Small Modern Recliners

If you don't have room, or the need, then there is no reason to put in a huge recliner when a small one will do just fine. And in this extensive collection of small modern recliners we guarantee we have just the right small modern recliner option for your needs. We have plenty of upholstery, and lots of colors. See our collection for what we have for you.

Best Products

Addin Chaise Recliner

Addin Chaise Recliner
Kick back and relax with this comfy recliner in modern yet versatile design. Made from high-quality materials and upholstered with vinyl it ensures durability and stability. Features track arms and a cushioned back.

Gilleslee KD Recliner in Natural Leather

Gilleslee KD Recliner in Natural Leather
This Comfortable Recliner in Natural Leather is as beautiful as it is cozy. Reclining mechanism runs very smoothly giving you the chance to conveniently adjust the chair to your favorite position. The construction is made of solid wood, and the upholstery is opulent enough to grant you quality time of relax.

Slim Microfiber Recliner

Slim Microfiber Recliner
Beautiful and comfortable recliner chair featuring solid smooth reclining mechanism, generously padded seat and tall back, and also functional armrests for added comfort. Highly durable and great looking item.

Leather Recliner Chair Club Foot Back Extension Brown Modern Small Spaces

Leather Recliner Chair Club Foot Back Extension Brown Modern Small Spaces
An elegant recliner in a modern design. It provides comfort and relax as you can extend its back and take out a footrest. Made of high quality leather, it's a piece that will serve you for a lifetime.

Brooklyn Camel Recliner

Brooklyn Camel Recliner
This easy to assemble recliner made of wood, fabric, foam and hardware provides comfort and brings the classic style to the living room. Its neutral colors will be harmonized with different decorating schemes and stylizations of indoors.

Erick Recliner Club Chair

Erick Recliner Club Chair
Very comfortable and stylish recliner chair designed to provide ample and reliable support. Features generously padded seat and back in linen upholstery, and reclining back and foot extension for added comfort.

Exclusives Johnstown KD Tufted Recliner

Exclusives Johnstown KD Tufted Recliner
This beautiful tufted recliner chair is beautiful to your interior. Natural upholstery colors make it look stylish both the bedroom and living room. Subtle buttons on the back adds a charm.

Our advice Buying Guide

Recliners are comfortable, but they can take up a lot of space in your floor plan. This is where small, modern recliners can shine. Because they frequently require less wall clearance to work properly and because many of them are built more narrowly than the standard recliner, they are a good choice for small apartments or small houses. Even though they are small, for many people this does not constitute a sacrifice of comfort – something they deliver very well. The exception might be for unusually big or tall people who truly do require a larger chair. A good measure of this is to keep an eye on weight allowances when purchasing your chair.

What different designs of small modern recliners are there?

Zero Clearance Recliners

Zero clearance recliners can be placed against a wall, without requiring a space between the back of the chair and the wall to be able to recline. The reason for this is that the seat platform moves forward as the chair reclines. It will need forward clearance, that that is less likely to be a problem than a chair that must always have space behind it. In most cases, these chairs look very much like a standard recliner. They come in all sorts of upholstery types and patterns, so you should have no problem finding one that has a color, fabric or pattern that you like.

Ergonomic Recliner with Separate Foot Stool

Not all recliners have an attached footrest. For example, the Manjana small, leather recliner has a separate footrest. But instead of being the standard flat-topped ottoman, its food stool is gently sloped to allow the lower leg and foot to rest on it naturally. The soft leather surface and the cold-pressed cushions are designed to give maximum comfort.

Massage Recliner with Heater

You can increase your enjoyment and comfort with a recliner that has its own internal heater and vibrating massage. After a hard day’s work, there is nothing like lying back and letting your chair gently massage and melt away the tensions and sore muscles that often go with working. Sometimes, it isn’t even physical work that makes it hard to relax at the end of the day. You can treat yourself to some comfort in the form of a comfortable chair. You could even add an audiobook so that you can close your eyes and take your mind off the day’s hardships.

Rocking Recliner

No one deserves a little rest more than a new parent. A rocking recliner can give you the support and stability you need to help you cradle your little one in your arms for those 2 am feedings, and the rocking chair can help you get your baby back off to sleep. If the two of you happen to fall asleep, then the gentle support of a good armchair and maybe a pillow or two can help keep you comfortable.

Small modern recliners can help you relax without having to give up floor space to the mechanism that allows the chair to recline.


Sutton Vibes Truffle Glider Swivel Recliner

Sutton Vibes Truffle Glider Swivel Recliner
Swivel chair mounted on a sturdy frame made of wood and metal. It is upholstered with polyester. Folding mechanism allows the blocking of the rest. Comfortable addition to the living room and others interior.

Cranston Solarium Hi Leg Recliner

Cranston Solarium Hi Leg Recliner
It is very elegant and very decorative recliner. The seat is very beautiful because of the material, which was used for upholstering this furniture. It is white with blue, sleek designs. This causes all perfectly presented. It is entirely comfortable.

Soho Recliner

Soho Recliner
Recliner upholstered in faux leather and reinforced with strong seams. It has a 3 way to folding footrest. Frame is made of wood and mounted on the steel mechanism. Elegant piece of furniture for comfort in any interior.

Conrad Swivel Glider Recliner

Conrad Swivel Glider Recliner
This is a very classical shape and design recliner, which features a swivel and glider mechanism also. Its solid frame will last years of using and thick padded cushions are comfortable and cozy. Upholstery is made of leather.

Small space recliner

Had a lot of compliments on the Pinto chair. It's a convertible space-saver piece of furniture for drawing room or bedroom. It features the classic look, small size, gray Sazza fabric and steel legs. It provides the high quality of comfort.

Contemporary leather recliners

This convertible recliner. It distinguishes itself with modern design, observed best in its thin, originally shaped legs. Its universal design will fit into almost every room, providing unique comfort and style.

Small modern recliners

Modern and compact recliner chair constructed from a super strong metal frame. The recliner also comes in a stable rounded metal base and its unique low-profile design makes it a great comfort for anyone. You also get plum cushioning and breathtaking white leather upholstery.

Small modern recliners

Modern recliner for watching TV, reading books and more. It is mounted on metal base and upholstered with leather. Carefully profiled back is finished with solid seams. Ideal as additional seating or place for relaxation.

Modern recliners

The recliner and swivel chair in one. Removable seat, back and arm covers. Contemporary colors help modernize the look, and the armchair not only looks well, but also boasts a relaxation mechanism that is operated without leverage, with a simple lean back movement.

Nicole ergonomic recliner by lafer modern recliner catalog 2

Nicole Ergonomic Recliner by Lafer Modern Recliner Catalog

Recliners that don t look like recliners

Leather ergonomic recliner. Not that small, but very modern and stylish. Its red color is super visible and can ease your senses. It's super comfortable and it has got some levels of lowering its back. Silver finish at the bottom.

Small modern recliners 2

A cool comfy modern recliner with a compact wooden frame and black angular tapered legs. It features straight lines, has a thick-padded seat, straight narrow arms and a quite wide back. Upholstery is of durable grey fabric with white stitching.

Small modern recliners 1

This elegant recliner represents a modern approach to retro style. It's minimal style, juxtaposed to solid, simple construction, guarantee a pleasurable rest in your home office or living room.

Recliners contemporary style

Two-piece reclining chair and footstool make a comfortable place to relax. The curved wooden matching bases and plump contoured cushions create both elegance and ease. The stool can be a place for your feet or even extra seating.

Small recliner

A fantastic recliner that is a blend of modern and old-fashioned styles. It features a very unique, funky pattern of colorful spots on a beige background. It's very comfortable due to thick and soft cushions.

Beige leatherette cusion contemporary elegant swivel recliner

Beige Leatherette Cusion Contemporary Elegant Swivel Recliner

Small modern recliners 3

Lucas Modern Design Recliner Club Chair , Grey contemporary-armchairs

What are your thoughts on the recliner debate have you

What are your thoughts on the recliner debate? Have you accepted or ...

Modern design recliners

Contemporary, modern Furniture : Chairs, Belvedere Recliner - Snow White from Urban Barn to complement your style.

Conroy Ergonomic Recliner

Conroy Ergonomic Recliner

Unique recliner chairs

Dalton Recliner with Stainless Steel Legs - Recliners & Lounge Chairs - Living - Room & Board - Alan's office recliner

Modern chair recliner

Lincoln; leather recliner in many colors available through PNB Interior Design.

Leather recliner modern

Boomerang Chair (by Richard Neutra, 1942)

Small modern recliners

Modern Reclining Armchair by Charles Stoll

Sleek leather recliner

Do you work at your desk for a long time? No wonder you want to give your back a top quality rest in the form of a leather white small modern recliner, on a rotating metal frame. In addition, it connects to the footrest, also upholstered in white.

Reclining chairs modern

Opt for this example of just ultimate comfort - this modern recliner chair offers the two-tone finish of purple and black and the contemporary design that will easily catch everyone's attention, while supporting your back.

Modern leather recliners 2

Steven and Chris show - how to create a beautiful nursery in a small space. The Grano Glider Recliner is a modern and compact glider perfect for a small nursery. 75_baby5.jpg

Small contemporary recliners

Jamestown Modern Design Recliner Club Chair - modern - chairs - los angeles - Great Deal Furniture

Jamestown design recliner club chair modern chairs great deal furniture

Jamestown Design Recliner Club Chair - modern - chairs - Great Deal Furniture

Riverside sand recliner with a streamlined look and lovely bent

- Riverside Sand Recliner - With a streamlined look and lovely bent wood arms and legs, this two-position Riverside recliner offers exceptional comfort and lasting style. Finished in sand colored upholstery, this chair provides relaxation y

Small leather recliners

With this stylish nursery seat, you'll be able not only to use a comfortable chair while taking care of your little one, but also have a beautiful piece to enhance your modern home. The chair reclines easily, offering a comfy spot for your legs while keeping your back fully relaxed.

Exclusive exclusive furniture coffee table listed in ultra modern

Exclusive Exclusive Furniture Coffee Table listed in: Ultra Modern ...

Modern recliner

Modern recliner mounted on tapered legs made of wood. It is upholstered with leather and finished with solid stitching. Great as additional seating or place for relaxing in the living room, bedroom and more.

Small modern recliners

Contemporary Recliners Images With Model Decorating

Baxton Studio Aberfeld Modern Recliner Club Chair, Black

This piece of furniture is a club chair that has got a neutral black color. It means that it looks very attractive in any decor. This contemporary recliner is covered with faux leather. It is equipped with polyurethane foam cushions.

Contemporary recliner chair

Super soft red leather recliner chair with small footprint made in modern, sleek style. Back can actually be easily removed for easy transport and placement. All the other elements were made from stainless steel.

Modern contemporary recliners


Modern recliner chairs

Orange reclining armchair for small spaces. I really adore the shape of it and love the vibrant color! It looks fantastic against the soft pastel pastel wall and contrasting dark, wooden floor. I guess it's super comfortable in use!

Modern reclining sectional

Modern reclining sectional sofa allows for the optimal use of space and frequent changes in the arrangement of the living room. Another interesting idea is the upholstered in a light fabric sofa with a place to sleep, and a folded recliner with a footstool.

Modern contemporary sofa furniture design

modern contemporary sofa furniture design

This modern colorful tub chairs designs 150x150 living room chairs

This Modern Colorful Tub Chairs Designs 150x150 Living Room Chairs

Modern small leather chairs interior design uploaded by famous chairs

Modern Small Leather Chairs Interior Design uploaded by Famous Chairs ...

Modern style recliner chairs

why? a doorway would be fine, ah but the beauty is hide clutter closed or expand the entertainment space open - way better than a partial wall and doorway. smaaaart