Sofa Arm Tray

Love to eat or drink while hanging out in your favorite chair? Wish you had a flat surface within reach of your couch for popcorn, while watching a movie, cuddled up with your sweety? Then the sofa arm tray is perfect for you. This collection shows all the best sofa arm tray choices, in multiple styles and material, and some models even have a holder on the side for magazines.

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Sofa chair arm rest tv tray table stand 4

Sofa Chair Arm Rest Tv Tray Table Stand
It's an easy to hang handmade tray table stand with simple, elegant, wooden design. It's for your sofa, arm chair and other seats, especially in drawing room. It's not a dark brown stain, it's more of a medium brown and it's suitable with many styles.

Sofa arm tray 3

Wooden arm table designed for standard couch. Great for drinks, snacks and more. Handy gadget for each home.

Simply awesome couch sofa arm rest wrap 2

Simply Awesome Couch Sofa Arm Rest Wrap
A simply awesome sofa arm rest wrap tray table that comes with the extra side storage. It sports the strong and truly classy wooden structure and is a finest choice for when you want to safely put your drink by your side.

Sofa tray table

A very useful piece for those, who love to spend their time on the couch, while watching TV, playing games, or reading books. This sofa hanger is sturdy, easy to install, and easy to clean. And it provides a proper balance, preventing cups and glasses from tipping over.


Sofa arm tray to keep the arms of your sofa safe at all times. It attaches closely to your sofa and is way more stable and reliable than most other sofa protectors out there. Gentle, crème colour first most sofa designs.

Sofatray sofahanger made to measure

Sofatray Sofahanger Made To Measure
Then you have an elegant sofa or armchair and there is no place to put the coffee table, maybe this sofa arm tray could be a nice solution? Made of profiled plastic imitating wood - is light and looks stylish.

Stylish flexible sofa tray from natural bamboo with brown finish. Couch tray. Stylish couch decor. Sofa arm tray. Sofa table. Sofa mat. Wooden laptop tray. Coffee tray placemat. Unique gift idea.

A high quality sofa tray made of natural bamboo with a brown finish. It can be used on arms, seat, etc. It is a flexible element that has got a decorative and functional character. Its size is 11.8 x 7.6 x 0.7 inches.

Our advice Buying Guide

If you are tired of fishing in the depths of the couch for the remote, love to snack – but hate the crumbs in the couch cushions, love to have a cup of hot tea with your book when you have time to put your feet up but hate balancing the hot cup with your paperback, then you are going to love a sofa arm tray. They come in all shapes and sizes, including a few that resemble small laptop desks, and can function as such. These small “tables” can make your relaxation time so much better, just by keeping all your stuff close at hand where it’s less likely to spill and more likely to be easily found.

How to make a DIY Sofa Arm Table?

  • TOOLS: A drill with long drill bit, brush, clear sealer and/or stain if desired.
  • MATERIALS: Scrap one inch by whatever wood scrap. One piece needs to be at least six inches wide, and you will need six additional pieces at least two inches wide and the same length as the one inch by six-inch piece.
  • DIRECTIONS: Drill holes edge to edge through the boards, matching locations. Thread the cotton clothesline through the holes as if you were stringing beads. Tie knots in the line to keep the boards positioned correctly or hot glue them in place. You will want three narrow boards on each side of the six-inch board. Place the six-inch board over the arm of your couch and you will have a nice surface for a cup or a crossword puzzle.

What are some desirable features of sofa arm trays?

  • Extra Width

This commercially made sofa arm tray combines a wide surface perfect for your book and a cup of tea. On the outside of the couch arm, the balanced edge includes a magazine or book rack – which could double as a TV remote holder.

  • Grip

A sofa arm tray may include an ergonomic grip sturdy enough to help someone sit down or stand up – very handy for someone with arthritis or with a sports injury.

  • Cup holder

A cup holder in one corner of to the tray prevents accidental spills.

  • Storage pockets

Sometimes it isn’t the table you need so much as just a place to keep everything. A sofa arm tray may include a sturdy tray with one or two hanging pocket organizers that are just the place for eyeglasses, remotes, and a magazine or crossword puzzle book along with pencils or pens.

Sofa arm trays are a handy way to make your couch or armchair even more comfortable. Keep the things you like to have at hand all in one small utility area, ready to use. No more searching for pens, pencils, eyeglasses or the book that you have nearly finished and had to put down just as you were getting to the good part.


Couch arm wrap

Handy and functional approach to a set of sofa arm trays, consisting of a handy table and a magazine rack underneath. The arm trays are made out of aluminum with a black coat of paint, giving them a modern look.

Simply awesome couch sofa arm rest wrap

Simply Awesome Couch Sofa Arm Rest Wrap
Rest your arms, lay your phone or set a wine glass on this couch-side tray table: great when your sofa has wide, but soft armrests. It gives the optimal support and hard surface to set things on it with no risk of wobbling.

Cup holder for sofa


Able Life  Able Tray

This type of product is a special tray designed for use with sofas and armchairs. It has got a special handle that assures support and balance for sitting and standing motion. It height adjusts on the level of 26-32 inches.

Sofa tray tv tray couch tray arm rest

Sofa Tray Tv Tray Couch Tray Arm Rest
Contemporary design for a handy sofa TV tray made out of a wooden frame crafted out of black-painted oak wood with an unfinished surface on top, which provides a useful space for placing a snack or a remote.

Wooden Clip-On Armchair Table with Protective Lip, in Cherry

Are you dreaming of some unique and practical equipment for your house? Then, you're gonna enjoy this amazing armchair table! Check it out now and bring some extraordinary functionality to your place.

Couch Organizer with Food Tray

Couch Organizer with Food Tray

Sofa chair arm rest tv tray table stand 1

Sofa Chair Arm Rest Tv Tray Table Stand
A useful L-shaped tray table stand for sofas and armchairs. It's handmade to order of brown-stained solid wood. It can be leant against armrests with its shorter part while its longer part rests on the floor. It has non-marking anti-slip pads.

Sofa chair arm rest tv tray table stand 8

Sofa Chair Arm Rest Tv Tray Table Stand
Sofa tray made of wood. Includes rectangular top and magazine holder. Suitable for each standard sofa. Great for serving drinks, snacks and more. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

Armchair table

A very simple, but useful elements used with sofas or armchairs. It is an organiser for remote controls with a cup holder in its central part. It is created for use on arms of sofas or chairs. It is made of luxurious faux leather.

Sofa arm accessory table

Sofa Arm Accessory Table

Armrest table

Simple do-it-yourself custom couch sleeves. I don't have a coffee table, so I always have to pull out a TV tray or hold my drink while I'm on the couch. Stain it to match the room it is in.

Simply awesome couch sofa arm rest wrap 6

Simply Awesome Couch Sofa Arm Rest Wrap
This hand-made armrest tray table is a solid wooden element that provides flat surface for snacks, drinks, etc. It also includes a special storage slot for TV remotes, phones, etc. It perfectly matches arms of different sofas and armchairs.

Couch arm wrap solid wood reclaimed wood

Couch Arm Wrap Solid Wood Reclaimed Wood
A very functional and designer sofa arm tray - coffee table placed on the side of the sofa. Made of natural solid reclaimed wood using traditional methods of joining wood. It adapts to the armrest and provides a functional space for a book or a glass of wine.

Sofa tray table vintage black tv tray

Sofa Tray Table Vintage Black Tv Tray
The wood in the rooms adds warmth and coziness, so this great tray table for a sofa or armchair is a great solution. Simple design with excellent practicality delights and works great in any decor.

Sofa tray table brown

Sofa Tray table brown

Cart company profile home products trade leads sofa arm rest

... cart company profile home products trade leads sofa arm rest tray

Sofa chair arm rest tv tray table stand 11

Sofa Chair Arm Rest Tv Tray Table Stand
Sofa console table with magazine holder on the base. It is completely made of wood. Perfect for serving drinks, snacks and more. Suitable for each standard sofa. Functional accent for any living room.

Sofa Arm Clip Table With LED Light BY JUMBL

It is a clip table that has got a LED light, black finish and is fantastic for your sofa arm. This tray is perfect for your cup of coffee, remote control, book and other. You need to have it.

Couchmaid organizer original sofa tray walnut multi by soffittausa 89

Couchmaid Organizer Original Sofa Tray Walnut Multi by SoffittaUSA, $89.00

Standers Couchcane Swivel Tray

A simple tray that provides space for small items. Its durable wooden construction is able to swivel 360 degrees. It also includes a functional cup holder for drinks. Its yellow color looks very interesting.

Sofa tray table 2

Sofa Tray Table

Sofa Server Table

Sofa Server Table

Tray couch armrest tray sofa cover gift for her and

Tray, Couch armrest tray, Sofa cover,,gift for her and him,Sofa arm ...

Couch drink holder

Tired of knocking over drinks and sandwiches you keep putting on your sofa's armrest? Never lose a bacon and peanut butter sandwich to a dirty floor again with the SofaHanger, a stylish tray designed to hang right on your couch's arm.

Couch arm wrap solid wood custom arm drink rest laptop

Couch Arm Wrap - SOLID WOOD custom arm drink rest laptop table for straight arm sofa

Sofa tray table ikea ikea kivik couch update behind the

Sofa Tray Table Ikea: IKEA Kivik Couch Update Behind the Scenes of ...

Details about sofa chair arm caddy brown


Sofa tray table 1

Sofa Tray Table

Embrace by spell jpeg


Stylish flexible sofa tray from natural bamboo. Couch tray. Lap tray. Sofa arm tray. Sofa mat. Stylish sofa decor. Bamboo placemat. Wooden laptop tray. Brown and clear finish. Unusual gift idea.

Sofa tray made of natural bamboo wood and featuring stylish design. Additionally, it's very flexible, which makes it easily adjustable to almost any surface. It's a great idea for a simple Christmas gift.

Simply awesome couch sofa arm rest wrap 11

Simply Awesome Couch Sofa Arm Rest Wrap
Hand made wooden arm tray suitable for sofas and armchairs. This simple, rectangular element of home equipment provides a practical space suitable for serving drinks, holding phones, etc. Durable wooden construction is resistant to excessive wear.

Solid oak couch arm wrap caddy with smartphone slot a

Solid Oak Couch Arm Wrap Caddy with Smartphone Slot. A great idea to ...

Tray table sofa chair cane back knee lift assisted aid

Tray Table Sofa Chair Cane Back Knee Lift Assisted Aid Assist A Medical Mobility
This sofa arm tray is a practical combination of a swivel tray and ergonomic safety handle makes standing and sitting easy and safe. It includes an ergonomic grip handle that provides support in and out of any couch, chair, or recliner.

Roll arm couch wrap solid wood custom arm drink rest

Roll Arm Couch Wrap - SOLID WOOD custom arm drink rest laptop table ...

Rosemount Full Size Futon and Drawer Set, Honey Oak Wood with Bonded Leather Innerspring Mattress, Java

This futon merges comfort and unpretentious design with luxurious accents: the innerspring mattress, filled with comfy foam, is padded with bonded leather, and the frame is constructed of solid wood in honey finish.

Lapdawg Pug Laptop Table Tray Desk w/ Silent USB Fan Cooler

This convenient laptop desk provides effective laptop cooling thanks to a USB powered fan, while also providing multi functional applications. The desk folds flat, and includes an adjustable mini-tray and felted both left and right mouse pad areas.

Sofa arm tray table

sofa arm tray table

Sofa chair arm rest tv tray table stand 5

Sofa Chair Arm Rest Tv Tray Table Stand

Couch tray made from reclaimed wood

Couch Tray Made From Reclaimed Wood
An aesthetic practical couch tray for hanging on flat arms of sofas or armchairs. It's DIY-made of rectangular laths of reclaimed wood in natural shades. It has a wider top. Laths are joined by means of robust white ropes of natural fibres.

Couch sofa arm rest wrap tray table

Couch Sofa Arm Rest Wrap Tray Table

Solid oak couch arm wrap with cup holder customized to

Solid Oak Couch Arm Wrap with Cup Holder! Customized to your couch! on ...

Clip-On Sofa Tray with Light