style in mind, note that the characteristics are minimalistic. A Scandinavian living room never looks cluttered because of how sparsely the furniture is placed. Refrain from assigning Danish armchairs to cramped spaces or near other furniture. You should be able to walk around them easily.

You may choose to use a single Danish armchair as an accent piece in your living room, in which case you can place it adjacent to the loveseat, on an angle, so that the room is optimized for conversation among guests.

Are Danish armchairs comfortable?

Danish armchairs are built for comfort despite their highly stylized designs, with many models featuring an ergonomic backrest and thickly padded seat.

Often made with a polished teak frame that supports upholstered cushions, Danish armchairs have a sleek and elegant look that is ideal for modern, minimal homes. To find the most comfortable Danish armchair, look for features including a curved wingback-style backrest or a contoured seat and armrests. You can also find some styles which come with lumbar cushions for lower back support, or headrests, making them a great armchair or reading or napping.

Seat cushions should offer at least 4” of polyester or memory foam padding and opt for cotton microfiber, linen, or wool upholstery fabric for optimal breathability.


Danish armchairs

A comfortable piece for indoors that radiates with timeless elegance and quality craftsmanship. Designed by Danish artisans, the chair has a hardwood frame, slender armrests, tubular legs, and a medium-firm seat and back - both upholstered in a durable beige fabric.

Danish armchairs 1

The stunning and highly impressive design of the phenomenal Danish armchairs delight the details and make the décor unique. The whole sculptural lounge chair is a great companion to turquoise upholstery.

Danish armchairs 2

Compact Danish Modern Armchair Chair Fully von MadsenModern auf Etsy, $825.00

Danish armchairs

Scandinavian inspired armchair with a low-profile design and a sturdy wooden frame. The piece is supported by four slightly tapered legs and comes with foam padding around the seat and the backrest for comfort. It’s finished in light walnut for outstanding stylish class.

Swoon karla danish armchair

Swoon - Karla Danish Armchair

Danish armchairs

High-quality Danish-inspired armchair with a low design and a minimalist appeal. The piece is supported by a narrow wooden frame. It also comes with two plush cushions for comfort. Each cushion is upholstered in a light beige fabric that should fit into your décor scheme.

Vintage danish armchair

An aesthetic modern armchair with a natural-finished wooden frame. It features length-varied slanted tapered legs and straight flat arms. Its ample seat and quite tall wide backrest are rectangular, padded and covered in dark brown vinyl.

Ole wanscher danish modern beechwood armchair

Ole Wanscher Danish Modern Beechwood Armchair

Danish deluxe rare mertyl low back armchairs

Danish Deluxe rare Mertyl low back armchairs

Danish armchairs 6

Stunning midcentury low-profile armchair with a slanted backrest, slightly raised armrest, and two matching support cushions at the seat and the back. The piece is made from a naturally stained wooden frame and its vintage appeal should bring excellent décor value into your home.

Danish modern armchairs set of 2

Danish Modern Armchairs (Set of 2)

Danish armchairs 6

Old fashioned armchair will make your room frozen in time. This is a perfect definition of retro design - full comfort with simply lines. It is a prefect match to vintage designed rooms as well as modern decor.

Danish armchairs

Contour lounge chair by Vladimir Kagan

1960s armchair

A modern set of furniture that consists of a shelving unit, two armchairs and a small coffee table. The whole set is in a minimalistic, Scandinavian style. The shelving unit is very functional due to a large storage space.

Danish armchairs

Danish 1960s armchair

Danish armchairs 5

A nice room arrangement whose highlight is a vintage chair in a Danish style. It features slim lines and wooden construction in a deep brown color, which makes a great contrast with white, upholstered cushions.

Danish modern relling bambi sculptural teak chair modern armchairs

... Danish Modern Relling Bambi Sculptural Teak Chair modern-armchairs

Danish armchairs 4

This modern armchair will be a unique furniture in your home. It's a perfect union of danish simplicity, modern look and elegance. The shape of the armchair and angle of the backrest allows you to sit with maximum comfort.

Danish armchair

Then I saw this armchair the first time I thought that the photographer borrowed it from my grandmother. But it is undeniable that it very comfortable and really beautiful in his unique vintage style.

Danish armchairs 2

This scandinavian armchairs consitute a combination of exquisite comfort and stylish vintage design. The usage of walnut wood is a guarantee that they would be sustainable and delightful for many years.

Danish armchairs 19


Danish armchairs 16


Raki modern danish square armchair jpg


Danish armchairs 8

danish design. Clean lines, clean colors.

Danish armchairs 3

That's a type of so called chieftain chair. It has basic structure made of deep brown wood. The seat, the backrest and the arm rests are covered with orange leather. The backrest features three buttons.

Pair of danish armchairs

Pair of Danish Armchairs

Danish armchairs 8

Danish armchairs vintage design cocktail chairs fifties. Ik wil zo'n stoel!

Danish armchairs vintage design fifties

Danish armchairs vintage design fifties

Glove Wool Lounge Chair in Dark Gray

A comfortable armchair with a deep seat and high-backed, perfect for every lover of books. While sitting in this chair you can drown in it and relax. It is covered with a soft woolen fabric, which is pleasant to the touch.

Danish armchairs 14

Chieftains Chair by the late Danish designer Finn Juhl

4170 mid century danish armchairs franke

4170: Mid-Century Danish armchairs Franke

Danish armchairs 2

I am madly in love with this chair. Especially in bright yellow. From The Poet | House of Finn Juhl

Danish armchairs 9

Colourful Bohemian Furniture by Bokja Design

Recliner Chair Cover Stretch Suede Ebony 732

Protect your favourite piece with this durable and versatile cover. It is made in standard size to fit the most popular types of recliners with a right-side handle, from a memory stretch fabric that is washable and pet friendly. Features side pocket.

Uttermost 23066 Keturah Arm Chair

A simple stylization that looks very attractive in different types of decor. This comfortable armchair has got a very solid hardwood frame. Its seat cushion is filled with foam for enhanced comfort and relaxation.

Stretch Suede Merlot Wing Chair Cover 733

This fashionable slipcover is made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex, suitable for wing chairs with T shaped cushions. The slipcover is elastic, durable, pet-friendly, and easy to install. Machine-washable.

Mid Century Style Grey Button-tufted Upholstered Accent Armchair with Espresso Legs with Metal Silver Nailheads

Danish armchairs 20

Repinned from Ryan Kellar, who got it from Samantha Simms. Where'd it come from originally? I love it!

Danish armchairs 4

This beautiful Danish armchair embodies the best features of the vintage Scandinavian style. 70's are visible everywhere in this project. Pleasant, navy blue, velvet finishing will provide a comfortable rest. Its dimensions are H: 76cm x W: 66cm x D: 72cm.

Mid Century Style Beige Linen Button Tufted Upholstered Accent Armchair with Espresso Legs with Metal Nailheads

Danish armchairs 17

Finn Juhl; #FJ51 Oak Armchair Chair for the Trusteeship Council Chamber at the United Nations Headquarters, c1951.

Danish armchair

Danish armchair

Im sucker for danish mid century modern

I'm sucker for danish Mid Century Modern