Small Scale Recliners

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Just because you are small, does not mean you don't deserve to have the same recliner as everyone else. Of course, we are talking to the children in the audience. Our collection of small-scale recliners is perfect for kids, are amazingly comfortable, and very well made. They work the same as a traditional recliner and can come in plenty of upholstery styles including leather.

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Updated 03/11/2022
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Compact Understated Fabric Small Scale Recliners

Compact Understated Fabric Small Scale Recliners

Hashtag Home

This small-scale recliner sits 20” tall and supports 201 to 300 pounds with a seat depth of 21.5” and a width of 19.5”. Wedge legs elevate the minimal 26” wide fabric seat with squared arms and button-tufted back.

$279.99 $276.99

Designer Advice:

Small-scale recliners allow you to relax and put your feet up without dominating your room or ruining your style. Regular recliners are bulky and can look frumpy and clash with your decor. In contrast, you can fit most compact scale recliners into almost any room as an additional seat or in place of a sofa. You can also use a smaller reclining chair as an extra seat in your bedroom. 

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Small Roll Back Mid Century Fabric Recliner

Small Roll Back Mid Century Fabric Recliner

Sand & Stable™ Baby & Kids

Fancy compact small-scale recliners like this mid-century classic seat with a wing back give your small room an upgraded feel. It comes in nine polyester colors over a button-tufted back that you can adjust from 105 to 140 degrees. 

$219.99 $472.5

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Modern Contemporary Squared Manual Recliner

Modern Contemporary Squared Manual Recliner

Wade Logan®

Make a powerful statement with an 18” tall square profiled small lazy boy recliner. The block feet and metal frame wrapped in vegan leather add stability, whether closed with a 20” seat depth and a 19” width or manually reclined.

Designer Advice:

Leather and vegan leather lazy boy small recliners give your space a more updated feel that you can’t achieve with a traditional large-form recliner. You can put these smaller seats in your office, a bedroom, or in a compact living room. The soft texture and plush cushioning look great for all spaces and are extra comfortable to relax or recline.

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Lever Operated Slim Scale Recliner

Lever Operated Slim Scale Recliner

Latitude Run®

Use 400-pound capacity lazy boy recliners for small spaces. A 20” seat depth, a 19” seat width, and an 18.9” height in two neutral colors seamlessly fit into any room. A lever lifts the footrest and angles the thick channeled backrest. 

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Manual Small Cloth Covered Curvy Recliner

Manual Small Cloth Covered Curvy Recliner

Ebern Designs

This manual seat has rounded arms and back with a 300-pound weight capacity, a seat height of 17”, a 20” depth, and a 19.7” width. Choose from five linen fabrics for a seat that can fit into any theme. 

$153.99 $214.99

Designer Advice:

You can get small recliners with manual or automatic controls in various styles. Most full and oversized recliners only come in one chunky style. But small-scale seats come in a range of styles and materials. And you can also get smaller recliners in more versatile colors and pattern prints than larger seats. 

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Small Scale Recliners

Buying Guide

Recliners don’t have to be big, bulky and bold. They can be small, understated and quiet – and still be comfortable. Small scale recliners are perfect for small people. Whether you are a grandmother who just never quite made it to the bottom side of the “average height” scale or whether you are a kid who is hoping for a growth spurt, a recliner is a comfortable place to rest.

Small scale recliners can be just the thing for a small house or a small person, or both. If you are of less than average height, or if your household includes preteen or elementary-aged children, a full-size recliner can be just too much – especially if space is at a premium. Sometimes, a small recliner can even be turned into a sort of extra bed if the need is sufficiently dire, and it is always perfect for that after-dinner nap. A comfy, cuddly, just-right chair is something everyone loves.

Leather Wingback

Make your small office more imposing with a leather upholstered wingback chair. It looks so professional, perhaps even a little severe. You don’t have to tell the clients you are intent on impressing that your office chair doubles as a bed for your power nap. You can let that be your secret – the one that enables you to sail serenely through your day, looking good.

Small Sectionals

A small sectional couch – one of those configure-it-yourself furnishings – can also include a small recliner, or maybe even two recliners for companionably resting. Sectionals allow you some flexibility in how you arrange your space and give you a chance to disguise that comfy chair. They can be in all sorts of arrangements. They can encourage conversation or allow for a little separation if needed.

Patio Wicker

Woven wicker furniture is perfect for your patio, and can easily include a small recliner. After you’ve spent the morning toiling to make your lawn and garden perfect, reclining in your favorite eco-friendly synthetic rattan recliner is the perfect way to recharge your batteries. It gives you a chance to listen to the birds, enjoy your flowers and foliage or just take a nap. Siestas are a lovely part of summer.

Just a Regular Chair

A small recliner can look like just a regular chair – until you need it to recline. Especially if it does not require a lot of wall space to function, there is no reason for anyone to know that a particular chair is a recliner.

If you love a catnap after your morning chores are done, or a siesta before tackling that next task, a plushy little recliner in just your size can be the perfect furnishing. Kick back with a cuppa and a good book before girding up your loins for gardening, dish washing laundry – or whatever is next. Recliners have the happy ability to support your head, neck and back while allowing you to elevate your feet. That will go a long way toward comfort.

Best Ideas

Small recliners lazy boy

Made on a small scale recliner is an excellent design confusingly resembles the original, full-size model. Beautiful leather upholstery, adjustable footrest, and fine details create a unique piece of furniture.

Archdale Recliner Color: Charcoal

It is a casual and classic recliner that has got a charcoal upholstery and very comfortable seat and back. If you looking for a perfect recliner, you need to choose this one.

Bristol ii small scale recliner 5

Bristol II Small Scale Recliner

Lazy boy small recliners

A lovely small scale recliner with modern design and geometric pattern is excellent to create the cozy tiny nook. It has the padded seat and cushioned back, which provides the high quality seating comfort.

Brice Club Recliner Color: Emerson Red

This club recliner is upholstered in premium red bonded leather and beautified by a stylish stitching. The chair also offer a heavy gauge steel sinuous spring frame, high density foam padding, and lumbar support.

Tufted Recliner

Tufted Recliner

It is a very elegant, sober and extremely comfortable armchair and Breakfast. It has a bright color. It is upholstered and its back is lightly quilted. Perfect for the stylish French interior, to the livingroom.

Small leather chairs for small spaces

A contemporary approach to a classic armchair with walnut wood legs covered in a black layer of paint. The upholstery of the armchair is made out of a cotton fabric in a green color, providing a smooth, comfy finish.

Gilleslee KD Recliner in Natural Leather

Gilleslee KD Recliner in Natural Leather

This Comfortable Recliner in Natural Leather is as beautiful as it is cozy. Reclining mechanism runs very smoothly giving you the chance to conveniently adjust the chair to your favorite position. The construction is made of solid wood, and the upholstery is opulent enough to grant you quality time of relax.

Small reclining chairs

If you want to improve the comfort of your home without losing too much of free space, then, this small scale recliner is your best bet. It has a smooth reclining mechanism with a convenient lever, nice-to-touch upholstery, rolled arms, and an oversized back cushion.

Small lazy boy recliner

A leather small scale recliner with a simple form and brown deep skin tint. It is associated with professionalism, power, prestige and wealth of the wallet. This is an elegant and stylish piece of furniture. An aristocrat among this kind of furniture.

Small space recliner

A stunning recliner that is simply perfect for small spaces - this piece will surely let you fit it ideally in your living room or entryway and provide you with the much wanted extra space for you or your guests to sit, while the dark brown finish of the legs contrasts with the black leather upholstery.

Sedgwick Recliner

Sedgwick Recliner

A high quality piece of furniture suitable for a living room or bedroom use. This grey recliner has got a durable wooden frame and solid, stable legs with an attractive chocolate-stained finish. Its size is 29"w x 36.5"d x 39"h.

Small recliner chairs

A comfy recliner for smaller rooms, which not only brings you a quality relax time, but also looks very fashionably. Wrapped in gray upholstery, the recliner includes a thick seat cushion, a tilted back, and a two-piece footrest - all resting on tapered wood legs.

Skinny recliner

A cool and comfy space-saving recliner having a wooden frame with sturdy brown tapered angular legs. It has a push back-operated mechanism. A wide backrest, a thick deep seat, flat arms and footrests are upholstered in elegant black leather.

Sedgwick recliner

Sedgwick recliner

A nice, solid and comfortable armchair with a recliner function. This element supports different postures that provide relaxation and a good rest after a difficult day. Its solid wooden frame lasts for many years.

Small recliner chair

Now that's a proper recliner! Just look at this upholstery. With such an intriguing, dramatic pattern, this chair will easily become the focal point of your house. Plus, the reclining function means it will also provide you with the opportunity to get the rest you deserve.

Small lazy boy recliners

This recliner comes with a lift feature and offers the tufted back that as well as the seat are thickly upholstered and offer a significant boost of comfort, allowing you to relax for hours to come.

Work recline chair a unique scale creating a small footprint

Work:Recline Chair - a unique scale creating a small footprint. Even more unique is its ability to transform its seating position in one small movement. The seat of the Work:Recline lounge chair actually slides a little forward while the back rest recline

Small scale chairs

$445.00 When you just need time for yourself, the Cannes is the perfect safe haven. The supportive cushioning is especially resilient for its gentle demeanor. The soft lines and small scaled frame make this Power

Piper Rocker Recliner Mauve

This recliner does not offer a super-updated style, but its design has a vintage charm to it. What's the most important, it's super-comfy, and it reclines smoothly (lever-operated mechanism - you don't have to stand up to recline the chair).

Small power recliner

750 / Lounge & Occasional Chairs / A. Rudin

La z boy recliners rowan small scale reclina rocker

La-Z-Boy Recliners Rowan Small Scale RECLINA-ROCKER ...

Rowan small scale power recline xr reclina rocker 3

Rowan Small Scale Power-Recline-XR RECLINA-ROCKER ...

Farmhouse rustic small apartment size recliners 1

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