Hand Painted Console Tables

You might not realize what a console table is, until you see one and then you decide you absolutely have to have one for yourself. But you don't want the traditional console table that everyone else has. That is why, we offer you our collection of hand painted console tables. Blues are lovely, come in plenty of color options and decorative styles, and all of them are very well made of the finest materials. See collection for details.

Best Products

Denison Console Table

Denison Console Table
A stylish, decorative and functional piece of furniture in the house. This is a console table that includes multi-color, small-sized storage drawers. Its lower area features a large, rectangular storage and display space.

Demilune Console Table

Demilune Console Table
Deluxe console table. Give your decor a sophisticated look with this amazing console table. Thia antiqued furniture features beautiful glass panels, a beveled top, tapered legs, and a lower reverse curve shelf.

Hand painted console table harlequin

Hand painted console table harlequin
Exquisite console table made in wood and hand painted in black and ivory color. The harlequin style was the main motif here. It has delicate carved sculptures on legs - which have a high gloss, in black tone.

Sold hand painted french country cottage

Sold hand painted french country cottage
Rustic turquoise console table-a good old vintage piece that has aged like wine.French cabinet style features nail head trim.It is a great example of beautiful shading, originating from Provence. Neat, hand-carved - ideal even for bedroom.

Masterpiece Casual Console Table

Masterpiece Casual Console Table
It is a casual console table that is made of solid woods and wood products and is available in two finish options to choose: distressed plum black and distressed dusty trail. It is a great product for your hall or foyer.

Mosaic Console Table

Mosaic Console Table
Elegant console table. This simple and elegant table has been constructed of solid wood and will serve you for many years. It features 3 spacious drawers, which will help you organize your space and manage your belongings.

Coast Line Console Table

Coast Line Console Table
Are you a fan of retro style? If the answer is 'yes', this amazing console table is gonna be a perfect match for you! Check it out and enjoy an incredible design together with the high quality and functionality.

Our advice Buying Guide

How do you style a hand painted console table?

Hand painted console tables spruce up your entryway or a hallway in your home with minimal effort because they’re such a statement piece on their own. When you put time into styling them to showcase the beautiful hand painted features, you’ll have a piece of decor to treasure forever.

Since the console table is already hand painted, you don’t want to overshadow these designs with too much decor atop the unit. Keep it simple by placing two or three items on the console and ensure you arrange them in a balanced way. For a boldly colored console, top it with a chic white lamp, or if you have a neutral console with pops of vibrancy, look for a lamp that complements one of these colors.

Place the lamp on one side of the console table, and on the other side, add a hand painted fruit bowl, a vase with colorful flowers that you can change seasonally, or an ornate picture frame. If you prefer not to include a lamp, you should still add some height to the decor atop your console. Instead, you can opt for an elegant set of candle holders in varying sizes.

How to care for hand-painted console tables?

It’s essential to take care of your hand-painted console table if you want it to age gracefully and last for years.

Remember, most finishes are water-resistant, but not waterproof, so always use coasters under glasses and place saucers under your plants to prevent permanent stains.

To clean your hand-painted console table, all you have to do is gently wipe with a damp cloth and mild soapy solution. Then, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe it dry.

It is recommended that you wax your hand-painted furniture every year if it has been previously waxed. Doing this will keep it in its best shape while protecting it from dust and fading.


Funky upcycled green hand painted

Funky upcycled green hand painted
Wall bracket is a functional piece of furniture. Perfect for the repre- sentative hall of your home. Wooden backing ensures stability and minimalism. A trendy ruby blue paint color on this mahogany buffet table- introduces a cottage style.

Hand painted console tables 1

Beautiful and elegant console tables. These tables all have hand-painted designs inspired obviously from Chinese drawings. These tables also come with different types of drawers to keep other materials. These different designs give a variety to pick from.

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Painted hall table

Indigo streamer was made by plaster or paris added to paint to create chalk paint, and then dresser was distressed. This beautiful navy dresser fits your hallway, cabinet or even your bedroom. Could be also your new TV console table.

Hand painted accent chest

A highly decorative, antique chest of drawers. Made of wood, it was hand painted to get a cool, distressed and weathered look. It features subtle, curved ornaments in the front and on the sides. It will be the most sophisticated piece in your house.

Hand painted console tables 1

Richly decorated console table with drawer for storing personal items. It is made of wood and finished with floral theme. It is mounted on decoratively curved legs. Simple form and elegant style.

Hand painted console tables

A stunning console table that features hand painted folk images. It has a basic structure with one bottom shelf and three small drawers. The unit is characterized by vivid colors that will give your room a positive energy.

Funky console table

Beautiful wooden console table with four slightly tapered legs, a neutral light grey finish, and amazing storage. You also get large countertop space and one open shelf at the bottom to display all your favorite stuff. The piece is hand-painted for proper attention to detail.

Cottage console table 1

Modern living room setup with an aquatic, nautical theme manifested through a combination of pieces in deep, navy blue color. The long sofa table with a fresh, blue color and three drawers for storage makes for a nice centerpiece.

Console table 293

Console Table

Painted console tables

Durable and stylish console table with a solid wooden frame finished in light blue color. Its decorative legs are connected with a rectangular base that assures good stability. It also includes a rectangular display top.

Adorable hand painted cabinet by be colorful

adorable hand painted cabinet: by "Be Colorful"

Painted console

SOLD - Vintage Hand Painted French Provincial Cottage Chic Shabby Antique / Weathered Grey White Buffet / Console Cabinet / Sideboard

Found on 1135

Found on

Butler red hand painted console table cabinet

Butler Red Hand Painted Console Table Cabinet

Demilune cabinets

This wonderful cabinet will be a highlight of your bedroom or entryway. It's in a charming demilune shape and it features elegant, silver details. It perfectly matches a posh, starburst mirror and candle holders in natural tones.

French noir black painted carved console table

French Noir Black Painted Carved Console Table