Chloe Hughes
Chloe Hughes

Chloe is a highly-regarded expert in all things vintage and antique. She’s excited to share her vast knowledge with readers and clients wishing to infuse their homes with a mixture of old-time warmth and modern comfort. In addition to her design work, Chloe regularly volunteers at her local community center, teaching DIY projects to adults and kids.


  • authored 500+ articles and blog posts about home design and antique shopping
  • has 10+ years experience teaching do-it-yourself projects to various age groups
  • worked two years for D Magazine


Chloe has spent over 10 years writing about period decor, affordable DIY ideas and home improvement projects. She was a regular contributor to D Magazine, writing about what’s hot and not on the Dallas antique scene. She has written countless blog posts, sharing her passion for graceful furniture and the history of design.

As an advocate of zero waste living, Chloe loves showing people how to give a new lease of life to worn-out pieces of furniture. When she’s not writing or teaching, she helps clients create their dream interiors. Her signature style combines vintage and antique furnishings with modern pieces, altogether creating comfortable, elegant spaces that ooze warmth and historic charm.


As an undergraduate student at the interior design and architecture department of Oklahoma University, Chloe’s fascination with unique furniture began. After completing her BA in 2006, she traveled extensively in Europe, participating in world-class antique shows and inhaling the splendor of Old World architecture and design. It was there where she realized she wanted to keep on learning. Upon her return to the States, she was admitted to Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where she obtained her MFA degree in 2013.

  • University of Oklahoma
    BA Interior Design Field Of Study interior design and architecture
    Dates attended or expected graduation 2002 – 2006

  • Academy of Art University
    Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) Field Of Study Interior Architecture and Design Grade 3.9 GPA
    Dates attended or expected graduation 2011 – 2013

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