Medical Recliners

For a more antiseptic ideal of a recliner, medical recliners are now available for civilian purchase. Take a look at this extensive collection of medical recliners and see if one of them might be right for your home. Or maybe you are opening your own medical practice. Then these are exactly what you want for the space, giving the family of your patients somewhere to sit.

Best Products

Infinite position reclining power lift chair

Infinite position reclining power lift chair
This kind of chair is a product that has got a reclining function. It provides comfort and stability. It has got a solid frame made of durable materials resistant to damage and overweight. It has got an extra soft, comfortable chair.

Medical recliners

This medical reclining sleeper chair is totally different than any other medical chair we have seen. It is simply stylish and beautiful. Made from mint leather, it's got some extra space for legs and comfortable head bolster.

Medical recliners

Patient comfort, ease of use, dependability and long life are the most important in medical recliners. This one was engineered for your most demanding applications, including around-the-clock use. Durable casters roll easily during transport.

LA-Z-Boy Florin FL1304, Healthcare Medical Room Wall Saver Recliner

This wall saver recliner sits only sits 5-inches from wall, and provides good benefits for your health. Consisted of a high-quality hardwood frame and anti-microbial vinyl upholstery, the chair also includes a LiquiCell for stress reduction and improvement of your blood flow.

Medical recliners 2

This medical recliner is designed for patient and guest comfort in hospitals and medical facilities. It is able to recline to three positions and are available with or without two swing arms, which allow easier patient transfers.

Zero gravity recliner

A functional reclining chair in an ultra-modern design. It promotes a proper posture of the body as you can set it in different ways that support your back, you can even lean it forward to a zero gravity position.

La Z Boy Contract Furniture Harmony Medical Recliner with Open Arms- Vinyl Upholstery, H6025-V, H6025 V, H6025V

Our advice Buying Guide

Although medical recliners are safety aids for the mobility-changed, making the right selection entails the consideration of a list of factors. Because a medical recliner becomes part of a home’s décor when it’s added into the space, space limitations, colors, and fabrics are aspects that also require to be taken into account. It may sound impossible for you to make the right decision, but fret not! It's our job to lead you to the perfect chair for you. Just read on as you’ll find valuable tips below.

What are the most common types of medical recliners?

There are different types of medical recliners with the following as the most common:

  • Two Position - A two position chair has a motor that controls the leg rest and the chair’s rear. With this type, if the back is reclined, you’ll find the leg rest to be raised as one motor controls both mechanisms. It reclines to an angle that’s comfortable for viewing television, relaxing, and reading.
  • Three Position - This chair also comes with a motor that allows the backrest to recline to approx. 45 degrees. It is great for taking a nap in a position that’s partially upright.
  • Infinite - This medical recliner is more luxurious and expensive as it has two motors that operate independently. What makes it the ultimate choice is the fact that it offers unlimited positioning benefit. Its leg rest can be raised while the backrest’s angle is adjusted according to what you prefer. You can sleep in this type of chair as it can lie back like a bed. It's a chair that also allows your feet to be elevated above your heart, a position called the “Trendelenburg.” it is recommended for people who have swollen legs and ankles.
  • Zero Gravity - The zero gravity chair has a seat that tilts and raises like adjustable car seats. When the lower back is lifted, the chair puts minimum pressure on your spine. When it’s on a lying down position, it adjusts your spine accurately, improves circulation, expands lung capacity, and relaxes muscle tension.

How to select the right size of medical recliner?

Medical recliners are available in a myriad of sizes from petite to heavyweight. This means you can find the chair that’s perfect for you. A medical recliner that has the right fit will enable both of your feet to lay flat on the floor. As for the seat, it is wide enough that the broadest points of your hips don’t touch the chair’s sides. If you have extra long legs, look for a medical recliner that has a foot rest extension. It will support your feet and ankles. Lastly, make sure that you check a chair’s weight capacity.

What are the best upholstery materials for medical recliners?

When it comes to the upholstery of a recliner, there are certain fabric types that are softer, more stain-resistant, and more durable compared to others. Your safest choice is a black medical recliner that’s made of a breathable fabric like rayon, cotton, and linen. If your priority is durability, then leather is your best option.


Reclining sleeper chair

Jagger Grey Reclining Chair

Medical recliner

Empath Recliner | Hospital Chair | Hospital Chairs

Medical recliners

Isis Medical offers a wide variety of seating options to meet your ...

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Medical recliners 1


Kis perth r medical recliner is designed to assist in

KI's Perth® medical recliner is designed to assist in the healing process by providing comfort, ease of use and attractive styling

Catnapper Invincible Lift Full Lay-Out Chaise Recliner with Medical Grade Vinyl - Deep Sapphire

Bring a true feeling of comfort into your home by using this chaise recliner with a battery back-up feature and power lift system. The recliner is upholstered in medical grade vinyl, and provides up to 350 lbs. of weight capacity.

Osaki OS-4000 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Charcoal Recliner S-track OS4000

This functional massage chair features a zero gravity design, and provides automatic massage for the upper and the low body. Features 6 auto-programs - Healthcare, Relax, Therapy, Smart, Circulation and Demo.

Omni Power Lift Recliner Saddle

This power lift recliner with side pockets offers you a feeling of comfort you have never experienced before. The chair is very generously padded, including a button-tufted back, tufted seat and footrest, and rolled plush armrests. The lift mechanism is in perfect sync with motor.

Electric chair bed sleeper

Preston Power Reclining Home Theater Chair @ $449.

MedLift 5555 Series Petite Sleeper/Reclining Lift Chair 5555P-CAG

La Z Boy Harmony Bariatric Recliner

This ultra comfortable recliner provides an impressively comfortable rest for all who suffer from some back or lumbar pains. It features a LiquiCell Technology for comfortable and healthy seating. The weight is supported by all steel frame.

La Z Boy Contract Furniture Regal III Non-Medical Room Rocker Recliner -Grade 2 Fabric, RG1305-GRD2, RG1305 GRD2, RG1305GRD2

Recliner upholstered with leather and reinforced with solid seams. Carefully profiled back provides support for the spine. Ideal as additional seating or place for relaxation in all kinds of interiors.

La z boy harmony open armed bariatric moblile medical recliner

La-Z-Boy Harmony Open Armed Bariatric Moblile Medical Recliner

Drive medical alcantara leather swivel recliner recliner world

Drive Medical Alcantara Leather Swivel Recliner|Recliner world

La z boy tranquility mobile medical recliner

La-Z-Boy Tranquility Mobile Medical Recliner

Picture of stance oasis sr900 23 mobile healthcare medical recliner

Picture of Stance Oasis SR900-23, Mobile Healthcare Medical Recliner

MedLift 5555 Series Petite Sleeper/Reclining Lift Chair 5555P-CAG

Soltice ii bariatric recliner the soltice ii medical recliner accommodates

SOLTICE II BARIATRIC RECLINER The Soltice II medical recliner accommodates the need for comfort and safety. With its 360-degree rotation and central-locking casters, it also allows caregivers to do their jobs more easily. It's simple, elegant design coo

MedLift 5900 Series Wall-a-Way Reclining Lift Chair 5900-UBS

The beetle medical recliner

The Beetle Medical Recliner

Medical recliners 4

FR566G Medical Recliners

Texas Medical Branch Galveston Embroidered Black Leather Kids Recliner with Cup Holder and Headrest

A pretty and comfy recliner for kids. It has a sturdy wooden frame and low black legs. Its deep seat, rounded arms (with a cup holder in one of them) and wide thick backrest with a headrest are foam-padded and upholstered in durable black vinyl.

`Recliner 3-Position Rosewood

Functionality stood on the first place when the design of this recliner was created. The body can be propped in 3 comfy positions. Rolling casters provide mobility, and the hind ones are lockable. Serving tray makes the table needless in this case.

Easy Comfort Lift Chairs 2-Position Lift and Recline Chair, Blue

2 position recliner with remote control. Frame is made of heavy duty steel. It is upholstered with pleasant to the touch velvet material and finished with decorative quilting on the back. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

Drive Medical 3 Position Recliner, Bariatric, Extra Wide Recliner in Rosewood, Rosewood

This bariatric chair recliner provides 3 reclining positions and up to 500 lbs. of weight capacity. You can adjust positions such as - upright, deeply reclined, or with the elevated footrest. Also includes a blow-molded tray with 5 adjustable positions, and a retractable lock bar to properly secure the chair. It moves on locking casters.

Medical recliners 3

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Lumex Three Position Recliner: Lumex Three Position Recliner Blue Ridge

It is a recliner that has got a blue finish and three position options. It is designed to improve the comfort and mobility of residents in extended care facilities. It is a very good choice.

Drive Medical Clinical Care Geri Chair Recliner, Blue Ridge

This medical recliner offers 4 different positions such as upright, fully reclined, TV, and Trendelenburg, which can all be adjusted by using the gas cylinder release handle. The chair is fire retardant, stuffed with foam and upholstered in vinyl. Moves on casters. Suitable for dialysis, or blood collection.

Sleeper recliner chair

The Inada Sogno DreamWave is The Worlds Best Massage Chair - man cave furniture, man cave decor, man cave ideas, theatre seats, entertainment centers -

Medical Recliners with Liquicell

This 3-position recliner is equipped with a Trendelenburg release on back with easy-access handle. The chair works very smoothly, and includes contoured urethane arms, wide elastic bands, a fold-down side tray, and locking caster wheels.

La Z Boy Contract Furniture T1037-GRD2 Tranquility Bariatric Recliner -Grade 2 Fabric

This recliner has got a modern design, grade fabric upholstery with geometric pattern and comfortable seat and back. It fits perfectly to any style and decor. If you looking for a perfect recliner, you need to choose this one.

La Z Boy Harmony Transfer Recliner Chair with Removable Arm

This recliner chair has got removable arms, tan finish with brown accents. It fits to contemporary style and decor. It adds comfort, elegance and beauty to any home. You will be impressed how cool this product is.

Units wound care home recliners rocker recliners printer friendly 2

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Medical recliners 1

Lowest Prices on Medical Recliners. Fast easy shipping. Secure simple ordering. Wide selection of top quality Medical Recliners. 800-288-5954 - Lowest Price

La Z Boy Contract Furniture Tranquility Medical Rocker Recliner- Vinyl Upholstery, T5025-V, T5025 V, T5025V

Brown leather recliner, recommended for medical reasons, represents exquisite comfort and style. Regulated backrest position enables you to adjust the armchair to your needs. Suits well both for living room and offices.

Deluxe Reclining 3 Position Chair w/ a Built-in Collapsible TV Table (Invacare 3 Position Deluxe Geri Chair Recliner in Jade, Rosewood, & Blue Ridge Blue)

Modern reclining chair on wheels with a tall back and an adjustable haedrest. Metal zinc-plated frame has foam-padded covering made of pinkish material. It features a folding-out TV tray made of grey moulded plastic.

Clinical Recliner Fabric: Jade

Improve your medical office with this clinical recliner that offers multiple recline positions - from upright to fully reclined. The chair includes a gas cylinder for lifting, caster wheels for easy mobility, and 2 adjustable trays.

Reclining Shower Chair Style: With Leg Extension and Open Front Soft Seat, Color: Forest Green

Medical reclining shower chair, ensuring safety thanks to durable PVC pipe construction that will hold up to 325 pounds, anti-slip grips and 2 locking plus 3 non-locking casters. Open front seat makes everyday hygiene easier. Resistant to corrosion.

Invacare 9000 xtr invacare recliner wheelchairs

Invacare 9000 XTR - Invacare Recliner Wheelchairs

Hospitality furniture ev7000 mobile medical recliner

... & Hospitality Furniture › EV7000 Mobile Medical Recliner

Trinity facelift medical recliner

Trinity Facelift Medical Recliner

25 series two way reclining lift chair fabric suede crypton

25 Series Two-Way Reclining Lift Chair Fabric: Suede Crypton - Merlot by Medlift. $759.00. 2555-CSM Fabric: Suede Crypton - Merlot Features: -Reclining lift chair. Dimensions: -Overall dimensions: 41" H x 32" W x 60" D