Disability Chairs

Most furniture is designed for the populous as a whole, but for people afflicted with physical disabilities, some chairs are difficult, if impossible to get into and out of. In our collection of disability chairs, we offer many choices to match the needs of these handicapable folks, so they too can sit in comfort, while not having to fear being stuck in a chair not designed for their needs.

Best Products

Accessibility Commode WheelChair with 4 Castor Wheels, Rectangle Detachable Bucket, & Waterproof Design Black Shower Chair

Accessibility Commode WheelChair with 4 Castor Wheels, Rectangle Detachable Bucket, & Waterproof Design Black Shower Chair
Feel complete support with this padded commode wheelchair. Designed for safety and practicality, this wheelchair’s waterproof aluminum frame and corrosion-resistant caster make it shower and toilet safe. The detachable bucket and seat allow you to use the bathroom without transferring from the padded plastic seat, and the backrest ensures optimal comfort.

Karrissa Power Lift Assist Recliner

Karrissa Power Lift Assist Recliner
Add some style to your living room with the Power Lift Assist Recliner. This chair will blend into your home, provide style and comfort, and give you the assistance you need to stand and sit with ease. The storage side-pockets are perfect for remotes or magazines, and the battery backup for power failures makes this a practical choice.

Disability chairs

A handy bouncer lounger for people with disabilities disallowing them to seat in normal chairs. This one is fitted both for kids and adults, and makes for a useful addition if you’re parenting someone with a disability.

Disability chairs 30

Bean bag chair fitted with footrest. It is covered with thick fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Modern addition to the living room, bedroom, teenager's room and more.

Deluxe Reclining 3 Position Chair w/ a Built-in Collapsible TV Table (Invacare 3 Position Deluxe Geri Chair Recliner in Jade, Rosewood, & Blue Ridge Blue)

Modern reclining chair on wheels with a tall back and an adjustable haedrest. Metal zinc-plated frame has foam-padded covering made of pinkish material. It features a folding-out TV tray made of grey moulded plastic.

Disability chair

Elevating wheelchair - a revolutionary new aid for the disabled

Our advice Buying Guide

What features to look for in a disability chair?

The features to look for in a disability chair vary depending on the type of chair you need. Whether it is a traditional wheelchair or ergonomic office chair, a few basic features are essential for determining the best fit.

The first of these is a comfortable seat width. Look for the size that isn't too snug but also isn’t loose enough that you slide around. Chair sizes usually range between 16” to 20” overall. The more compact the size, the easier the chair is to maneuver and transport, so if you are looking for a collapsible product that can fit into the truck of your car, go with a smaller design.

To allow for various positioning, a tilt chair is most beneficial. Hydraulic tilt mechanisms typically offer the smoothest lifting action and have a higher weight capacity than other lift types. For additional support and overall comfort, look for sturdy arm and footrest features.

Wheels are another critical feature of many disability chair models. They need to be made to handle different surfaces, especially if you plan to use your chair in different locations. Pneumatic tires offer the best all-terrain navigation; however, large multidirectional casters are a better choice for indoor use. A self-propelled disability chair should feature large rear wheels with protective bars to prevent fingers from getting caught.

What is the best chair for elderly?

When considering disability chairs, you want to select sitting options for the elderly people you have in your life that are sturdy, supportive, and comfortable. We’ve found that some of the best chairs for elderly persons and people with disabilities have adjustable arm and back rests, wheels on their bases for easy maneuverability, and (in some cases) powered options to make getting up and down from a seated position as easy as possible. When you’re selecting a chair that will be a part of your support plan for the people in your life, consider their specific condition when selecting features for their chairs.

What material for disability chairs is easiest to keep clean?

When searching for the perfect material for disability chairs, you have to think about functionality, practicality, durability, and comfort. Many materials check all these boxes, such as leather, vinyl, and wool.

Leather is one of the most durable upholstery materials because it is a naturally tough fabric. It is adaptable for everyday use and is resilient against tears, punctures, and scratches that other materials may not be able to withstand. It is also a waterproof material, making it easier to clean with a cloth if spills or staining occur. Vinyl is also very similar to leather in that it is durable, comfortable, and waterproof.

Nylon is another material suitable for disability chairs because it is easy to keep clean and wash. The material can withstand water very well, and it can be cleaned with any water-based cleaning product. The fibers in nylon are also very strong and are abrasion and elastic resistant, making the material extremely durable.


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The All Terrain Chair, model ATC 100, is a beach wheelchair designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. $1772

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roll-in shower~ we have one, yet I like this one.

Larkinhurst Earth Tone Leather Look Fabric Traditional Design Rocker Recliner

This rocker recliner is equipped with a reclining mechanism that offers multiple positions for superior comfort. The chair is padded with high quality foam, upholstered in a leather-like fabric, and decorated with classic nail head trim.

Sports wheelchairs and disability sports equipment 5

Sports Wheelchairs and Disability Sports Equipment

Mobile garden on the cta very nice but what about

Mobile Garden on the CTA: very nice BUT: What About Priority Seating & Wheelchair Securement Areas

Disability chairs 2

Disability chair for everyday use. This element of equipment assures mobility, comfort and safety for disabled people who are not able to walk. This wheelchair is also suitable for old people or people who are temporarily unable to walk.

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