Hospital Recliners


Ever since the advent of the adjustable bed, adding hospital style furniture to the home as a decorative choice has become common. Hospital recliners are the next step in this interesting new trend. Comfy, but not too comfy, and easy to get into and out of, a hospital recliner is the perfect mix of function and form, and with many colors to choose from, put one in your home is just a matter of your personal taste.

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Our Picks

LA-Z-Boy Florin FL1304, Healthcare Medical Room Wall Saver Recliner

This wall saver recliner sits only sits 5-inches from wall, and provides good benefits for your health. Consisted of a high-quality hardwood frame and anti-microbial vinyl upholstery, the chair also includes a LiquiCell for stress reduction and improvement of your blood flow.

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Recliners with wheels

A mix of coziness and convenience, this classy recliner is going to show you a real good time. It features off-white leather upholstery, curved arms made of wood, a well-profiled seat for extra comfort, a handy side tray, and locking caster wheels.

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Catnapper Invincible Power Lift Recliner in Deep Sapphire

It is a recliner that has got a power lift frame, faux leather upholstery, deep sapphire color and padded seat and back. You will be impressed how comfortable this recliner is.

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This 3-position recliner is equipped with a unique drop-arm mechanism, and swivel locking rear casters for securing chair's position. The chair improves circulation and is especially suitable for knee and hip surgery patients.

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Relaxer Bed

Relaxer Bed

This is an excellent bed relaxing. The bed provides a huge comfort rest. It is soft, comfortable and very pleasant. They were made of high quality materials. That's what makes it so perfect. It is perfect for the bedroom.

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Healthcare recliners 5

Healthcare Recliners

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Hospital bedside chairs

Sleepers & Recliners

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Hospital recliner chairs

A smoothly-operating recliner with a high back, and caster wheels for easy mobility; is the thing you want to have, if you are opting for modern luxury. It has white leather upholstery, wooden armrests, and a convenient lever on the side, for adjusting positions.

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Recliner chairs with wheels

Multi-functional piece of furniture which will play it role perfectly in every interior! It is very simple and useful! Take-down armchair connects function of seat and bed. Due to little wheels it is movable.

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XL Designer Care Cliner Recliner Extra Wide 26"W x 19.5"D Seat

That large designer recliner is a great solution for any interior design. Wheels at the base make the whole mobile. The included tray allows for extensive use. Beautiful color invigorates the interior.

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Hospital Recliners

Buying Guide

Hospital recliners can have a variety of purposes ranging from home health assistance to hospital equipment – including providing a comfortable place for supportive friends and family. Some look very much like ordinary household furnishings while others are clearly for medical purposes. Some have lifts to assist patients with getting in and out of a chair, while others have small wheels that allow them to be moved from one place to another. No few of them fold out into a bed, both to allow someone to rest and to enable examinations without unduly disturbing the person sitting in the chair.

Three Position Recliner

The three-position recliner has locking rear wheels to keep the chair in position. It can, however, be wheeled from one place to another easily. The arms are constructed so that they can be dropped out of the way much like the rails on a hospital bed. It has a full footrest, and can recline fully. It is a nice choice for patients with knee or hip surgery because of the circulatory feature.

Sapphire Recliner with Power Lift

You would never know that this is a hospital recliner by looking at it. Its attractive sapphire upholstery would not be out of place in any living room. The well-padded seat and back make it an attractive place for someone who is recovering from injury or illness to sit. It can also make a nice bedside chair for a caretaker. The power lift can assist a patient with self-care or can help a caretaker guide the patient from chair to bed or from chair to wheelchair.

Takedown Armchair

The takedown armchair reclines fully to become a day bed or even an examining table. Although it is not set up to be a wheelchair or gurney, it does have small wheels that allow it to be moved from one place to another. It can be of great assistance in a home-health care situation, or simply a nice place to sit. The faux leather upholstery can easily fit with any décor.

Clinical Recliner Geri Chair

This recliner offers extra stability and security for someone who is a bit unsteady or that requires assistance. The back wheels have locking brakes to keep the chair in place once it has been pushed to the desired location, and it has two side trays that can be used for snacks or as a place to keep a book or tablet.

Hospital recliners can be useful in a hospital room, a nursing home or in a home health situation. They can even be comfortable and, in some cases, as attractive as regular furniture.

Best Ideas

Typical healthcare recliner

Typical Healthcare Recliner

Medical recliners for home

Modern recliner mounted on metal frame with chrome finish. It is covered with leather and fitted with pillow on the back for spine support. Perfect for watching TV, reading books and more.

Medical amp hospital chairs patient chair recliners 1

medical amp hospital chairs patient chair recliners

Culla recliner nemschoff graded for behavioral healthcare looks a bit

Culla Recliner | Nemschoff Graded for Behavioral Healthcare, looks a bit nicer with scoop sides

Hospital recliners 2

Healthcare design can provide fine aesthetics next to functionality. This hospital recliner is wrapped up in fashionable printed fabric and its armrests are slightly curved. On head level there's an additional pillow for better support.

Hospital chairs

Durable recliner chair with a nice, neutral white color that looks very good in any interior design. It features a soft, cushioned seat and backrest. It also includes a special tray. This recliner is suitable for patient rooms.

Home recliners maxilift bariatric recliner

Home Recliners MaxiLift Bariatric Recliner

Hospital reclining guest sofa bed long

Hospital Reclining Guest Sofa bed long

Medical recliner chair

A contemporary take on a modern recliner armchair for healthcare facilities, made with wheels on the back legs to make it more mobile. The armchair has a leather upholstery in white color and frame made out of oak wood.

Sleepers recliners 2

Sleepers & Recliners


This medical recliner provides infinite reclining positions of its back thanks to the patented reclining mechanism. The back has a locking feature and ensures pressure relief. Also includes a metal frame, vinyl upholstery, caster wheels, and convenient tray.

Hospital recliners 1

hospital recliners

Commercial grade recliners

The Designer Treatment Recliner w/ Trendelenburg

Hospital recliners for sale

Furniture for hospitals, homes for special care and assisted living