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If you’ve ever placed a laptop on your lap, you may have noticed that it can become hot. To avoid causing your legs to sweat and impeding the laptop’s ability to circulate air, a laptop tray for chair use can be a convenient accessory for working from home or at a café. Portable laptop trays and those designed for use with chairs may also allow you to adjust the angle of the screen for optimal typing and visibility. Explore our top ten laptop trays for chairs.

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Updated 08/03/2023
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Best for casual reading
Highly versatile laptop table for chair

Highly versatile laptop table for chair

Inbox Zero

Perfect For: Laptops or books

What We Like: Versatile positioning

This extremely versatile laptop or reading tray is perfect for anyone who wants a comfortable workspace at home or while traveling. Made from highly durable black plastic, this laptop table or reading tray is designed to adjust to eight different positions to accommodate different users and surfaces. Its lightweight and compact size allows for easy storage when not in use, or when needing to be quickly and conveniently stowed away on a train or airplane.

$23.43 $37.32

Designer Advice:

This versatile laptop table can allow you to enjoy a good book, browse the internet, or do your daily work tasks from the comfort of a favorite armchair, couch, or bed. Try adding a cozy throw blanket to your spot in order to create a cozy reading nook, or use this table when lounging in bed for relaxation or recovery.

What Users Say:

This is lightweight and so easy to use. Just what I wanted!

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Best for teenagers
Simple and useful laptop desk for chair

Simple and useful laptop desk for chair


Perfect For: Children and teenagers

What We Like: Simple design aspects

This laptop tray is a very simple yet highly versatile tool that can be used for work or leisure. The top surface is made from durable manufactured wood and bamboo, while the overall size measures just over 18” wide and 13” tall. The tray has a groove for supporting tablets and smartphones, while a lower bar prevents laptops or books from sliding. The 5” thick padding provides plenty of support even for large or heavy laptops, making it ergonomically friendly for extended use.

$59 $73.49

Designer Advice:

When not actively using this laptop desk, consider placing it on a stylish side table or accent table in your living room or bedroom for easy access. The tray's neutral color allows it to complement a variety of decor styles in your home, or fit into any public or private transportation option, making it a versatile addition to any home or travel bag.

What Users Say:

I love the lapdesk. It is well made and nice looking. The beanbag base makes it easy to mold to my lap and to balance it on my lap. 

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Best for dimly lit spaces
Lighted multi task over chair desk

Lighted multi task over chair desk

Sofia + Sam

Perfect For: Reading or writing

What We Like: Built-in light source

This very useful lap desk is a practical addition to any workspace or home office. The desk is made of sturdy polyurethane and features a memory foam cushion for comfortable resting on your lap or stomach. It has a large surface area for holding standard sized laptops, tablets, or other electronic devices, and offers a convenient slot for holding a phone or tablet upright. The built in light offers illumination even in dark areas of your home or while traveling.

$53.96 $59.36

Designer Advice:

When using this table at home, try to accessorize the area with a plush throw blanket and a decorative pillow in complementary colors or patterns to create your own relaxing reading nook. Additionally, consider incorporating a small potted plant or decorative vase in the area to add a touch of natural texture and warmth to the space where you do your reading.

What Users Say:

Loved this. Got one for each of my family members and they have really loved them. They keep the heat from the laptop away while providing a comfortable position to use the laptop. 

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Laptop Stand for Chair

Laptop Stand for Chair

17 Stories

What we like: Multi-purpose C-shaped laptop table with swivel casters

What we don’t like: Casters are not adjustable for levelness

Not so great for: Sliding under low surfaces

Perfect for: Using as a laptop desk, end table, and food tray

This C-shaped laptop table is adaptable to multiple applications and mobile, using casters that can swivel 360°. Place it next to your bed or in front of a sofa or chair for work, breakfast, coffee, reading, or casual web browsing. Alternatively, you can use it as an end table.

There are two storage shelves suitable for books, magazines, electronics, or accessories. The tabletop is also adjustable, so you can set the height that you find most comfortable for your needs. 

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Adjustable Armchair Laptop Table

Adjustable Armchair Laptop Table

Flash Furniture

What we like: Pneumatic height adjustability and half-moon desktop

What we don’t like: Requires weight when lowering and can be stiff

Not so great for: Taller people, as the maximum height may be too low

Perfect for: Those who need portable and height-adjustable tables

This armchair laptop table has an ergonomically designed half-moon desktop with a laminate finish that’s easy to clean. You can adjust the desktop's height using a pneumatic lever, finding the perfect match for your living room or bedroom armchair. Convenient and portable, the laptop cart uses a high-strength nylon base with casters.  

$50.97 $205

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Workstation Adjustable Laptop Cart

Workstation Adjustable Laptop Cart


What we like: Easy to assemble portable laptop cart and workstation

What we don’t like: May be stiff when adjusting up and down

Not so great for: Storing heavy items

Perfect for: Working or web-browsing in the living room, den, or on the patio

Four casters support this adjustable laptop cart, allowing you to easily move it from one room to another. Place this cart in front of your favorite armchair or loveseat and complete your office or school work at your own pace.

The cart is height adjustable for ergonomic efficiency, and the assembly process is simple. The worktop and shelf are manufactured wood, and the frame is steel. There’s a lower storage shelf for books, speakers, or other accessories.

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Cushioned Laptop Tray

Cushioned Laptop Tray

The Twillery Co.®

What we like: Ample workspace; slot for smartphone; cushioned surfaces

What we don’t like: Sticker pads may peel off under heavy use

Not so great for: Larger laptops

Perfect for: Laptop users who prefer having a separate mouse

This is the ideal model if you need more tray space for both your laptop and accessories or peripherals. The base and tray are made from manufactured wood, and the underside is cushioned for your comfort.

In addition to the space for your laptop, you can place a separate mouse or notepad on the side. There are also slots in the rear for your smartphone or tablet. Place your tablet in the slot and watch a video over morning coffee. 

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Folding Lap Desk

Folding Lap Desk

Mavo Craft

What we like: Internal storage compartments

What we don’t like: Not much desktop space

Not so great for: Supporting heavy objects

Perfect for: Organizing work and school supplies

This compact and lightweight lap desk provides a writing and work surface for your laptop, tablet, or notebook. The top of the desk also serves as a lid for three internal storage compartments. The main compartment is suitable for storing notepads, office supplies, spare batteries, and charging cables. The two narrow compartments on the left and right are perfect for pens, pencils, markers, and erasers.

The internal storage and compact design are ideal for high school, college, or office work. With the legs folded flat, the lap desk is easy to store and transport. 

$29.37 $47.99

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Bamboo Laptop Tray for Chair

Bamboo Laptop Tray for Chair

Inbox Zero

What we like: Bamboo construction and side drawer

What we don’t like: Legs aren’t that stable

Not so great for: Tablet laptops with separate keyboards

Perfect for: Keeping your laptop or other electronics cool and usable

With five adjustable angles, this armchair desk tray is perfect for reading books, magazines, your tablet, and working from home. The bamboo construction is durable and stylish, and there’s a pull-out drawer on the side to store charging cables, power banks, and spare batteries. You can either lay the tray on your lap or extend the folding legs and prop it on a table, and there's a stopper to keep your laptop or tablet in place.

This laptop tray’s design is heat dissipative, using several slots to promote air circulation. As this tray is multi-purpose, you can use it as a serving table for work or play and while traveling. 

$46.99 $48.99

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Oversized Memory Foam Lap Desk

Oversized Memory Foam Lap Desk

Sofia + Sam

What we like: Comfortable memory-foam base; simple lap desk design

What we don’t like: Tray surface may be slippery

Not so great for: Dishes or liquid-filled cups

Perfect for: A lightweight, portable work surface

This lap desk has a memory-foam underside and sits comfortably on your lap. The work surface is polyurethane, styled to resemble wood, and the lap desk is portable due to its lightweight.

The design is simple yet functional, allowing you to work on your laptop without having the laptop case or heat directly on your thighs or knees. While there’s no space for a mouse or peripherals, the compact design is perfect for slipping into a briefcase or backpack to work on the go. 

$40.96 $45.06

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Ergonomic Laptop Tray

Ergonomic Laptop Tray

Inbox Zero

What we like: Ergonomic design for increased comfort

What we don’t like: Lack of height adjustability

Not so great for: Stability, as the legs can cause the tray to tilt

Perfect for: Breakfast in bed; working from home

Featuring a curved and recessed tabletop, this laptop tray has an ergonomic design that ensures there’s sufficient space between the tray and your chest. The table corners are rounded to protect against injury, and there’s a card slot for your tablet, phone, or pens. The underside of the tray has a non-slip surface that won’t scuff or scratch soft tabletops, bedding, or chair arms. For support, the tray has two W-shaped steel-pipe legs with padded sleeves.

If you want a laptop tray that elevates the computer and provides enough space for both your computer and a mouse, this model is an excellent choice. 

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Laptop Tray with LED Light

Laptop Tray with LED Light

Wrought Studio™

What we like: Gooseneck LED light is both useful and removable

What we don’t like: No stopper in the front for laptop or tablet

Not so great for: Multitasking, as the tabletop space is limited

Perfect for: Working on your laptop, reading, or drawing in low light

This practical, compact laptop tray has a pen slot in the front and a conveniently located cup holder for your favorite beverage. The underside of the tray contains a foam microbead filling and is covered in fleece.

However, one of the most useful features of this laptop tray is the gooseneck LED light. Using three button-cell batteries, the light improves your ability to read or work in the dark without disturbing others. 

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Recliner Laptop Table

Buying Guide

A recliner laptop table adds convenience and comfort to your space. There’s nothing more comfortable or cozy than leaning back in your La-Z-Boy armchair lounger with your laptop. But you might not like the little navigation pad, so you have to use a mouse. You like having a water bottle at hand, and you might need your cell phone or even your banking information. Where can you put it all?

A recliner laptop table provides a stable surface and a place where you can place your laptop and organize those things that you like to have on hand while you are working. Your laptop recliner table can be a convenience, making it easy to relax in your recliner. Whether you are cranking out work-at-home projects or keeping up with your besties while you play online with your gaming team, a reliable laptop recliner table can add an element of security to the experience. It gives you the ability to use your computer from the most comfortable chair in the house – your favorite recliner. Team it up with an armchair tray, and you can be set for several hours of work or fun.

A recliner laptop table can come in several styles, ranging from handcrafted wood to ingeniously engineered metal. It can be a simple shelf, braced by legs that slide under your favorite chair, or it can be a mechanical device that has a shelf that can swing aside or that can be positioned at different angles or heights.

Some recliner laptop tables even come with a handy top brace that can help you get up and down out of your recliner – something that can be quite a feat if the chair is deep and comfortable. Convenience doesn’t end there, however. Some recliner laptop tables include features such as chill mats for your computer, cup holders, document clips and even (although all computer users know that this is bad for your computer keyboard) a place for snacks.

The exact design of the recliner laptop table that will work best for you will depend on a variety of factors. These are likely to include:

  • Your computer activities
  • The number of hours you use your computer
  • Whether you like to keep snacks by your computer
  • Your personal mobility
  • The style of your recliner
  • Whether it’s important to you that your recliner laptop table matches your décor

These are options that are likely to influence your choice of a recliner laptop table.

Equally important are basic construction features that can influence your buying decisions. These might be as follows:

  • Sturdy construction that will stand up to continuous use
  • Adjustable for personal comfort
  • Power connection – the laptop can plug into the table
  • Built-in chill mat
  • Means to stop the laptop from sliding
  • Will hold up under older, heavier portable computers
  • Are drink or snack holders positioned in a way to protect your computer?

These are practical considerations that should be made when choosing your recliner laptop table. Of this list, the first – sturdy construction that will stand up to continuous use – is probably the most important.

Best Ideas

Recliner laptop table

A laptop stand that will help you to working at your favorite recliner or arm chair. Now your workstation will be much comfortable. The stand is elegant, modern and has an adjustable height.

Laptop desk for recliner chair

Practical innovative table e.g. for laptops. It is built of a rectangularish dark brown tilted top attached to a swivel adjustable arm of metal. It can be attached to an armrest thanks to a screwed mount. The table ensures optimal working position.

`Table (EZ) for Lift Chair Right Side

The right side table for lift chair has a rotate 360 degree table top, which is made of wood grain. It is a great option, that fits perfectly to classic recliners, sofas and lift chairs. It's great for watching TV and eating at the same time.

Portable laptop desk

Adjustable-height laptop desk on rolling casters. It's highly mobile and allows to switch between standing or sitting work position. Can be moved close to a couch or armchair. Its arm position is fully adustable.

Laptop stand for recliner

Medical overbed table designed with versatility in mind: it's usable with couches, recliners and liftchairs. Swiveling tabletop boasts appealing teak wood grain finish with scratch-resistant laminate.

Adjustable Laptop Cart

Adjustable Laptop Cart

This sleek and durable cart is fully adjustable to your needs, with a movable, heavy-duty boom arm that holds your laptop in place while you work from the comfort of your recliner. This cart’s steel, polished design will l0ok perfect in an industrial or modern-style home office.

Bed laptop table

Recliner and laptop table for work organization at home. It is mounted on wooden frame and upholstered with nice touch fabric.

Adjustable Laptop Stand

Adjustable Laptop Stand

Fully adjustable laptop stand in glossy black. Apart from standard work surface, it offers additional side panel - very handy. V-shaped stainless steel base is scratch-resistant thanks to laminate coating.

Laptop Desk

Laptop Desk

Notebook Computer Desk for Lazy People

Simple contemporary computer desk with a black metal base. It has a round column and a V-shaped foot. A rectangular swivel top of brown laminated fibreboard has rounded corners and a protective slat. Its height can be adjusted with a knob.

Laptop table

This element of furniture ptovides comfort and ergonomy for anyone who works with a laptop. The chair includes a small laptop desk and a comfortable sitting space with padded arms and with a padded backrest.

Laptop table for bed

Modern design for a contemporary laptop stand table with an adjustable frame made out of brushed steel with a grey coat of paint, which allows to personalize the piece and nicely fits in with the dark oak wooden pieces.

Series C Adjustable Laptop Stand

Series C Adjustable Laptop Stand

Adjustable laptop stand that provides a quite large working space and assures good ergonomy. It features adjustable legs that offer 8 height settings. Four casters assure good mobility and metal frame is resistant to impact damage.

Recliner laptop table 1

A beautiful end table with side storage slot that will elevate the visual appeal of your living room and provide you with a boost of surface space for your table lamp or glass of wine, making a nice addition to anyone's functionality.

Adjustable Laptop Cart

Adjustable Laptop Cart

An ideal laptop cart with the extra adjustable feature that lets you enjoy the maximum convenience it offers, while the compact design allows you to save plenty of space and lends the strong, durable construction.

Thinking Gifts Hold-It

With this practical bookholder you will be able to fully devote yourself to your favorite activity - reading books! The piece is 140 cm high, and able to hold up to 21 kg! It also can be adjusted in many different ways to make your reading time even more pleasurable.

Reclining desk

Use this Foldable Walnut Lap Desk at home to bring a loved one breakfast in bed or to work from home in your recliner or on the couch. This lap desk features a sturdy solid wood construction with a walnut finish. In addition This lap desk has a side drawe

Lagute JX420 Adjustable Folding Ventilated Laptop Notebook Tablets PC iPad Table Desk up to 17" / Portable Bed Tray Book Stand, Mousepad Attached (Black)

This table desk is designed for max. 17'' laptops, notebooks, tablets, and iPads. Constructed of quality material, the desk offers several adjustable options, a ventilated base for your electronic devices, and 1 mouse pad.

Portable Height Adjustable Laptop Tray

Portable Height Adjustable Laptop Tray

This sturdy laptop tray has a powder-coated C-shaped frame and a gorgeous, dark MDF tabletop that will bring a touch of transitional-style class to any living room or kitchen. If you enjoy working from the comfort of your low-lying couch, you’ll love this adjustable tray.

Adjustable Laptop Cart

Adjustable Laptop Cart

Cool modern laptop cart with a frame of black-coated metal. It has an H-shaped foot, 4 casters, a round column with adjustable height. Its rectangular swivel top has adjustable tilt, perforated cooling surface, safety lips, an inbuilt cup holder.

201 Workpad Standing Table

201 Workpad Standing Table

With this Adjustable Laptop Cart your work is going to flow like a river during rainy season. Designed of durable plastic, the table is fully-functional, water-resistant, and thanks to convenient caster wheel also easy to move.

Kelise Laptop Tray

Kelise Laptop Tray

This plush laptop tray is made with high-quality, ergonomic memory foam, making working without a table a more comfortable experience. The design comes with a built-in USB lamp, so you don’t have to worry about turning on bright bedroom lights when working at night.

Stressless recliner personal computer laptop table for

Stressless Recliner Personal Computer Laptop Table for ...

Best laptop table for recliner desk home design ideas

Best Laptop Table For Recliner - Desk : Home Design Ideas ...

Recliner Laptop Table

Questions & Answers

As it is with any practical furniture, space is an important aspect, so check the product for clearance requirements. Materials play a crucial part as well, so to ensure the long life of your table, pick something of proper quality. Finally, consider your budget – recliner laptop tables aren’t expensive at all, but there are also luxury, high-end gaming chairs out there!

While many people just keep their laptops on their laps, not only does it dust the laptop, but can also lead to unpleasant burn marks on your skin. Laptop tables get rid of that problem, and they allow for easier suction of air, which your device needs for cooling.

Definitely! Apart from solving the cooling problem, it is a fact that most devices get damaged as a result of constantly moving them around, tripping on the cable, etc. With a recliner laptop table, all these dangers go away – you simply push the table away when you get up, and pull it back when you want to sit down. No more fear of dropping your precious laptop!

It depends on the type – a Lounge Book laptop table needs only 1.2 inches of clearance, while Windsor type takes 3 inches. It is hard to answer this question not knowing the type of laptop table that you’re interested in, so check the specification.

Don’t worry about that, laptop tables are standardized to ensure you shouldn’t have any problems. However, if you happen to have some non-standard furniture, consider a chair with laptop tray pre-installed into the arm.

Recliner computer tables are adjustable from 24.5 inches to 33.75 inches, which means they should fit all standard chair and bed heights.

Not at all! Most weight around 15 pounds, but the specific weight depends on the model and its finish. But that’s not all – some of them come with casters, which makes them even easier to move around the house.

That depends on the exact model and the material from which it was crafted, but they are generally able to carry a bit more than a typical laptop weight, which is somewhere around 5 lbs.

Best Ideas