Modern Leather Recliners


Oh, the comforts. Oh, the long afternoon naps. That is what you will say the first time you drop into a modern leather recliner and kick the footrest out. If you don't drift off into blissful unconsciousness instantly, we don't think it's the recliner's fault. Only joking. Actually, these modern leather recliners are really well made and designed to provide the utmost of relaxation and comfort. Take a look and see what we mean.

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Our Picks

Retro modern recliners

Modern, contemporary recliner chair covered with black leather. Its mechanism provides many comfortable postures for enhanced relaxation. Its padded seat and backrest are very soft and supported by padded arms.

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Sedgwick Recliner Leather

Sedgwick Recliner Leather

A recliner armchair that has got a special footrest for enhanced comfort. The regulation process is very simple so each user is able to fit this product to his own requirements. A hand-finished aniline leather is very solid and improves the attractiveness of this armchair.

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Spencer wood framed recliner

Spencer wood framed recliner

This recliner chair is a product that provides the best level of comfort and support in the living room. It is made on the basis of a solid frame. The seat and backrest are elements that are filled with soft materials.

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Divani Casa Charles Modern Leather Recliner and Ottoman

Divani Casa Charles Modern Leather Recliner and Ottoman

This is a set that consists of a chair and ottoman. Both elements are made of black leather, which looks great. They have a modern design. And they are also very convenient and comfortable. The whole is ideal equipment for the living room.

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Nicole swivel leather recliner contemporary chairs other metro

Nicole swivel leather recliner contemporary chairs other metro

A stunning leather upholstered recliner that sports the contemporary look and the swivel mechanism, beautifully completing not only the look of your interior but also providing a boost of immense comfort and relax.

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Christopher Knight Home Darvis Orange Leather Recliner Club Chair

Christopher Knight Home Darvis Orange Leather Recliner Club Chair

It is an attractive orange recliner chair of a solid construction. It has got many regulation options so each user is able to adopt it to his or her requirements. This piece of furniture is very useful in living rooms.

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Brown leather sofa recliner

Brown Leather Sofa Recliner

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Mid century club chair 3

Milo Baughman // Mid-Century Designer one - Pony Hair chair // two - scoop chair // three - leather club chair // four - Recliner manufactured by James Inc // five - recliner // six - armchair //

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Sleek recliner

Improve your den with vintage accents using this comfy club chair with oversized armrests. Its bold silhouette is upholstered in a quality leather, featuring a slightly tilted back, a soft seat cushion, ergonomic lines and wooden feet.

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Randall leather recliner old english saddle ethan allen us 1

Randall Leather Recliner, Old English/Saddle - Ethan Allen US

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Modern Leather Recliners

Buying Guide

Modern leather recliners are a beautiful part of almost any home décor. There is just nothing quite like real leather for upholstery material. It wears well, is reasonably easy to clean and breathes in a way that plastic does not. It is warmer than rattan, which makes it a good choice for cold climates. Often, leather is a by-product of the cattle meat industry which helps with following up on making complete use of an animal, and wasting no part of it, a philosophy handed down from hunter-gatherer days, and from the early days of farming.

Reclining loveseats

You don’t have to recline alone. Today’s modern furniture provides couches and loveseats that recline. They, too, come in beautiful leather. Imagine kicking back with your nearest and dearest in the recliner just across that conveniently placed center table, with a big bowl of popcorn, your favorite drinks and the remote. Each of you can adjust your section to suit your comfort while you debate the question of the evening: what to watch. The leather upholstery is firm enough to support but soft enough to give cushioned luxury.

Mini recliners

The modern housing trend is toward small, super-insulated houses or apartments. This saves on building material and on heating and cooling bills but presents some problems when it comes to furnishings. This is where the zero-space mini recliner comes in. the seat moves forward to allow the back to recline instead requiring space to the back of the chair to work. This means that it takes up less floor space. If you are a small person, you can also take advantage of having a chair engineered for your size, which increases your comfort. Upholstery? Why, leather, of course. Small does not mean cutting corners on comfort.

Colored leather recliners

Natural leather comes in shades of brown, beginning with soft cream and ranging up through dark mahogany. But leather takes dye very well, so your leather recliner can be any color you want. You will find that white, brown, beige and black are easier colors to locate, however. If you do not wish to purchase a specialty item, you can still add color to your room with bright afghans and colorful throw pillows while still enjoying the natural luxury of leather. If you are interested in ecology and the balance of nature, look for leathers that are by-products of the meat industry.

The country estate style recliner

Fancy something more traditional? Any fan of Regency romances knows the scene where the Gentlemen retire to the study to enjoy their tobacco and brandy. The room is decorated with mounted, taxidermized heads and well-preserved prize fish. Also part of this scene is the high-backed leather chairs, accompanied by comfortable footstools and plaid wool throws to ward off the chill of a Scottish evening. Fast forward to your country estate interior decorating theme and replace that ancient chair with a modern leather recliner, engineered for your comfort. Even if your crackling fireplace fire is a computer screen accompanied by a forced air electric heater, you can recreate those evenings of comfort and independence.

Best Ideas

Italian leather recliners

A leather sling recliner with footstool

Lucas Black Leather Recliner Club Chair

This multi-position recliner features a sturdy hardwood frame and fine bonded leather upholstery. The club chair is well-balanced, reclines smoothly, and stands four tapered legs. The seat, back and arms are padded.

May have to replace our recliners before long and this

may have to replace our recliners before long and this would make the short list - good reviews

Contemporary leather recliners

Add this sublime set of a lounge chair and ottoman to your interior and enjoy the stunning upholstery in a vibrant, green finish as well as the ample comfort coming from its thickly padded seat and back.

Contemporary leather recliners with ottoman

Futuristic chair, perfect for modern houses. This shell-shaped chair is interesting, comfortable and one-of-a-kind. Amaze your guests not only with its shape but also comfortable, precisely formed upholstery, that's very healthy for your back.

Brown Leather Recliner-Living Room Furniture-Barcalounger Office Chair Recliners Charleston Wingback-Buy Today

This kind of product is a high quality recliner chair that has got a frame made of sturdy pine and plywood. It has got a very soft seat cushion and a comfortable backrest with arms. The whole product is covered with a leather in a chocolate finish.

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