Narrow Glass Console Table


Console tables by their design are often narrow. But rarely are they ever glass. So, for this unique concept might we suggest taking a look at our narrow glass console tables and figuring out how one would fit well in your home. We have a few styles to choose from so we guarantee we have at least one that you will appreciate and that your friends will envy.

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Our Picks

Console Tables

Console Tables

Offering quite considerable storage space despite its narrowness, this shelf-equipped, glass console table represents an intriguing example of modern design. Its minimal design will compliment contemporary interiors.

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Very narrow console table

A simple console table in an ultra-modern design. It features a base made of polished stainless steel and a top made of tempered glass. It's a narrow piece so it will be ideal for an entry hall or as a decoration of a living room.

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Narrow depth console table

This narrow, glass top console table looks really minimalistic. Simple form of construction, black table legs and green/clean glass table top. Could be used in living room, kid's room or even in your kitchen to store spices and small items.

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Urban narrow console table modern side tables and accent tables

Urban narrow console table modern side tables and accent tables

This narrow glaass console table constitutes a good example of the sleek contemporary design. Very thin metal construction measures 29 inches from top to bottom and weighs 30 lbs.

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Leona brass glass skinny console

Leona brass glass skinny console

This is a stylish and functional addition to any room. It is a console table that provides a plenty of storage space on glass shelves. Its iron frame is very durable. This product measures 48" w x 12" d x 30" h.

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Tanner Long Console Table

Tanner Long Console Table

This simple piece of furniture looks attractive in different indoor stylizations. It is a console table that features shelves made of tempered glass and its frame is made of wrought iron. Thanks to this construction, the table is durable and attractive.

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Gem glass narrow console table

Gem Glass Narrow Console Table

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Glass and chrome console table

The glamor style can be full of mirrored reflections that imperceptibly enlarge your interior. The glass and chrome console table has un-coordinated legs bent together like the feet of the ballerina in the dance. Everything from a glass, chrome, and mirror.

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Narrow glass console table

Being a perfect fit for small spaces. It comes especially helpful when you want to display your favorite accents in a cramped living room, dream of a vanity in a petit bedroom or need a storage surface for some bits and pieces in your hallway.

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Narrow console table chrome and glass 1

Narrow Console Table Chrome and Glass

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Narrow Glass Console Table

Buying Guide

Narrow console tables introduce functionality into even the unlikeliest of places in a home. Be it the hallway, near the entrance or in an odd alcove that doesn’t have the room for any other furniture fixture, it will allow you to maximize space utility.

And when it’s made of glass, it adds an unmatched sophistication and elegance to the décor. From contemporary homes to classic décor themes, glass console tables fit right in.

Here’s a little buying guide that helps you understand the details to look out for while shopping for one of these dainty furniture pieces.

Leave at least 8 to 12 inches above the glass top and an equal number on both sides. Keep in mind that the average width of a standard-sized hallway is just 40-inches. Any table wider than 6-inches will be overkill.

If the table has drawers (very unlikely in a glass table), you will need room to open them comfortably. Plus, you will need to account for the extra room needed for your guests or home users to walk around the table without bruising their shins.

While the narrow dimensions of the table might somewhat limit the storage, there’s no dearth of styles and finishes to choose from.

  • Pick a table made entirely out of glass, legs and all, which creates an illusion of a bigger space. It doesn’t absorb light and can even be placed in a dark, unused corner.
  • Or pick one with metallic legs in a chrome finish to match a contemporary décor theme.
  • A glass top table with wooden legs and frame creates a rustic, chic appearance and these can have drawers and open shelving for storage.
  • For an antique, art deco inspired look, pick a table with a slag glass top.
  • You can also accessorize the narrow glass console table with a matching mirror, a floor lamp, a vase or buy these tables in sets of two for a long but narrow space.

There are three types of glass that are used for making furniture.

  • There’s regular glass which is inexpensive, but extremely fragile. A definite ‘no’ for a household with kids and pets.
  • There’s annealed glass, which is like a middle ground between regular glass and tempered glass. It is less expensive than the latter. But can shatter into large and sharp shards. Once again, not the best of choices for a busy household.
  • Tempered or toughened glass is more expensive than the other two. But is possibly the best pick for furniture like console tables.

When it’s a glass top surface, you have to be extremely careful about the weight of the things you park on it. For example, if you intend to use the narrow glass console table as a TV stand, ensure that you are aware of its weight-bearing capacity. Similarly, if it will be propped against a wall in your study and will accommodate your computer, laptop and other knick-knacks, stick to the weight limit and do not go overboard.

Remember that tempered glass is up to 7 times harder to break than regular glass. It is also regarded as the safest choice because when it breaks, it will shatter into small pebbles that pose less of a danger to your family.

Best Ideas

Narrow width console table

A minimalist narrow modern console table looking like a staple. It's manufactured of clear tempered bent glass. It has 2 rectangular legs joined with a rectangular top. Edges and corners are gently rounded.

Curved glass console table

Era Console Table - Crate and Barrel

Chesapeake Narrow Console Table

Chesapeake Narrow Console Table

Suitable for entryways and hallways, this Narrow Console Table in Off-White Finish is characterized by manufactured wood construction. Includes a hand painted and non-toxic design, and 6 drawers with antique brass ring pulls.

Cb2 next to front door mirror above styled with small

CB2. Next to front door. Mirror above. Styled with small vases.

Wrought Iron Console Table w Demilune Glass Top

This Sophisticated Console Table with Demilune Glass Top offers very stylish and space-saving improvements for antique interiors, mainly hallways, entryways, and bedrooms. Crafted from wrought iron, the table is very durable and eye-catching.

Long glass console table

A simple, narrow console table that will be a nice accent of your entry hall or your living room. It features a basic structure made of brass with a bronze finish and a glass top. Its universal colors and design will suit every room.

Narrow glass table

Entryway? Not sure about the bar in the back.

Bourbon Console Table

Bourbon Console Table

Simple rectilineal contemporary table made of ash wood and fibreaboard with a heavily distressed brown finish. It has sturdy straight square legs and rectangular both a top and a bottom shelf with raised edges.

Tanner Coffee Table

Tanner Coffee Table

A rectangular coffee table that looks very simple, but this simplicity matches any decor and looks very attractive. This coffee table has got a glass top and shelf that is solid and looks very stylish.

Mexican rustic pine console table rustic console tables

Mexican rustic pine console table rustic console tables

This table will not disappoint you - for sure. Made of solid pine wood, complemented by traditional accents. It consists of two symmetrical analogous parts - two drawers each one. Rustic pine console table has very tipical design for South America countries.

Gem narrow console table 36 w x 8 d x

Gem Narrow Console Table 36"W x 8"D x 29.5"H

Narrow glass console table 4

Elegant Woodard Skinny Glass Console on Charlotte & Ivy

Narrow glass console table 1

The elegant vestibule of a New York penthouse

Ava Modern Hollywood Tall Narrow Acrylic Console Table