Small Space Recliner

For small homes, studios or apartments, for a chair you can fall into after the eight-hour grind, this small space recliner is for you. Super comfortable and in many fabric choices to fit any decorating scheme, the hardest part of these is wanting to climb out of them., They even work well if you like to take an afternoon nap. Find yourself a small space recliner in this collection.

Best Products

Christopher Knight Home Darvis Grey Recliner Club Chair

Christopher Knight Home Darvis Grey Recliner Club Chair
This grey armchair brings the classic style to the living room. Its neutral colors match any type of decor and a solid frame adds strength and stability to the whole construction of this adjustable piece of furniture.


Chic classic reclining armchair with a wooden frame and warm brown turned front legs. It has gently convex arms with rolled-out fronts and cushioned both a seat and a tall wingback. Upholstery is of real leather in brown tones with nailhead trims.

Christopher Knight Home Leather Recliner Club Chair

Christopher Knight Home Leather Recliner Club Chair
This recliner chair is a perfect solution for people who are looking for high level of comfort after a difficult day at school or work. A solid frame, foot extensions and reclining back are the most important elements of this piece of furniture.

Wildon Home %c2%ae Ashewick Swivel Glider Recliner

Wildon Home %c2%ae Ashewick Swivel Glider Recliner
This is a recliner chair that has also got a swivel mechanism. It features a soft and comfortable seat cushion. Its soft backrest and arms are elements that assure additional comfort and support for any user.

Baxton Studio Aberfeld Modern Arm Recliner

Baxton Studio Aberfeld Modern Arm Recliner
Enhance comfort of your home with this impressive arm recliner in black finish. The recliner offers a metal frame, foam padding, faux leather upholstery, flared arms, and 250 lbs of weight capacity. Especially suitable for smaller interiors.

Rodgers Leather Recliner Club Chair

Rodgers Leather Recliner Club Chair
This recliner chair is a high quality piece of furniture that has god solid legs that provide stability and support. Its seat includes a very soft cushion and a durable backrest. The chair also includes solid, supportive arms.

Wildon Home %c2%ae Vanceboro Faux Leather Recliner And Ottoman

Wildon Home %c2%ae Vanceboro Faux Leather Recliner And Ottoman
A space-saving recliner chair created for use in small rooms. This product represents contemporary stylization so it looks very attractive in any type of decor. Its mechanism is reliable and the product is available with an ottoman.

Our advice Buying Guide

When choosing furniture, always remember that comfort is king. Tiny homeowners and apartment dwellers think that they must sacrifice comfort as they have minimal square footage for their furniture pieces. This is far from the truth; there are now small space recliners that make it possible for us to enjoy and relax without any restrictions!

Before you start your search for the best small space recliners, here are a few things that you have to consider:

How to measure for a small space recliner?

Even when you are going to purchase a small space recliner, you still need to map out the spot where you'll set up the product using a painter's tape on your flooring. This way, you can easily tell if a unit is of the proper scale and size or not. Regardless of where you purchase your small space recliner, may it be in a showroom or an online store, you'll regret your purchase if it doesn’t fit the spot you intend for it to stay.

When laying down the painter's tape, envision the layout as you'd want enough space for people to move around the furniture comfortably and freely. Remember that a small space recliner can often look disproportionate and feel puny if it's in the wrong place.

What style recliner should you choose?

Small space recliners come in different styles, but they are mostly made to have an elegant and classic shape. We would suggest you purchase the one that has clean lines. The cleaner your recliner's lines are, the more stylish it is. Of course, you wouldn't want your small space recliner to look dated even from the day it's delivered to your home.

How to make sure a recliner is a good quality?

Educate yourself on the construction of the product you're thinking of purchasing. Is the frame made of hard-wearing materials? Are the armrests durable and resilient? Small space recliners are intended to be used daily, so they must be made of durable materials. They must be able to withstand the jumping up and down of pets and toddlers, stolen naps, TV viewing, and any other daily activity.

Because you would want your recliner to last several years, material is everything! Your most common choices would be overstuffed fabric and thick padded leather recliners. Feel the material to see whether you would find it comfortable to sit on. For an online purchase, we would suggest you check customer reviews.

How much is a small space recliner?

Small space recliner prices vary. You will be able to purchase cheap, mass-produced units from discount websites. You can also go for the fancy-schmancy units which we prefer as they usually last longer. If what you want is a small space recliner that's never been produced before, you can order a customized piece for $2,000-$5,000. The ideal option is one that's both affordable and hardwearing.

Buying Tip: Purchase small space recliners online so you can bypass the unnecessary fees of middlemen. The selections available online consist of well-crafted small space recliners at affordable prices.


Bradford Chair Recliner

Bradford Chair Recliner
It is a swivel glider recliner that is a comfortable addition to your living room and family room area. You will be impressed hoe beautiful and comfortable this recliner is. It is a nicely finished and high quality product.

Bessemer Rocker Recliner

Bessemer Rocker Recliner
Rocker recliner featuring classic rolled arms, beautiful nailhead trimming, polyester blend upholstery, high quality foam, which provides comfortable seating experience, and reclining mechanism made of galvanized steel.

Ultramotion Minho Upholstered Glider Recliner

Ultramotion Minho Upholstered Glider Recliner
Contemporary design reclaining armchair with complete swivel motion and built-in, pull-out footrest and adjustable backrest for maximum relaxation. Durable manufactured wood frame upholstered with cotton and polyester blend.

Small space recliner

Had a lot of compliments on the Pinto chair. It's a convertible space-saver piece of furniture for drawing room or bedroom. It features the classic look, small size, gray Sazza fabric and steel legs. It provides the high quality of comfort.

Cozy chairs small spaces

This classic armchair in spite of its simplicity looks very good. It has minimalistic shape and it is covered with bright canvas. Unfortunately, it isn't big, so it is dedicated only for slim person or child.

Small space recliner

A stunning recliner that is simply perfect for small spaces - this piece will surely let you fit it ideally in your living room or entryway and provide you with the much wanted extra space for you or your guests to sit, while the dark brown finish of the legs contrasts with the black leather upholstery.

Small recliner 3

Nothing better than a good recliner – this here combines ergonomy with fashion and style. Made from leather, so you can be sure it will serve you for a lifetime. It doesn’t take up much space at all, too!

Small leather recliners

With this stylish nursery seat, you'll be able not only to use a comfortable chair while taking care of your little one, but also have a beautiful piece to enhance your modern home. The chair reclines easily, offering a comfy spot for your legs while keeping your back fully relaxed.

Recliners for small spaces

As if inviting to take a brief nap, this comfy brown leather recliner definitely contributes to a homey atmosphere of a front room. Characterized by small profile and just the right amount of stuffing, it maintains the compact line with no cost to comfort.

Small recliners

This lazy lounger small recliner is the perfect option for your interior for when you simply can't live without that little boost of comfort. It will ensure utmost durabilty and thanks to the soft upholstery it is even more relaxing.

Small recliners 2

Traditional recliner for watching TV, reading books and more. Frame is made of wood and metal. It is upholstered with leather and reinforced with solid stitching. Ideal as additional seating or place for relaxation.

Slim recliner

If you don't have much free space indoors, you can still enjoy the assets of having a reclining armchair - it just needs to be small in size, like this compact one. Still it provides high level of comfort. Padded sand beige.

Compact recliner

Space saving and very comfortable chair with cushioned sitting space and convenient, reliable reclining mechanism. Its attractive leather cover is finished in black color, so this recliner matches any indoors.

Compact recliner

A living room element with both functional and decorative roles. Its seat cushion provides softness and comfort. Solid frame of this recliner chair assures stability. A comfortable cushioned backrest is another advantage of this chair.

Small recliner chair

A functional and original solution for users who prefer modern technologies. This wall bed featues a folding design and it saves a lot of space while folded. Its sitting and sleeping space is soft and finished in orange color.

Compact recliners 1

Compact recliner chair with good support of the most comfortable postures. Its cushioned and soft sitting space is covered with fabric finished in neutral black color. This recliner includes wheels for easy movement.

Recliners for small spaces 3

Add this stunning recliner to your household even if you don't have too much space in it, since ity will fit even those limited floor spaces beautifully. It comes with a matching ottoman, both upholstered in white leather-like material.

Small recliners

Classic arm chair mounted on wooden frame. It is upholstered with soft fabric. Carefully profiled back is finished with solid seams. Elegant design for living room, bedroom and more.

Compact recliners 31

Not every recliner chair is very massive and takes up a lot of space. This compact recliner is packed with style and comfort in a beautiful brown leather upholstery, which makes it subtle but elegant. Smaller gauges will save space - without losing comfort.

Recliners for small spaces

Space-saving, but very comfortable recliner chair with comfortable and soft sitting area finished in neutral white color. It comes in pair with an ottoman that serves as a footrest. Both elements are equipped with stable round wooden bases.

Living room furniture small recliner chairs

Living Room Furniture Small Recliner Chairs

Small comfortable chairs

A comfortable recliner that works as a charm, while radiating with impeccable elegance. Upholstered in a genuine leather, the chair comes with an oversized back, a soft seat, espresso-finished wood tapered legs, stylish button-tufting and nail head trim.

Small recliners for women 2

An aesthetic comfortable traditional recliner for women. It has a wooden frame and a lever-operated mechanism. It has low full panel rolled out arms, a thick seat, a quite tall contoured back with tufting. Upholstery is of nice plain beige fabric.

Comfy chairs for small rooms

Small but very cozy and stylish recliner to the bedroom is an excellent choice for any interior. The beautiful upholstery of soft pods on a solid base looks phenomenal. The warm shade of brown brings coziness to the decor.

Best Davis Recliner Club Chair, Grey

This simple and elegant recliner would be the perfect solution for every stylish living room, no matter if you prefer modernity or tradition. Check it out and fall in love with its amazing design and comfort!

Best Davis Fabric Recliner Club Chair, Light Beige

Simple in style, this recliner will provide a comfy seating in your living room without overwhelming the overall decor. It is padded with light beige fabric and it stands on tapered espresso brown feet.

Small recliners 1

Traditional recliner as additional seating or place for relaxation in any interior as needed. Frame is made of wood and metal. It is upholstered with nice touch fabric and finished with solid stitching.

Small reclining chairs

This product provides a good style and relaxation. It is a recliner chair with a reclining back rest and foot extension. Thanks to these features it allows for regulation according to the specific requirements of users.

Small recliner 2

This small recliner sports the stylish glider and push-button design and is the best choice for your household for when you need both plenty of comfort and elegance. It offers the hardwood fraem and metal swivel base.

Small recliners 3

I heard many times that my recliner club chair is the most comfy ever. And I think that this is true! It assures the stability, comfort, relaxation and extra support.

Best Davis Leather Recliner Club Chair, Black

Create a comfortable relax area with this elegant recliner arm chair, upholstered with durable, black leather. It has adjustable backrest and folding footrest. Durable wooden frame makes it solid and long lasting.

Compact recliners

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Bedroom recliner chair

High-quality electric small space recliner chair and TV - designed to help you relax after a hard day. The soft filling will guarantee optimal comfort - a subtle quilting characteristic of such a leather recliner with a brown dark upholstery.

Bell'O HTS100BK Double Arm Recliner -Black

Double Arm Recliner in Black provides unique flat panel A/V system for adjusting the chair to your interior décor. Plus, stainless steel cup holders for handy drinks placing, and CMS Cable Management System to hide interconnect cables.

Arcadia sage microfiber fabric standard motion reclining recliner chair with overstuffed seats and arms

Thanks to its smoothly-operating reclining mechanism, this comfortable recliner works as a charm. Overstuffed, and upholstered in sage microfiber, the chair also includes generously padded arms, an easy to reach external handle, and stylish tufting.

Best glider for a small space luca glider chair modern

Best glider for a small space - luca glider chair - modern nursery ...

Recliners for small spaces 2

With the fun upholstery with circles and hoops this recliner will not only provide comfort but also true style, looking like a really well-thought piece and adding more than enough charm to your household.

So not all recliners are made equal some are created

So, not ALL recliners are made equal... some are created in a non ...

Space saving recliners

Decoration ideas for apartments - bedrooms - home: Small Living Room Decorating Ideas - 2013 - 2014

Strathwood Ritta All-Weather Wicker 3-Piece Bistro Set, Dark Gray

Keep up with the current lifestyle trends and bedeck your patio with this all-weather dark gray wicker set. Round table and two foldable chairs encourage conversation over a meal outdoors when the weather is fine.

Small leather recliners 3

Stylish small leather recliner, made of leather, in a warm brown tint. Foamed backrest and exceptionally large seat - will provide the most demanding comfort.It offers interesting armrests, which took the form as if someone bit them, on one side.

Small recliners on sale

I'd put one of the reclining parts out more...but I love this!

Cute recliners

Den Ideas

OUR ADVICE Questions & Answers

What are the most popular types of recliners?
Depending on what is the most important aspect for you – be it comfort, style or function, different recliners will be appropriate. Standard three way or two position recliner is great for comfort, high leg recliner emphasizes style, while lift recliners feature excellent functionality.

How to perform proper measurements before buying a recliner?
Measure both your free space and the recliner itself. Recliner should be measured while fully reclined. It is a common consensus that you need between 1 foot to 3 foot of space from the wall to accommodate the recliner.

How to make sure my body size fits the recliner?
It is best to check the recliner pre-purchase. Sitting in a recliner will give you an idea about the level of comfort. When in sitting position, your feet should be able to touch the floor, and your head should comfortably fit the headrest.

What to look for when considering the construction of a recliner?
Heavy screws make for a durable, stable construction. Pay attention to the amount of noise the motors emit - if the recliner works silently, it indicates the mechanism is good. The levers and handles should operate gently and shouldn’t need much force.

How to choose the style of my recliner?
Think about what you’re trying to achieve. Will you place the recliner in a formal area or a more casual room? When buying the recliner, keep in mind the style of the room, to avoid creating chaos. If you can’t decide, then go for something classic – neutral tones will fit any design.

Are there any special features I should pay attention to in recliners?
Certainly! Recliners come with plenty amazing features. They can come with massage functions, rocker or glider bases, swivel bases and more. They can also be automated, so instead of levers and handles, you will be able to recline your recliner by pushing a button!

How to choose the correct fabric?
First, think about your needs. If you have kids or pets, you will want to look into durable, heavy-duty fabrics. It could be leather, vinyl or even cotton. Recliners can be purchased in natural fabrics, like linen, wool and silk, or synthetic fabrics, such as acrylic, nylon or polyester. It’s best to do some research pre-purchase on each fabric.

Rocker recliner or a wall-hugger?
Wall-huggers take up less space, and as such are a great choice for smaller rooms. Most recliners these days have the option to be used both as a wall-hugger and a rocker. The difference is that in a wall-hugger, you generally sit up straight, while in a rocket you can make yourself a bit more comfortable.

What is a lift chair?
Lift chairs are recliners with the motorized mechanism, which pushes the chair up from the base. This makes them easier to get up from for people with bad knees or other health conditions. At the same time, they are usually much more expensive than their standard counterparts.

Is a massage recliner worth it?
Nothing like a massaging recliner after a tiresome day, let us tell you that. While they tend to be a bit more expensive than wall-huggers or rockers they are certainly worth the expense. Some of them are able to massage your legs as well, and can even come with the heating option!